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Some History on Pirates
The Golden Age of Piracy was from about 1690-1730. Before this time
pirates worked as privateers. They attacked ships from other nations.
They had a letter from the government which allow them to do this. They
had to split whatever they got with the government.

When peace was reached between England, France and Spain, these
nations no longer needed such big navies and many seamen found them-
selves out of a job. They only knew life at sea though so they continued to
act as pirates, capturing and raiding other ships. Now, they did not have
permission to do this.

During the Golden Age pirates roamed the Caribbean and other areas
including the Eastern seaboard of America and the west coast of Africa.
These were high shipping areas and ships laden with riches from Africa

and South America often traveled these routes. However, the pirates didn’t

only raid ships for treasures, they would steal food, water, alcohol,

clothing, weapons - in fact anything they needed to live on, including the
ships themselves

Pirates were able to get their loot without too much violence. They used
smaller, faster boats. They could hide in bays and sneak up on passing
ships. Then they would fire a warning cannon. They would then board the
ship. Most of the time they got what they wanted. But if they did not
they would get violent. pirates managed to get their loot without actual

In 1830 the government started to make laws against pirates. They
captured them, put them in prison or put them to death. This quickly
ended the Golden Age of Piracy.
Pirate Mask
      The pirate mask on the front cover can be made easily. You will need
a silver or black plastic mask, black craft foam and black or red feathers.
Silver paint and silver beading.

Cut out the black section of the mask from the picture on the last
page. This will be your pattern. Use the pattern to cut out your
black foam. Hot glue it onto the top of the plastic mask.
     Paint Silver designs however you like. Glue the Silver beading
around the outside of the mask. Hot glue the feathers on.


Paper Plate Pirate Mask
      Cut out eyes and a mouth on a paper plate that will fit
you. Now using paint, crayons, construction paper, craft foam,
or material create your own mask like the one in the picture.
Attach elastic to the sides so it will fit over your head, or use
strips of construction paper to make a circle to slip it on your head.
Pirate Clothes
On shore pirates dressed like gentlemen. They wore knee breeches,
stockings, waistcoats, lace trimmed shirts, long coats and shoes with sil-
ver buckles and high heels. Some wore wigs and jewlery. Most of these
clothes came from They booty taken from ships they had raided.

While at sea, they usually wore one outfit until the garments were rags.
Seamen favored short jackets of heavy blue or gray cloth, red or blue
waistcoats, plain or checked shirts and petticoat breeches (canvas trousers
cut a few inches above one’s ankles). These were often coated with tar
to make them waterproof and to deflect sword thrusts. To protect them-
selves from the hot sun, they wore knotted scarves, tricorn hats, or various
styles of caps. They did not wear shoes on the ship.

Pirate Patch
     You can cut these patches out of black construction paper, felt or even
black foam. Use elastic to make the string to fit around your head.
Decorate the patch however you like.
Pirate Clothing:
    I suggest you take a trip to the local thrift store.
You can piece together Pirate outfits by purchasing
white shirts,
red and white
striped shirts,
black and
white striped
shirts or pants,
black boots,
red bandanas                  file
and any other

items you think
 will help you

 look like
a pirate.
Pirate Hats

Newspaper Sailors Hats
1/2 sheet of newspaper
 scotch tape

To Do:

Fold the paper in half

Fold down each side to make triangles

Fold one bottom flaps up
Flip the hat over and fold the other bottom flap up

add a bit of scotch tape if you like

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