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					                                                                           Volume 4, Issue 1/Winter 2005

Hoppy beers win Alpha King Challenge
         Ralph Woodall
    By Ralph Woodall                                                                                                      CA. for “Pure Hoppiness.”
    The sixth-annual Alpha King Challenge was held this       Turn to pages 6-7 for more news                                  Winners were awarded cash gifts from Hopunion,
past October at the Falling Rock Tap House hosted by          about the world of hops.                                    gift certificates from White Labs and Alpha King T-shirts
Chris Black in Denver, CO., during the Great American                                                                     from Three Floyds Brewing. As special thanks goes out
Beer Festival.                                                                                                            to Bill Metzger and his gang from Brewing News and the
    This annual event is sponsored by Hopunion, Ameri-      judges for malt balance, aromatics, bitterness, and floral    beer judges and enthusiasts who made this years event
can Brewers Magazine and Three Floyd’s Brewing Co. of       characteristics.                                              another success.
Munster, IN, which brews a 60.2 IBU “Alpha King” Pale           The winner this year was Tomme Arthur of Port Brew-            Congratulations from all of us at Hopunion to the
Ale that is used as a benchmark for the challenge.          ing / Pizza Port, Solana Beach, CA. for his “Hop 15.”         winners and participants of this years challenge. We look
    The beers submitted have to be commercially sold in     Second place went to Kirk McHale of Port Brewing /            forward to next falls “Seventh-Annual Alpha King Chal-
bottles and have an IBU level close 60.                     Pizza Port, Carlsbad, CA. for “Frank” and third place         lenge” so bottle sales brewers keep this in mind when
    Beers were taste-tested by a panel of 12 veteran beer   went to Patrick McIlhenny of Alpine Brewing of Alpine,        brewing your “Hoppy” beers this summer.

Yeastman debuts                                                                                   Style Matters: Bocks
at White Labs Inc.                                                                                Editor’s note: In each issue we
                                                                                             spotlight a particular beer style and pro-
                                                                                             vide tips from an ingredient and fer-
                                                                                                                                          with little else! The bready, malty fla-
                                                                                                                                          vors so enjoyable in the style come
                                                                                                                                          largely from the presence of
                                                                                             mentation perspective. In this issue we      melanoidins produced either in the
     This question and answer session is                                                     take a closer look at Bock beers.            malthouse or in the brewhouse. The
with Neva Parker, whose job duties at                                                             Background:
                                                                                                  Background Bockbier originated          most traditional way of producing
White Labs Inc. includes developing the                                                      from Einbeck, a town 170 miles north-        these flavors is through a malting pro-
new computer program called “Yeastman.”                                                      east of Frankfurt. The oldest available      cess called “high-drying.”
In the following interview, Neva explains                                                    recipe is April 28, 1378. Two tons of             First, a couple of basics about
how the new program will improve qual-                                                       beer were sold to the city of Celle using    melanoidins. They are a class of flavor-
ity control and other factors for custom-                                                    this recipe. In the year 1612 the Bavar-     ing compounds produced – you
ers.                                                                                         ian dukes lured away a brewmaster from       guessed it – by the melanoidin reaction
                                                                                             Einbeck for their Hofbräuhaus in or-         (sometimes called the Maillard Brown-
    1. Who developed the program                                                             der to produce the famous “Einpökisch        ing Reaction). Basically a simple pro-
and how long have they been pushes the yeast through each step of the                        Beer” (old German for Einbeck). The          tein and a sugar combine when heated
working on it?                             process upon completion of the previous           name of the beer changed to the Bavar-       in the presence of water to form a
     A local San Diego tech company, step, with the help of a PDA that scans                 ian accent and was called “Oanpock”          melanoidin. Although these com-
Inteligro, developed the software with the container barcodes and sends the in-              and later “bock beer.”                       pounds can be produced in the boil or
specifications given to them by White formation to the program. Once each pro-                    Malt Notes: Bock beers are tradi-       the mash tun, melanoidin production
Labs. Over the past year, they have been cess is completed, the yeast inventory is           tionally the strongest of all German beer    is most active in the malting process.
working with Chris White, Lisa White, also maintained with Yeastman.                         styles and emphasize the malt side of             In high dried malts barley is se-
and myself to make the program fully func-     3. What are the benefits to cus-              brewing. These beers are sweet, malty,       lected, steeped, and germinated in the
tional and efficient for                                             tomers and to           and bready in flavor with, depending         same manner as base malts. The differ-
our applications.                                                    the lab?                of the grain bill, notes of caramel,         ence occurs in kilning. When base malts
    2. Please ex-           Find more news about the                     Customers are       chocolate, or roast. Of course the grain     are kilned, lower humidity, heated air is
plain how the sys-          world of yeast and White                 able to benefit         bill must be beefed up to give the higher    passed through the bed of green malt
tem works.                  Labs on pages 4-5.                       greatly from the        sugar concentration, which leads to a        to dry it. For high-dried malt “higher”
     Yeastman: Yeast                                                 use of this system.     stronger beer.                               humidity air is passed through the bed
Environment – Avail-                                                 The yeast being              One of the foremost suggestions we      to “dry” (hence “High Dried”). The
ability, Scheduling, and Tracking Manager. cultured for a client’s order can be tracked      would make would be to include in            proteins and sugars in the green malt
We use barcodes in order to follow a par- at each step of testing and growth, from           the grain bill a substantial portion of      combine with water in the heated air,
ticular strain of yeast through its entire which yeast is being transferred to which         Munich, Vienna, or other high dried          to form melanoidins. The resulting malt
culturing process, from freeze to packaged                                                   malt. Some bock beers are produced                                See “Bock,” page 6
product. The software automatically                            See “Yeastman,” page 4
                                                                                      Page 2

   Craft Beer Quarterly                                                            Pages
                                                                          The Malt Pages                                                               Sponsored by Cargill Malt

Cargill Malt’s 2005 base malt offerings
    IdaPils The first batches of IdaPils from the 2004       and Metcalfe. This year’s selection gives you a low pro-        IdaPils) addition to our World Select lineup. A line of
Crop have been malted and are ready for shipping. Once       tein (max 11.5) and low beta glucan malt with excellent         superior malts produced in Cargill malthouses from
again, the result is a malt that is plump, bright and fla-   brewhouse performance..                                         around the world.
vorful. (Avg. results of our early production: Color                      Pale Ale:
                                                                 Special Pale Ale Harrington barley kilned at
1.5oL, Protein 11, plump of 95)                              higher temperatures provides you the forward malt fla-              For the Cargill German Pilsen, the German barley
    If you have not already brewed with IdaPils, now is      vor you expect from an ale malt.                                variety Barke was hand-selected for its exceptional malt-
a great time to give it a try. This program continues to         EuroPils:
                                                                 EuroPils Copeland barley allows us to bring you a           ing and brewing performance. Produced at Cargill’s
give the brewer a consistent high-quality product year       light colored full flavor malt for your lager beers.            Salzgitter malt house, which exclusively produces Pilsen
after year.                                                                            — NEW —                               malt, this malt will give you consistent results batch after
    Cargill 2row
    Cargill 2row Canadian barley varieties Kendall                                    Pilsen:
                                                                 Cargill German Pilsen The second (1st was                   batch.

                                             Cargill Malt 2004 crop report
    Canadian crop                            the best quality potential in the last 15
                                                                                            exposed to this unsettled weather, and the
                                                                                            harvest slowed down. Some of the good
                                                                                                                                                  * Plumpness is better than aver-
                                                                                                                                              age this year, with >90% over a 2.2
    summary                                      * A widespread frost event occurred        quality barley was damaged by pre-har-            mm screen.
        * In the spring of 2004 condi-       in much of Manitoba, Alberta and               vest germination and staining.                        * Physical condition of the barley
    tions were very dry and growers pre-     Saskatchewan on August 20th. This frost                                                          we have selected is very plump, tight
    pared themselves for another             was expected to greatly damage one of the
                                             biggest and best crops in Canadian his-
                                                                                            Crop quality                                      hulls, some staining, green and imma-
                                                                                                                                              ture kernels.
                                                                                                 * Prairie Malt is very satisfied with both
        * Timely precipitation in late May   tory. However, the impact of the frost later                                                          * Germination and Viability is
                                                                                            the quality and the volume of high-qual-
    and June set the stage for one of the    proved to be less damaging than first                                                            good. Our initial findings show 95-
                                                                                            ity barley we have selected so far.
    largest barley crops in history.         thought.                                                                                         98% versus 100% from Crop 2003.
                                                                                                 * Barley protein in 2004 has returned
        * Cooler than normal tempera-            * Cool damp weather in September                                                             This is being affected by some green,
                                                                                            to more traditional levels, with a large sup-
    tures in May, June and August, and       had a far greater impact on malt barley                                                          immature, chitted and high moisture
                                                                                            ply in the 10 to 13% range (average se-
    the return of more normal precipita-     grain quality than the frost. Much of the                                                        kernels.
                                                                                            lected by Prairie Malt is 11.8%).
    tion patterns, established a crop with   otherwise excellent quality malt barley was
                                                                                     Page 3

   Craft Beer Quarterly                                                           Pages
                                                                         The Malt Pages                                                             Sponsored by Cargill Malt

Feather bowling and more with Cargill Malt
Customer happenings                                                                        Malt specials —                                 head retention. Meussdoerffer Caramel Pils
                                                                                                                                           is ideal for use in Pilsner, light lager, and
     MBAA-District Michigan recently had
its 2nd Annual Feather Bowling Tourna-
                                                                                           Meussdoerffer Malz                              low alcohol beers.
                                                                                                Cargill Malt is proud to distribute the                   Light*
                                                                                                                                                Caramel Light (20° - 30° L) Used
ment. Feather Bowling is a Belgium game
                                                                                           fine line of German malt from                   primarily to improve mouth-feel and head
similar to Bocci Ball or Curling. It is played
                                                                                           Meussdoerffer Malz. Since 1852 the name
                                                                                                                 .                         retention, Meussdoerffer Caramel Light is
on dirt lanes while eating mussels and
                                                                                           Meussdoerffer has exemplified products          best used in light to medium colored la-
drinking a fair amount of Belgian Beer.
                                                                                           of excellent quality made in accordance         gers such as Mai-Bock and Marzen.
                                                                                           with the strict traditional rules of the Ba-
    In the photo at right, Rex Halfpenny
                                                                                           varian purity law. Located in the town of                   Dark*
                                                                                                                                              Caramel Dark (40° - 60° L) Best
and Marty Rapnicki enjoy a game of
                                                                                           Kulmbach in the Bavaria region, under           when used in dark beers such as Bock,
feather bowling.
                                                                                           the lead of Barbara (Meussdoerffer) Von         Dunkel Weizen, and Oktoberfest,
                                                                                           Schau, Meussdoerffer Malz supplies              Meussdoerffer Caramel Dark malt will
Cargill happenings                                                                         Germany’s best breweries.                       improve body and head retention.
    We understand that it takes a partner-                                                      Now through February 2005, men-
ship between the farmers and maltster in                                                   tion the CBQ and receive our $1 off a bag          Rost Malt (170° - 200° L) This dark,
order to bring you the high quality malt                                                   on any of the Muessdoerffer Malts.              aromatic malt is used for coloring and im-
you expect.                                                                                     Pilsen (1.4° - 2.0° L) This light col-     proving body and malt aroma of dark beers.
    On a regular basis throughout the                                                      ored, well-modified malt is an excellent base
growing period the Cargill Barley Supply                                                   for producing Pilsner and Lager type beers.         Farbe Malt (450° - 550° L) Roasted
Chain group gets out and about with our                                                         Vienna (2° - 3° L) Higher kilning tem-     at high temperatures to produce a strong,
               grower partners.                                                            peratures give Meussdoerffer Vienna malt        nearly black malt, Meussdoerffer Farbe
                    In the photo at right,                                                 its deep golden color and strong malt flavor.   Malt is used to add color and smoky /
               Ray Albrecht, Cargill                                                       Best used in dark lagers and Marzen beer.       burnt flavors to dark beers, such as stouts
               Agronomist, talks to a                                                           Munich (5° - 6° L) Produced with           and porters.
               group of farmers at our                                                     graduated kiln temperatures resulting in
               field day on July 15 near                                                   higher color and aromatic notes,                    Sauer Malt (3° - 4° L) Produced
               Spiritwood. In the photo                                                    Meussdoerffer Munich may be used to             with natural lactic acid bacteria,
               at left, Allen Ruff, a farmer,                                              enhance body and aroma of dark beers,           Meussdoerffer Sauer Malt may be used to
               stands in a barley field in the                                             such as Bock and Bavarian Dark.                 adjust mash pH, which will intensify fer-
summer of 2004. Look for Cargill people                                                         Caramel Pils (2° - 4° L) This very
                                                                                                          Pils*                            mentation and preserve the light color and
to visit more areas of the country in 2005.                                                light caramel malt will improve body and        flavor stability in Pilsner type beers.

Ask the Maltster: Corn flakes and Caramunich
     Q: Corn Flakes                                          conversion with iodine just to be safe. If you check at 30    CaraMunich and a mealy endosperm with Munich.
     I am planning on brewing a “Light Beer” with flaked     minutes you might be good to go at that point. If you         CaraMunich is also much darker (45 vs. 5 lovibond).
corn and two row. I used flaked corn once before at          don’t do a mash off step you’ll get conversion all the way         As far as contribution differences to your beer it will
another brewery and it was a mess, with a very long run-     through vorlauf and lautering anyway.                         depend upon how much you use. The CaraMunich will
off. I remember we ran them through the mill which               I would only add additional enzyme if you are trying      impart much more color and more in the red hue.
seemed like a mistake because the corn was very powdery      to get off the chart attenuation as was the goal of Mr        CaraMunich will also increase the dextrin content of your
unlike flaked barley or oatmeal. I do not have the ability   Kugeman (low carb and all that). Otherwise Mother             wort moreso than regular Munich. As the name suggests
to step mash so what percentage of corn can I get away       Nature should do the trick. Beware the addition of en-        more caramel flavor as well.
with and should I dump it right in the grist case? I was     zyme post cooling as you have no way to shut it off.               Munich will be more orange-ish in color and impart
thinking along the lines of 20-25% corn and the balance      Your beer will keep getting thinner as time goes on and       a malty perhaps slightly biscuity flavor. Munich will also
being two row. Will I have enough enzymatic power to         you will be creating fermenatable sugar in your finished      supply active amylase enzymes to your mash where
convert that much corn?                                      beer. If you must add enzyme, kettle additions are best       CaraMunich will not.
     A: Corn flakes can be added directly to the mash tun    for this reason.                                                   You don’t see the CaraMunich name in the catalog
or grist case. There is no reason to mill them. From your                                                                  because the names of the Caramel malts were changed
description I would think that the powder created in             Q: Caramunich vs. Munich                                  last year.
milling clogged your lauter bed and caused the long run-         I have a question about Dingemans Caramunich malt.             CaraPils is now Cara 8
off. Corn inclusion does not increase wort viscosity in      I have some I am planning to use in a Belgian dubbel               CaraVienne is now Cara 20
any significant way so the mechanical clogging of the bed    but the Cargill catalog I have only lists Munich. Are              CaraMunich is now Cara 45
is the most likely culprit.                                  Munich and Caramunich the same malt? If not what are               Exact same malt, just different names.
     You should have plenty of enzyme available to con-      the differences. Thanks, Steve                                     Have questions about malt, barley or brewing? Get
vert the corn. A step mash is not necessary to accomplish        A: Yes there are definitely many differences between      them answered by our staff of Maltsers/Brewers. Just visit
this. I would recommend a long-ish conversion in the         Munich and CaraMunich Malt. There is no significant           our web site and the Ask the
high 140’s if you want a dry product. 45 minutes to an       saccharification before kilning with Munich where there       Maltster section. We will begin posting questions in the
hour should more than cover it. Definitely confirm full      is with Cara. The end result is a glassy endosperm with       CBQ.
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    Craft Beer Quarterly                                                       Yeastbank
                                                                           The Yeastbank                                                    Sponsored by White Labs Inc.

           From San Diego to Bavaria: Around the world with White Labs
          White Labs staff
     members were kept busy
     in the summer and fall
     — but they also took
     time for celebrations. In
     the photo at right,
     brewers enjoy an unof-
     ficial competition at the
     Great American Beer
     Festival, which was
     sponsored in part by
     White Labs.
          The three brewers
     on the left side of the
     photo, from left to
     right,       are     Sam
     Calagione of Dogfish
     Head Craft Brewery in
                  Tom Nickel
     Delaware, Tom Nickel
     of Oggi’s Pizza & Brew-
     ing, and Adam AveryAvery
     of Avery Brewing in
     Boulder, Co. An esti-
     mated 28,000 beer lov-
     ers attended the festival,
     representing a 27 per-
     cent increase from 2003. Entries came      at the wedding of Neva Im and Glen             The photo shows the lager yeast
     from 398 breweries, with a total of        Parker From left to right are White Labs
                                                 arker                                     propagation tanks at Paulaner Brewery in
     2,016 beers being judged.                  employees Mia Phelps (former em-           Munich. Chris traveled extensively with
          California breweries and                                              Parker,
                                                ployee), Lisa White, Neva Parker, and                                        White,
                                                                                           White Labs sales associate Justin White
     brewpubs captured the most awards,                  Heredia.
                                                Sharon Heredia                             who is proficient in German, and Tobias
     37, followed by the host state, Colo-          The photo at right, bottom, was one    Fishborn of Lallemand. Tobias, a native
     rado, with 21.                             of many taken by White Labs President      of Germany, has a brewing engineering de-
          Meanwhile, the photo at far           Chris White during a trip to Germany       gree from Weihenstephan and works in
     right, top, captures a special moment      and, specifically, Bavaria, in November.   Lallemand’s Montreal laboratory.

Yeastman                                                                                                                                                             From Page 1

container, to who performed the transfer, to when the                                                                   when a strain will be available and be ready for packag-
yeast will be ready for shipping.                                                                                       ing, eliminating the middleman. This makes Yeastman a
     Since there is a barcode system in place, it will virtu-                                                           particularly useful tool.
ally eliminate human error. Customers will have the capa-                                                                   4. Are other labs creating similar programs?
bility of knowing where their yeast is in the production                                                                    We are currently the first and only yeast-manufactur-
process. The customer will also be able to receive a report                                                             ing laboratory that we know of, developing and imple-
that summarizes all tests results at each separate stage of                                                             menting this barcode tracking system. Yeastman was un-
testing. As for the lab, again, the program will leave little                                                           veiled during the World Brewing Congress, where mem-
room for error and will eliminate the paperwork and                                                                     bers of the IGB (Institute and Guild of Brewing) visited
paper trail system that is currently in place. All of the                                                               White Labs and were able to get a firsthand look at how
information on a yeast strain will be one click away.                                                                   the program functioned. Members were very excited at
Yeastman will also aid in the scheduling of daily tasks in                                                              the potential of this system and what it will enable us to
lab, as the program already has each process in its data-                                                               do for the brewing industry. We are very proud of this
base and can flag a lab tech as to what needs to be done                                                                fact and hope to better serve our clientele by providing
and when it needs to be done. This will also give us a                                                                  them with more assurance on the products they receive
better way to update our yeast inventory using a real-                                                                  from White Labs.
time method. With that, Yeastman will be connected to                                                                       In future issues we will track the progress of the
our current sales programs allowing our sales staff to make                                                             Yeastman program.
yeast reservations directly, without contacting the lab staff
to see what will be “available” on a certain date. Sales will                                                           Neva Parker, left, demonstrates the new Yeastman pro-
be able to follow the yeasts in production and know
                                                                                                                        gram at White Labs
                                                                                         Page 5

   Craft Beer Quarterly                                                            Yeastbank
                                                                               The Yeastbank                                                         Sponsored by White Labs Inc.

Bacteria/other yeast program helps Belgian styles
        I’d like to tell you about the new                            Technical                     We began obtaining these strains at         gram.
   bacteria program at White Labs and the                                                      the start of 2004 from yeastbanks in the             We have a similar bacteria/other yeast
   possibilities it creates for you as brew-
                                                                       advice                  Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the            program in place for wineries, and it has
   ers. But first, a little background. As                                                     United States. Our main focus is unique          been well-received by that particular com-
   brewers you know all too well that bac-                          Chris White                Brettanomyces strains, because these allow       munity. In fact we had so many requests
   terial contamination can create unpleas-                                                    brewers to make interesting Belgian-style        for wine bacteria that we had to delay the
   ant sour tastes and can ruin your beers.                                                    beers. Brewers have been making these            start of the beer bacteria/other yeast pro-
   However, some styles of Belgian beers                                                       styles with our other yeast strains such as      gram until now. In our next issue of CBQ,
   are highly prized for their sour or lactic                                                  Trappist Ale (WLP500), Belgian Wit               we expect to have an article from an award-
   acid flavors. Many of these styles are                                                      (WLP400) and Belgian Abbey                       winning brewer who has experimented
   fermented in open vessels with wild          eration in the past because we have strived    (WLP530).                                        extensively with the kinds of strains we
   yeast strains and bacteria.                  to keep bacteria and wild yeasts as far from        The Brettanomyces strains allow brew-       have discussed in this column. I think you
        While we can't help you create that     the lab as possible. But our interest in the   ers to make these beers even better by giv-      will learn a lot of practical advice in that
   ancient, cobwebbed, and wholly won-          bacteria/other yeast program grew as more      ing them greater complexity. Many times          story, so stay tuned for the next issue.
   derful environment of a small Belgian        and more brewers requested them, in part       brewers who request bacteria/other yeast             Chris White is President of White Labs
   brewery, we can help you make beers          because of the rising interest in Belgian      strains have experience using them. If not,      Inc. and is a chemistry and biochemistry
   with similar flavors using our bacteria/     styles. We built a lab to grow these bacte-    our staff will be happy to assist and an-        lecturer at the University of California, San
   other yeast program.                         ria/other yeast strains and redoubled our      swer questions. Call 1-888-5-Yeast-5 for         Diego. He has a Ph.D in biochemistry.
        This has not been a part of our op-     efforts to acquire these unique strains.       more information about the bacterial pro-        Contact him at

David Edgar has a passion for beer, and a full fridge
Employee profile                                also enjoy continu-
                                                ally learning more
                                                                                               I love the people, the new companies and         Do you have anything to add?
David Edgar
                                                about brewing and                              the old historical breweries and brewpubs        It’s great to be part of the White Labs
Sales, White Labs Inc.
                                                fermentation.                                  from the smallest to the largest. There are      team. I also work with Ralph and Ralph,
                                                                                               amazingly talented and dedicated people          selling hops for Hopunion. And I sell
                                                Why did you get                                in brewing. There is so much rich brewing        Rastal glassware for Chrisdec and lab
What’s in your fridge? Barley Creek
                                                into the brewing                               tradition and heritage plus it’s exciting to     equipment for 1-CUBE from the Czech
Super Hop, Bell’s (several different),
                                                world?                                         see brewing history in the making as new         Republic.
Bristol Edge City Double IPA, Flying Dog
                                                It’s more like brew-                           beers and new traditions are evolving ev-
Heller Hound Bock, Goose Island Christ-
                                                ing got into me. I                             ery year. Oh, and I like the beers, too.
mas Ale, Magic Hat Chaotic Chemistry,
                                                had no choice in the matter.
Middle Ages Tripel Crown, Ommegang,
                                                                                               What are your other interests?
Pug Ryan’s Morning Wood Wheat, Oskar
Blues Old Chub, Rogue Imperial Pale Ale,
                                                What kinds of jobs did you hold                Spending time with my wife and two girls.           Craft Beer Quarterly
                                                in the past?                                   Music, sometimes playing keyboards in
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, Tabernash                                                                                                           CBQ is sent each quarter to
                                                I worked at the Association of Brewers         reggae bands, but lately more collecting
Oktoberfest, Twisted Pine Amber Ale,                                                                                                               thousands of professional brewers
                                                from 1987 to 2001. I was hired to do           CDs of rare or unreleased live concerts.
Weyerbacher Raspberry Imperial Stout.                                                                                                              and homebrew shops. This publica-
                                                data entry for articles for The New Brewer
What is your role with White Labs?              magazine. I did some writing and editing       Where did you go to school?                         tion provides technical tips, profiles
I started with White Labs October 1,            of Homebrew Club News and Winners              BA from University of Colorado; Short               and features about the brewing
2004. I am doing sales to commercial            Circle columns for Zymurgy. And then I         Course in Brewing Technology, Siebel                world. CBQ is sponsored by Cargill
breweries of all sizes, just for a few months   wrote Brew News and feature articles. It’s     Institute, 1994.                                    Malt, Hopunion CBS LLC and
now, primarily in the United States thus        kind of a long story, but eventually I ended                                                       White Labs Inc.
far.                                            up as the executive director of the Insti-     What are your thoughts about the
                                                tute for Brewing Studies and organizing        state of the industry?                              Editorial:
What do you like about your job?                the speakers and topics for the Craft Brew-    I think it has clearly turned a corner for                Mike White,
I enjoy working more closely with more          ers Conference.                                the positive and we may be seeing another
                                                                                                                                                               JoAnne Carilli-Stevenson,
brewers and helping them to create brand                                                       significant growth phase ahead of us dur-               
new beers and to improve existing beers. I      What do you like best about brew-              ing the next five years or so.                                            1-888-5-Yeast-5

New product focus: Diamond Lager Yeast
                                                                                                                                                              Cold Creek Publishing Co.

      White Labs Inc. is working with           ors, preservatives or other nonnatural sub-    tive, flexible product for brewers. It is more         For all other inquires, contact:
 Lallemand to distribute Diamond Lager          stances have been used in its preparation.     economical to ship, has a long life span,                  CBQ, P.O. Box 12636
 Yeast. This is the first time White Labs       The yeast has been used with great success     and has the highest purity level of any dry               Pleasanton, CA, 94588
 has sold dried yeast.                          at commercial breweries in Germany and         strain that White Labs has reviewed. Also,                 Fax: (253) 981-7534
      The yeast originated in Germany and       North America.                                 it can be pitched cold.                         
 is used by many commercial breweries to            White Labs has decided to distribute            Call the sales staff at (888) 5-Yeast-5
 produce different kinds of lager. No col-      this yeast because it provides an innova-      for more information.
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    Craft Beer Quarterly                                                            Pages
                                                                            The Hop Pages                                                               Sponsored by Hopunion

Hopunion’s 2004 Hop and Brew School
          Ralph Woodall
     By R alph Woodall
     Hopunion CBS, LLC.
     The first Hopunion-sponsored Hop & Brew School
was held September 9-10, 2004, at the Hopunion com-
plex in Yakima, WA. The two-day seminar was attended
by 45 brewers from across the U.S. The longtime dream
of Ralph Olson, it finally came to fruition this year with
the help of some outstanding brewers such as Tom Nickel,
Matt Brynildson and Vinnie Cilurzo.
     The topic of course was hops and beer, and more
hops and more beer. The schedule was so packed with
information there was little time for anything but class,
beer, good food and good times. The Thursday session
was opened by Ralph Olson who gave a general over-
view of the schedule, basic hop botany class with history
of hops and the role of the hop dealer and grower.
     He discussed hop statistics of the US vs. World, hop
breeding and different hop products. There was an ex-
tensive tour of the warehouses by Ralph and Ralph
Woodall including watching the actual hop receiving,
inspections, weighing, sampling, bale stacking and stor-
age procedures. There was also a tour of the hop pelletiz-     Participants at the first Hopunion school take a break from the many hours of learning about hops. Organizers are
ing facility including our new nitrogen-cooled pellet press    planning another school next year.
system and a tour of the new RNV Lab at Hopunion,
which was opened this past summer by Ralph and his
wife Vickie, hence the name (RNV). John Isenhour,              rest of sales and discussed brewing Double IPAs (one of       of 2004 group shot followed by a return to Hopunion
Ph.D, and Hopunion Ambassador spoke on hop-de-                 out favorites around here). Then Vinnie Cilurzo of Rus-       for the BBQ dinner, beer and more good times.
rived off-flavors and sensory characteristics of hop variet-   sian River Brewing discussed his Double IPA brewing               “The entire event was a huge success,” Ralph Olson
ies. He was followed by Ann George of the Washington           process and brewing “wet” hop beers. He also defined          said. He added, “the best thing about the timing was it
State Hop Commission, who spoke on the use of pesti-           the difference between “wet” and “fresh” hop beers and        was during hop harvest and the worst thing about the
cides and insecticides and how they relate to the US and       discussed the evolution of his “Hop Time Harvest Ale”         timing was it was during hop harvest.” Anyone involved
world markets. She also talked about how chemicals get         and the making and marketing of “Pliny the Elder.”            in the daily activities at Hopunion will understand his
registered for use with growers and how they are regu-             After-lunch presentations were given by David Hysert      dilemma. Ralph Woodall said, “It looks like it will be a
lated. This was followed by the BBQ dinner prepared by         of J.I. Haas on spontaneous combustion of hops and            go-again next year but we will have to prepare well in
local brewer Larry Barbus and tastings of a wide variety       Doug McKinnon of the Hop Growers of America on                advance and have to limit the attendees to insure a man-
of beers.                                                      their role in promoting U.S. hop sales around the world       ageable class again next year.”
     The Friday session started with Matt Bryndilson of        and the trend of U.S. worldwide sales. The afternoon’s            A special “thank you” goes out to all the breweries
Firestone Walker Brewing, who discussed the theory of          session also included a bus tour of the hop field, picking/   who donated beer for this event. There are too many to
dry hopping, his experience with dry hopping methods,          kiln drying and baling facility of Mike Smith, long time      mention here, so thanks again. Keep an eye out for infor-
and practical hop chemistry for craft brewers.                 Moxee area hop grower and part owner of Hopunion.             mation regarding the next Hop & Brew School which
     Then Tom Nickel of Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing spoke               The bus then toured through the valley to The Ameri-      would be held in September of 2005 with the exact date
on hoppy beers, how to use one-off brews to boost the          can Hop Museum in Toppenish including a great Class           to be determined at a later time.

Bocks                                                                                                                                                                      From Page 1

is breadier, sweeter, and darker (3-20 L) in                                                                                                     One of the better strains for Bock beers
color than a base malt. Perfect for a Bock         Top off the grain bill, if you wish, with caramel or roasted                             is our German Bock Lager Yeast. From the
beer!                                            malts to achieve the color and flavor notes you desire.                                    alps of southern Bavaria, this yeast pro-
     As an additional note, high-dried                                                                                                      duces a beer that is well balanced between
malts generally possess enough amylase                                                          — Cargill Malt                              malt and hop character. The excellent malt
enzymes to self-convert. You can use them                                                                                                   profile makes it well suited for Bocks,
at whatever fraction you prefer in your                                                                                                     Dopplebocks, and Oktoberfest style beers.
recipe – up to 100%. Finally, top off the                                                                                                   A very versatile lager yeast, it is also good
grain bill, if you wish, with caramel or       as well as GR Hersbruck and GR Spalt.          a slight spicy character.                     for Helles style beers. If you are thinking
roasted malts to achieve the color and fla-    These correspond to US varieties with                                   – Hopunion CBS       of trying an alternative yeast, experiment
vor notes you desire and you are well on       Hallertau backgrounds such as US                   Yeast and Fermentation Notes:
                                                                                                                Fermentation                with our San Francisco Lager Yeast. It has
the way of producing a world-class Bock        Hallertau, Mt. Hood, Liberty and               Ferment between 50 and 55 degrees, the        a very malty profile and is excellent with
beer.                                          Santiam.                                       closer to 50 the better for malt-dominated    Bocks. Other fine yeasts for this style in-
                              – Cargill Malt       These are for the most part mid to         profile. Age a minimum of six weeks, with     clude Octoberfest/Märzen Lager, South-
     Hop Notes For Bock beers, it’s best       lower alpha levels 3.0-6.0%, with betas        12 being best. Using the process of           ern German Lager, and Old Bavarian La-
to use German Hallertau style hops such        about the same as the alpha levels. The        kräusening to carbonate your beer will give   ger, all of which produce very malty beers.
as the actual GR Hallertau, GR Tradition       aroma profiles are mild and pleasant with      added authenticity and complexity.                                           – White Labs
                                                                                          Page 7

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New Zealand hop specials from Hopunion
    New Zealand has been                 Variety                 Regular 55 $/Lb       Sale 55 $/Lb       Regular 11 $/Lb         Sale 11 $/Lb               As you can see, this is a dis-
producing hops for the last          Southern Cross                  $4.00                $3.70               $4.00                  $3.70               count on all these varieties.
150 years. They supply a                                                                                                                                     They will be on special
                                       Pacific Gem                                                            $4.00                  $3.75
range of Hop Pellets, in-                                                                                                                                through the month of January
cluding aroma hop pellets              Green Bullet                                                           $4.00                  $3.75               2005.
very similar to the German             Sticklebract                                                           $4.00                  $3.75
Perle, Tradition etc., and             Super Alpha                                                            $4.00                  $3.75             Please call Hopunion for
also bitter hop pellets very         Hallertau Aroma                  $5.50                $5.25                                                   these specials at (800) 952-
similar to Magnum, Nug-              Pacific Hallertau                                                          $4.40              $4.15           4873 or by fax to (800) 952-
get Taurus etc.                                                                                                                                    4874. You can get information
                                      Nelson Sauvin                                                             $5.50              $5.40           on these varieties and even ideas
    Many international                                                                                                                             for their use in the recipe sec-
breweries use their hops as substitutes to          Hopunion CBS, LLC in Yakima is a            many varieties (see accompanying chart) tion online at or by
the European, US and UK varieties quite          supplier of a few of these hops varieties.     and we would like to put these as our contacting Finn Knudsen or Sara-Line B.
successfully.                                    Currently Hopunion has a supply of             upcoming special.                        Frisk at 303-674-2251.

Looking out for craft brewers in the Southeast
    Have you ever wondered, “Where can I get all of my                                                                         commercial vacuum sealing machine. Brewers in small
brewing supplies in the southeast without paying outra-                                                                        breweries are no longer limited to how many varieties of
geous freight rates?” Well here’s your opportunity. Brian                                                                      hops you can use because of the risk of stalling.
Fenstermacher from Southern Brewing Supply may have                                                                                Brewers in the Southeast can expect their shipments
just what you need at a great price.                                                                                           to go out the same day and get them delivered within
    It all started for Brian (pictured at right) after work-                                                                   one to two days. This gives brewers the opportunity to
ing for eight years in the brewing industry managing                                                                           get what they want, when they want it, with great prices
operations for two microbreweries and a brew pub in the                                                                        and very low freight rates.
Southeast. Understanding that brewing a diverse range                                                                              “The whole idea is to look out for the brewer’s best
of beers requires supplies from all over the country, he                                                                       interest,” says Brian. “Quality and service had always been
saw the perfect opportunity for a great business. Now                                                                          extremely important to me while on the brewing side so
covering Florida, North and South Carolina, Tennessee,                                                                         that is what I deliver to my customers.”
Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and the Caribbean, South-
ern Brewing Supply has been in full swing for two years                                                                            Brian started all of this with “Customer Service” in
supplying everything from hops and malts to your day-                                                                          mind, so whether you’re brewing for a large or small
to-day supplies like salts, finings, and filtration materials.                                                                 brewery, remember, Southern Brewing Supply may have
All of the products they offer are stored in a climate-                                                                        just what you need.
controlled warehouse with the hops kept in freezers to
ensure a fresh and consistent product. Customized mill-                                                                           For more information, contact Southern Brewing
ing is available and always milled to order.                      Brewing Supply are quality Hopunion CBS hops. They           Supply at 717 West Ohio Ave., Tampa, Fla., 33603. The
    With their wide selection of malts, you’re sure to find       supply just about every variety needed for your type of      phone number is (888) 999-MALT, or look them up at
what you’re looking for. All hops sold from Southern              brew and can package them in smaller quantities with a

Williams and Stoltenberg wed in Redlands, CA
    Owen Williams and Susan Stoltenberg wed after a               Island, were in attendance. Susan’s grandmother, Ruth        fornia State University at San Bernardino with a BA in
“short” twelve-year romance. The happy couple was                 Handley of Omaha, and her aunt, Lois Handley of              Psychology in 1984. He has been working as a brewmaster
married on Saturday, September 25, at 5 p.m. in a                 Omaha, traveled to California to join in the festivities.    for microbreweries in Southern California for the past
historic building in Redlands, Calif. The reception                    The wedding attendants were: Lisa Cook (matron          ten years.
immediately followed the ceremony with Hawaiian                   of honor), Cathy McCormick (bridesmaid), Christina                The couple honeymooned in the French Polynesian
and Tahitian music, dancing, good food and drink                  Stoltenberg, Susan’s niece, (junior bridesmaid), John        islands of Tahiti for three weeks. They rented a 42-foot
(four specialty micro-brewed beers were on tap from               Oliver (best man), Lawrence Alcarez (groomsman), Bra-        sail boat for eleven of the days and sailed themselves from
the microbrewery Owen works at).                                  dley Stoltenberg, Susan’s brother (usher), and the cer-      island to island. Owen and Susan enjoy snorkeling and
    The two native Californians both come from Ne-                emony was performed by Reverend Derek Osborne.               found the undersea life abundant in the crystal clear tropi-
braska families.                                                       Susan graduated college from the University of Cali-    cal waters. They had adventures with schools of dol-
    Susan was given away by her parents Ronald                    fornia at Santa Barbara with a BA in Environmental Stud-     phins, swam with rays, sharks, eels and numerous species
Stoltenberg, formerly of Nebraska City, and Doris                 ies in 1989. She has been working as an Urban Planner        of tropical fish. The Tahitians were friendly, the scenery
Stoltenberg, formerly of Omaha. Owen’s parents, James             for private engineering firms in Southern California since   beautiful, the weather temperate and the day-to-day pace
V Williams (grandson of Orr/ Robinson of Belgrade)                1990. Owen graduated college at the University of La         of life relaxing. This was a wonderful beginning to a long
and LaVauna Williams (McIntyre), formerly of Grand                Verne with an AA degree in Liberal Arts and from Cali-       and happy life of wedded bliss together.
          Creek           Co.
    Cold Creek Publishing Co.
    PO Box 12636
    Pleasanton, CA 94588
                                                                        Attention brewer

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Tips for choosing a distance-learning program
    By Siebel Institute of Technology                           students to feel more like they are part of a campus-style    based Concise Course (Apr. 24 – Jul. 24) and the Web-
    With demands on brewery staff increasing, brewers           training program.                                             based Executive Overview in the Brewing Process (April
are increasingly looking toward distance-learning pro-              By employing such tools as Web-based chat and in-         3 – 23, 2005 & May 1 – 21, 2005).
grams to meet their educational needs. Most major brew-         stant messaging, students and instructors can post ques-
ing schools offer a distance-learning program in some           tions and answers, talk about brewing concepts, and share         If you are considering a distance-learning program,
form, so students can choose from a wide selection of           in the educational experience.                                make sure the course you choose is the one that maxi-
courses designed for different levels of education. Yet,                                                                      mizes your educational experience. For questions regard-
aside from the targeted level of education, there are other          * Facilitated and supervised learning – Just like cam-   ing World Brewing Academy Web-based training pro-
criteria to consider when choosing a distance-learning          pus-based programs, effective distance learning programs      grams,        contact       Keith       Lemcke        at
program:                                                        depend on interaction between students and instructors
                                                                to assure effective learning. To
    * Custom-designed content – The same presenta-              achieve such a goal, a student facili-
tions that work in a classroom do not necessarily work          tator needs to monitor all student
for distance learning. An effective distance-learning pro-      activities throughout the course.
gram utilizes content and presentation techniques that               The role of the student facilita-
are specifically designed for this style of presentation, not   tor is to insure that each student
simply tape recordings of classroom lectures or copies of       progresses through each lesson in a
PowerPoint presentations.                                       timely fashion, that students are en-
                                                                couraged to ask questions when
    * Engaging presentations – The tools used to deliver        they are having difficulty with un-
presentations are critical to the student’s ability to work     derstanding any of the content, and
within the program.                                             that test results indicate complete
    Media such as long-form video lectures can be taxing        comprehension of content.
to view, and videotapes can be difficult to search through           For example, Siebel Institute’s
when looking for specific topical segments during re-           World Brewing Academy Web-
views.                                                          based program utilizes online ex-
    Textbooks are excellent for reference, but tend to          ams that are monitored by course
induce sleep quite quickly.                                     facilitator Ian Stanners. Should an-
    The best programs use multiple media styles selected        swers to any of the questions be
to achieve both maximum content comprehension and               answered incorrectly, Ian works
learner interest. An appropriate mix of conventional text       with the student to review the con-
and graphics combined with short video lectures and             tent in question until he is confi-
narrated presentations keeps students alert, interested and     dent that the student fully under-
educated.                                                       stands the topic at hand. Formerly
                                                                the brewmaster at Molson
    * Interaction with other students and faculty – Dis-             Brewing, Mr. Stanners works                                                             1-888-5-Yeast-5
tance learning can be an alienating experience. Programs        extensively with students through-                                                 
that support communication between participants allow           out the duration of both the Web-

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