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									                Friday Flyer – 20th November 2009
 The value of the month is: Peace                                         Accent menu next week: WEEK 1

                                      KS2 Festivals Week

            On Diwali day we learnt about how Rangoli patterns are used to decorate houses. We used tissue paper to
            design our own Rangoli patterns. We enjoyed writing poems about Diwali.

On Chinese New Year Day we learnt about how the Chinese celebrate. We learnt about the
Chinese calendar and discovered that we were either a horse or a snake. We enjoyed making
masks of these animals using tissue paper, straws and wool. We also made lucky money
envelopes, dragons, tried an unusual fruit called lychee and played different Chinese games including one using chopsticks.

Eid: For Festival's Week, we looked at Eid Ul- Adha and Eid Ul -Fitr and why they are important to Muslims all over the
world. We had fun doing some role play about Ibrahim's sacrifice and tried to imagine what the pilgrimage of Hajj would be
like and wrote about our own special journeys. We thought about how and where Muslims pray during Eid and designed our
own prayer mats.

Year 4
The children in Year 4 had an exciting week finding out about some important Jewish festivals.
On Monday we learned about the festival of Sukkot. We had a go at making Matzah bread (flat bread
 baked quickly because the ancient Jews had to leave Egypt in such a hurry) and worked in small groups
to build model Sukkahs – these are little huts like the ones the Jews had to live in during their time in
the desert. We built a large one outside 4 M’s classroom, but we had only just finished decorating the
inside when the heavy rain and strong winds started. By the end of the week our Sukkah was
completely flat! You’ll have to look at the photos on the MLE if you missed seeing it.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we learned about Hanukkah, the festival of light and made potato latkes with
Mrs Hale and Mrs Besley. We retold the story in little zigzag books and drew pictures of the story inside flame
shapes for our display. We also played Dreidel – a game of chance played with special spinning tops we had
made. We wrote instructions on how to play the game, so other people would understand the rules.

On Thursday and Friday we learned about the festival of Purin and the story of a brave queen who
Festivals Week in Phase 4
saved the Jewish people in her land from creative and busy! What a We retold the story in
Three words to sum up Festivals Week- fun, death over 2000 years ago. wonderful week it was and it wasn’t really until the
playscripts, then made shoe box theatres with scenery and stick puppets. just finished the week by
end of the week (Friday afternoon, to be precise) that we (the teachers) realised We how much the children had got out of it.
performing our plays to each other.
On Friday afternoon we arranged to visit each other’s classes- to enjoy the festive atmosphere in each class. It was a pleasure
to listen to eachfun learning and workingexplaining the various aspects of the festival they hadgroups and
We had great child in his/her classroom at our different activities, especially working in studied closely and showing
us their writing, artwork, music they had created and a dance they had choreographed. What was really fantastic was the
sharing our skills in teams, as well as eating all the delicious food we made.
ownership they obviously felt, presenting so confidently to others in their phase, in the absence of their class-teacher. I
especially enjoyed the dragon dance in 6P who ‘celebrated’ Chinese New Year, the bene cakes in 6C (a Kwanzaa delicacy), a
lovely Holi dance in 5B (our group joined in), Holi music in 5M (with confident Lucas informing us about the Hindu Gods-that
boy definitely has his facts right!), a Holi storyboard in 5S (as well as delicious coconut barfi), and the lovely Mardi Gras masks
in 6J.

The teachers enjoyed planning for this week and put all this together with fantastic team effort, teaching new art styles (Year
5-colour splashing (!) and Year 6-quite adventurous with collage!), experimenting with choreography and music and festive
cooking (including a joint shopping trip for ingredients to the local Sainsbury’s where Zoe Plastiras, who spotted us, wondered
if that was what the social life of teachers was!). Our TAs were magnificent and we wouldn’t have managed to do half the
activities we’d planned without their help. Looking forward to our next themed week!
                                                                                                                         Mrs Jain
Last week was Festivals Week and we started to talk about our plans for the week. First we started with Literacy but it
wasn’t an ordinary lesson because we were told to make our own festival. We really enjoyed writing about festivals.
Our festival was Mardi Gras and we really enjoyed learning about it. Mardi Gras stands for Fat Tuesday which is Shrove
Tuesday in England, one day before Ash Wednesday. We made Mardi Gras masks; the main colours are purple, green and
gold. Purple represents justice, green represents faith and gold represents power. We also made collages about Mardi
                                        Visit our in our phase and they told us what they did in
Gras. On Friday, we visited the other classes website @ Festivals week. It was the best
learning week in school.                   Login to our MLE @
                                               username: parents / password: deanesfield          By Milan, Sean, Ryan and Luke
         We have included some examples of our work on the MLE in the Shared News Room, why not have a look?
YEAR 1 – VICTORIAN DAY                                                        NURSERY
We have arranged a Victorian Day for Year 1 on 27 November 2009 to            Over the next 2 weeks we will be learning
bring their topic studies to life. A Theatre Company will be visiting and     about the story of Goldilocks and The 3
the children will experience what life was like in Victorian times taking     Bears. As part of the activities we will be
part in activities and role-play. We would be grateful if the children        carrying out we will be making and eating
could come into school in Victorian costume that day to help them to          porridge. If you have any
feel in character. Girls could wear skirts, shawls and hair ribbons with      concerns/questions about this activity please
the boys in waistcoats, neckerchiefs and trousers tucked into socks.          see a member of Nursery staff as soon as
Mob caps, smock aprons, caps and breeches could be added for extra
effect. Please do not panic about this!

Due to the workshop, Flamingos class will be having their outdoor             We would also like to say a big thank you
games lesson on Monday next week.                                             for all your contributions to the Nursery toy
                                                                              fund. We have purchased a large outdoor
                                                                              painting easel, some equipment for the home
                                                                              corner (eg tea set, kettle, toaster, food
                                                                              processor), a cot and some new big pictures
                                                                              for our outdoor role play area. Thank you
                                                                              for your continued help and support.

Over the last two weeks Year 3 had the opportunity to experience a French Day at school and at the BAA
Heathrow Visitor Centre. Here are just a few of their comments.

We got French bread and I got to give out orange juice. I wish I could go again. We also got to
make a passport and spoke lots of French. I liked dressing up in uniform. Tara Manning

             The BAA centre was brilliant. The best bit was when I dressed up as an Air Steward. I also loved
             it when we were on the pretend aeroplane. Debbie taught us lots of French. Dylan Meek

             I enjoyed it when we went to the pretend aeroplane and said things into the microphone. Aoibhin

I enjoyed it because I had to give a stamp on the passport to let the children in. Ellie M.

When we were at school I enjoyed the singing and dancing. I also enjoyed making French bread. Bradley Nti
                                                                 Nursery and Reception-desperate
I enjoyed the French Day when I was eating bread and watching French cartoons. Ning Sang
 Year 5 – V&A Trips                                                         plea!
 The second group will be having their trip to the V&A next
 Wednesday.                                                                 We are in desperate need of junk modelling
                                                                            materials. These include:
 The children will need to bring a packed lunch, which should be
 in a named carrier bag containing disposable containers and no                    boxes-all sizes
 cans or glass bottles. If you are ordering a packed lunch from                    yoghurt pots
 Accent, please ensure that your completed order form is sent                      tubes
 in to the office by Monday morning.                                               corks
                                                                                   lids/bottle tops
 If you wish you may give your child up to £3 pocket money.                        buttons
                                                                                   broken necklaces/beads
 HELP IRONERS NEEDED!                                                              wrapping paper
 If anyone has any spare time over the next                                        fabric
 week, we’d really appreciate some help ironing                                    straws
 the costumes for the KS1 Nativity. If you are                                     sequins
 able to help at all before, during or after school
 please let the School Office know. Thank you.                              Many thanks, Nursery and Reception Staff
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                                       Login to our MLE @
                                           username: parents / password: deanesfield
PARKING                                                                 PTA CORNER
Deane Park have kindly given us permission for parents
                                                                        The Christmas Fair is next Saturday, 28th November.
to use their car park when dropping off and picking up
                                                                        Here’s a reminder of how you can support the fair:
their children from school. Please can we ask that
parents have consideration when parking,                                *Donating any collectables/china, new or old
taking one parking space only. Thank                                    toys, CDs and DVDs. Please bring any donations
you for your support and consideration                                  to the school office. Due to lack of storage we are
on this.                                                                unable to take donations before Thursday 19th
                                                                        November (no school uniform, soft cuddly toys or
                        UNIFORM/ELECTRONIC                              jumble please)
                        PAYMENT FORUMS                                  *Donating Cakes for the Cake Stall. Please
                        As mentioned in last week’s Flyer,              bring to the Junior Hall on Friday 27thth November.
                        we are considering moving our
                                                                        *Donating Chocolate for the Chocolate
                        school uniform to Angels in Rayners
                                                                        Tombola. Please send in chocolate for this (no
                        Lane rather than having a uniform
                                                                        matter how large or small) by Wednesday 25th
shop in school fortnightly. We are also looking into the                November
possibility of utilising an electronic payment system offering
                                                                        *Donating Raffle Prizes We have had some
parents the facility to pay for school lunches, trips, etc online.
                                                                        fantastic donations over the last few years and all
Please let us know what you think about both of these ideas by
                                                                        prizes are greatly appreciated. Perhaps the company
adding your thoughts to the two forums in the Shared News
                                                                        you work for would be happy to make a donation.
Room of the MLE. The forums will remain open until next week.
                                                                        Please let them know; we mention all our sponsors!
Thank you.
                                                                        *Helping set up the fair or helping with stalls
SAFEGUARDING OUR CHILDREN                                               on the day We are looking for volunteers to help at
It has been brought to our attention that parents have, on              the Christmas Fair preparation evening on Thursday
occasion, entered our building via the rear access points before the    26th November from 5-7.30pm and to staff a stall on
start or at the end of the school day to allow young children to use    Saturday 28th November. If you are able to help out at
the toilets. This compromises the safety of our children who may        any or all of the above times please fill out the form
be using the facilities. Please be reminded that parents are visitors   on the PTA Newsletter and send them for the
to our school and must abide by our guidelines. All visitors must       attention of the PTA to the school office or contact
report to the School Reception.                                         the PTA on

CHRISTMAS PANTO: The 2nd instalment of £5.50 for the Christmas Panto was due on 9 th November, if you haven’t sent in
your payment yet please can you send in to the School Office on Monday. Thank you.
BARTON HALL: The 3rd instalment of £40 or payment in full was due in to the school office today. If you haven’t sent in
your payment please can you do so for Monday morning. Thank you.
UNIFORM SHOP: The next school uniform shop will be on Tuesday, 24 th November at 9.00-9.30am.
Infants   - Swans Tuesday, 19th January 2010 at 2.50pm in the Infant Hall
Juniors   - 6P on Thursday, 2nd December at 2.50pm in the Junior Hall

              Parents and Carers’ School Diary – Week Commencing 23rd November 2009

                                 EVENT                                                       TIME/LOCATION
 Monday, 23rd November
 Tuesday, 24th November          Uniform Shop                                                9.00 – 9.30am
 Wednesday, 25th November        Half Year 5 to V&A

 Thursday 26th November          6C Class Assembly                                           Junior Hall 2.50pm
                                 PTA Prep for Christmas Fair                                 Junior Hall 5.00 – 7.30pm
 Friday, 27th November           Year 1 – Victorian Day

 Saturday, 28th November         Christmas Fair                                              10.00 – 12.00

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