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									                                           AOSR’S 60TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR
AOSR - VIA CASSIA 811              Phone: 06-334-381           Web:WWW.AOSR.ORG                 November 2006

          November                           FAO World Food Day Poster Winners
       Important Dates

     (Italian National Holiday)

2    Mediterranean Girls &
     Boys Volleyball

3    Report Cards Distributed

7    Declamations Assembly
     9:30am (Cafeteria)

9-10    MS Play, Mid
        Summers & Night
        Dream 7:00pm

13-16 MS Trip in Italy

    Parent/Teacher Confer-

22    NO After School Activi
     ties/NO Late Buses           The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) held a poster con-
                                  test for World Food Day - October 16th. The theme was Investing in Agriculture
                                  for Food Security. AOSR students Gabriela P. (Grade 3) and Nathaniel B. (Grade
30 Corporation Assembly           5) placed first in their respective categories. An Honorary Mention was given to
   7:30pm, school cafeteria       Otis R. (Grade 3). Congratulations to these artists and to all our student artists
    Board of Trustees
                                  who made wonderful posters all of which are on view in the cafeteria.

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                                        All School News
It Happened in October...
Professional Development Update

On Monday, October 9th, the entire faculty met to continue our progress on action plans set last spring as part of our re-
accreditation process. Our schoolwide improvement plans cover four categories, including writing growth for our ESL
students, mathematics assessment, computer literacy and curriculum mapping. With the help of an outside consultant
and a mapping tool called “Atlas,” our teachers spent time charting their own curriculum as we head toward further
clarity on what is to be learned at each level and in each course. Workshops were also conducted in GradeQuick, (our
school’s assessment program) and EdLine, our new tool to communicate with students and parents on-line. Finally,
the day served as an extended time for faculty members to interact and work together—a rare opportunity given our
busy school day and year.

 The feedback on the day’s structure was very positive and we were able to demonstrate strong progress on a number
of our goals. We hope that you had a nice extended weekend with your children as well!

College Preparation Day

On October 18, all of our 10th and 11th grade students took the Practice SAT test (PSAT) This challenging standard-
ized exam exposes students to the types of questions they will face on the SAT and other high stakes assessments. It
also connects students with scholarship opportunities and university programs. That AOSR gives the assessment to
every student is a powerful statement about our belief that all students will attend a university and that every student
deserves access to high level curricula and opportunity.

 Following the theme of preparation for university life, our 12th grade students cycled through three modules—oral
interview preparation, powerful essay writing and university life and work. These sessions, led by our faculty mem-
bers, were very successful in preparing our oldest students for their upcoming transition.

 On the same day, our 9th grade students traveled to Cerveteri to view Etruscan ruins as part of the Ancient History cur-

October concluded with three wonderfully successful events:

Our elementary school students proudly represented AOSR and the world as they performed a special United Nations
Day concert for their friends and parents. They filled the cafeteria with the sounds of peace in many languages!

 Our little goblins also enjoyed a fun Halloween parade to showcase their costumes on Halloween Day. Pictures will
be coming soon!

 Our middle school students were able to meet Mr. Pipestem, a Native American from the Blackfoot tribe, who shared
his culture through legend, dance, song and artifacts.


Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent/Teacher Conference for middle and high school students will be held this month on Friday, November 17tth
from 9-12 a.m. and 1-3:20 pm. You may drop in during these times to see teachers. This day allows you time to spend
a few minutes with teachers discussing your students’ work and progress. This day comes after the first quarter
grades to allow us all to work towards improving students academic achievement. We hope you will join us on the

                                          All School News

                                          AOSR Board of Trustees
                            By Christine Marciasini, AOSR Board of Trustees, Secretary

         The Board of Trustees is the governing body of AOSR and the representative body of the AOSR Corporation. It is
composed of twelve members who are entrusted with the task of ensuring AOSR’s financial soundness, setting its policies,
crafting its long range planning and appointing and evaluating the Head of School. The Board meets on a monthly basis
and all members serve on at least two Board committees, which generally meet once to twice a month. The Head of School
is not a member of the Board but must attend all board meetings and sit on all Board committees. There are four officers
of the Board: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The officers are elected annually at the first Board meeting follo-
wing the annual Assembly. The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board also serve as President and Vice-President of the Cor-
poration and the Chair is the legal representative of AOSR.

                  Members are elected by the Corporation at the annual Assembly, which is generally held in November.
Further, in those instances where Assembly-elected trustees have left the Board without completing their terms the Board
may co-opt a member to fill the vacancy until the next annual Assembly. Every year there are four members who are elec-
ted to a three year term. No member of the Board may serve for more than six consecutive years. The Assembly also e-
lects trustees to serve out the terms of those members who vacated the Board during the previous year. This year there are
six vacancies on the Board. Two incumbents are running.

         All AOSR parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to become regular members of the Corporation by pa-
ying a one-time subscription fee of €10. Please contact Ms. Domenica Losani, Secretary to the Head, at headma-
ster@aosr.org or call 06.33438.331 for more information. Those interested in standing for Board election should contact
Dr. Beth Pfannl, Head of School or Mr. Boyd Haight, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The Corporation Assembly
will take place on Thursday, November 30 at 7:30 pm in the school cafeteria. The letter announcing the first call
will be mailed out to AOSR families the week of November 6.

                                                 Join us for William Shakespeare’s
                                        A Midsummer Night’s Dream
                                 Presented by AOSR Middle School
                                     Thursday November 9 and
                                        Friday November 10
                                             At 7:00 pm
                                                     PTO News
    September was an exciting month!                                  AOSR Boutique Doing Great Business!
            By Kecia Dilday, PTO Secretary                                 By Susan Haight, Boutique Coordinator

           After our extremely busy month of September,                        The Boutique has been happily crowded every
 the PTO was pleased to see the great turnout and lovely              Tuesday in October. We’ve enjoyed seeing all our old
 weather for a wonderfully relaxing day of food, fun and              customers return. Winter coats, household goods, trans-
 social activities at the annual Family Picnic on 14 Octo-            formers, microwaves and new wardrobes (fashionable or
 ber. Our Booster Bar sold an unprecedented number of                 for Halloween) have been breezing out the door. Our 60
 hamburgers and hotdogs; and thanks to everyone who                   vendors have the shop well stocked and we have a steady
 brought a dish to share, there were some real delicacies!            influx of brand new and ‘almost’ new items arriving
 Logo Items were also selling like hotcakes, thanks to a              weekly. We also have an excellent group of volunteers
 new Logo Item crew led by Emmy Isbell and Ricki                      this year and hope they will continue!
 Fisher. A big thank you to Daniela DiCagno for her hard                       We would like to give a reminder of a change we
 work in organizing the event! And finally, our gratitude             made two years ago in the process that allows shoppers to
 goes to the various student groups from the middle school            take a maximum of three items home “On Approval” for
 and high school whose set-up, clean-up, candy sales and              family members to try. The shopper must pay for each
 supervision of activities for the younger kids made the              item in full. Items must be returned the following Tues-
 event run like clockwork.                                            day. At this time, if the shopper does not want the item,
           In other October news, our Elementary School               their money will be refunded. For any items not returned
 Liaisons Debbie Shachar and Helena Meyer helped sup-                 the following Tuesday, the money will be entered into the
 port the recent Elementary School Wellness Day through               day’s sales as final. This change has been working very
 the contribution of apples as a healthy snack for each ele-          well. Please remember that items that have been pur-
 mentary school student.                                              chased (not on our Approval sheet) are not returnable.
           Our upcoming events include distribution of treat                   November open dates will be Nov. 7, 14 and 28.
 bags for the Elementary School Halloween Parade on 31                Please note that we will be closed on Tuesday, Novem-
 October, as well as wrapping up the fall sports season to            ber 21. Store hours are 9:30 – 2:30. Vendors may con-
 begin winter sports, and several Booster Bars as always.             tinue to bring items to consign every Tuesday that the
 We encourage everyone to come out for our next meeting               Boutique is open. Many thanks to the people who have
 on November 13th at 9:30 in the Boutique. We will be                 brought us bags! See you there!
 counting on your help to plan and execute the many ac-
 tivities surrounding the holidays in December. As al-
 ways, you may contact any of the PTO Officers listed
 below, should you have questions.                                                 PTO OFFICERS 2006-2007
                                                                      President: Carolyn Grosso, teeumupmom@msn.com
                                                                      Vice-President: Daniela Di Cagno, dan-
Falcon Flyer PTO Team:
Claudia Sobral, Suzanne Datin, Talia Gazit and Anna Clementi          Treasurer: Monique Smits, msmitsh@hotmail.com
Special thanks to Geoff Miller, Egidio Luzi, and to the parents       Secretary: Kecia Dilday, kdilday@earthlink.net
that help with the FF distribution.

                 The next Falcon Flyer will be a combined issue for December and January
                               Next Deadline is Friday, December 1st, 5:00pm,
            Please send your article as an MS Word attachment to ptonewsletter@aosr.org.

        AOSR Bridge to Bahia (Brazil) – Community Service
 The Falcon Flyer is hosting this column to inform the AOSR community about one of our community services projects.

                                Understanding the community
                                                by Roy Zimmerman
Salvador is the most African city in the New World. Eighty percent of its population is of African descent, yet Salva-
dor is the safest large metropolis in South America. As Brazil’s main slave port for more than three hundred years, the
city became a cauldron for cultural interchange, but its overwhelmingly African population guaranteed the survival of
Black cultural traditions in a way that was unique in the Western Hemisphere. The dominant culture of the colonialists
was forced to compromise with African traditions, resulting in curious hybrids, such as candomblé, where Catholic
saints merge with African deities, creating an ambiguous but highly vital religious movement that has made an enor-
mous contribution to Brazilian folklore. In the same way that New Orleans gave birth to jazz, Bahia is the cradle of
Afro-Brazilian music, providing artists of the caliber of Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Maria Bethania. But African
culture fostered the growth of another unique cultural tradition, capoeira.

                                                                                       Capoeira is a strange mixture
                                                                                       of African martial arts and rit-
                                                                                       ual dance, which developed
                                                                                       among the slaves as a secret
                                                                                       way to resist their oppressors
                                                                                       and to preserve their traditions.
                                                                                       During its long history, it
                                                                                       probably adopted some ele-
                                                                                       ments of the indigenous cul-
                                                                                       ture, although the music that
                                                                                       accompanies the dances is
                                                                                       markedly African, played by
                                                                                       the berimbau (musical bow)
                                                                                       and various drums. Because
                                                                                       the colonialists feared the prac-
                                                                                       titioners of capoeira, it was
                                                                                       repressed and finally outlawed.
                                                                                       The punishment was brutal and
                                                                                       harsh: it prescribed a severing
                                                                                       of the offender’s Achilles ten-
                                                                                       dons, but the law only drove
                                                                                       the art underground, and its
                                                                                       masters adopted nicknames in
                                                                                       order to disguise their true
                                                                                       identities. The anti-capoeira
                                                                                       laws were repealed in 1918 and
                                                                                       the practice came into the
                                                                                       open, a recognized art and a
                                                                                       source of great ethnic pride.

As Pietro Gallina was launching the I.C.B.I.E., he met a wonderful Dutch woman, Ella Arps, who uses her art gallery
in Amsterdam to raise funds for community assistance in the nearby favela. In the course of her work, she had become
friends with an extraordinary capoeira master named Pedro Pé de Ferro (“iron-foot”), who obtained his nickname be-
cause he used to give public exhibitions that included having a truck drive over his feet, but also over his chest, and
when Pietro doubted the story, Mestre Pedro showed him a DVD film to prove it. Now an elderly man and a father of
ten children, he leads the Associação de Capoeira Filhos do Sol Nascente do Salvador, which operates out of a roof-
less, burned-out building, originally a small movie theater, that he occupied in 1990. Hundreds of kids frequent his
center, and he is a true hero to the entire community. Working with Ella Arps, I.C.B.I.E. co-sponsored the project
Think Capoeira (see www.arpsgallery.com), where an Italian photographer taught Mestre Pedro’s students to take pho-
                                                          5                                   Continued on next page
         Continued from previous page
 tographs of their families in the favela. The best photos were shown in Amsterdam, and money was raised to buy
 sewing machines, which were distributed to teenage girls, who were suddenly able to support their families. After
 years of paperwork, the Bahia state government has finally agreed to direct a project called Ribeira Azul, where the
 property will be granted to Mestre Pedro’s association, with an Italian NGO funding the restoration of the building
 and the Arps Gallery providing furnishings and equipment. For the I.C.B.I.E., the co-operation with Mestre Pedro is
 particularly rewarding. He recommends his most promising students to Pietro and then insures that each child at-
 tends his lessons and does his homework. Even better, he welcomes I.C.B.I.E.’s visiting staff and guests to visit the
 center and participate in his lessons, as both Kim Gallimore (AOSR Class of ’06) and Rosa de Bellis (Elementary
 ESL teacher) can testify.

                   AOSR Contact Information
Reception                                                06-33438-300
Head of School: Dr.Beth Pfannl                           06-33438-331
Secretary : Domenica Losani                              06-33438-331
Principal: Matthew Neely                                 06-33438-326
Principal’s Secretaries: Cathy Garbinsky &               06-33438-326
Shazia Naqui
Admissions/Busing: Don Levine                            06-33438-311
Secretary: Joanne Hoberg                                 06-33438-311
Financial Consultant: Elisa Bruno                        06-33438-338
HS College Counselor: Lisa Camagma                       06-33438-327
School Counselor: Elizabeth Escobar                      06-33438-389
Nurse: Diane Cullen-Moore                                06-33438-321
After School Activities:
  Christine Hogan, Margaret Ciuffreda                    06-33438-320
ES Coordinator: Susan Prideaux                           06-33438-350
MS Coordinator: Sarah Ellyson                            06-33438-336
AP/IB Coordinator: Belinda Fiochi                        06-33438-337
Resource Room: Ellen Buckley                             06-33438-302
                    Jessica DiCori                       06-33438-390

    All telephone and internet address corrections should be emailed to principalsoffice@aosr.org.

                                          This Month in Pre-K
                               By Ms. Amy Magazzu, Acting Pre-K Coordinator

Pre-K is bustling with activity, as usual! The children are learning about what it means to be part of a group and work
together. The 4-year olds have been divided into two groups, each of which had the opportunity to vote on a mascot. As
a result, you may here the Pre-K teachers calling on their spiders and butterflies throughout the day! The children then
had the chance to share family pictures with their classmates, draw family portraits, and make a flag representing the
country they come from.

Meanwhile, the 3 year-olds are busily working on life-size renditions of themselves as part of our All About Me theme.
This has sparked discussions among the children about how much they have grown and what they looked like when they
were ‘little’. They are sharing baby pictures with their friends and are enjoying comparing and contrasting! Coming up
next: dancing to the music, smelling the flowers, painting with pudding, munching with the Hungry Caterpillar, and I
Spy games galore… the five senses!

                                      Elementary News
                                                                              BOOK (RE) MARKS
                    Wellness Day                                                    News from the
                                                                 Dr. Larry W. Dougherty Elementary School Library/
The students from kindergarten to fifth grade took part                             Media Center
in Wellness Day on 17 October and it was a successful                 Ruth Lotero, Elementary School Librarian
                                                               Read a Good Book Lately? Seen a Great Film Lately?
Dr.Cesare Luzi, an alumnus with a dental practice in           Sometimes these are one and the same. In the last five
Rome, spoke about dental hygiene.                              years, movie-makers have been looking for material more
Ms.Miller, a nurse, taught the children about germs.           and more frequently in children’s books.
Students washed their hands and then examined them             The following are some examples of current and upcoming
under ultra violet light to ascertain if they had washed       movies that were made by people who had read a children’s
their hands correctly.                                         book and adapted it for the silver screen:
Ms.Rahm spoke about the foods that will help us all
grow and give us energy.                                       The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, by C. S. Lewis
Four policewomen came and spoke to the students                Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien
about personal safety. One policewoman demonstrated            A series of unfortunate incidents, by Lemony Snickett
some of the contents of her forensic equipment.                Stuart Little, by E. B. White
Ms.Escobar talked about social responsibilities with the       The Princess Diaries, by Meg Cabot
third, fourth and fifth graders.                               Freaky Friday, by Mary Rodgers
Each child had an apple for snack provided by the PTO.
                                                               These three are all movies from picture books by Chris Van
Student comments after Wellness Day:
                                                               Polar Express
Sing “Happy Birthday” when you wash your hands                 Jumanji
because it takes ten seconds!                                  Zathura
It was a great way to learn many things in a short time.
I learnt many useful things.                                   Coming soon to a theatre near you, are these books-into-
Cesare taught us how to brush our teeth the right way.         movies:
The rules are PINK TO WHITE and only VERTICAL                  Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke
STROKES with a soft brush, and the result will be a            Stormbreaker, by Anthony Horowitz
beautiful smile.                                               Eragon, by Christopher Paolini
The police gave us tips on how to use the internet cor-
rectly.                                                        For fans of Shakespeare, there have been many movie-
The day seemed important and official because the po-          makers who have used his text for movies. Kenneth Bran-
lice came.                                                     nagh has been prolific in this area, and his most recent:
The experiment on how bacteria multiply and spread             As You Like It, is currently being viewed at the Venice Film
was great fun.                                                 Festival. It should arrive here next month.
The fruit Ms.Rahm gave us was delicious.
                                                               So, grab some popcorn, rent a movie, check out a book, and
                                                               enjoy comparing and contrasting what authors and film-
                                                               makers do to stories!

 Ms. Redd and Ms. Tausend

 October has been a busy month in first grade. We have welcomed in two new students to our grade. First graders con-
 tinue to work hard in reading, writing and math. We learned about apples and how they grow. Along with the apple
 theme we read books, wrote facts, tasted different apples, graphed, and did apple projects. Other projects include The
 Witches’ Supermarket, writing pumpkin poems, a ghost writing activity, and studying bats which kept us busy leading
 up to Halloween. In Math we have begun to explore the 100 chart by doing story problems as well as adding and sub-
 tracting. Being involved in Wellness Day and the UN Concert also added to the excitement of October. In November
 will begin with leaves and fall.
                        Elementary News -continued
SECOND GRADE                                                       Third grade continued...
Ms. Ciuffreda and Ms. Prisco
                                                                   Needless to say the trip was an amazing success. Sixty two
Ghosts and goblins were in the air and everywhere at the           of the 3rd grade community went. The hotel was wonderful
end of October. The children have listened to Halloween            and the scenery incredibly beautiful. The park is well
stories and poems and they performed a creepy, spooky              worth a visit and just an hour and a half away from Rome.
dance and sang a “witch and wizard “song in Italian.               A special thanks to our official park guide Paola, Ms. Ruth,
The secondgraders will be preparing the food for their tra-        Mr. Redd and Ms. Collier and all those moms and dad
ditional Thanksgiving lunch. It is a time for all the stu-         (one) who came with us and were a great help.
dents to give thanks and think of others less fortunate than       Third grade will be starting their Masters of Math program
they are.                                                          soon and as they pass each level will become even more
                                                                   proficient than they already are.
                                                                   We have been learning about Canis Lupus and Ursus and
THIRD GRADE                                                        classification. Ask them about it.
Mr. Harroo and Ms. Rumsby
                                                                   Nearly all 3rd graders are not only doing their spelling
                                                                   words and challenge words but even trying the super chal-
Wolves Bears and …………
                                                                   lenge words AND getting them right.
            By Sara M., student

On Wednesday 4th of October we went on a trip to
Abruzzo. First we went on the bus. The driver’s name               FOURTH GRADE
was Pietro. When we stopped we had lunch. It was                   Ms. De Paolis and Ms. Piccirilli
FREEZING! After we got on the bus we had a hot choco-
late.                                                              This month the fourthgraders will be going on two field
         Next we arrived at Pescasseroli. Paola was our            trips. The trip to the Time Elevator will allow the students
guide. She talked about the bones of the animals.                  to experience a Roman history adventure as part of the so-
         Next we saw Oscar the wolf, Jacopo the ‘smelly’           cial studies program. At the caldara in Manziana these bud-
red deer, Giulietta the old bear and the black squirrels.          ding scientists will visit a volcanic site and observe flora
         After, finally we arrived at the HOTEL!!!! The            and fauna.
hotel’s name was Val di Rose. When we got our room,                To coincide with Thanksgiving the students shall be draw-
my friends Gaia and Alessia were my room mates.                    ing and illustrating Native American stories on paper pelts.
         It was time for dinner. When we started eating,
Ms. Rumsby said “Stop for a minute…” (She said that
because it was Tendai’s BIRTHDAY!)
         When we finished dinner we had a piece of cake.
Then we went to sleep.                                             FIFTH GRADE
         The next day we went in the mountains. We saw             Ms. Hogan, Mr. Redd and Ms. Wheeler
wild apples, berries, mushrooms and moss. Next, after a
long, long walk we went to drink cold, cold, cold WA-              Wow! 5th grade had a wonderful time at the Capitoline
TER!!!! After we drank the cold water we wrote in our              Museum. We all got a chance to see one of Rome’s oldest
trip journals. Then we turned back.                                bronze statues, the Capitoline Wolf. This statue was made
         We arrived at the playground, we had lunch and            over 2,500 years ago. The suckling Romulus and Remus
we played. Then we went on the bus. After we arrived at            were added much later, however.
the hotel. Then we got changed and we had dinner. After
dinner we had scary stories. Then we went to sleep.                Having the opportunity to take the information that we
         The next day was the last day of the trip. That day       have learned in class and have it come to life with the ex-
we went shopping. After, we had lunch and then we went             hibits in this museum was a wonderful experience. We
and the bus and then we arrived at AOSR.                           have a lot more field trips planned to further expand our
                                                                   knowledge of Roman history. Be sure to keep your eyes
                                                                   peeled for the next 5th grade trip.

                                    Middle School News
                                                by Sarah Ellyson

           Congratulations to the 2006 – 2007 Middle School Student Council!
The newly formed STUCO has already been busy planning the exciting events which occurred at the end of October! The
group gathers weekly to discuss concerns, ideas and suggestions to make AOSR the best it can be for Middle School stu-
dents. Representatives, along with some alternate representatives, come from each advisory group while the ambassadors
serve as a major communicator for each of the middle School grade levels. Leading them all are the four primary execu-
tives who meet separately to plan and strategize each meeting. Let’s look forward to a year full of excitement and empow-
erment in the Middle School!
                                     2006 – 07 AOSR Middle School STUCO
                               Executive Committee and Grade Level Ambassadors
                                            President:   Steven T.
                                        Vice President:  Jacopo L.
                                            Secretary:   Margherita C.
                                            Treasurer:   Peter N.
                                6th Grade Ambassador:    Giuseppe G.
                                7th Grade Ambassador:    Jordan F.
                                8th Grade Ambassador:    Christina P.

                                           Middle School on the Move

 The week of November 13th – 16th will feel quite different on the AOSR campus. The daily school bus may appear to
 have left someone behind, the halls of the Villa will be terribly quiet, the lunch room will seem hollow and the sports
 field will have a chance to rest during daily recess because… the Middle School is going ON THE MOVE!

 It is with great anticipation and excitement that the Middle School prepares for its annual learning experience outside
 the walls of AOSR. Each November, the students and faculty of AOSR Middle School have the opportunity to explore
 highlighted regions while learning about their societal development, historical implications, modern-day life and cul-
 tural events typical to the regions. In honor and celebration of AOSR’s 60th Anniversary, this year’s cultural trips will
 highlight our home country of Italy. Each offered trip emphasizes a particular region and focuses on a given theme
 which complements an aspect of the Middle School curriculum. The final destinations for the November trips are Four
 Aspects of Rome (Ancient Rome, pre-Christian Rome, Papal Rome, and Roman countryside), Musings of Shakespeare
 in Italy (Venice, Verona, Padova and Ferara) and Homeland of the Great Explorer (Genova and Cinque Terre).

 In the weeks prior to the trip, teachers and students will be learning more about their destinations and making key con-
 nections between their curricula and trip highlights. In addition, they will choose roommates, receive packing lists,
 work on creating trip diaries and preparing to glean the most from the traveling learning experience as they can.

      Please visit the Middle School portion of the AOSR web site later in November to see the snapshots and
                                    experiences of the Middle School travelers!

                  Stett Harrison MS/HS Library - Ms. Bianchini and Ms. Rahm
                  Thank you for supporting the Book Fair on November 12 by GoodBooks U.K. It was a success thanks to
                  all of you! The percentage of total sales GoodBooks always gives to our Library resulted in 150 Euros
                  worth of new books. Come and see! On November 2nd, Mr. Di Bella from EBSCO Databases will come
and give a demo on EBSCO ULTRA on-line to our junior and senior students and their teachers. The demo will show our
students how to improve their research skills and help them understand how college level research papers are prepared.

                                     Counselors’ Corner
News from the HS Counselor
Ms. Lisa Camagna
Seniors are reminded to sign up and keep their appointments with Ms. Camagna to discuss post high school planning.
Parents are more than welcome to attend with their sons/daughters. Students are reminded to create and bring with
them a resume detailing their high school activities, courses, community service initiatives, etc.

The college office has been very busy entertaining visits from various colleges in Italy and abroad. Students are re-
minded to check the visitation schedule regularly for updates on the colleges that are visiting AOSR. Students may
attend and can obtain a pass from Ms. Camagna to give to their classroom teachers. The following is a list of the col-
lege visits scheduled thus far:

Date            College                                  Recruiter                  Time
 9/25       UPenn/Georgetown@Marymount                  Leshko/Timlin               6:30pm
 9/27       American University of Rome                 Alexander Kugel             1:30pm
 9/28       Boston University                           Anne Corriveau              2:30pm
 10/4       John Cabot University                       Mele Chechere               12:00pm
 10/10      Franklin College-Switzerland                Austin Tomlinson            2:00pm
 10/13      University of San Francisco                 Sarah Scannell              1:30pm
 10/25      International University Bremen             Peter Dorthe                11:00am
 10/26      Lynn University, FL                         Stefano Papaleo              1:00pm
 10/27      Richmond the Am. Univ.                      Susan Evans                  10:00am
 10/31      Univ. of Dubuque-Iowa                       Bob Broshous                 9:30am
 10/31      American University of Paris                Joumana Hassan               1:00pm
 11/13      Middlebury College,VT                       Barbara Marlow               2:00pm
            University of Virginia, VA                  Senem Kudat
            Pepperdine University, CA                   Virginia Groves
 11/27      LeRoche&Gleon Schools for Hotel Man-        Vana Najjar                  12:00pm
 11/29      University of the Arts-London               Maria Brawand                1:30pm
 12/1       Drew University, NJ                         Ambassador Haynes            9:30am

                                      Counselors’ Corner
Naviance is a tool that assists students with the college search and application
process. Each senior was given a password during junior year. Still not sure where you would like to study, Naviance is your
WAIT THERE’S MORE! Parents of seniors ALSO have the opportunity to use this software. Once your son or daughter
logs-in, he/she can then update his/her information. When the parents are entered, the system automatically generates a
PASSWORD for parents to then register. Ask your son or daughter for your NAVIANCE password today!

APPLYING TO COLLEGES IN THE US??? Check to see if your college is one of the 300+
schools using the COMMON APPLICATION. The Common Application saves time: one application can be submitted
ONLINE to any of the colleges that subscribe. Log-on TODAY and create your user name and password. WRITE DOWN
Your password!!!!

APPLYING TO COLLEGE IN THE UK??? You MUST apply online through the standard appli-
cation form known as UCAS. First register yourself under APPLY by creating your unique name and password. Write it
down!!! Next you must enter a BUZZ WORD. Our BUZZWORD is ITALIA. You must then apply under one of our ap-
plication groups. If you
are applying to Oxford or Cambridge, you must apply to the Oxford/Cambridge Group; if you are applying to another uni-
versity, you must apply to the UCASREG Group.
Need to take an SAT test? Register for the SAT I or SAT II subject tests today on-line!!! Note that AOSR is a test center.
Our school code is 748480. Our Test Center number is 58380.
Need to take the TOEFL test (Test of English as a Foreign Language)? Register today!!! Note that AOSR is NOT a test cen-
ter, and the test centers in Rome fill up quickly!!!
All students should know their individual application deadlines. Completed applications must
be submitted to Ms. Camagna in time for her to prepare the Secondary School Report.

AOSR Application Timeline:
Below are the 2005-2006 AOSR deadlines as they correspond to the college/university deadlines:
September 24 Cambridge/Oxford applications due to college office. Students can be-
gin submitting online UCAS forms.
October 12 All applications with Nov 1st or 15th Early Decision/Early
Action deadlines due to college office.
November 12 All applications with December 1st or 15th deadlines due to the college
November 23 All UCAS applications due to college office.
December 1 All applications with ANY January deadline due to college office
January 10 All applications with February deadlines due to college office.
January 25 All remaining university applications
due to college office.
NOTE: we ask that you request all
Teacher Recommendations BY October 15th.
Payment Information:
AOSR sends out application packages to each college the student is applying to through DHL. As a service, AOSR will pay
for the first three application packages. The student will be responsible for payment of any additional application packages.
The fee for any additional package is 25 euro payable to the cashier in the villa office.

AOSR will serve as a Testing Center for the upcoming
SAT I, SAT II Tests.
SAT I and SAT II tests will be administered at AOSR
on November 4th, and December 2nd for students who have registered online through The College Board
(www.collegeboard.com). If students have NOT yet registered
and have missed the deadlines, they can come to the testing center as
“walk-ins.” These students should arrive at 7 AM to stand in line for an
extra test. “Walk-ins” need to have a credit card number ready. There is
no guarantee that a “walk-in” will gain admission; we serve “walk-in”
students on a first come, first served basis.

TIPS FOR TESTERS                                               Where do I go for the test?
                                                               Form a line outside of the High School Door.
I am taking the SAT on Saturday…
                                                               Registered students will
What do I need to bring?                                       enter first.
TWO # 2 pencils with erasers
                                                               What else can I do?
                                                               Get a good night’s sleep.
A PHOTO ID (AOSR ID will work).
                                                               Eat something beforehand.
Registration Ticket
(PRINT from Website).                                          Listen carefully.
What time do I need to be here?                                Relax!!!!
                                                               Note to Parents:
7: 45 AM (SHARP!)                                              The test will conclude between 12:30 and 1:30 PM.
                                                Sports Briefs

Basketball Tryouts for HS Boys will be                                2 on 2 Basketball Tournament Winners
November 7-9                                                        The first annual AOSR 2 on 2 basketball tournament played
                                                                    during the school picnic on October 14 produced some ex-
                                                                    citing games and happy winners.
(Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday) after
school, 15.30-17.00.                                                In the Middle School Boys tournament, five teams fought
                                                                    hard for the title, with Alessandro T. and Lorenzo M. com-
                                                                    ing out on top. The Middle School Girls tournament was
Coach Phil                                                          won by 7th graders Claire A. and Rachel C.

                                                                    In the High School Boys bracket, the competition was
PS—Bring your sneakers!                                             fierce, with all four teams featuring players who did not
                                                                    play varsity basketball for AOSR last year. The winning
                                                                    team featured freshman Chris F. and sophomore Robert C. a
Falcons Fly in European Cross Country Championships                 couple of studs who can play above the rim. I wonder why
                                                                    Coach Phil can’t seem to get that smile off his face?
 The AOSR boys cross country team finished fifth and the
girls finished sixth in the European Division III - IV cross
country championships near Heidelberg, Germany on Octo-               Falcons Win European Tennis Championships!
ber 28.
                                                                    The AOSR high school tennis team won the Division 3
 AOSR was led by sophomore Seth M., who finished third              European Tennis Championships 26 - 28 October in Wies-
overall in one of his stronger races of the year. Toha K.P.         baden, Germany. The combined Falcons girls and boys
finished in 11th, missing the all-European team by one place.       team included Maria L., Valeria D'., Carmen F., Jacob K.,
                                                                    Nicolo I., and Valerio S.
Also running for the Falcons were David A., David G., and
James F. All the Falcons finished strong despite being              This was the first year that a fall European tennis tourna-
stricken by a stomach virus on the morning of the race.             ment was played with four divisions based on the size of the
 The Falcon girls finished 6th, led by Jillian K. in 16th place     school. Last spring the Falcons won the Mediterranean ten-
overall. Silje H., Anna D. , and Morea M. also competed for         nis tournament, featuring all the teams in Italy and Turkey
AOSR.                                                               regardless of the school size.

                                     AOSR Fall 2006 High School Sports

                       Date               Location                      Competing Teams
               November 2 – 4          at Kaiserslau-      Mediterranean girls volleyball championships
               Girls Volleyball        tern
               November 2 – 4          location to be      Mediterranean boys volleyball championships
               Boys Volleyball         announced

                                    LIBRARY RESOURCES IN ROME

                                  After the apartment is found, internet access organized, and your favorite caffe bar
                           decided upon, the next question that many new families and teachers to AOSR may ask is
                           "Where do we get English language books and films in this wonderful city?". Rest as-
                           sured that there are library resources in abundance.
                                  The AOSR High School and Elementary School libraries will lend books to all
                           families as well as students in the community. The HS library has approximately 10,000
                           reference volumes, and , with the ES library, there are 25,000 books on the lending stacks,
in addition to the monthly magazine subscriptions. Under the direction of HS librarians, Ms. Molly Bianchini
and Ms. Marta Rahm, with contributions from parents, embassies and donations from the PTO, the library has
grown specially technologically (with internet access and color scanners).
        The Elementary School library, under the direction of Ms. Lotero, has age-appropriate literature for the
Pre-K to Grade 5. These are available for loan --- just bring in your Parent ID card.
        The largest lending library in Rome is at the Santa Susanna Catholic Church on Via XX Settembre ("20
September") and Via Barbarini, across from the "Ugly Moses" Fountain on the Quirinal hill. This library has
approx 12,000 volumes and, while the books are all in English, the library is open to people of all nationalities
and religions. You must join (individual annual memberships are E30) and books are loaned for a period of 2
weeks. They have a wonderful literature collection, having recently been augmented by the entire fiction collec-
tion of the British Council (around the corner --- see below). In addition to ten shelves of British literature, the
Santa Susanna collection includes six shelves of American literature, two of French, one each of Italian, Russian,
Asian and German. It has much non-fiction as well: four shelves of American history, two European, one of
World War II, 1 1/2 of Italian history, and one each of Vatican and Roman history, as well as a half shelf each of
Latin American, Austrian, Asian, Irish, and Middle East history. There is a whole shelf devoted to Vatican mys-
tery series done by Ellis Peters. The hours, terms, and directions can be found on the website:
        The British Council, at Via Quattro Fontane ("Four Fountains") #20, has a large collection of videos and
some DVD's. Videos and DVD's can be rented for one (new releases) or two weeks (classical or older films).
They have an extensive Shakespeare collection, including those produced for the BBC. They have rooms of lin-
guistic study material. These resources are mainly for teachers of English rather than the general public. This,
too, is a subscription library, and costs E80 for full annual borrowing privileges. Their phone is 06-478141 or
email at sac.roma@britishcouncil.it. More info is available at: <http://www.britishcouncil.org/it/italy-english-
        There are two other libraries with large collections that encourage library use but do not allow borrowing.
The American Academy on the Gianicolum Hill (phone 06-58461) has a 130,000 volume collection of classical
studies, art and architecture. They do not allow borrowing but do have two beautiful reading rooms, one of which
was designed by acclaimed architect and alumnus, Michael Graves. The Centro per Studi Americani (National
Center for American Studies) on Via Caetana near Largo Argentina (which is also a beautiful building) doesn't
seem to have a working website but it is a wonderful tourist destination.
        Also, the British Council Library and the American Academy often have cultural evenings including "meet
the author" usually in English or Bilingual English/Italian. The American Studies Center also hosts seminars and
"meet the author" evenings, but they tend to be in Italian. People who join these libraries can get onto mailing
lists for invitations.
        In addition, for little readers, the Bibli Bookstore, at (www.bibli.it, in Italian only) in Trastevere hosts a
story hour every Sunday afternoon, sometimes in English. It has a cinema, a live music venue, and a tea room.
        Lion Bookstore, at Via dei Greci 33 (near the Spanish Steps), is run by AOSR alumni. They have a won-
derful collection of new English language titles and a wonderful painting gallery and exhibition space. They can
be reached by phone at 06-3265-4007.
        In addition, Feltrinelli International, on Via V.E. Orlando (at Piazza Repubblica) and The Almost Cor-
ner Bookshop (06-5836-942) have good non-fiction and fiction collections, also in English.
        Happy reading!

                                                           Il Foro
                                 Roman Resources for English-speakers:
        There are many sources of information available about Rome to those that have computers or visit an internet cafe (which are
also numerous!). This is a list to get you started.
        Wanted in Rome—www.WantedInRome.com -- a biweekly print and free web publication which lists news, features, and
events of interest to the English-speaking community in Rome. It also sponsors a free classified service including housing.
        Roma C'E —www.Romace.it — A great resource for movies playing in and around Rome for those who can handle a little
bit of Italian. The "Cinema" reference on the homepage sends you to a screen where you can choose to see where a movie is show-
ing and when, by selecting either title ("titolo"), type ("genere"), director ("regia"), actor ("attori"), or nationality ("nazionalita").
You can also select movies that are in their original language ("versione originale").
        English Yellow Pages – www.englishyellowpages.it — A terrific, free print and web directory of all English-speaking busi-
nesses in Rome, Florence, Milan and Naples. More than just a phone book, EYP sponsors a free classified service, great reference
information (weights and measure conversions, national holidays, basic vocabulary, and maps) as well as a photo gallery of people
and events in the English/US community here in Rome, which are able to be downloaded from the website!
        On-line Public Bus and Train info in Rome—www.atac.roma.it—The Rome's public transportation agency offers an on-
line directory, in choice of either Italian or English, giving address-to-address directions, using public bus, metro, and tram lines,
AND plotting it out on a map!
        On-line Train information and reservation service for Italy -- www.trenitalia.it -- Italy's vast national train service is avail-
able on-line, in English. Times, train types, trip duration, cost, and purchase is easily accessible.
        For daily Italian newspaper and radio news in English, see www.AGI.it/english, a special service by Agenzia Giornalistica
Italia on behalf of the Italian Prime Minister’s office.
        The American —www.theamericanmag.com — is a new monthly magazine for Italy’s English-speaking community, includ-
ing a huge list of restaurants.
        American citizens may want to register with the US Embassy and ask to be included on the e-Embassy Rome email list to be
notified about security alerts and other important information for Americans living in Italy. Call 06-46741 or send an email to

                  You Are Invited...                                     Rubber Stamping Workshop
         Dear AOSR community:
                                                                                 Are you interested in crafting your own
You are cordially invited to the International Charity                   greeting cards for the holidays this year? Come
Ball sponsored by St. George’s British International                     join us for a rubber stamping workshop on
School which will be held on Saturday, November                          Monday, December 3rd from 11:00am till
11th at the magnificent Palazzo Brancaccio, Viale                        we are done.
del Monte Oppio, Rome
                                                                         The fee for the workshop is 20 Euro and will in-
 Silent Auction and Aperitifs from 7.00 p.m.                             clude materials and instructions to craft a total
 Gala Dinner at 8.30 p.m.                                                of 10 cards, drinks and snacks. The only thing
 Live Band and dancing until 1 a.m.                                      you will need to bring is you! This is a beginning
 Ticket: 90 euros person (Donation)
                                                                         level workshop so no prior experience is neces-
 All proceeds to:
                                                                         Only 5 more spaces available so please contact
         Zambia Orphans Appeal                                           Rachel Lask, AOSR Parent at 06 3036 1042 or
         Spencer Dayman Meningitis                                       email JRDKL@yahoo.com to reserve your space.
         Samaritans Onlus
         The Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome                               The workshop is conducted in English.

R.S.V.P. by either calling Sara Brain at 333                             Location: Near AOSR
8466820 or email
at Sara.brain@mclink.it                                                  For Sale: 1996 Chrysler Town & Country. 125,000 miles, great
                                                                         shape, excellent transportation. Available to anyone authorized
                                                                         NATO plates or US CD Plates. $3,000 OBO. Call Carolyn,

                                       AOSR November 2006
     Sun                   Mon                   Tue                  Wed                     Thu                 Fri   Sat

                                                                         1                       2                 3     4

                                                               NO SCHOOL Girls & Boys Volley-           Report Cards
                                                           Italian National ball Championships           Distributed

       5                      6                    7                     8                       9                10    11

                                       Declamations                           MS Play: Mid sum- MS Play: Midsummer
                                   Assembly 9:30am                            mer Night’s Dream       Night’s Dream
                                                                                        7:00pm              7:00pm

      12                     13                   14                    15                      16                17    18

           PTO Meeting 9:30am                                                                            NO SCHOOL
                      (Boutique)                                                                      Parent/Teacher
             MS Trip: 13th-16th                                                                          Conferences

      19                     20                   21                    22                      23                24    25

                                   Boutique is Closed   No after school ac-         NO SCHOOL            NO SCHOOL
                                                         tivities - No Late    Thanksgiving Holi-
                                                                     Buses                   day

     26                      27                   28                    29                      30             Dec 1

                                                                              Corporation Assembly    HS Wellness Day
                                                                                 7:30pm in School
                                                                              Cafeteria - Elections
                                                                                  for the Board of

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