Dear Members Dear Members After incessant requests by accinent


									Dear Members,

After incessant requests in the recent past from all of you to change the venue for the
Adults Diwali Ball, we are extremely delighted to inform you that this year we will be
celebrating Diwali with a bang at "Hotel Hilton Gran lujo".

Needless to say, itʼs been anything but easy to find the perfect place better than ''Florida
Park" but we have succeeded this time. Hotel Hilton epitomizes grandeur and luxury in
every way and you have to be present at the Diwali Ball to witness it. We have taken a
gamble to make a departure from the previous venue of all these years; however we are
absolutely confident that we will truly be a winner. We very much hope that this is a good
reason for the community to celebrate Diwali with good cheer and goodwill. The good news
is that the price of the ticket will be in the last years range in spite of the fact that Hotel
Hilton is costing us much more. You can't afford to miss this years Diwali Ball at Hotel
Hilton. Details of the price and the place for the sale of the tickets for both the parties will
follow shortly in the subsequent letter. Please mark these dates on your calendar:-

Saturday, 1st November 2008
1:00pm sharp
Florida Park

Saturday, 8th November 2008
09:00 pm   cocktails/ 10:00pm Dinner & Show
Hotel Hilton Gran lujo

Best wishes,

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