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					From: natasha jones
Sent: 15 March 2004 14:29
To: BBC Charter Review
Subject: bbc views

My answers are as follows

i value fair coverage of all subjects. and points of view. My favourates are
music and commedy.
a lot of good programs are put on BBC 3 4 5 ect and this is frustrating.
I dont like the reality shows much or the game shows.
I enjoy radio.
radio 1 is not as varied as it used to be. But this is okay if I flip between
Radio 1 2 3 and 4 . Radio 2 has the best variety of shows. radio 4 has some
fantastic programs which are very interesting.

THe BBC web site is good but it can seem abit too busy to look at and complex to
get around.

I cant afford the TV licence so I have to watch tv at my boyfiends parents
house. Perhaps this problem could be solved via advertising?

Sometime the adverts on TV are more interesting than the programs.

I am a recording artist and although I have been signed to a major lable with
all the mechanics in place it is difficult to be noticed. I know that the
records handed to the producers are extremly good for Radio 1 and 2. However the
window of oppertunity is very small. Perhaps this is due to ther being only one
main national radio station?
Independant radio stations are not permited to play new original acts due to the
contracts they have signed.
This is causing British music to suffer badly. If the BBC can not support
British music then record companies cant sell the records. This meens the record
companies then loose interest in promising bands and the artists get dropped
from the company.
I put this to you as the reason why Radio 1 are finding it difficult to find
decent daytime radio tracks. The BBC has become responcible in playing a key
role to nurchuring the tallent of Britain. At the moment I feel it is failing.
Reality shows, stars in there eyes type shows and other such patronising
programs need to be ballenced by more programs in a similar vain as Jools
Holland. The BBC needs to be proud of British musicians and music and promote it
as much as possible. I can't emphasise this enough.

My favourate programs are

Jools Holland, Mark n Lard, BBC 2 folk show, Jeremy Vine, Commedy on all
stations,both John peel shows, Desert Island Discs, radio 1 doctors surgary, the
The Jazz and song shows on radio 2 at the week ends, ammerican charts,the

Natasha Lea Jones

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