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About             At 119 years old, the National Museum of Singapore is the nation’s
                  oldest museum with the youngest and most innovative
National Museum   soul. Designed to be the people’s museum, the National Museum
of Singapore      of Singapore prides itself on introducing cutting-edge and varied
                  ways of presenting history to redefine conventional museum

                  More than just a space for exhibitions and artefacts, the National
                  Museum will also distinguish itself through its challenging and
                  vibrant festivals and events that will unleash new creative
                  possibilities in culture and heritage. This programming will be
                  supported by a wide range of facilities and services including food
                  & beverage, retail, Resource Centre, Gallery Theatre and the
                  Public Sculpture Garden, among others.

                  From April to November, the Museum has lined up a series of
                  preview season events and exhibitions to allow the public a sneak
                  preview of its new building and its programmes prior to its official
                  opening on 7 December 2006.

                  Unlike conventional history museums, the Museum will showcase
                  the history of Singapore from the 14th century to the present as a
                  multitude of stories using narrative approaches inspired by
                  contemporary film, installation and theatre using state-of-the-art
                  modes of presentation.

                  The Museum will celebrate its opening with a month-long festival
                  from 2 to 31 December 2006. It will showcase outstanding
                  performances from local talents and foreign groups, including the
                  UK, Cambodia, US, Thailand, Australia and Taipei. Don't miss the
                  opening performance on 2 December when the National Museum
                  building comes to life with an extraordinary outdoor water and light
                  display performance called Hydromania by Avanti Display from the

                  The Museum’s galleries will be officially open to the public from 8

Established in    1887

Admission Fees       $10.00 General Admission
                     $5.00 for senior citizens and students
                     Both prices include admission into the Singapore Living galleries
                     and Singapore History galleries

Address              93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897

Operating Hours      Singapore History gallery, 10 am – 6 pm, Daily
                     Singapore Living galleries, 10 am – 9 pm, Daily
                     (* Free admission from 6 pm-9 pm for the Singapore Living galleries)

Tel                  (65) 6332 3659 / (65) 6332 3251 / (65) 6332 5642


Size                 18,375 sq metres

Guided Tours         (Commencing Jan 2007)
Daily Gallery Tour   Our volunteer guides will introduce guests to the Singapore History
                     Gallery and Singapore Living Galleries. The tour starts at the
                     Canning Visitor Services Counter.

                     English 11 am & 2 pm (weekdays) − starts 2 Jan 07
                              11 am, 2 pm & 3 pm (weekends) − starts 2 Jan 07
                     Japanese 10.30 am (Tuesdays to Fridays) −starts 23 Jan 07
                     Mandarin 11 am (Saturdays) − starts 6 January 07
                               2 pm (Sundays) − starts 7 January 07

Galleries            Singapore History Gallery (2,800 sq metres)

                     This 2,800 square metre space will tell the story of Singapore from
                     its beginnings in the 14th century to the modern period. The
                     Singapore History gallery will adopt a story-telling approach, where
                     visitors will walk through stories, not exhibitions. It will offer different
                     perspectives on our history to encourage visitors to appreciate the
                     struggles our forefathers had to overcome in order to create the
                     Singapore we see today. Visitors will enjoy experiencing our history
                     through the drama of major national events as well as the intimate
                     personal stories of individuals. They will also be able to select their
                     own “path” into the history of Singapore and hear interesting
                     insights with the aid of our newly-produced audio companion.

Galleries            Singapore Living Galleries (1,395 sq metres)
                     These four Singapore Living galleries focus on four lifestyle themes
                     close to the hearts of Singaporeans − Food, Fashion, Film &
                     Wayang and Photography. These galleries celebrate the creativity
                     of Singapore society through time and serve as unique platforms
                     for the world to appreciate the Singapore culture.

Framing the Family
This gallery examines the history of the Singapore family over the
past 100 years through the medium of photography. These faded
photographs marked important moments in a family’s history, and
stood as significant milestones for the family concerned. Family
portraits or albums are more than a collection of old photographs.
Photography operates at the junction between personal memory
and social history. This exhibition provides visitors with a glimpse of
Singapore life through photographic images and precious personal
artefacts never seen before.

Shopping for Identity
The Fashion gallery explores the shifting identities of Singapore
women from the 1950s to the 1970s. Through a “shopping”
experience, visitors will get to know more about the social,
economic and political roles of women then.

Costumes worn by women of that era will be on display as the
exhibition traces the changing roles of women from youths,
homemakers to career women. A special section of the gallery is
devoted to a “Making of” set in a textile factory, allowing visitors to
get a more in-depth understanding of the process of how some
garments are made. Visitors will get to feel the selection of fabrics
on display, explore the intricacies of the embroidery found on a
sarong kebaya and learn ways of draping a sari.

Origins of Street Food Culture
This gallery explores the lives of Singaporeans through street food
sold by hawkers from the 1950s to 1970s. Street food reflects
Singapore’s ethnic diversity and cross-cultural exchanges.

The display of street food-related artefacts opens up unusual
perspectives into the everyday lives of Singaporeans.

Film & Wayang
Scripting a New Dream
This gallery traces the development of Chinese opera and the
emergence of homegrown films as popular entertainment in
Singapore. Hybridity and adaptability were arresting features of our
mass entertainment scene which has its roots in the form of street
performances at festivals. With the arrival of the amusement park
and cinema in the 1920s and 1930s, entertainment moved indoors,
transforming the recreational sphere into one that was more
individualistic and consumerist. Entertainment began to expand
beyond legends and dreams to reflect urban realities and
communicate the emerging nation’s new expectations of heady
post-war years of 1950s and 1960s.

Visitors will be able to view a selection of Chinese opera costumes,
see rare entertainment magazines and movie paraphernalia and
watch excerpts of iconic films of the period − a visual treat for all!

          Changing Exhibitions Galleries (1,196 sq metres)
          The Changing Exhibitions Galleries boast of a continuous column-
          free exhibition space that is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.
          It allows the Museum to stage world-class exhibitions of a scale
          previously not possible in Singapore due to spatial and
          environmental constraints. The new added facility opens up new
          opportunities for international exchange and allows the National
          Museum of Singapore to bring the world to Singapore, and
          Singapore to the world.

Contact   Dorothy Ng
          Asst Manager, Corporate Communications
          National Museum of Singapore
          T:     + 65 6332 3251
          M:     + 65 9631 5500

          Deborah Giam
          Senior Associate
          Communications DNA
          T:     + 65 6327 7122
          M:     + 65 9005 2542


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