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					            KEYNOTE SPEAKER                                                                                 SESSIONS                                                    #4      THE FUTURE OF CATHOLIC EDUCATION – Panel
                                                                                                                                                                                Discussion - Fr. Norm Roberts, Paul Schmidt and Bryan
          Archbishop Thomas Collins                                                                                                                                             Finamore
                                                                                                                                                                      This session will be an opportunity to further explore the Archbishop’s
                                                                                                                         select                                       topic of the Future of Catholic Education. What can you do to help save
                                                                                                                                                                      our system? Do you fully realize the value of the connections between
                             The Future of Catholic Education                                                                                                         the school, the church and the community? What are the key issues? We
                                                                                           #1       SPECIAL EDUCATION – Ministry of Education and SEAC
                                                                                                                                                                      have brought together an intriguing panel of professionals so you can ask
                             His Grace, Archbishop Thomas Collins was born in                                                                                         questions and engage in conversations to help keep Dufferin-Peel and
                                                                                         Each year we are pleased to have the Ministry of Education staff, board      Catholic education in Ontario a viable and growing system for our
                             Guelph, Ont. and was installed as the Archbishop            staff and SEAC members join with CCCSC to present their workshop. Do         children’s future.
                             of Toronto January 30, 2007. His years in the               you have children with special needs? Do you understand how you can
                                                                                         get involved, help your child, and work with your school to enhance your
                             priesthood    have    lead   him    to      progressively   child’s educational experience? There are so many questions and so
                                                                                         many challenges to be faced. Come join us to learn about strategies           #5       READING TO AND WITH YOUR CHILD – WAYS TO HELP
                             challenging    and    influential   roles     throughout                                                                                           AS A PARENT – Wendy Beaty and Margaret D’Agostino
                                                                                         and initiatives to help parents and engage them in their children’s
                             Southern Ontario and Alberta. Most recently he              special education programs.                                                  In this session you will discuss the importance of reading aloud to your
addressed staff at our November 7th Faith Day where he challenged us to be                                                                                            children. They will model a read aloud story book demonstrating
                                                                                                                                                                      questions you can ask your child while reading, reading strategies, cueing
“fully alive” in our faith and to “choose life”.   His Grace will bring a message                   “At The Click Of A Mouse” - CYBER SAFETY – Constable
                                                                                           #2                                                                         systems and comprehension. Handout and question/answer period will
to Catholic parents and educators entitled “The Future of Catholic Education”                       Brenda Pennington – Peel Regional Police – Internet               wrap up the presentation.
He will speak on the gift of Catholic education and arm parents to defend our                       Child Exploitation Unit
Catholic school system. Catholic education is a fragile gift that must not be            Do you wonder what your child is viewing on the internet? Do you know
                                                                                         what child pornography and the online exploitation of children is? How         #6       TALK ABOUT DRUGS – WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW
taken for granted.                                                                       can you protect your household from cyber-bullying and pornography?                     Peg Folsom – Peel Health
                                                                                         Intended for parents, caregivers and educators, this seminar will focus      Learn what drugs are, what they look like, what drugs are being used
                                                                                         on issues related to on-line luring, child abuse images, investigative       most by teens and what parents can do to prevent use and abuse. This
                PLENARY SESSION                                                          strategies, cyber-bullying and education/prevention programs.                interactive presentation includes discussion, a drug board and resource
                                                                                                                                                                      pamphlets. (Participants must be 18 years of age or older)
                   Michael Reist                                                            #3       VIRTUES IN ACTION IN DUFFERIN-PEEL – Wendy
                                                                                                     Bodsworth, Safe Schools Consultant
Raising Kids in a New Kind of World
                                                                                         Dufferin-Peel’s     Virtue’s   Program      powerfully   illustrates   the
Michael is a well know teacher in Dufferin-Peel who presents challenging and
                                                                                         distinctiveness and value of Catholic education in Ontario by addressing     OPEN INFORMATION SESSION – for all participants
                                                                                         the Government of Ontario’s mandates for “character education” and
educational workshops for parents. His session will address the following:               “safe schools” from the perspective of our Catholic worldview. By            SCHOOL COUNCIL BUDGET INFORMATION UPDATE
                                                                                         acknowledging and celebrating one virtue a month board-wide, through
From MSN to piercing, children and teenagers are living in a social                      liturgy and curriculum-embedded messages, we are strengthening our           Gail Robinson, Superintendent of Finance
environment very different from the one their parents grew up in. How do we              resolve to create safe, caring, inclusive and healthy school communities     This presentation is for all School Council members and will take place
                                                                                         for all. Attend this workshop for a sneak preview of “Virtues In Action” –   prior to our Plenary Session – in the cafetorium. Superintendent of
raise our children in such a new world? What are the new rules? Do any of                an inspirational film series featuring DP students, and to learn about       Finance, Gail Robinson, will give a brief overview of financial issues
the old rules still apply? This thought-provoking session will deal with some of         how the DP Virtue Program adds a rich dimension to the overall faith         impacting school councils and will discuss new reporting procedures that
                                                                                         experience of all who work and learn in our Catholic school                  will be in effect in the new school year. Both new and experienced council
the most pressing issues facing parents today: the internet, video games,                communities.                                                                 members will gain valuable information. There will be time for questions.
bullying, keeping the lines of communication open, among many others.
         REGISTRATION                                         PROGRAM                                     “We Are Volunteers
                                                                                                              in Education”
                                                8:30       Registration, Vendor Market Place &
                                                9:00       Liturgy and Opening Remarks
SCHOOL                                          9:30       Keynote Address –
                                                                                                          A Conference for Catholic School
                                                           Archbishop Thomas Collins
                                                                                                         Council Members, Volunteers, and
                                                10:30      Vendor Market Place and Coffee Break
                                                                                                              School Administrators
SESSION –choose one only:                                  MOVE TO SESSIONS
#1               #2               #3            10:50      Sessions
                                                                                                          Saturday March 29, 2008
                                                12:10      Lunch and Vendor Market Place
                                                12:55      School Council Budget Process Update              At St. Francis Xavier S.S.
                                                           Superintendent Gail Robinson
                                                                                                                50 Bristol Road, Mississauga
#4               #5               #6            1:20:      Plenary Session – Michael Reist                         (Bristol at Hurontario)
                                                2:35       Closing Remarks and door prizes

                                                                                                           Keynote Speaker

     Submit this registration form by courier                                                     Archbishop Thomas Collins
     to SANDI HAM, Mississauga South, CEC
                                                            St. Francis Xavier S.S.               “The Future of Catholic Education”
                      or by fax
                # 905-568-3946                                  50 Bristol Road
                                                        Located on Bristol Road west of
           Deadline for registration is                           Hurontario
                 March 27 th

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