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Beth Taylor felt exhilarated as she sped down the Georgia back road in her new
convertible. She was a pretty, vivacious 17 year old who had just graduated
from high school. The convertible was her graduation present, and she was
spending the last week of her summer driving from her home in New York to her
Atlanta, where she would begin attending Georgia Tech.

Her parents were not thrilled with the idea of Beth's driving alone all the way
to Atlanta, but Beth had to get the car to school, and didn't have any friends
who were headed anywhere near. Beth convinced her parents that being a college
girl meant that she should be trusted to take care of herself. They
reluctantly accepted the idea, but made Beth promise that she would stick to
major highways, drive safely and within the speed limits, and that she would
keep her doors locked, her top up and her windows closed. But Beth had gotten
bored with the unchanging monotony of the Interstate system. She wanted to see
some more of the countryside she was travelling through. She was also tired of
driving sealed up in her car, breathing sterilized air-conditioner air. She
wanted to smell the greenery and feel the warmth of the beautiful late-August
Georgia sunshine. And so here she was, driving along with the top down along
the country roads of northern Georgia.

Beth wasn't paying much attention to how fast she was going, just enjoying the
feeling of of the wind blowing through her hair as she zipped through the
countryside. Suddenly, her reverie was interrupted by the sound of a police
siren approaching. "Oh, damn!", she thought. "I'm going to get a speeding
ticket, and Mom and Dad will be furious." She pulled over to the shoulder and
waited for the police car to join her.

The officer sauntered over to Beth's car, looked in, leered and drawled, "Well,
well! What have we here? Such a purty chicken breakin' the law. You know you
were doin' 65 in a 35 mile an hour zone?"

"Yes, sir", stammered Beth.

"Well, git out of the car and give me your license and registration", said the
officer. Beth did as she was asked.

"A New Yorker, I see. Where y'all headed?"

"I'm on my way to Georgia Tech in Atlanta".

"A College girl, huh?"

"Well, an entering freshman".

"Now, what're we gonna do about this speedin' violation here. The law in this
here county is twenty-five bucks for each five miles over the limit, so thats a
hundred and fifty bucks, and since you're an out-of-stater, it's gotta be paid
now, and in cash."

"Officer, I don't have nearly that much cash with me. Will you take travellers

"Nope, I can't, I'll have to take you in to see the judge. Most likely he'll
hold you in jail until we're sure the check will clear."
Beth began to look very frightened, and almost started to cry. The officer put
his arm around her, and with a leer in his voice said, "Well, maybe, if you're
cooperative, I can bend the rules a little. Do you dig, honey?" He began to
paw at her.

Beth understood exactly what the officer had in mind, and she immediately
reacted as she was trained to in her female self-defense class, surprising the
officer with a swift knee to his groin. The officer, however, was well trained
in his craft. Before Beth knew what was happening, she found her hands cuffed
behind her. The officer's mood changed from amorous to angry.

"Well, now, babe, that little move's going to cost you plenty. I'm booking you
on a charge of assaulting an officer. That's a lot more serious than a little
speeding ticket." He bundled her into the squad car, and took off for the
county jail.

The desk officer at the county jail saw Officer Denny enter with his handcuffed
captive. "What you got there, Bo?"

"Oh, just a sassy chicken who attacked me when I was givin' her a speeding
ticket. Lock her up, and send a tow-truck down about 8 miles on route 243 for
her car, a red Toyota. I'll go talk to Uncle Teddy. I want to get her good!"

Beth had her handcuffs removed, and soon found herself in a small cell. "Hey,"
she yelled to the jailer. "Don't I get to see a lawyer or make a phone call?"

"Well, now, you should have thought of that before you attacked Bo Denny. With
his Uncle Teddy bein' the judge, he can get away with an awful lot of
rules-bending. As far as I'm concerned, he read you your rights, and you
waived 'em."

Beth was now terrified. She had no idea what was going to happen to her now.
She had read stories about what went on in these small-town southern jails, but
she thought that things like this couldn't happen any more. She slumped down
on the cot in the cell and began to sob uncontrollably. The jailer must have
been used to this sort of behavior, and just ignored her.

Meanwhile, in Judge Ted Denny's chambers in the county court house, the judge
was laughing as Bo told him the whole story. "Hey, Bo, I thought that no chick
could resist your charms. I bet your pride was heard at least as much as your
balls!. What do you want me to do?"

"Well, Uncle, I reckon I'll try once more to make her. Maybe a night in the
jail will soften her up. If she still won't give in, you can send her to that
bad-kids home that that crazy minister runs up in the hills. The assault
charge should be enough to put her in there. That'll fix her!"

"Boy, she must have really got your dander up for you to want to put her in
there. If she goes in there, she doesn't come out till she's 21. Still, the
state pays us an allowance for every kid we put in there, and our deal with the
minister is for a lot less than the state pays us, so we make money on the
deal. So, why not. Go try your luck again, and let me know tommorrow what
you want. We can railroad through a hearing, and add her to the bunch of
juvenile delinquents being sent up there day after tommorrow."
That night, Bo Denny approached the still crying girl in the jail cell, and
tried to comfort her in his smoothest seduction manner. Beth knew that if she
gave in to the officer she might improve her plight, but on the other hand, the
idea was so repellent to her that it outweighed any of the fears she had for
her future. She told him off. "You think that wearing a policeman's badge
gives you the right to seduce any girl who's unlucky enough to fall into your
clutches? Well, you should be locked up yourself, you sex pervert!!"

"That does it, kiddo. You've just sealed your fate. We're going to have a
little hearing tommorrow morning, and then you'll find how we treat sassy girls
in this county!" Bo left the jail, an evil grin on his face.

Next morning, Beth was brought to the courthouse for a hearing. Naturally, Bo's
uncle, Judge Denny presided. First, Bo told his story. He stated that he
caught her speeding, and when he attempted to question her, she kicked him in
the groin. Beth jumped up and started to yell, "He's lying", but the baliff
quickly sat her down, and the judge said, "Young lady, you will stay in your
seat and only speak when spoken to in this courtroom. Otherwise, we'll have to
tie you down and gag you. Now continue with your testimony, Officer Denny."

Following the officer's testimony, Beth was brought to the stand. She was
instructed to only answer the questions that were being asked.

"Were you driving at 65 miles an hour on route 243 yesterday?"

"Yes, your honor"

"Did you kick Officer Denny in the groin as he was questioning you?"

"Yes, but..."

"No buts, just answer the question, yes or no"

"Yes, your honor"

"That is all. You may step down."

"But, your honor, Officer Denny tried....."

"I said that was all. Baliff, remove her from the stand."

Beth was led back to her seat, and told to stand as the Judge addressed her.

"Young lady, speeding is serious enough around here, but assaulting a police
officer is a felony. If you were an adult, you could be sentenced to prison
term. But since you're only 17, you're still considered a juvenile. You
obviously haven't been brought up well enough to have respect for the law.
Therefore, I'm remanding you to a home established for teen-agers who need
extra supervision and training. It is not a county-run facility, but rather a
home operated by a minister who feels he can best serve his God by setting
wayward children back on the right path. You will live there until you reach
21 years of age, after which you will be released and all record of this
proceeding will be destroyed."

Beth was speechless. Whatever the judge called it, it was clear to her that
she was being sentenced to four years in a reform school. She tried to protest
that her parents had no idea where she was, that she was entitled to a lawyer,
that Officer Denny tried to seduce her, but her pleas were drowned out by the
judges gavel ending the hearing. As Officer Denny passed her on the way out of
the courtroom, he crowed "Well, I hope this'll teach you, you brat!" Beth was
escorted back to her cell in the jail in tears.

Early next morning, Beth found herself chained with handcuffs and leg irons and
herded, along with six other similarly restrained teenage boys and girls, into
a prison van, and driven out into the country. After about an hour's drive,
they approached a large stone Victorian-style mansion, which had a dark
forbidding look. A very discreet sign identified the building as "Reverend
Jeremiah Brown's Home for Wayward Children". The group was led through a heavy
massive steel door into an imposing enterance hall, where they were met by a
pretty 20 year-old girl, dressed in a very juvenile-looking outfit, and very
obviously well diapered under her shorts. "You can remove their restraints and
leave them with us now," the girl said to the officers accompanying the group.
The handcuffs and leg-irons were removed, and the officers departed, the door
closing and locking behind them with a resounding clang.

"Hi! I'm Susie! Welcome to the home," said the girl. I will summon Reverend
Brown, who will introduce you to our routine here. I hope you all enjoy your
stay." Susie smiled sweetly and, picking up a phone, informed the Reverend
that the new group was here. Shortly, a tall man in his 50's dressed in
clerical garb entered the room and addressed the group in a thick Georgia

"Good Morning. I am Reverend Jeremiah Brown, the founder and director of this
home. I know that the county has sent you here because you were all bad boys
and girls. As I'm sure the judge told you, you're all to live here until your
21st birthday. During that period, you will be subjected to a novel treatment
that has worked marvelous results. Your past misbehavior indicates that your
parents didn't bring you up well enough. So, we're going to try it again.
You're going to be returned to your babyhood, and slowly allowed to grow up
again. And this time we're going to make sure that you grow up into sweet,
docile boys and girls who'll never cause any trouble again."

"First, you will be returned to infancy. You'll be made as helpless as a
newborn and we will undo your toilet-training. By the end of this period,
which usually lasts about a month, you will all be wetting and messing your
diapers uncontrollably. I should tell you that we've found that almost all of
our children never regain control again, and, like Susie here, you'll probably
spend the rest of your life in diapers. Consider it a memento of your stay in
our home."

"After your infancy period, you will be given a little more freedom and turned
into toddlers, and with good behavior, you will slowly advance in age and
priveliges. The best of our residents, like Susie here, are allowed to become
aids who take care of the "younger" children. But if you break the rules at
any stage you can be returned to an earlier group, and for serious infractions,
all the way back to infancy. We find that even our most rebellious "problem
children" can be turned into sweet angels after several trips back to infancy."

"Well, children, that's about all I have to say to you. Enjoy your second
childhood. Susie, call for some attendents, and have the group brought to the
nursery for the beginning of their treatment."
Beth had no idea what to expect from a reform school, but it was certainly not
this. She was led into a large room filled with about 20 adult-size steel
cribs with locking tops. As she walked past the occupied ones she gasped as
she saw what here fate was going to be for the next month. The attendents
quickly removed all her clothing, and led her to an empty crib. She was lifted
onto the mattress and her hands and legs were fastned spread-eagle style into
restraits built into the crib. Her body was rubbed all over with a white cream
which she quickly learned was a depillatory. Shortly, all her body hair was
removed. No sooner did she begin complaining than a large pacifier gag was
strapped into her mouth. All she could now do was suck on the large nipple and
sob softly to herself.

They rubbed baby oil into her skin, and then unfolded three thick adult sized
diapers which they expertly fitted around her and pinned up. They explained
that diapers were only changed twice a day at the home, before bedtime, and
after breakfast, and therefore had to be extra thick at all times. Her legs
were unfastened one at a time and a large pair of plastic waterproof panties
were pulled on over the diapers. Then she was released from the crib and
dressed in a thick flannel baby-style sleeper. As she inserted her arms and
legs, she found that not only were there built-in feet, but the sleeves ended
in thickly padded mittens which rendered her hands helpless to do anything.
There were snaps down the legs which enabled her diapers to be changed without
removing the sleeper.

Then, her gag was removed, and a canvas hood was placed over her head, and
attached to the collar of the sleeper. The hood was designed to block off all
light and most sound. There were breathing holes for her nose, and a large
hole for the mouth, into which the nipple-gag was once again inserted and
strapped back in place. Her hands were placed in leather restraints and
attached to a belt around her waist with six inch chains. Her ankles were also
restrained and attached to each other with another six inch chain. Once again
she was placed into the crib, the side pulled up and the top locked. She was
deaf, blind, restrained and thickly diapered, and so she would remain for the
next month.

An hour or so later, Beth felt someone attaching something to the outside of
her gag, and shortly thereafter liquid began streaming through it. She had no
choice but to swallow the liquid as it came in. To Beth, it seemed that there
must have been a gallon or so fed to her, although in truth it was only a
quart. The liquid was a mixture of Pedialite (an electrolyte designed to add
fluid to a dehydrated child), a stong diuretic, a muscle relaxant and a
tranquilizer. It was designed to insure that she would wet her diapers
frequently. Within half an hour, her bladder was aching for relief. She knew
she had no choice in the matter, and struggled to let loose and wet her
diapers. It was hard at first, as she had not wet herself since she was about
3 years old, but before long a warm stream of liquid was soaking into her
diapers. She would be fed a quart of this mixture every few hours, and it was
hoped that after awhile, her wetting would become automatic and uncontrollable.

Not long after her liquid feeding, her nipple gag was removed and a different
sort of device inserted into her mouth. She felt a pasty cereal-like mixture
being squeezed into her mouth. This was a specially made mixture which would
provide Beth with the necessary nutrients to sustain her, as well as add a
large amount of bulk to her system. She would be force-fed this mixture three
times a day. As soon as the feeding was done, her nipple gag was returned to
her mouth.
By evening, Beth had wet her diapers half a dozen times, and each time the
wetting got easier. Her diapers had become quite wet, but nothing leaked out
through the plastic pants. Her diapers were changed, and she received her
final liquid feeding, which contained, in addition to everything else, a strong
sleeping medication, so that she quickly fell into a deep sleep. Her high
liquid intake and her drugged state caused her to wet several time during her
sleep, and when she awoke the next morning and felt wet diapers, she realized
that she was quickly turning into a helpless bedwetter, just as planned.

Beth's second day as an infant proceeded much the same as the first. Once again
there was the endless cycle of liquid feedings, solid feedings and wettings.
Her diapers were changed twice a day, in the morning, after her feedings, and
in the evening, before her final feeding. The combination of the sensory
deprivation and the medication caused her to become very disoriented. She
found her mind floating, and it was hard to focus her thoughts on anything.
She had no idea of how much time was passing, how many times she was fed, or
how many times she had wet her diapers. By now, the wetting was becoming close
to a reflex. Whenever she felt the slightest pressure in her bladder, she
would just relax and let it flow out. After only two days, she was beginning
to lose her control.

On the third day, something new was added. Shortly after her morning change,
she felt a familiar feeling in her abdomen, and realized that she hadn't had a
bowel movement since she came to the home. She hadn't even thought about it,
but now it was clear that she was going to have to soil herself, and stay in
the messy diaper until nighttime. She resisted doing this much more than she
resisted wetting, because the thought of messing her diaper and laying there in
the mess really disgusted her, and so she tried to hold back. She was
successful for several hours, but eventually, nature will have its way,
especially when helped along by the bulk laxative that was a part of her every
solid feeding. The pain got stronger than she could take, but she found that
she couldn't release her bowels while lying down. She eventually assumed a
position on hands and knees where she could finally push the bowel movement

Unknown to her, most of the nursery staff was standing around her crib watching
Beth take this final step into infancy. They saw her rear end puff up as the
results of two days of bulk feedings filled her diapers. Beth felt very
relieved after she finished, and she relaxed and layed down on her stomach, so
as to avoid having to spread the mess around any further. Seeing this, one of
the aids unlocked her crib, turned her over on her back, and strapped her down,
so she would be forced to feel the slippery mess spread across her whole
backside. By the time they unstrapped her before her noon feeding, it didn't
matter which way Beth lay, for several more wettings had spread the mess all
over the diaper.

Once Beth experienced her first soiling, they added some stool softener to her
diet so that further soilings would come easier. Just as with the wetting,
within several days, she was soiling several times a day without thinking much
about it. It wasn't quite involuntary just yet, but both Beth and the staff
knew that it would only take another week or so for that to happen as well.

By the end of three weeks, Beth was completely incontinent of both bowel and
bladder. She would wet while awake without even knowing she was doing it
until she felt the wetness fill her diaper, and she was wetting heavily, and
even sometimes soiling, during her sleep. It was decided that she was ready to
be advanced to the pre-Toddler stage. She was removed from her crib, and
brought to a dark room where her hood was removed. She was told to keep her
eyes closed as the light was increased, and gradually open them. It took about
15 minutes for her eyes, which had not seen light for 3 weeks, to accustom
themselves to the dim light. The process was repeated several times at
increasing levels of light, and it was over an hour before Beth could
experience normal levels of light without problems. She was still kept gagged,
and her sleeper, with its mittens, remained on. Her hands were still chained
to her side, and her feet attached by a small chain, so she found that she
could barely walk, especially as she hadn't stood up for three weeks. She was
instructed not to try to walk but rather to crawl like a baby, on her hands and
knees, and she found that she could move around much better that way. Then,
the rules of the pre-toddler stage were explained to her by one of the aids.

"You will spend most of the day in the playroom. Sometimes we will let you
crawl around and play with the other babies, other times we will put you in
your playpen and let you play with your toys. You will now be fed liquids from
a bottle, and solid baby-food in a highchair. If you give any resistance to
the feeding , you will be returned to the infant treatment. You will still be
kept gagged so you can't talk. You will continue to wear your footed and
mittened sleeper and your hands and ankles will still be restrained. Your
diapers will still only be changed twice a day, as this is the rule for all
inmates of the home. Remeber that any sign of misbehavior will result in a
return to infancy, and I should warn you that there are some extras added to
the infant treatment if it is because of misbehavior. In a month or so, if you
are a good girl, you will be allowed to walk and talk, and become a
full-fledged toddler. Come on now, let's go to the playroom, and meet some of
the other babies."

The aid led the way, and Beth crawled behind, as they proceeded down the
corridor to a large room filled with large playpens, and oversized children's
toys. About ten other teenagers were in the room. Some were gagged and
restrained just like Beth, others had various additional degrees of freedom.
Some were sitting in playpens, and others sat on the floor. Most of them were
playing with children's toys or dolls. The aid said, "Good morning, children.
This is Beth, a new pre-toddler. She can't walk or talk yet, but you can play
with her and show her how to use the toys." She then led Beth over to a group
of the children and handed her a doll. "Be a good girl, now", said the aid, as
she left.

Beth sat down on the floor and absent-mindedly began to play with some blocks
as she considered her situation. She was determined to escape or at least to
get word of her whereabouts to her parents. But she was smart enough to
realize that gagged and restrained as she was there was no chance to do
anything immediately. She had to get "promoted" to a higher degree of freedom
before she made her move, and the best way to insure that was to play along and
be a docile and cooperative baby. Therefore she resolved to behave herself,
while still keeping her eyes open for anything that might present an
opportunity later.

So, as the days went by, Beth quietly endured the feedings and diaperings, and
crawled around the playroom seemingly content to play with her dolls and other
toys. As to her wetting and soiling, that was completely beyond her control.
But one day, as she was being led down the corridor from her crib to the
playroom, she noticed that a door that was usually closed was slightly ajar,
and just inside was a telephone on the wall. She was determined that someday
she would reach that phone and call her parents.

Her resolve to do this was strengthened even more by a visitor she had one
night. She was lying in her crib, gagged and restrained as usual, with her
thick diapers already wet and messy, when Officer Bo Denny walked over to her
crib. "Well, little girl, I hope you are enjoying this wonderful place I got
you sent to. Maybe next time an officer offers to be nice, you'll be a little
more cooperative. Then again, I doubt any man would want you once he found out
you were in diapers and plastic pants permanently. Well, wet and pleasant
dreams, Beth". He gave her an evil smirk, and sauntered out of the room. Beth
wanted to scream, but all she could do with the pacifier-gag strapped in her
mouth was quietly whimper. She had to get out of this place. She just had to.

Her good behavior was rewarded when four weeks after she had been made a
pre-toddler, she awoke one morning, and after her breakfast and morning diaper
change, found herself being dressed not in her confining sleeper, but rather in
a cute romper suit. Her ankles were still restrained, but with a longer link
between them, allowing her to walk comfortably, as long as she took short,
baby-like steps. Her hands were no longer restrained at all, but a large
leather harness was placed around her, and reins attached. Finally, the
pacifier-gag was unstrapped from her mouth. As she was led by the reins into
the playroom, the attendent who was leading her said, "Congratulations, Beth.
You've been advanced to the stage of Toddler. You can now walk and talk,
although your walking will still be limited by your ankle restraints, and we
will often want to control you by means of this harness. There will be some
other changes as well, as you will soon find out. But remember, this added
freedom gives you much more of a chance to get into trouble, and any
misbehavior will lead to you being returned to pre-toddlerhood or even infancy.
Come and introduce yourself to the other babies."
Beth sat down in a group of other teenagers dressed very much like herself and
introduced herself. Before long, the group had all exchanged stories of how
they found themselves in Reverend Brown's home. Their ages ranged from 14
through 19. Some of them had been real juvenile delinquents, involved in
shoplifting or car-thefts. Others had just been problem children, whose parents
had given up on being able to control them and asked the county to send them
here. Still others were orphans or products of broken homes and were here
because the county had no other place to put them.

One other boy, Billy, had a similar story to Beth's. He was driving home one
night with his girlfriend when Officer Denny stopped him for speeding. When
the officer started making a pass at his girlfriend, Bill socked him in the
jaw. The officer answered with a haymaker of his own, and when Billy revived
he found himself in a cell at the county jail. Once again, Officer Denny's
uncle the judge obligingly sentenced Billy to the home. Billy's parents had
recently died, and therefore there was no one even to care what happened to
him. Beth wondered how many other innocent teenagers were trapped in babyhood
due to Officer Denny and his corrupt uncle.

Billy and Beth, because of their mutual fate, became fast friends. Billy had
already been here for two years, but was still a toddler because he was slow in
curbing his rebelliousness. He had been punished by being reduced to infancy
three times already, and all told, had spend almost six months of his time at
the home as a helpless infant. Billy warned Beth that each time an inmate was
reduced in status, it got harder to work back up the ladder, and in fact he had
little hope of ever advancing beyond the toddler stage at this point.
Beth found that besides the ability to walk and talk, full toddlerhood brought
more priveleges at meal-time as well. Although she was still placed in a
highchair for meals, she was allowed to feed herself certain things with a
spoon. She was now fed less babyfood, and more grown-up food cut into little
pieces. During meals, she was allowed to drink from a child's cup with a
spout-lid, although the rest of the time, she was still given bottles to drink.
At bedtime, she was still placed in a locked crib, and wore her confining
sleepers, but she was no longer restrained in other ways, nor did she have a
pacifier gag strapped in her mouth. However, somewhat to her surprise, she
found that she enjoyed sucking on a pacifier before going to sleep. Her
diapers, of course, remained. She knew that she was stuck in diapers for life.
One morning, as Beth was being led by her harness into the playroom, she
noticed that the door to the room with the phone was once again ajar. She was
sure that sometime during the morning, when none of the aids or attendents were
watching, she could sneak out of the playroom and make her phone call. When
Billy came into the playroom, Beth told him of her plan. He warned her that
should she be caught she could expect a very severe punishment, but she replied
that she was willing to take the risk for a chance at getting out. He agreed
to help by watching out for anyone in the corridor, and he told her he would
signal her by pretending to hurt himself and crying loudly. Beth thanked him
for his help, and began to watch for a good opportunity to sneak out. When she
saw that she was unobserved, she began to quietly slip toward the door. "Good
luck, Beth," whispered Billy. Beth made it safely into the room and picked up
the phone, got the operator, and asked for a long-distance call to her parents.
Her parents' phone began to ring, but before anyone answered, she heard Billy
howling loudly. She dropped the phone and began to look for a place to hide
just as she heard her mother answer. But it was too late. Strong arms grabbed
Beth, and a hand was placed over her mouth before she had a chance to yell into
the phone.

As soon as she was hustled out of the room, and the phone hung up, the
attendent scolded Beth. "Naughty, naughty girl," she said, as she swatted Beth
hard on her rear end. "I'm sure you know that the telephones are off limits to
all children here. This little prank will earn you a large punishment.
Reverend Brown will have to betold, and he will decide what to do about you.
Meanwhile, you are confined to your crib." Beth was placed back into her crib,
and the pacifier gag was strapped back into her mouth. Not long after, she saw
Billy being dragged in and locked in a crib alongside hers. The attendents had
figured out that his scream was a signal to Beth, and decided that he should
share her punishement. They were left locked in their cribs for several hours,
unable to talk because of the gags, but the look of fear in both their eyes
communicated all that was necessary.

Finally, Reverend Brown entered the room. "Beth, I'm dissappointed in you. It
seemed like you were growing up to be such a nice little girl, and now you have
to go and pull a stunt like this. Well, you'll be happy to know that it will
cost you two months in the infant punishment ward." "You, Billy, I'm not too
surprised at. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you got Beth into all of
this. Well, this is the fourth time you'll be back as an infant, and I don't
think its worth the trouble to try to have you grow up anymore. You'll be an
infant for the next three months, and will be kept as a pre-toddler for the
rest of your two years here." The Reverend then left both babies to the care
of the attendents.

Once again, Beth was dressed in the confining sleeper, hands encased in
mittens, and her wrists and ankles restrained. The mask was placed over her
head. For the next two months, she would see nothing, and hear very little.
Before she was masked, she saw that Billy, in the next crib, was receiving
exactly the same treatment. Beth discovered that although the routine in the
infant punishment ward was similar to that in the regular infants ward, there
were some differences. For one, there weren't any tranquilizers or sleeping
medication placed in her liquid feedings, but rather stimulants were used. She
wouldn't be allowed to spend much of her day napping, but would be wide awake
to endure the forced feedings and severe confinement. Moreover, twice a day,
at diaper change time, she was spanked heavily. Several times a week, just
after her diapers were changed, she was subjected to a two-quart enema, which
she was forced to retain for half an hour by means of an inflated balloon in
her anus. When the balloon was finally deflated, she erupted into her diapers,
which she then had to lay in for the next 12 hours.

After just a week of this treatment, Beth was sure that she would never survive
the full two months. She also resolved that she would never try anything bad
again. She decided that she would rather serve the rest of her four years in
relative peace than ever be subjected to this punishment again. But, unknown
to Beth, her phone call actually accomplished its purpose. Beth's parents had
been frantically searching for her for the past three months, their only clue
being the place at which Beth last phoned home from. But Officer Denny and
friends had done a good job of covering their tracks. Her car had long since
been turned over to a car-theft ring that operated out of California. Her
trial transcript had conveniently been misfiled, so that her parents' inquires
at the county clerk's of every county in South Carolina and Georgia had been
for naught. But the mysterious long-distance phone call led her mother to
investigate. When nobody was at the other end of the line, she tried to find
out where the call originated. It took the phone company a while, but they
eventually tracked down the operator who placed the long distance call, and
they got her to write a sworn statement to the effect that a call was placed
from Reverend Brown's Home for Wayward Children to Beth's parents phone. The
next day, Beth's parents, accompanied by their lawyer, presented themselves at
the county seat and demanded to see Beth. Judge Denny tried to deny that he
had ever heard of the girl, but the operator's statement was presented, the
lawyer threatened to bring in the state investigators, and he finally produced
the "mislaid" records of the trial. Knowing the sort of girl Beth was, her
parents suspected that there was somehting phony about the whole thing.
Finally, after more threats from the lawyer, the judge agreed to have Beth
released into the custody of her parents, provided they left the county
immediately and did not cause anymore trouble. The lawyer did not want to make
any such agreement, but Beth's parents were insistent that the most important
thing was to rescue Beth, so they agreed.

Beth was quite surprised when after only a week and a half in the punishment
nursery, she was released from her crib, readjusted to the light, and given
back her regular clothing. For the first time in more than three months, she
was not wearing diapers. She was cleaned up, and then escorted to the entrance
hall that she last saw when she was admitted to the home. There she saw her
parents, and immediately rushed into their arms. She also proceeded to flood
her panties, and formed a large puddle on the floor. The attendant explained,
"Beth has been ill, and somewhat incontinent. Maybe we'd better put her back
in diapers." Her parents, seeing the evidence of Beth's incontinence, agreed,
and so Beth was once again pinned into her familiar diapers and plastic pants.
As soon as they were out of the door of the home, Beth began to tell her
parents the entire story. Her parents were furious, and demanded that their
lawyer do something. The lawyer promised to try, but warned them that it was
very difficult to close down these homes, because the county residents for the
most part wanted them there. The lawyer did promise to try to get Billy
released, if Beth's parents agreed to take custody of him, and with Beth's
prodding they did agree.

Beth tried to return to a normal college-girl's life, attending a local college
so that she could live at home. She was in diapers and plastic pants
twenty-four hours a day, and her doctor gave her little hope that she would
ever be out of them. She also found that she kept having nightmares about her
ordeal, and would often fall out of bed, so her parents reluctantly obtained an
adult sized hospital crib for her to sleep in. Every night, her mother pinned
on her diapers, and tucked her to sleep in her rubber-sheeted crib, just as she
did when Beth was a real baby.

The lawyer did succeed in getting Billy released in Beth's parents' custody,
and he was in much the same state. So Beth's parents obtained another crib,
and were resigned to taking care of two college-age babies. Before long, Beth
and Billy decided to become engaged, and after another year they were married.
When they set up houskeeping, they furnished their bedroom with a large
double-bed size crib, and found that they also enjoyed using other baby
equipment such as footed sleepers, bottles and pacifiers. And so they lived
happily ever after, wet and happy in their diapers.

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