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									                                                                                          Dell Yearling Edition, 1987

                           JOHNNY TREMAIN
                CHAPTER 11: YANKEE DOODLE (pp. 220-238)

NAME                           DESCRIPTION

Colonel Earl
 Percy                Head of the British reinforcements sent to aid Colonel Smith in Concord
Vinny Lyte            Lavinia Lyte; Merchant Lyte's niece and Johnny's mother

NAME                           DESCRIPTION

OVERALL:              Boston, April 19, 1775

SECTION 1:     On the morning of April 19, 1775, Dr. Warren wakes Johnny and tells him that the fighting
               began in Lexington--seventy Minute Men against 700 British soldiers--he says it was simply
               "target practice." The British then moved on to Concord, but Dr. Warren does know what
               happened there. Paul Revere sent for Dr. Warren just after the Lexington shots were fired--he
               must get to Lexington to help with the wounded. In any case, there is a good chance that if he
               stays in Boston he will be hung as a traitor. Johnny asks Dr. Warren if Rab was one of the
               patriots killed in Lexington, but Dr. Warren doesn't know. Dr. Warren tells Johnny to stay in
               Boston and find out as much as he can.

SECTION 2:     In Boston, everyone knows that something has happened, but only Johnny knows what happened
               in Lexington. Johnny goes over to Province House and sees that General Gage is still asleep--
               obviously, Colonel Smith's request of reinforcements had not upset him. These reinforcements,
               1200 soldiers, are mostly made up of Colonel Earl Percy's First Brigade. While Johnny watches
               the soldiers assemble, he meets Madge crying and saying good-bye to Sergeant Gale, her British
               love. Johnny also sees the British flag go by and almost takes his hat off in respect of English
               liberty (the concept of American liberty, after all, started in England), but stops when he
               remembers that the war has begun. Colonel Percy's troops begin to leave and Johnny wonders
               what possible chance those poor, untrained patriot farmers--Yankee Doodle--have against such
               military might.

SECTION 3:     After Colonel Percy's troops leave and everyone, British and Boston inhabitants alike, learn that
               shots have been fired and war has begun, General Gage sends parties of soldiers out to arrest any
               leaders of the Boston opposition. Fortunately, however, all Whig leaders and rebel printers have
               left town already. Robert Newman, John Pulling (who is suspected of helping Newman hang the
               lanterns) and Paul Revere's cousin are thrown in jail. Johnny sends a message of warning to
               Uncle Lorne and goes back to the Boston Observer office, finding it smashed and torn apart.
               Across the street in Uncle Lorne's house Johnny finds Rab's family unhurt--when the troops
               came, Uncle Lorne hid in a featherbed Aunt Jenifer was sewing. Aunt Jenifer tells Johnny that
               the soldiers seemed very angry and this encourages Johnny to think that the fighting is probably
               going in the patriots' favor (earlier he had seen a beaten-looking British soldier returning to
               Province House). Johnny goes up to Beacon Hill and watches as British soldiers run down from
               the north into Boston on retreat from the fighting.
                                                                                              Dell Yearling Edition, 1987
SECTION 4:        Johnny plans to sneak out of Boston at midnight and drops by the Lytes' mansion to pick up the
                  British uniform Pumpkin left there. He finds that the Lytes are moving back to England due to
                  Merchant Lyte's poor health. Mrs. Bessie and Cilla, who are Whigs, are not helping and will
                  stay after the Lytes leave to watch over the house. Beautiful Lavinia Lyte asks Issannah to
                  choose between her and staying in Boston with Cilla (everyone, even Cilla, knows that Issannah
                  will choose to go to England and become a "fine lady"). Of course, weeping little Issannah
                  chooses the life offered by Lavinia Lyte, who says she intends to train Issannah to be an actress.
                  Cilla gives Issannah up more easily than Johnny thought she would--Cilla realizes she lost
                  Issannah to Lavinia a long time before. When Cilla takes Issannah away to help her pack and
                  Lavinia orders Mrs. Bessie out of the room, Lavinia tells Johnny that he really is related to their
                  family--she says Merchant Lyte never knew that Vinny Lyte (Lavinia Lyte, Johnny's mother and
                  Merchant Lyte's niece) had a child. This Vinny Lyte, a wild, beautiful girl, had run off with Dr.
                  Latour, a prisoner of war in Boston, and married him despite the fact that she knew her family--
                  the Lytes--would disown her. Latour died in France, Vinny and Johnny were smuggled out of a
                  French convent by Margaret Dennie (Vinny's maid), and they all settled in Townsend, Maine,
                  where Johnny was raised until his mother died. Lavinia does not tell him, however, how
                  Johnny's last name came to be Tremain. She tells him her father never meant to cheat him out of
                  the silver cup and that Merchant Lyte intends to write Johnny's family story down one day so
                  Johnny can claim some of the Lyte property if there is any left after the war. At his request,
                  Lavinia tells Johnny that she is his aunt and, with that, Johnny feels his obsession for her end.
                  Lavinia had gone behind her father's back to discover Johnny's identity--Johnny's unique hairline
                  (widow's peak) had prompted her to look into the matter.

SECTION 5:        Johnny puts on Pumpkin's uniform and, despite Mrs. Bessie and Cilla's pleas, gets ready to sneak
                  out of the city--he knows he will be shot if he is caught impersonating a British officer. He asks
                  Cilla to keep Goblin safe with the Lytes' horses. Mrs. Bessie agrees to hide Uncle Lorne and his
                  printing press at the Lytes--General Gage has given orders that none of the Lytes' possessions are
                  to be touched--so Uncle Lorne will be safe there pretending to be a stable helper. Johnny leaves
                  the women to go to Charlestown, where he will advise Dr. Warren. Cilla is upset when Johnny
                  tells her Rab was in Lexington during the fighting.

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