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 Dear Friend:

 Phew...The long wait is almost over.

 I'm pleased to announce that the "All-in-One Bible Crafts Kit" will be officially released in a private sale on Wednesday,
 March 28th.

                                                Private Sale Release Time:

                                        Wednesday, March 28th, 2 p.m. EST

 Only 200 Craft Kits have been printed, and once we run out it could be months before the Kit is available again.

 The “All-in-One Bible Crafts Kit” includes:

         2 DVD’s packed with Step-By-Step Craft Video Demonstrations
         2 Volumes of written Bible craft instructions, organized in an easy-to-use Binder
         Ready-to-go Craft Patterns & Templates to make your life easier
         Supply Lists for each craft. One quick reference to make sure you have all you need.
         Bonus Special Report: 7 Ways to Save Money on Church Craft Supplies
         Bonus Special Report: 52 Attendance Boosters for your Children’s Ministry Program

 PLUS... the first 25 people who order the "All-in-One Bible Craft Kit" will be given an ADDITIONAL FREE GIFT at no
 extra charge

                                           "Spur of the Moment Crafts"

 Below, you’ll find a special “Sneak Peek” excerpt from the "Spur of the Moment Crafts" Manual.

 The FULL version includes 10 different crafts that can be done with just nine everyday supplies (you probably already
 have these items in your cupboard!).

 As you’ll see in a second, this will be a VERY handy go-to reference for you. Keep it tucked away in your classroom
 and you'll always have "10 Emergency Crafts" at your fingertips.

 If you want to secure your place in line to get the “All-in-One Bible Crafts Kit” AND the "Spur of the Moment Crafts"
 bonus, I urge you to sign up for the Bible Crafts Hotlist by visiting the below website:

 Bible Crafts Hotlist-ers will be given the most current, up-to-date information about the launch of the “All-in-One Bible
 Crafts Kit” Private Sale.

 Any questions about the All-in-One Bible Crafts Kit can be sent to:

 Enjoy your sneak peek “Spur of the Moment” craft!

Spur of the moment crafts
10 unique crafts, 9 everyday supplies

                                                                                     Keep These 9
                                                                                  Supplies On hand and
                                                                                  You’ll always have 10
                                                                                   crafts ready to go!

                                                             paper plates,
                                                             cotton balls
                                                            craft feathers,
                                                            pipe cleaners

                                                          Scissors, pencils
                                                           glue, crayons,
                                                         construction paper

As a religious education teacher, you are often pressed for time and short on supplies. To help make
your life just a little bit easier, we have developed 10 craft projects you can do anytime, anywhere,
with just a few common supplies. Each project has a Bible verse specially fitted to it, which you can
use as the basis of your class session. In most cases, more than one applicable Bible verse has
been included, giving you the freedom to choose what your class needs to learn the most. Take our
suggestions or use a verse you are particularly fond of, use our simple, easy-to-understand instruc-
tions, and you will have a ready-made religious education class in no time!

All you need are a few simple materials to keep your class excited, engaged, and educated. You will
need scissors, pencils, glue/tape, crayons/markers, construction paper in various colors, paper
plates, cotton balls, dyed craft feathers, and pipe cleaners. Most of these items will be easily availa-
ble to you, such as scissors, glue, and pencils. The others are available at all major supermarkets, in
the craft or party sections, and available in any craft specialty store. Use these ideas exactly or modi-
fy them to your needs, but use them and see how easy it can be to plan a lesson in just a few short
                            Kindness Wreath

Bible passage: Matthew 5:43-45: “’You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to
you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for
those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for
He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.”

Craft: Create a wreath from a paper plate and attach handprint cutouts with ideas for random acts of

Materials: Construction paper, paper plates, crayons/markers, scissors, glue/tape, pencils

1.     Give each student a paper plate.

2.     Give them a smaller, round object that you have available in the room to trace the
       inner circle of the wreath.

3.     Have students trace the smaller round object and cut it out, so that there is a circle-shaped
       hole in the middle of the paper plate.

4.     Students should color the wreath green.

5.     Have students trace their handprints on construction paper. Students can use any color, al-
       though green is the most common for the traditional wreath.

6.     Students should cut out their handprints.
7.     Attach the handprints to the front of the wreath. Handprints should overlap so that there are no
       white spaces left over.

8.     On each handprint, students should write ideas for random acts of kindness that the class
       develops together. Tell your students to put a date on the handprint when they complete that
       act of kindness. The first person to have a date on every act of kindness can receive a special

9.     Students should color in any white spaces with an appropriately-colored marker or crayon.

10.    NOTE: If you have markers, your students can take cotton balls and color them red to look like
       holly berries. When they are colored, students can glue them on the wreath to make it look
       more festive!

Remember, only the first 25 people who order the "All-in-One Bible Craft Kit" will be given the
complete "Spur of the Moment Crafts" manual as a FREE GIFT!

          You’ll get all 10 of these wonderful “get you out of a jam” craft ideas at no charge!

If you haven’t already, go here now to sign up for the Bible Crafts Hotlist

Any questions about the All-in-One Bible Crafts Kit can be sent to:

Enjoy your sneak peek “Spur of the Moment” craft!


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