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                                    DUNBARTON PLANNING BOARD
                                      WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 2007
                                      TOWN OFFICES – 7:00 P.M.

The regular monthly meeting of the Dunbarton Planning Board was held at the above time, date and place
with Chairman Brian Nordle presiding. The following members were present:

        Brian Nordle, Chairman
        Kenneth Swayze, Co-Chairman
        Alison R. Vallieres, Secretary
        James Marcou
        Michael Poirier
        Terry Swain, Alternate
        Les Hammond, Selectmen’s Representative

        Other Town Officials:

        John Trottier, Chairman, Dunbarton Zoning Board of Adjustment
        Mert Mann, Board of Selectmen

Brian Nordle, Chairman, verified with the Secretary that the meeting had been posted in three public places
throughout the Town and published in the Concord Monitor for one day in accordance with State RSA’s.
The Public Notice was also posted on the Dunbarton Web Page.

Approval of previous meeting minutes: Wednesday, April 18, 2007:


James Marcou made a motion that the Dunbarton Planning Board accept the minutes of the
Wednesday, April 18, 2007 meeting as written. Ken Swayze seconded the motion. The motion
passed unanimously.



         James Marcou made a motion that the Dunbarton Planning Board retain the current Board
of Officers for the coming year. Michael Poirier seconded the motion. The motion passed

        Officers as follows: Brian Nordle, Chairman
                             Ken Swayze, Co-Chairman
                             Alison Vallieres, Secretary


        William and Rebecca Rolke (H3-3-7) Proposed Two Lot Subdivision located on 191 Stark
        Highway North in the Medium Density District in Dunbarton, NH

        Michael Poirier stepped down from the Board because of a conflict of interest.

        (Status Report attached).

        Brian Nordle, Chairman, noted there were very minor alterations to the plan from the last meeting.

      Brian Nordle, Chairman, reported that he and Terry Swain had done a Site Walk on Wednesday,
      May 2, 2007. Les Hammond also reported that he had walked the site the week before.

      Arthur Siciliano’s representative noted that they now had the New Hampshire DOT Driveway
      Permit along with the State Subdivision approval. Have everything done with the exception of
      setting the bounds.

      The Board noted that the plan cannot be signed until the bounds are set (or a surety posted).

      Board Discussion:

           No Comments or concerns from the Board.

      No Abutters were present:

      No members of the public comments:


      Les Hammond made a motion that the Dunbarton Planning Board approve the proposed
      two lot subdivision of the William and Rebecca Rolke Property (Tax Lot H3-3-7) consisting
      of one lot being 3.42 acres and the other 3.49 acres located on 191 Stark Highway North in
      the Medium Density District (Three Acres) in Dunbarton, NH:

      Ken Swayze amended the motion to include the Planning Board’s standard procedures for
      conditions of approval as follows: The amendment was seconded.

      1.    Submittal of a final, technically accurate and graphically correct plan-set in full
            compliance with all current subdivision regulations and incorporating any and all
            additional requirements established during deliberations with the Board per minutes.

      2.    Approval and receipt of all other required local, State and Federal permits. There shall
            be no changes to the base plan(s) without re-consultation with the Board, as a result of
            such other permit approvals.

      3.    Payment of all fees and costs associated with the Dunbarton Planning Board application

      4.    That all specified work and improvements at the site, as specified by the Land
            Subdivision Regulations, be completed prior to the signing and filing of the mylar (i.e.
            survey monumentation and related); or a surety be posted in favor of the Town, in an
            amount adequate to complete such work as required.

      5.    Preparation, submittal and filing of all Deeds, legal instruments, and/or documents
            required or intended to be filed at the Merrimack County Registry of Deeds; in such
            content and form acceptable to the Town.

      James Marcou seconded the amended motion. The motion passed unanimously.




       Michael Poirier stepped back to the Board.

GPS Properties, Inc. (C4-1-6) Proposed Site Plan Review for a 28 unit Multi-Family
Development located on New Hampshire Route 13 @ Powell Lane and Black Brook Road in the Low
Density District in Dunbarton, NH

       Status Report attached.

       At this point in the meeting, Terry Swain stated that his company had done business in the
       past with Gregg Scarlett but he did not feel that this would affect his judgment on acting
       upon this request. No Board members or members of the public had any objections.

       Brian Nordle, Chairman, noted that Terry Swain will be a voting member on this
       Application due to an absent regular member.

       Gregg Scarlett and his Engineer, Robert Rook, appeared before the Planning Board and presented
       a revised plan for the 28 units.

       In addition to Gregg Scarlett and Robert Rook, and Andrew Sullivan, Attorney for Gregg Scarlett,
       were in attendance at the meeting.

       It was noted that two waiver requests had been denied at the last meeting thus the application was
       not accepted.

       The Planning Board verified with the applicant that there were no requests for waivers with this

       Robert Rook, Engineer, stated that the roadway into the development would now be two separate
       (one-way) roads with a median strip in the middle very similar to the Golf Course design, thus
       creating the necessary double access road. In addition, they had provided four foot shoulders as
       required within the regulations.


       Ken Swayze made a motion that the Dunbarton Planning Board accept the application for
       GPS Properties, LLC for Site Plan Review and start limited deliberations this evening.
       James Marcou seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

       Brian Nordle, Chairman, announced that he wanted to make all parties aware of the 30 day
       requirement for proposed business with the Planning Board including subdivisions, annexations
       and Site Plan Reviews.

       Robert Rook, Engineer for the Project, stated the following with regard to the GPS Properties
       proposed Site Plan Review:

       1.   Located in the Low Density Residential District.

       2.   Parcel consists of 74.765 acres

       3.   This is a multi-family development with seven four unit buildings. The formula according to
            the regulations is 2.75 acres for each unit. 30.82 units could be constructed on this parcel.

       4.   Have provided a 150 foot building setback from Powell Lane and Route 13 as required by the

         5.   Wetlands have been delineated and shown in green on the plan.             Done by Schauer,
              Environmental Consultants LLC.

         6.   Have provided 90 parking spaces instead of the 70 which are required. In addition, there is
              ample room for other parking.

         7.   Have hired a landscaping firm. There will be tree planting along the entire perimeter. There
              will be screening along Route 13.

         8.   Have an approved Driveway Permit from New Hampshire DOT.

`        9.   The entrance road will have an 8 foot wide median such as previously approved by the
              Planning Board for the Golf Course.

         9.   Do not plan to use “Mitchie” concrete blocks on each side of the road. Would like the
              opportunity to talk further with the Board regarding this.        One of the alternatives is
              guardrails. Possibility of double faced steel guardrails with plantings, etc. Need to further

         10. Have provided turning radius for an 18 wheeler truck.

         11. Have shown substantial lighting. Will be providing a lighting plan. Have shown a line on the
             plan where the zero candle occurs. It is designed so the lighting does not shine into the
             adjacent properties.

         12. Have provided for a pavilion building for the use of the residents of the development.

         13. Area is very substantially landscaped.

         14. There will be a Community Well System. Could be located in several different spots.
             Another option is to have 28 separate wells, one for each unit. (Final water system is still to
             be determined.)

                  Terry Swain stated that the law allows you to have one well for each unit.

         15. Have submitted Site Specific Permit and Wetlands Crossing Permit which is now 6,100
             square feet of wetlands impact.

Ken Swayze stated that the motion to accept included a limited discussion of the application because the
Planning Board is considering having the project sent out for review by Central New Hampshire Regional
Planning Commission and Don Mayo, Town Engineer. The reviews would be at the applicant’s expense.

Ken Swayze stated he felt the plan was a good plan, especially for a “first pass”.

Michael Poirier stated that he would prefer to see some kind of vegetation in the areas in the middle
between the two driveways instead of guard rails.

James Marcou asked about Fire Suppression.

It was noted the proposal calls for in-house Fire Suppression. It was noted that there would be a
requirement for a considerable amount of water by the Fire Department if there was a fire. Possibly a Fire
Pond or Cistern.

Brian Nordle, Chairman, noted that this is a whole different ordinance. We will be looking at our PRD
Ordinance in the near future. When we did the Master Plan, we asked what the definition of rural character

was. This field and view was what was portrayed as Rural Character. The entire view will change
dramatically. The view will be obstructed. I would rather see a “mowed zone”.

Abutters were read as follows and noted all had been notified by certified mail:

         Barbara Palys – Present. Stated she was concerned about the wetlands and her property. She
stated that “My property is wet now. I don’t want to be getting water. The rear of my property views the
field. That is where I go to get away. There will be headlights coming into my house all hours of the night.
I am the only one that is gong to take the impact of that road going in. I thought Powell Lane would have
been a better entrance.”

Gregg Scarlett stated that he was very cognizant of Mrs. Palys situation, and I would address her concerns
and come to some agreement with her.

Mrs. Palys stated that her main concern was water. Her front lawn is underwater now.

Ethan/Melissa Briggs – Not Present
Jason/Gail Georgantas – Not Present
William Schlottman – Not Present
Peter/Linda Hecker – Present. Stated he was going to be relatively quiet for a change. “I have a lot of the
same concerns as Barbara Palys. There is a buffer along Powell Lane. I am not completely sure that the
trees will block out the traffic noise. With regard to her point about walking in the field, the field is gone.
The field is not going to be there anymore. It will not be a place we can look at. The Town’s Rural
Character just disappeared. With regard to the Fire Protection, I can understand the sprinklers in the units
but what about something to supply water to the Fire Department on the outside. They are going to need a
huge amount of water.”

Dennis and Tammy Little – Not Present
Hanlon One Family Trust – Not Present
Robert/Gerald Bourassa – Present. Stated “This is right across the street from his driveway. There will be
a lot of vehicles shining lights into my house. The field is gone and that is not a Rural setting for
Dunbarton. I just can’t agree with it. I was under the impression that there was going to be a couple of
houses up there. This is a condo development. I don’t buy this as part of Dunbarton’s rural setting. The
amount of traffic is going to be heading right at my house. I just can’t picture it.”

Alain/Phyllis Biron – Present. Mrs. Biron stated she would have preferred that Powell Lane were used as
access. “We are very concerned about the impact on the Dunbarton School System. We are talking about
60-90 students added to a school that is already full. You are saying this is over 55. You sell condos and
you are going to have 2-3 kids per condo. If they don’t sell, they will be rentals and then you don’t know
how many kids will be there.”

Wayne/Mary Bracy – Present. Sue Bracy stated “That it is common knowledge that I am not in favor of
Mr. Scarlett’s 28 unit development. It will have 28 units with probably two children each unit for a total of
56 new children into the School System. 28 families mean 56 cars going in and out of the driveway
morning and night. Most people move to the country to get away from traffic and to be able to work in
their gardens, etc. Seven four unit buildings is not what we want. It is the developer’s way of getting the
most money out of the land.”

Wayne Bracy stated “He was concerned that the land abuts the old Stage Coach Route known as Powell
Lane. I think if you are going to put these in, they (the community residents) should not have the right to
enter and use the discontinued road. They don’t own the old discontinued road. Powell Lane ends two
rods east of Rich Hecker’s house. The Town let the cell tower use the road to enter and egress. There
should be something in Town to protect the people. There will be four wheelers and everything else going
down that road. Water flow is coming in there and running down. There will be additional runoff when
you put an impervious pavement, etc. There will be a lot of erosion onto Black Brook Road.”

Amy/Sebastian Champagne – Not Present
Richard/Nicolet Hecker – Not Present
Henry/Joan Burnham - Not Present
Keith L. Jordan – Not Present
Eleanor Swindlehurst Revocable Trust – Present. No comments at this time.
John Swindlehurst Revocable Trust – Eleanor Swindlehurst present. No comments.
Mary Story Heirs – Not Present

Public Comments:

Jim Grant of Mill Brook Road – Stated when he was present last month, he thought there was a maximum
of 25 units allowed for a single access. Would this be a condo association that would be responsible for the
upkeep of the road, etc. ?

The Board indicated that the applicant has come back with a dual access roadway into the development
thereby allowing for the 28 units.

John Trottier asked if there would still be a buffer on the north side.

Robert Rook stated they will be maintaining the 100 foot buffer. There will be no buildings within 150 feet
of the boundary. This is according to the regulations.

John Trottier asked about the number of bedrooms per unit.

Robert Rook stated there would be two or three bedrooms per unit.

John Trottier stated that he felt the Board should know the number of bedrooms we are talking about before
any decisions are made.

There being no further public comment, the Public Hearing was closed.

Board Discussion:

James Marcou stated that as far as the entrance goes, the Board has always tried to align new roads so they
don’t impact driveways across the road. At least not to have direct alignment. This is pretty close to the
middle of Powell Land and Black Brook.

The Board noted that the location of the entrance road was established by New Hampshire DOT.

James Marcou asked if this is going to be affordable housing.

Kenneth Swayze stated that he felt that due to the scope of this, he thought it would be fitting for the
applicant to do some form of Economic Analysis.

In addition, Ken Swayze stated that he had concerns about three roads coming together there. The Planning
Board has wanted to create access to landlocked parcels in the past. The Swindlehurst property is back
there. We need to look at the tax maps, etc.

The Planning Board will send the project to consultants for review at the expense of the applicant.

Site Walk – Scheduled for Wednesday, June 6, 2007 at 5:30 p.m.


Ken Swayze made a motion that the Dunbarton Planning Board continue the Site Plan Review for
GPS Properties, LLC for 28 units until the next regularly scheduled meeting in June 2007. Michael
Poirier seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Brian Nordle, Chairman, announced that the next Workshop Meeting would be scheduled for Wednesday,
June 6, 2007 at 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

The Site Plan Review revised regulations will not be available at that time. The Board is considering
working on revisions for the PRD regulations. He stated that requiring PRD’s to obtain a Special
Exception through the Dunbarton Zoning Board of Adjustment is too cumbersome, etc.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

                                                                           Respectfully submitted,

                                                                           Alison R. Vallieres

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