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Alleghany Historical Genealogical Society Inc


									           Alleghany Historical-Genealogical Society, Inc.

                            P.O. BOX 817, Sparta, N.C. 28675

President: Bessie McMillan
Vice President: Mildred Torney
Secretary-Treasurer: Lou Reid Landreth

Vol. 7, No.4                                     December 1985               BULLETIN
NO. 25


        I want to thank all of you for the support you have given me during this term of
office. This time last year when we were trying to nominate new officers for the Society,
no one would take the jobs. Later, I reluctantly agreed to be your president even
though I had just lost my husband and was burdened with much grief and
responsibility to deal with. You have been kind and thoughtful to me and I appreciate
it beyond measure.

       I wish I could have accomplished more, but things are looking up and we can
expect 1986 to be our best year ever. Lets all work together toward that goal.

      In March I asked Alice Doughton to be chairman of the History Committee as
we had fallen down completely in establishing an active committee in that area.

        We were all delighted with the confirmation by Mr. Pete Church that we will
have a room in the new Higgins Agricultural Center building to start a museum—at
Long Last. It has been nearly two years since we had a museum chairman, so I have
asked Lou Reid Landreth to be Chairman of the Museum Committee. She has served
as Secretary for the Society for six years and it is only fair that she be relieved of this
responsibility. The museum project will require much concentration. It will need
coordination and Liaison with the Agriculture Center and the development of a record
system, office equipment and other needs. It is the consensus that Lou Reid will be
ideally suited for this project.

      I would like to have been able to get the cemeteries finished and a book
underway. This project has been going on over six years and needs to be completed.
       We have had several nice programs and guest speakers at our monthly meetings
and I want to commend the Program Chairman, Irene Wagoner. In the past year
we’ve had programs by Mrs. Margaret Motsinger, Pete Church, E. Leff Wagoner,
Duane Davis, Mrs. Cora T. Neville, T.J. Worthington, John woodruff and Peter
Karasz. Our heartfelt thanks to all of them.

      Just a reminder to renew your membership for 1986 and to recruit new members.
We need additional money and additional help. PLEASE HELP!

      My best wishes of the season to all of you.    May you have joyous holidays and
a New Year filled with bountiful blessings.

        The following marriage records              ALLEGHANY COUNTY
are taken from the Registrar’s Office               MARRIAGE RECORDS
at the Court House in Sparta, N.C.

Name of Male         Name of Female                 Father of Male       Mother of Male

Wm. Willis           Candis Brown                   Not known            Patsy Willis

Houston Collins      Amanda Edwards                 Randolph Collins     Celia Collins

W.A. Miers           Martha Nablet                  Alexander Miers      Sarah Miers

John Taylor          Sarah Stamper                  Stephen Taylor       Elizabeth Taylor

Thomas Quisenbery    Martha Pierce                  William Quisenbery   Eveline

Joel Ward            Nancy Lundy                    Stephen Ward         Mehala Ward

Stanford Carico      Meryan Ward                    Martin Carico        Ann Carico

James H. More        Isabella Straup                David More           Serfina Grub

James H. South       Nancy Osborn                   James South          Jane South

James T. Snow        Serah E. Brooks                James Snow           Anna Snow

Thomas More          Elizabeth Snow                 John More            Polly More

Thomas Price         Caroline Williams              David Price                --

Caswell P. Finely    Nancy McNite                   Jesse Finley         Sarah Finley
Welbern Woodruff    Nancy Rector                  Aaron Woodruff             Phoeby Woodruff

James F. Price      Sarah Sturgill                Jefferson Price            Sarah Price

John Dickson        Elizabeth Ann Goins           Eli Dickson                Nancy Dickson

William Lovlass     Caroline Wyatt                Armsted Lovlass            Elizabeth Lovlass

Wiley Caudill       Susan Crowse                  Daniel Caudill             Winey Caudill

Joel Tedder         Martha Roil                   Benjamin Tedder            Mahala Tedder

William Shoemake    Mahala Caloway                Calvin Shoemake            Nancy Shoemake

Cind Wright         Emily H. Frank                Harrison Wright            Polly Wright

James Hally         Margerite Wills               Clabern Hally              Ann Nuton

David Shinault      Sarah Edwards                 Richard Shinault           Sarah Shinault

Caswell J. Taylor   Caroline Long                 A.J. Taylor                Lenna Taylor

Wm. H. Thompson     Mazey C. Reeves               R.B. Thompson              S.C. Thompson

Father of Female    Mother of Female           Date                           By Whom

James Brown         Flora Brown           Feb 11 1870                PC Higgins, JP

Isom Edwards        Linna Edwards         Mar 17 1870                PC Higgins, JP

Thomas Nablet       Hannah Nablet         Feb 16 1870                PC Higgins, JP

S.S. Stamper        Lydia Stamper         Feb 29 1870                Rev. T. Woody

David R. Price      Seryan Price          Dec 23 1870                PC Higgins, JP

John Cox            Sarah Cox             Nov 20 1870                PC Higgins, JP

Marvie Ward         Jane Ward             Nov 17 1870                PC Higgins, JP

George Stroup       Nancy Stroup          Oct 2 1870                 PC Higgins, JP

Caleb Osborn        Berbary Osborn        Aug 7 1870                 AF Phipps, JP

Hardin Brooks       Cessy Brooks          Sep 19 1870                MVB Naman

Lefayt Snow         Nancy Snow            Sep 20 1870                AF Phipps, JP
Elan Willams         Patsy Williams       Oct 11 1870              DC Jones, JP

Nicholas McNite      Mary McNite          May 5 1870               PC Higgins, JP

Columbus Rector      Rosamond Rector      May 15 1870              PC Higgins, JP

James Sturgill       Juda Sturgill        Jan 8 1870               Rev. WB Halsey

Thomas Goins         Sarah Goins          Dec 2 1871               John Parsons, JP

Zebede Wyatt         Mary Wyatt           Sep 11 1871              John Parsons, JP

John Crowse          Tina Crowse          Oct 1 1871               Rev. JJ Caudill

William Anders       Serah Anders         Aug 10 1871              Rev. JJ Caudill

Marshal Caloway      Polly Caloway        May 14 1871              FS Doughton, JP

Jesse Frank          Sally Frank          Aug 5 1871               FS Doughton, JP

Granvill Wills       Martha Wills         Aug 17 1871              FS Doughton, JP

Morgan Bryan         Susan Bryan          Oct 14 1871              Rev. Morgan Bryan

John R. Long         Mary Long            Dec 11 1871              Rev. BE Caudill

George T. Reeves     Nancy Reeves         Nov 2 1871               Rev. BE Caudill

Name of Male         Name of Female               Father of Male           Mother of Male

William Bemand       Tiny Rook                    Joshua Bemand             Elizabeth


Floyd Anderson       Anna Halsey                  McCoy Anderson          Aley Anderson
Alfred J. Vaught     Martha J. Grubb              John Vaught             Mary A. Vaught
Solomon O. Edwards   Margaret Pugh                David Edwards           Jane Edwards
Gebriel Joines       Nancy Blevins                C. Joines                        --
Mikel Hendricks      Sally Porter                 John Hendricks          Susan Hendricks
Issah Sparks         Cherity Willey               Ruibin Sparks           Nancy Sparks
Daniel Whitead       Sally Edwards                Wm Whitead              Nancy Whitead
Joseph Spicer        Martha Brackins              James Spicer            Tamsy Spicer
J.M. Delp            Dilby Halsey                 George W. Delp          Nancy Delp
Drury Pasley         Pandora Bell                 Jefferson Pasley        Mary Pasley
John Weaver          Phebe Vanhoy                 James Weaver            Anna Weaver
Martin Crowse        Nancy Adaline Hill           Ben Crowse              Minta Crowse
John Hill            Polly A. Lovelass            Hiram Hill              Cyntha Hill
N.S. Davis           Laura M. Wright              Marlin Davis            Mahala Davis
John Shoat           Melinda Ball                 Samuel Shoat            Mary Shoat
Charles Kenedy       Rosamond Stamper             Theodore Kenedy         Caroline Canady
James C. Landreth    Cathay Phipps        Stephen Landreth         Lucy Landreth
Daniel Halloway       Fanny Caudill         Isaac Halloway           Mary Halloway
Jesse Cook            Melinda Phipps        David Cook               Mary Cook
Henry Boon            Elizabeth Delp        Andy Boon                Patsy Boon
L.E. Ayers            Martha King           Not known                Not known
S.F. Chappel          Ana P. Anderson       Not known                Not known
Griggs Hampton        Sarah McNite          Not known                Not known
John Richardson       Margaret Moxley       Alexander Richardson     Martha Richardson
James Pool            Eliza Jane Delp       Not known                Thurza Pool
William R. Thompson   Mary E. Handy         David Thompson           Anziline Thompson
Henry Richardson      Nellie Schoat         Alexander Richardson     Martha Richardson

S.J. Irwin            Caroline Andrews      Wm Irwin                 Nancy Irwin

Father of Female      Mother of Female           Date                                 By Whom

Joseph Rook           Not known             Apr 26 1871              Rev. WB Halsey
Merras Halsey         Serfina Hasley        Feb 26 1871              Rev. JL Pugh
William Grubb         Susan Grubb           Feb 26 1871              Rev. JL Pugh
Joseph Phipps         Nancy Phipps          Jan 11 1871              Rev. DC Caudill
William Blevins       Nancy Blevins         Jan 16 1871              CJ Edwards, JP
Robert Porter         Susan Porter          Mar 21 1871              FS Doughton, JP
Levi Willey           Nancy Willey          Jan 11 1871              MVB Naman, JP

Thomas Edwards        Nancy Edwards         Apr 9 1871               CJ Edwards, JP

Joshua Brackins       Lucy Brackins         Mar 8 1871               CJ Edwards, JP
Robert Halsey         Mary Halsey           Jan 26 1871              Rev JL Pugh
William Bell          Rebeca Bell           Mar 26 1871              Rev. Wm B Halsey
Milton Vanhoy         Nancy Vanhoy          Apr 26 1871              Rev. Wm B Halsey
David Hill            Catharine Hill        Mar 24 1871              DC Jones, JP
Armsted Lovelass      Elizabeth Lovelass    May 30 1871              HS Reeves, JP
Wm. D. Wright         Rebeca Wright         Aug 22 1871              HS Reeves, JP
Vinson Ball           Serah Ball            Aug 3 1871               Rev. Morgan Bryan
Joshua Stamper        Susan Stamper         Feb 23 1871              Rev. JW Landreth
Hugh Phipps           Edy Phipps            Jan 29 1871              Rev. JW Landreth
Not known             Not known             Feb 27 1871              John Parsons, JP
Not known             Not known             Dec 25 1871              PC Higgins, JP
Not known             Not known             Sep 27 1871              PC Higgins, JP
Not known             Not known             Nov 26 1871              PC Higgins, JP
David Moxley          Susan Moxley          Oct 15 1871              Wm H Joines, JP
Levi Delp             Elizabeth Delp        Dec 10 1871              Guy Mc Reeves, JP
John Handy            Sarah B. Handy        Oct 3 1871               Guy Mc Reeves, JP
Joshua Schoat         Margaret Schoat       Sep 19 1871              Wm H Joines, JP
James Andrews         Elizabeth Andrews     Oct 10 1871              Wm H Joines, Jp

       Mrs. Pauline Jolly has submitted the following list of people who are seeking
genealogy data and have left their names at the Library:

NAME AND ADDRESS                                    FAMILIES BEING RESEARCHED

Mrs. Eleanor Waters                                 John Tolliver & Tabitha Howell,
Woodstock, GA                                       James Tolliver & Mary Baldwin
                                  Tolliver-Peter Whitaker & Francis White

Mrs. DeNola T. Collins            James Collins & wife Elizabeth Lewis
Jerkin, KY                        Collins

Donald Lyle Andress               Great Grandfather Byrum Andress
Coal Valley, IL

Laura M LeBaron                   William Alfred Brooks’ ancestors.
Canada                            Nancy Mahalia Duncan m. Joshua
                                  Stoneman Edwards.

Pat Walton                        William F. Campbell, descendants
Troutdale, VA                     Polly DeBoard Campbell, dau of Jim
                                  And Della DeBoard.

Dr. William Turner                Murray/Murry, Hodge, South
Santa Ana, CA

Helen Cottingham         Murray, South, Hodge
Beckley, WV

Benson C. Wagoner        Great-grandfather Benson or Bence
Kansas City, MO          Wagoner, father of Oda Lee Wagoner
                         Grandfather to Marion Benson Wagoner

Gilbert Lyon             Genry before 1875, George Washington Lyon
Glade Valley, NC         b. about 1830.

Mabel L. Combs           Susan Stamper Long, dau of Jonathan Stamper
Chatham, VA

Barbara Hokada           Madison Boman
Marion, VA

Bertha Hendrick          Ally Hill; Aaras Hill b 1852, Rufus Hill
Falls Church, VA         b 1855, Catherine Hill b 1856, Genette
                         Nancy Hill m Thompson Taylor

Johnny L. Sheets         Mary Ellen Sheets, Charles Leon Sheets,
El Paso, TX              Thelma Sheets, Wilburn Sheets.

Shannon L. Joines        William H. Joines b. Ashe Co. 1828.
Tipton, Indiana          Died Alleghany Co. 1911. Husband of Candis
                         Andrews, b. Ashe Co. 1831, d. Alleghany 1911
                         Father of Franklin Joines (my great grandfather)
                         Frances, James, Charly Jane & Laura.

Mr. & Mrs. L.T. Sloane   Reeves, Davis, and Toliver
Davenport, IA

Thomas E. Wilson         John and Cynthia (Isom) Wilson, both born about
Independence, VA                                1812 or 1813.    Information on any Wilsons.

Melissa Mitchell                                James Franklin Mabe, B 1859. His mother
Bluefield, WV                                   was Eliza, came to W. Va. as a child. Father
                                                unknown. Also Mabe, Mitchell, Jarrett, Lunsford,
                                                Rector, Bell.

James Cox                                       Cox, Reeves, Thomas, Elliott
Roanoke, VA

Mrs. Loy Heare                                  Cox, Reeves, Osborne, Elliott, Thomas, Pugh.
Joppa, MD

Sandy Dalrumple                                 Sincoch, Smith
Barnesville, OH

Rollin and Faye Dixon                           Rhoda Hall, wife of John Mabe.
Jeffersonville, Indian

Betty Harris                                    Preston and Pleasant Richardson
Carlsbad, CA

William L. Poole                       Poole, Settle, South.
Macon, GA

Vianne Absher Gillespie                Absher, Moxley, Irwin, Toliver.
Peoria, AZ

Bonnie Ray Reeves                      Reeves, Joines, Hamm, Moxley.
Independence, VA


Mrs. Letha Whitehead of Marion, Indiana would like to know if anyone has information
about Samuel Brackins. He was born ca 1815 and died ca 1894 in Alleghany County.
He owned land on Pine Swamp. His children were Rhoda, William, Franklin and
Elizabeth. Who were his siblings and parents? Who was his wife, Nancy?

Mr. Thomas R. Smith of South China, Main is searching for information on his
great-grandfather, Lewis W. Smith. The only record he has is that he was enlisted as a
private, Co. E, 67th Regiment, North Carolina Troops, Feb. 1 1863. He ahs reason to
believe that he spent his early life in this part of North Carolina and later in Carroll and
Grayson Counties, Virginia.

Delwood S. Jackson, of Cincinnati, OH would like help with the following:
       1. Aaron Woodruff, b. Jan 1847, m Susan E. (Sue), b. May 1854. Would like
          to have family name of Susan and confirm name of father of Aaron.
       2. Adolphus Woodruff, b. Apr 1857, m. Mary A., b. Jan 1860. Would like to
          have family name of Mary and confirm name of father of Adolphus.
       3. Francis Bryan, Jr., b. 6 Oct 1814, m. Margaret Carson. Their children born
          in the 1840s: John, Ann, Robert, William, Phoebe and possibly Jane or Sarah
          Jane. Would like to have parents of Margaret and material of the marriages
          and families of their children.
       4. Phoebe Bryan, daughter of Francis Bryan, Sr., m. Hughs Roberts. Phoebe b.
          30 Dec 1819 and they had children: John, Francis, Abram, Catherine, Nancy,
          Melinda, and Fannie. Would like to correspond with descendants or persons
          with family information.


Moxley Sturgill is now available. This is a lovely book, 8 ½ X 11, album style,
hardbound in colonial blue with gold trim, printed on the highest quality archival paper,
over 500 pages of family connections and illustrated with over 300 photographs. It may
be purchased at the library or ordered from Mrs. Lorene M. Sturgill. Price (subject to
increase) is $35.00 per book, plus $1.58 NC sales tax. Add $2.50 per book to cover
postage and handling.


        This year-end finds us again searching for officers to nominate at the January
annual meeting. It has been my pleasure to serve as Secretary for SIX years. I tis time
that I be relieved. Records and routines have been established. We are selling only a
few of the Heritage books each month, meaning that the payments to the publishers and
to the NC Department of Revenue for sales tax are no big deal.

        I was delighted that our membership hit the 150 mark in 1985, five of which are
LIFE members. PLEASE don’t fail to renew your membership. Due should be
paid in January if you haven’t paid them before. Our goal is to exceed the 150
members in 1986. We need you. It’s going to be a good year.

        Our enthusiasm has been renewed by the fact that we now have a site and will
be working with the county committees in planning the space which we will occupy as
a historical museum in the multi-purpose building at the Higgins Agricultural Center.
A museum is only as good as its records. In fact the history of an item and the people
who used it is more important than the item itself. I am already acquiring books and
studying about record systems, labeling, legalities, etc. for historical museums.

        We welcome contributions to the Society and hope that you will help us on the
office equipment, files and machines necessary for the museum. We are a non-profit
organization and all contributions are deductible from your income tax.

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