How John And Sally Got Back Together After A Breakup by EricaConnella


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									    How John And Sally Got Back Together After A Breakup

                                  The Magic Of Making Up

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John and Sally were the kind of couple everyone used to be jealous
of. They seemed to be so much in love, always caring and supporting
each other. They were the love birds!

One day they decided they will move in together and have the most
wonderful times of their lives together. It was great, but
unfortunately this happiness didn't last long. No one knows what
really happened. Sally only recalls the moment when John walked out
the door and smashed the door behind him, and she felt like it was
her heart that got smashed.

Everyone in their circle of friends thought that their relationship
was over for good and that they would never be back together. Deep
inside her heart, Sally still had the same love for John and she knew
John loved her too. Everything became painful, listening to love
songs on the radio would make poor Sally burst in tears. She wanted
to call John and beg him to come back in her life, but her friends
advised she is better off without him.

Sally had to do something, so she wrote John a hand-written letter.
Some days later, John calls her and asks her if she would like to
have lunch with her. Slowly and gradually, they met more and more
often until they confessed to each other that they are still in love
and that's how their love story began again. And this time, there was
no way of anything going wrong in their relationship. John and Sally
got back together after their breakup and are happy again.

If you are in a similar situation as Sally was during her breakup,
then you have to know the words that Sally used in her letter that
forced John to call back.

Getting back together after a breakup is not impossible. So many
couples have got back together, you can too. And the truth is, there
is no magic spell or love potion that is going to get your ex back.
You have to use the psychological triggers that will make him or her
want to come back to you and be yours forever. Click here to find out


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