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  Public Employees!
WeSave is a FREE rewards program for
public employees. Our members receive
up to 20 percent in discounts from local,
statewide, national and online merchants.

  By activating your FREE
  WeSave Membership, you                                            er
                                                             R egist ith
  will automatically be entered                                   in w
  to win one of the following:                             a nd W ave!
 1 A new car valued at $20,000+. One

                                                                Time is
lucky winner of our “Pick Your Ride” grand prize
will drive away in one of seven brand new
vehicles this November.
 2 Groceries, spa retreats, tires, golf and                       running out...
                                                              for you to
                                                                         Pick Your
more. We have nine Giveaways ready to go with
a cash value of $1,000 each!
 3 100 WeSave members will win a $50 gas
gift card to be redeemed at their favorite local                         Ride and win!
convenience store.                                                                          WeSave Membership
                                                                                            activation required
                                                                                            before 10/16/2008.
  Add it up. That’s nearly
  $35,000 in Giveaways                                               2008 HYUNDAI SONATA

  exclusively for WeSave
  Members!                                                                                   2008 TOYOTA CAMRY

So what are you waiting for?
                                                                       2008 FORD FUSION
Activate your FREE membership card before
October 16, 2008 to be eligible to win a car in the
grand giveaway event of the year from WeSave!
                                                                                            2008 HONDA ACCORD

                                                                     2008 DODGE AVENGER
     Activate your WeSave
      Membership now!
   Go to                                                           2008 CHEVY MALIBU

                                                                      2008 NISSAN ALTIMA

If you do not have your WeSave membership card,
please contact your HR Department or request one
from wesave at:

WeSave, Inc. is an exclusive savings community where
members benefit from frequent Hot Deals, Giveaways         Don’t believe you can win or save? To see what other public
and special promotions -- such as our current “Pick Your   employees have won and hear what they have to say about
Ride” event! To learn more about how you can SAVE          saving with WeSave Merchants near you, go to:
BIG and SAVE OFTEN as a WeSave Member,           
go to

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