; Houston Chiropractor, Dr. Michiel Rorick Helps Houston Locals With Whiplash Injuries
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Houston Chiropractor, Dr. Michiel Rorick Helps Houston Locals With Whiplash Injuries


Houstonhealthandwellness.com happily announces about the assistance it has designed for locals suffering from whiplash injuries. It prides in working with a unique team of experienced and dedicated professionals aimed at providing relief and better health for the patient.

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									Houston Chiropractor, Dr. Michiel Rorick Helps Houston Locals With
Whiplash Injuries

Houston, TX 05/03/10 - Houstonhealthandwellness.com is excited to
announce about its offers to assist local residents with health problems
and injuries due to car accidents. This Houston chiropractor works with
several other professionals in providing for the specific needs of every
individual patient.

Whiplash injuries are disorders that are specific to the neck as a result
of sudden force acting on this specific body part. These are highly
related to motor vehicle accidents, especially with car crashes that
specifically hit the rear. Aside from car accidents, these injuries can
also be brought about by falling off from horses and bicycles.

Technically, the specific injury involves the uncontrolled stretching of
one's spine. This usually affects the anterior longitudinal ligament. The
said ligament ends up getting stretched and torn into pieces as a result
of the head snapping forward and back again when the crash takes place.
The end result is a whiplash injury.

When one gets involved in a car crash, it is possible to end up without
any cuts and bruises. However, it is also usual for the accident victim
to experience body pains specific to the neck and back after a certain
period of time. In addition to the back and neck aches, one may also have
headaches and some sensory disturbances in the arms and legs. Most often,
the symptoms of whiplash injuries are within the spinal cord and neck

There are different treatment recommendations for these injuries. The
most common is in the form of painkillers designed to deal with the
discomfort one feels. These are, however, highly attacked due to the
negative side effects they bring about.

Another option is to go with natural and safe procedures to effectively
deal with the root cause of the pain.

To know more about this, check out www.houstonhealthandwellness.com.
Members of the press can contact the following details for additional
information pertaining to this release.

Contact Person: Dr. Michiel Rorick

Company Name: Houston Health And Wellness

Address: 2550 Gray Falls Drive, Suite 120, Houston, Texas 77077

Phone Number: 281-496-3355

Fax Number: 281-496-4242

Email: request@houstonhealthandwellness.com

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