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									                            1407 14TH AVENUE N.W.            T: (403) 284-7640
                            CALGARY, ALBERTA                 F: (403) 284-7603            WWW.ACAD.CA
                            CANADA, T2N 4R3        

Course:     30062 – Acrylic Painting II
Instructor: Tia Halliday
Date:       Thursdays, March 4 – April 22, 2010
Time:       6:30 – 9:00pm

Required for first class:

    Acrylic Paint
    • 1 tube Burnt Umber, Acrylic Paint
    • 1 tube Ultramarine Blue, Acrylic Paint
    • 1 tube titanium white, Acrylic Paint

    •   1 Long Acrylic Paint Brush, Flat, Size 6
    •   Palette (Plastic Lids/Scrap Plastic/Styrofoam plate/ Wood/Magazine/Ceramic
        Plate will work fine)
    •   Plastic Water Container (Yoghurt Containers Work Great)
    •   2 Small Canvas Boards (Size Approx 8.5 x 11)
    •   Whatever Acrylic Paints or brushes you may already have at home

Required for Remaining class:

    • Long Acrylic Paint Brushes:
    • 1 brush, Flat Size 4
    • 2 brushes, Flat Size 6
    • 1 brush, Flat Size 12
    • 1 larger inexpensive house painting brush (for gesso application)
    *You may want to purchase smaller or larger acrylic painting brushes throughout the
    course, but they are not required

    Palette Knife:
    • Two Small Palette Knives (plastic or metal will work fine)

    • Matte Acrylic medium (medium sized bottle)
    • Retarder medium (small bottle)
    • Modeling Paste or Impasto Gel (for thick impasto)
    • Gloss Medium
    • Gloss Varnish
                                                    FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: Updated 2-Jul-2009
• 1 small pot or tube of gesso (high-grade gesso can often be very expensive, so
   lower-grade gesso works fine without compromising too much quality)

There are a variety of types of palettes on the market (plastic palettes, ceramic
palettes, and wood palettes…
For Acrylic II, the best palette will be:
• Pad of Paper Disposable Palettes (found at almost every art supply store) –
    Purchase the largest one available or that you can afford)
• Recycled Plastic Lids (margarine containers lids…. etc)

Water Containers
• Several Plastic/Metal Water Containers (recycled containers work great)
  *Don’t bring glass containers

• 5 Canvas Boards, Medium Size (approx 12 x 14 inches)
• 1 Store bought, Medium Sized Canvas (approx 12 x 14 inches)
• 1 Canvas Boards, Larger Size (14 x 20 inches or more)
* Do not buy until later into the course, Instructor will give notice -4 Store bought
stretcher bars, 1 piece of canvas

•   Carrying Case/Tool box for carrying paint, brushes, containers

•   Roll or Collection of Paper Towels

*Paint Purchasing Clinic will be given on the 1st day of class. A complete set
of paint will be required for the 2nd Class.
Purchasing Clinic: Instructor will look over everyone’s old/used paint/brushes on 1st
day to see if it will be appropriate for class use and to decide what other paints you
may need to buy to have the required set of paints

Purchasing Paints:
Paints come in variety of brands varying greatly in quality.
-A high quality acrylic paint is Golden brand, although it can be quite expensive,
Liquitex is great too, but also on the pricey side. A good affordable brand is
Stevensen brand. I welcome you to experiment with lower-quality paints like
Acrylex or some of the other student-grade paints you will see on the market…you
will know a brand is student-grade if it is significantly cheaper then the others)
although I caution you to try only a few colours of these paints before purchasing a
whole set.
     * You will not need to purchase any black

Best Quality                     Lower Quality

Reds:                            Reds:
Cadmium red light                Azo red light or Cadmium red hue
Alizarin crimson red light       Permanent Alizarin or Quinacridone

Blues:                           Blues:
Ultramarine blue                 Ultramarine blue (w/ synthetic colour prices lower)
Colbalt blue                     Colbalt blue light hue
Phthalo blue                     Phthalo blue

Yellows:                         Yellows:
Cadmium yellow                   Cadmium yellow medium hue, Azo
Medium yellow                    medium, Hansa yellow medium

Cadmium yellow light             Hansa Yellow Light , Azo yellow light, Azo yellow
Lemon yellow                     lemon

Earth Colours                    Earth Colours:
Burnt Umber                      Burnt umber
Yellow Ochre                     Yellow ochre

Titanium White                   Titanium White

Optional, yet exciting colours I recommend:
• Dioxizine Violet
• Pthaloe Green
• Quinacridone Magenta
• Naples Yellow
• Raw Sienna
• Indian Red

Estimated Total Cost of Supplies:       $80 (Cost may be slightly higher or significantly
                                        lower depending on whether student already
                                        has some supplies at home (paints, brushes etc)
        Additional Notes:

              Calgary Supply Stores:

              ACAD Bookstore
              8:30 am–4:30 pm, Monday - Friday (September 1–April 30),
              8:30 am–4:00 pm, Monday - Friday (May 1–August 31)
              Bookstore is located on lower lever
              (turn left down the hall from basement elevator exit ).

              University of Calgary Bookstore
              (Lower Level. Macewan Hall)

              Colours Art & Framing
              1340 16 Avenue NW, Calgary (403) 289-1633

              Kensington Art Supply
              132 10th St NW
              (403) 283-2288

              Inglewood Art Supply
              1006 9 Avenue Se
              Calgary, AB T2G 0S7, Canada
              (403) 265-8961

              Mona Lisa Artists' Materials
              1518 - 7th Street S.W
              (403) 228-3618

              *Studio work can be supplemented with some reading from ACAD library/Calgary Public
              Library / U of C Library.

              *Instructor may occasionally assign projects that will require purchase of other
              tools/supplies at very low cost during the course
              ACAD Bookstore for art supplies is open 8:30 am to 4: 15 pm----Mon-Fri
              Bookstore is located– (turn left down the hall from basement elevator exit).

Students: Occasionally Extended Studies must change an instructor from what was advertised. Because that may cause a
change to the course supply list, we recommend that you wait to purchase supplies for your first night until about one week
prior to class start and that you purchase your remaining supplies after your first class (unless your course is a weekend
workshop). Keep your supplies in their original packaging and keep all receipts until your instructor confirms the
supplies will be used (in case any need to be returned).

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•  T2202 Income Tax forms for the previous January through December tax year will be available on-line by the end of
   February. You may access this information by entering your student ID number which can be found on your course
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ACAD BOOKSTORE / SUPPLIES Lower Level (403-284-7660)
• 8:30 am–4:30 pm, Monday - Friday (September 1–April 30), 8:30 am–4:00 pm, Monday - Friday (May 1–August 31)
• Cafeteria
   8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday (September 1 – April 30), CLOSED from May 1 – August 31
   The cafeteria is closed during the evenings and on weekends. You may wish to bring coffee, a bag lunch and/or
   snacks. There are vending machines that sell pop and snacks. Be sure to bring change if you plan to use the vending
• ACADSA coffee bar
   8:30 am–7:00 pm, Monday - Friday, 8:30 am–2:30 pm, Saturday (September 1–April 30), CLOSED May 1 – August 31
• The C-Train stops at ACAD. Walk up and west over the +15 and then down through the Jubilee Walkway: You will
   find an entrance to the college (Main Mall) halfway down the hall on the left.
• City buses also stop regularly on adjacent thoroughfares, i.e.16th Avenue and 14th Street.
• There is paid parking of $7 per entry at the Jubilee Auditorium parkade and the SAIT parking lot adjacent to the
   college. Please note: ACAD does not own or operate these facilities; changes in prices and accessibility are subject to
   Jubilee Auditorium events, and policy changes made by the Jubilee Auditorium or SAIT.

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