Converting Visitors to Buyers

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					Converting Visitors to Buyers

          Stephan Spencer
     Managing Director, Netconcepts
        Your Visitors are Tough
• They don‟t read; they scan
   – We read 30% slower off the screen than off of paper
• They don‟t scroll
   – Over 60% of the time
   – Anything important „below the fold‟? Hope not!
• They‟re impatient; they won‟t wait
   – 8 second rule
• They can‟t remember much
   – Our brains can‟t handle more than 7 items at once
  If Your Site’s Not Part of the
Solution, It’s Part of the Problem
• Do you make it easy for them to do business
  with you?
• Do you solve their business problems?
• Do you save them time or money, or help make
  them more productive?
          Make It Easy for Them
•   Less is more. Keep it short and punchy.
•   Don‟t just reuse content from print
•   Minimize scrolling
•   Use bullet points
•   Use white space
•   Restrict the number of choices available
           Writing for the Web
• Must be value-added, compelling, interactive,
  fresh, well-written, concise, readable, tailored to
  the individual‟s needs
• No marketingspeak
• Content needs to be written as much for search
  engines as for humans
            No Marketingspeak!
• Skip the meaningless blather and cut to the chase
   – Everyone‟s “leveraging,” “monetizing,” “repurposing,”
     “disintermediating,” and “synergizing”
   – And they‟re all hawking “solutions” that are “next-generation,”
     “best-of-breed,” “innovative,” “scalable,” “mission critical,”
     “real-time,” “dynamic,” “customer-centric,” “24/7”
   – Did they use the B.S. Generator? (
• Avoid industry buzzwords and jargon
• Put your site to the test
   – the B.S. Detector (
             Don’t Over-hype
• Soft sell
• Avoid exclamation points
• Avoid words like “premier,” “leading,” and other
• No ALL CAPS (except in your legal disclaimer,
  where you must have it)
• “Keep it real.” You‟ll instill trust.
• Your visitors listen to WII-FM … What‟s In It For Me
• They don‟t care about your
   – Letter from the CEO
   – Mission statement
   – Assorted press release hype
• Your site should not be a „temple to the brand‟ or a
  testament to the company‟s ego
  “You” & “your” vs. “We” & “our”
• Web site copy that‟s all about “us”
• We all love talking about ourselves. But does the visitor
  really care?
• Should be a 7:1 ratio of “you” and “your” to “we” and
• Is your site „company facing‟ instead of „customer
  facing‟? Then you‟ve got your butt to the customer.
        Active Tense not Passive
•   Conserves words
•   Less wishy-washy
•   More persuasive
•   Read “Think Active!” article by Jeff Eisenberg
        Verbs With More Punch
• Inject more „punch‟ into your verbs and concomitantly
  cut down on your use of adjectives
• For example, “Immerse yourself” rather than “Take an
  audio visual journey”
• It‟ll give your prose more personality. Set a tone
  appropriate for your target audience, though.
• Read “Pump up Your Verbs” article by Jeff Eisenberg
     Writing for Search Engines
• You‟re writing for search engines as much as for people
• Keyword-rich copy (“keyword density”)
• Keywords should be not just relevant, but also popular
   – Overture‟s Search Term Suggestion Tool
     ( and
• Prominent placement of keywords at beginning of first
  paragraph, in headlines, in titles, etc. (“keyword
• Text-rich, constantly changing home page
                   The Offer
•   Give a compelling value proposition
•   Make it relevant
•   Sign up for e-newsletter
•   Free downloads (white paper, screensaver, etc.)
•   A sweepstakes
•   Etc.
• Invite your visitors to act
• Every page should have a clear „call-to-action‟ to
  get your visitors to take the next step
                The Follow-up
• Maintain contact at least once every 90 days
• With each contact, try to get increasing levels of
   – e.g. email -> phone -> in-person meeting -> proposal
     -> sale
                  Get Personal
• Mass customization = a mass of markets, not a
  mass market
• Tailor the content, speak to the user
• Rules-based personalization vs. collaborative filtering
• Example:‟s “1-click
  ordering”, Recommendation Center, & Email
  Notification Service
• Use to highlight relevant
  products/services/information, to auto-fill in order &
  inquiry forms, for targeted promotions and for email
           Acquisition Funnel
• Map out the stages in your customer acquisition
• E.g. Visit web site, sign up for e-newsletter,
  download white paper, trial user, customer, loyal
  customer, evangelist
               Acquisition Funnel Example
             Click to
             Web site                    Download
                                         attempt          Download
                                                          success     Regis-
                                                                      tration        4-wk
                                                                                     viewer       12-wk

CPM =                  1%*              50*                75*        90*         70*           80*      CPV84
$100                                                                                                     =$53

                                                                                CPV0 = cost per new viewer
                                                                                CPV84 = cost per viewer retained for
                                                                     CPV0       84 or more days

* Fictitious conversion rates, for illustration purposes only        =$30
Slide courtesy of Ann Shepherd of PointCast
   A Hypothetical Step-by-Step
  Permission Marketing Strategy
• First contact: visitor signs up (e.g. for a free BMW
  screensaver) and opts in for emails
• Email campaign: come in for a test drive and go in the
  draw to win
• At the test drive, invite them to become a member of
  BMW Owners Club, free
• Follow up with formal invitation letter
• Follow up by phone
• Maintain contact at least once every 90 days
             Hyundai Case Study
•   Campaign cost         $75K
•   Contest entries       39,502
•   Handraisers           25,418
•   Cost per lead         $2.95
•   Test drives           1,204
•   Cost per test drive   $62.29
•   Sales                 210
•   Cost per sale         $357.00
                In Summary
• Writing for the Web means writing for unforgiving
  humans and search engine spiders alike
• Manage the acquisition process - the offer, the
  call-to-action, the follow-up, etc.
• Personalize
            Further Reading
• Net Words: Creating High Impact Online Copy
  by Nick Usborne
• Guide To Killer Copywriting by Debbie Weil, a
  downloadable e-book, free when you subscribe
  to Debbie‟s free email newsletter