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No.   Artist                  Title & Medium        Extra Info on Artist

      Dinner for at Osteria
      del Toro
      6 bottles consisting                          Urlar Estate in
      of 2 Pinor Noir, 2                            Gladstone,
      Pinot Gris, 1 Sav                             Wairarapa. To ensure
      Blanc and 1                                   they produce a top
      Riesling                                      quality New Zealand
                                                    wine they have
                                                    chosen to go organic
                                                    as well as use a
                                                    method called
                                                    biodynamic farming
                                                    which uses the
                                                    rhythmic influences of
                                                    the sun, moon,
                                                    planets and stars.
                                                    Their commitment to
                                                    this process saw
                                                    Urlar Estate taking
                                                    first prize at the 2009
                                                    Hills Harvest and
                                                    Gallagher Innovation
                                                    Awards. The result is
                                                    a beautiful, clean,
                                                    hand crafted wine
                                                    that hasnt impacted
                                                    negatively on the
                                                    soils as they have
                                                    been created.

      Jane Kellahan           Set of 3 Bird Watch
      Jane Gray               Facescape with Cat,   Jane Gray‟s latest
                              Acrylic on canvas     works focus on
                                                    people or
                                                    expressions on faces
                                                    she sees around her
                                                    in our New Zealand
                                                    landscapes. She has
                                                    been painting
                                                    professionally since
                                                    1989. She has had
                                                    sell-out exhibitions in
                                                    New Zealand and the
                                                    United Kingdom. In
                                                    2006 her work
                                      featured in New
                                      Zealand's Favourite
                                      Artists by Denis
Jane Gray        Fireworks
Grand Mercure    2 nights             These brand new
Century City     accommodation in a   apartments on Tory
Apartments       Superior One         Street, Wellington are
                 Bedroom Suite        stylish and fully self
                                      contained. The suite
                                      that is up for auction
                                      is spacious and
                                      impeccably designed,
                                      it features a separate
                                      bedroom, large
                                      living space with
                                      leather lounge suite
                                      and LCD television,
                                      plus an outdoor area
                                      and fully equipped
Grahame Sydney   Night Station        Grahame Sydney is
                                      best known for his
                                      landscapes of Central
                                      Otago, many of which
                                      hang in collections in
                                      New Zealand and
                                      abroad. His works
                                      are owned by Elton
                                      John, Nelson
                                      Mandela and Sam
                                      Neill. These
                                      lithographs are each
                                      several colour, drawn
                                      on stone - both of
                                      these drawn at
                                      Australia Print
                                      Workshop in
                                      and hand printed by
                                      master-printer Martin
                                      King. They are an
                                      edition of 50. The
                                      drawing is removed,
                                      gone forever.
Grahame Sydney   Fog at Kane’s Pond
Jane Kellahan    Release II           Jane Kellahan‟s
                                      abstracts capture an
                                      unparalleled essence
                                      of light and
                                      atmosphere which
                                      are stunningly
                                      evocative and
                       emotion. Painting
                       since 1994, her work
                       was accepted at the
                       Florence Biennale,
                       Italy and the
                       Academy of Fine
                       London. In 2006 her
                       work featured in New
                       Zealand's Favourite
                       Artists by Denis
                       Robinson and in
                       2008, on the cover of
                       „Strange 4 Anthology‟
                       a publication by the
                       University of

A motivational talk    Your group will be
and performance at     inspired by Tony's
your corporate         story. Not only can
dinner by the          you witness the
Guinness Book of       speed of his tap
Records, fastest tap   dancing, you are also
dancer in the world,   welcome to bring
Tony Adams.            along a camera and
                       capture hundreds of
                       orbs that are
                       attracted to him by
                       the high frequency of
                       energy. Crippled at
                       birth Tony was told
                       he would never have
                       a normal active life.
                       To strengthen his
                       legs, he learnt to tap
                       dance. Despite his
                       physical handicap
                       and battling dyslexia,
                       he beat all the odds
                       to win numerous
                       national dance titles
                       as a teenager before
                       becoming New
                       Zealand‟s first male
                       tap dancing teacher.
 Tony took this
                       determination into his
                       business as well.
                       Despite entering the
                       share-broking market
                       just two weeks before
                       the 1987
                       stock-market crash,
                       Tony went on to
                                    become one of New
                                    Zealand‟s leading
                                    retail stockbrokers
                                    and achieved such
                                    success that he was
                                    able to retire in his
                                    mid-40s. Today
                                    Tony‟s love for
                                    business has found
                                    him in the top ten
                                    shareholders of
                                    several Australian
                                    listed companies. He
                                    is also the co-owner
                                    of Sydney based
                                    Scorpio Music, the
                                    associate company of
                                    which manages 10
                                    international bands.
 He is passionate
                                    about sharing his
                                    three-step process
                                    for achieving
                                    powerful change – a
                                    process that can
                                    work for everyone
                                    whether in sales,
                                    management or
Jane Kellahan   Commission
                1.2 x 1.2m worth
Jane Kellahan   Jane Kellahan       These popular
                painting workshop   workshops will teach
                                    you how to create
                                    emotive, abstract
                                    works to take home
                                    with you and frame.
                                    Suitable for
                                    beginners to
                                    advanced. Art school
                                    assessing expert,
                                    Joyce Stretton said
                                    Jane‟s workshops
                                    were the most
                                    stimulating, exciting
                                    and enjoyable she
                                    had ever attended.
Matt Gauldie                        Matt Gauldie, both
                                    painter and sculptor
                                    is the current New
                                    Zealand Army Artist.
                                    He often uses figures
                                    in his work as he has
                                          a fascination with
                                          people. He believes
                                          the challenge and
                                          enjoyment comes
                                          from capturing the
                                          essence of an
                                          individual. In 2004 he
                                          travelled to the World
                                          War One battlefields
                                          in northern France to
                                          complete the Return
                                          of the Unknown
                                          Warrior series. This
                                          exhibition recorded
                                          one of the most
                                          moving and dramatic
                                          events in recent NZ
Matt Gauldie
Matt Gauldie         Lunch and studio     Matt Gauldie is the
                     visit with painter   current New Zealand
                     Matt Gauldie         Army Painter. You
                                          can meet Matt
                                          personally at his
                                          studio in Shelley Bay,
                                          Wellington and see
                                          where he creates his
                                          stunning works. He
                                          will also share with
                                          you the process….
Gail Gauldie         'Memory Land Form    Gail Gauldie says
                     VIII                 “We have no concept
                                          of who we are except
                                          in terms of where we
                                          have been, both
                                          ersonally and
                                          collectively”. Her
                                          paintings are a
                                          personal translation
                                          of memory and time.
                                          She studied at the
                                          University of Hawai‟i
                                          at Manoa and now
                                          lives and paints in
Gail Gaudlie         Memory Land Form
Daniel Hayles Trio
to play at your
private function
Manu Berry           Silence Splintered   Edition of 3 - Berry
                                          specialises in
                                          print-making. A
                                          full-time artist for
                                      several years, his
                                      latest work explores
                                      how motivation or
                                      point of view can
                                      influence the way we
                                      see a landscape. He
                                      has recently
                                      developed his
                                      practice further by
                                      collaging together
                                      two prints of the
                                      same edition to form
                                      a single piece.
Manu Berry        Moon Jelly          Edition of 3
Scott McFarlane   Tunnel Beach, oil   Scott McFarlane‟s
                  on canvas           paintings comprise
                                      landscapes and
                                      portraits, subjects
                                      central to the land
                                      and history of New
                                      Zealand. In 1993 he
                                      completed a Diploma
                                      of Fine Arts
                                      (Honours) at the
                                      Otago School of Art.
                                      In 1998 he had an art
                                      residency at Rita
                                      Angus Cottage. He
                                      has works in
                                      numerous collections
                                      including the Ministry
                                      of Foreign Affairs and
                                      Trade and the James
                                      Wallace Arts Trust.
Scott McFarlane   Small Hill at
                  Seacliff. Oil on
Cam Munroe        The Land of Nod.    Munroe‟s work
                  Mixed Mediumon      appears iconographic
                  Canvas              with her use of
                                      motifs, symbols and
                                      glyphs of simplified
                                      organisms. She uses
                                      texture and muted
                                      colour along with
                                      representations of
                                      earth and air.With
                                      their titles, the works
                                      are left deliberately
                                      ambiguous. Now
                                      based in Wellington,
                                      she graduated from
                                      Meadowbank School
                                      of Art and Design in
                                      1993. Cam has work
                                      at the Museum of
                                      Contemporary Art in

                                      2008 Winner of
                                      mixed media
                                      catogory of the Molly
                                      Morpeth Canaday Art
                                      Awards. Artwork in
                                      entrance of Duxton
                                      Hotel and work in
                                      many corporate
                                      settings here and
Cam Munroe   Where it once
             stood. Acrylic and
             mixed media on
                                      A motivational
                                      address to your
                                      workplace or
                                      organisation by
                                      Nathan Hoturoa
                                      Gray, best selling
                                      author of First Pass
                                      Under Heaven - One
                                      Man's 4,000km Trek
                                      along the Great Wall
                                      of China.
Turi Park    Here Comes the           Turi Park is a
             Night, Kohaihai,         contemporary artist
             Winter. Oil and          and designer. His
             photographic print       work explores visual
             onto panel               memories of place -
                                      collected fragments
                                      of time from the
                                      history of special
                                      places. His artwork is
                                      held in public and
                                      private collections in
                                      New Zealand,
                                      Australia, Asia and
Turi Park
Turi Park    Lunch and studio visit   Turi Park‟s
             with artist and          Wellington art and
             designer Turi Park       design studio.
                                      Previously the
                                      workplace and home
                                      of Peter McIntyre,
                                      who was the New
                                      Zealand Army Artist,
                                      and acclaimed
                                      landscape and
                                        portrait painter. Turi
                                        will talk you through
                                        the process of
                                        creating his own
                                        dramatic artworks,
                                        and show you the
                                        studio he now
                                        creates his art from.
Suzy Pennington   In the Evening Mist   Suzy has been
                                        exhibiting her work in
                                        major galleries in
                                        New Zealand,
                                        Australia, Holland,
                                        India, Poland and
                                        Lithuania. Her work is
                                        held in public
                                        collections in New
                                        Zealand, Australia
                                        and India. She has
                                        received numerous
                                        awards and grants
                                        including Creative
                                        New Zealand and
                                        Asia 2000
Suzy Pennington   Voices across the
Suzy Pennignton   What is the Sea
Gary Tricker      Petone 1979           With 50 years‟
                  Edition of 12         print-making
                                        experience, Gary
                                        Tricker is an expert in
                                        both etching and
                                        aquatint. These rare
                                        1970s prints depart
                                        from his usual subject
                                        matter of cats and
                                        railway images,
                                        making them highly
                                        collectible. He was
                                        awarded the Queen
                                        Elizabeth Arts
                                        Council grant in 1965
                                        & „75
Gary Tricker      The Red Horse 1970
                  Edition of 4
Gary Tricker      Railscape
                  Edition of 3
Sheyne Tuffery    Red Hot Hoi Hos       Tuffery is a
                                        contemporary pacific
                                        artist and the founder
                                        of LeSA Gallery in
                                        Petone where he
                                        shows his original
                                                                            prints, paintings and
                                                                            digital work. He
                                                                            describes himself as
                                                                            a paper architect who
                                                                            uses his work to
                                                                            create and represent
                                                                            his own cultural
                                                                            context and sense of
                                                                            belonging. He has a
                                                                            Masters of Fine Art
                                                                            in print-making from
                                                                            Elam School of Fine
                                                                            Art, Auckland
                           Sheyne Tuffery          Manu Tasi
_Greylands Ridge 2007 Pinot Noir_2 cases includes delivery_This surperb Pinot Noir from Otago is
the secret of the south, you cant buy this anywhere in Wellington. In 2008 it won Bronze medal at the
Bragato wine conference and in 2009 a Bronze Medal at the Australian Boutique wine makers awards .
New Zealand International Wine Show 2009. Greylands Ridge 2007 PN GOLD, Greylands Ridge 2008
Bronze, Ridgeback ALEX 2008 Bronze(its second).
                           Vincent Ward            Ship Graveyard            Vincent Ward has a
                                                                             Diploma of Fine Arts
                                                                             (Honours), at the
                                                                             University of
                                                                             Canterbury. Writing
                                                                             and directing films at
                                                                             18, in 2007 he was
                                                                             awarded a NZ Order
                                                                             of Merit for his
                                                                             contribution to
                                                                             film-making. This is a
                                                                             rare conceptual
                                                                             drawing print from his
                                                                             1998 movie What
                                                                             Dreams May Come.
                                                                             This is an edition of
                                                                             50, Vincent has the
                           Vincent Ward            Letting Go                original
                                                   Water Falls
_Melissa Young_A Handful_Melissa Young works in bronze. Her ideas often evolve from
conversations. In 1989 she completed the Industrial Design
course at Wellington Polytechnic and in 1993 she started
sculpting. She was awarded first equal prize at the Pacific Art
Awards in 2002. A Handful Comes from Melissa's Control & Order range, where she has been working
through her frustrations of being a stay at home mother, wife and artist. This piece has helped her vent
through her anguish of not being in the driver's seat of her life anymore. The hand represents her as a
mother and the old styled milk bottle, the responsibility of developing and nurturing her child
_Melissa Young_A Flying Start_A Flying Start Comes from Melissa's Bird range, Melissa is trying to
build bridges and move on with her issues of adjusting to parenthood. The bird represents new horizons
and attitudes and the corkscrew - I'm only human and I can't change overnight, I still like a glass of wine
at the end of a tough day.
                           Carol Brent                                       Brent is a ceramic
                                                                             artist who explores
                                          surface qualities.
                                          Her inspiration comes
                                          from environmental
                                          details: cracks in the
                                          pavement, peeling
                                          paint or a rust stain.
                                          Carol has a Bachelor
                                          of Fine Arts, Otago
                                          Polytechnic. In
                                          2005/06 she was a
                                          finalist at
                                          the prestigious
                                          Portage Ceramics
Carol Brent
John Drawbridge   Interior with Bottles   In 1957 Drawbridge
                  1986 Ed 9/100           was awarded a
                  Drypoint etching        National Art Gallery
                  with mezzotint          Travelling
                                          Scholarship to study
                                          at London Central
                                          School of Arts,
                                          graduating in 1960
                                          with a Diploma with
                                          Distinction. He
                                          created major public
                                          artworks like the 40
                                          metre long Beehive
                                          mural at Parliament
                  Still Life with         This particular print of
                  Malevich (Red)).        John Drawbridges is
                                          held in the British
                                          Museum collection
                                          and was created in
                                          the early to mid 80s.
                                          This is an edition of
                                          50. Drypoint and
                  Still Life with         This print is the very
                  Malevich (Black):       last print available.
                  1988.                   An edition of 100.
                                          The process is an
                                          Aquatint, Drypoint
                                          and Mezzotint.
Jason Secto                               Commonly known as
                                          Orophin off Lord of
                                          the Rings, Jason is a
                                          Wellington artist and
                                          teaches at painting at
                                          Inverlochy Art School
Nathan Gray       A motivational          The Great Wall of
                  address to your         China is the largest
                  workplace or            man-made structure
                  organisation by         ever built, stretching
                  Nathan                  for over 4,000
    Hoturoa Gray, best   kilometres from
    selling author of    central Asia, across
    First Pass Under     the Gobi Desert,
    Heaven - One Man's   through the remote,
    4,000km Trek along   cold mountains of
    the Great Wall of    northern China to end
    China.               on the shores of the
                         Pacific Ocean.
                         Nathan Gray, a
                         young New Zealand
                         lawyer, wanted to be
                         one of the first
                         Westerners in history
                         to walk and
                         document the entire
                         length of the Great

                         First Pass Under
                         Heaven, Nathan's
                         account of his epic
                         journey, has sold
                         over 10,000 copies.
                         His book is Penguin's
                         top travel book for
                         2007/2008. A
                         photographic and
                         supplement is also
                         available on DVD if
                         you want to fully
                         experience what it is
                         like to traverse along
                         the length of the
                         Great Wall, and gain
                         further insight into
                         China's profound
                         history and dramatic
                         economic rise.


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