LOGIS MOBILE project LV04BFPP-172.001 by tog11712


									                                         LOGIS MOBILE

                             EC Leonardo da Vinci Programme Phase II

                                   LOGIS MOBILE project

                                         Final meeting
                                        (Workshop No.4)

“Radi un Draugi” hotel, Old Riga, Marstalu Street 1/3, Riga LV – 1050, Latvia

Date:         28/04/2006 (and 27/04/2006 a little bit)

Equipment:           LCD Projector and Overhead Projector

Participants:        Latvian Intelligent Systems, Ltd.   -       LIS
                     Fraunhofer-Institute for Factory
                     Operation and Automation            -       IFF
                     Otto-von-Guericke University
                     Magdeburg                           -       OvG
                     Autonoma University of Barcelona    -       UAB
                     Politechnical University of
                     Catalonia                           -       UPC
                     Mettle Group                        -       MG
                     Klaipeda University                 -       KU
                     JSC Ventamonjaks                    -       VM
                     IDC Information Technologies        -       IDC
                     Latvian National Association of
                     Freight Forwarders                  -       LAFF
                     Riga Technical University           -       RTU
                     Warsaw University of Technology     -       WUT

                                       Riga, 27-28/04/2006
                                    LOGIS MOBILE

                               Thursday, April 27, 2006

12.30 – 15.00    Participation in session of Latvian National        Prof. Egils Ginters
                 Association of Freight Forwarders with
                 presentation “"Mobile On-site Vocational
                 Training on Logistics Information Systems".

                                 Friday, April 28, 2006

09.30            Meeting point (pick-up)                             Prof. Egils Ginters
                 (Reception “Radi un Draugi” hotel, Old Riga,        Ms. Liene Krecere
                 Marstalu Street 1/3, Riga LV – 1050, Latvia)        ALL PARTICIPANTS

10.00 - 12.40    Attending International Exhibition “Logistics and   ALL PARTICIPANTS
                 Transport 2006” (Riga, Kipsala, Exhibition hall

12.45            Meeting point (pick-up)                             Prof. Egils Ginters
                 (Main Entrance in Exhibition hall BT1, Riga,        Ms. Liene Krecere
                 Kipsala).                                           ALL PARTICIPANTS

                                   13:00 Lunch Time

14.00 - 17.00    Presentation the project results in conformity with ALL PARTICIPANTS
                 joint and individual work plans (using templates    (w/coffee equipment and
                 from Sophia-Antipolis workshop) (Riga, Radi un cookies)
                 Draugi hotel, Conference Room)

                 Discussing accounting and reporting questions

                                 Riga, 27-28/04/2006

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