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January 2010 New Releases......
Forthcoming new and Re-issued Titles from the U.S and Locally

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       Author Focus - P.C Cast                            Author Focus - Gena Showalter
 P.C. Cast was born in Watseka, Illinois, and grew up     Gena Showalter sold her first book at the age of 27
   being shuttled back-and-forth between Illinois and    and now, four years later, is the New York Times and
     Oklahoma, which is where she fell in love with      USA Today bestselling author of thirteen books, with
  Quarter Horses and mythology (at about the same        eleven more on the way in a thrilling blend of genres:
 time). After high school she joined the United States   breathtaking paranormal and contemporary romanc-
   Air Force and began public speaking and writing.        es, cutting edge young adult novels, and stunning
  Since her tour in the USAF, she has been speaking      urban fantasy. The critics have called her books “siz-
              and teaching professionally.               zling page-turners” and “utterly spellbinding stories”,
                                                           while Showalter herself has been called “a star on
          See page 6 for books by P.C Cast                                     the rise”.
                                                               See page 4 for books by Gena Showalter

                robinsons bookshop and cafe
                                  3/11 Station Street, Frankston, Victoria, 3199
                                      tel: 03 9783 6488 fax: 03 9781 1139
               A BLACK TIE AFFAIR                                  GUILTY PLEASURE                                       ONE DAY AT A TIME
               Sherill Bodine                                      Lora Leigh                                            Danielle Steel
                PB $13.95                                         TPB $27.50                                              PB $15.50
                Fashion curator Athena Smith                      Marty Matthews swore she would                          Coco Barrington was born into
                will do anything to get her hands                 never allow herself to be drawn                         a legendary Hollywood family.
                on the Clayworth family couture                   into the secret, forbidden pleasures                    Her mother, Florence, is a mega-
                collection for her exhibit. So                    that the women she had grown up                         bestselling author. Her sister,
                she’s thrilled when she’s called                  with enjoyed. Women whose hus-                           Jane, is one of Hollywood’s top
in to authenticate the gowns - until she falls ill bands or lovers were members of the exclusive          producers and has lived with her partner, Liz, for
while examining them and wakes up face to face “Club,” where they took a selected “third” into            ten years. Florence, widowed but still radiant, has
with notorious bachelor Drew Clayworth.            their beds. Now, Marty is an FBI agent and her         just begun a secret romance with a man twenty-
                                                   brand new case has put the one man she can’t           four years her junior. But Coco, the family black
               ANGEL’S PEAK                        have in her sights.                                    sheep, works as a dog walker, having fled life in
               Robyn Carr                                                                                 the spotlight for an artsy beach town.
               PB $15.50                                           HER FOREVER
               Four years ago, Air Force sweet-                    COWBOY                                                REMEMBER ME
               hearts Franci Duncan and Sean                       Debra Clopton                                         Laura Moore
               Riordan had reached an impasse:                                                                    PB $15.50
               she wanted marriage and a                        PB $11.50
                                                                Mule Hollow, Texas, is chock-full                 A rising star in the modeling world,
               family; he didn’t. But now a                                                                       Margot Radcliffe hasn’t forgotten
chance meeting proves that their bitter breakup                 of handsome cowboys ready to
                                                                say “I do.” So veterinarian Susan                 the hurt that sent her running from
hasn’t cooled their sizzling chemistry.                                                                           Rosewood, the beautiful Virginia
                                                               Worth moves in, dreaming of
                                                 meeting Mr. Right. He’s most certainly not the                   horse farm where she was raised.
                BEAUTY EMERGES                   gorgeous rescue worker blazing through town on Travis Maher, a ruggedly handsome rebel and
                Dominique Adair                  a motorcycle. Cole Turner is a sixth-generation  gifted horse trainer with a hard-knock past, had
                TPB $27.50                       Mule Hollow rancher, but he’s all about roaming once captured Margot’s heart—only to break it.
                Seducing… Jane Porter is looking Texas to save everyone but himself.
                to end her self-imposed celibacy                                                                  ROGUE STALLION
                with a master who’s willing to                  HOT ROCKS                                         Diana Palmer
                explore her sensual nature. Men                 Nora Roberts                                      PB $10.50
               looking for happily-ever-after                                                                     “I don’t want kindness—or your
need not apply. Educating… Antonio knows                        PB $15.50
                                                                When her notorious past catches                   kind of woman.” Sterling McCal-
Jane is determined to keep their relationship                                                                     lum gave the warning to Jessica
temporary, but he has other plans. Within hours                 up with Laine Tavish, proprietor
                                                                of the antique shop Remember                      Larson. The brooding cop had a
of meeting her, he introduces Jane to his best                                                                    stone in place of a heart and a past
friend, and together they set out to unleash her                When, it’s up to her and an
                                                                enigmatic stranger named Max      as mysterious as the case that had brought them
inner submissive. Reinventing… Jane’s weekend                                                     together. But this time Jessica couldn’t back off.
of sexual freedom is at an end. Antonio and San- Gannon to find out who’s chasing her - and why. Something compelled her to stand her ground and
tos have no intention of letting her leave them. The answer lies in a hidden fortune that will
                                                                                                  brave the emotions this man had long aroused.
If they have their way, Beauty will emerge from change Laine’s life...
her shell—for good.
                                                                   LAKE MAGIC                                 SUSAN MALLERY
               BLACK SHEEP AND                                     Kimberly Fisk
                                                                   PB $15.50                                              THE SPARKLING ONE
               THE PRINCESS                                                                                                PB $10.50
                                                                   After the loss of her fiancé Steven,
               Donna Kauffman                                      Jenny Beckinsdale has more than                         A party planner extraordinaire,
                PB $13.95                                          a broken heart to deal with-their                       Katie Marcelli loves her big,
                From the bestselling author of                     fledgling seaplane service is going                     boisterous family. When her
                “Catch Me If You Can” and “Bad                     under. In debt to Steven’s best                         eighteen-year-old sister announc-
                Boys in Kilts” comes the first in a                friend and fellow Navy pilot, she                       es her engagement, Katie prom-
deliciously sexy, irresistibly romantic new series plans to convince the sexy, cynical flyboy to help                       ises her the perfect wedding.
about the quintessential bad boys and the good      save the business...and in the process these two       There’s only one hitch: the father of the groom,
girls who lust after them.                          lost souls may find they’re saving each other.         Zach Stryker, who is adamantly opposed to
                                                                                                           his son marrying so young. Now, despite her
               GENUINE LIES                                        LEAD ME ON                              instant attraction to the handsome, arrogant at-
               Nora Roberts                                                                                torney, Katie must approach with caution.
                                                                   Victoria Dahl
                TPB $29.00                                     PB $15.50                                                  THE SASSY ONE
                Eve Benedict is the last of the                After a rough childhood with a
                movie goddesses, a smoky-voiced                mother who liked her men in pris-                           PB $10.50
                sex symbol with two Oscars,                    on-jumpsuit orange, Jane changed                            Francesca Marcelli married at
                four ex-husbands, and a legion                 her name, her look and her taste                            eighteen — right on schedule,
                of lovers to her name. There is                for bad boys. So why is she lusting                         according to her family, who
no secret, no scandal she doesn’t know. Now     for William Chase with his tattoo-covered biceps                           have always said that Francesca
Eve has decided to write her memoirs - no holds and steel-toed boots? The man blows things up                              need never worry about find-
barred. All Hollywood begs her not to. But Eve for a living!                                                               ing love. But a few years later,
has her reasons....                                                                                        finding herself on her own, she pursues her
                                                                                                           educational passions — with a risky experiment
                                                                   NOTORIOUS                               that takes her straight into the arms of playboy
               GETTING LUCKY                                       Iris Johansen                           CEO Sam Reese.
               Carolyn Brown                                       PB $15.50
               PB $13.95                                           Beautiful actress Mallory Thane                        THE SEDUCTIVE ONE
               Eve Benedict is the last of the                     endured the harsh, unforgiv-                            PB $10.50
               movie goddesses, a smoky-voiced                     ing glare of publicity during the                       Of all the Marcelli sisters, the
               sex symbol with two Oscars,                         trial in which she stood accused                        one who dreams of running the
               four ex-husbands, and a legion                      of murdering her husband. But                           family’s winery is Brenna — and
                of lovers to her name. There is                    even the acquittal that set her                         she’s about to get her chance.
no secret, no scandal she doesn’t know. Now         free couldn’t ease the heartache of her ordeal.                        But taking the helm at Marcelli
Eve has decided to write her memoirs - no holds     Desperate to get back her life, her career, and her                    Winery is tougher than she bar-
barred. All Hollywood begs her not to. But Eve      sanity, she accepts a new movie deal on an island      gained for — especially when she butts heads
has her reasons....                                 paradise – only to realize that she has walked into    with her grandfather, whose Old World ways
                                                    a trap.                                                dictate that a male should inherit the business.
                                                                                                           In need of some fast capital in order to prove
                                                                                                           her grandfather wrong, Brenna turns to Nic
                                                                                                           Giovanni, her family’s nemesis....
               AT THE DUKE’S                                        LESSONS IN FRENCH                                      SINFUL SURRENDER
               PLEASURE                                             Laura Kinsale                                          Beverley Kendall
               Tracy Ann Warren                                     PB $15.50                                            PB $10.50
             PB $15.50                                              Trevelyn and Callie are child-                       Talented newcomer Kendall
             The Byrons of Braeborne                                hood sweethearts with a taste for                    weaves a charming Regency
             continue their mad, bad, and                           adventure, until the fateful day her                 England-set romance about a
             dangerous ways in this third                           father discovers them embracing in                   beautiful young woman frustrated
              book from bestselling author                         the carriage house and in a furious                   by her unrequited love for her
Tracy Ann Warren.                                   frenzy drives Trevelyn away in disgrace. Nine        brother’s best friend.
                                                    long, lonely years later, Trevelyn returns. Callie
               BETWEEN TWO                          is shocked to discover that he can still make her                    THE DUKE’S
               QUEENS                               blood race and fill her life with mischief, excite-
                                                    ment, and scandal.                                                   REDEMPTION
               Kate Emerson                                                                                                Carla Capshaw
               TPB $29.00                                           PROOF BY SEDUCTION                               PB $11.50
               Masterfully blending romance,                                                                         He came to the colonies for one
               drama, and historical detail,                        Courtney Milan
                                                                                                                     reason: revenge. Drake Amberly,
               Emerson exposes the darkest                        PB $15.50                                          Duke of Hawk Haven, won’t
               corners of Tudor England with                      A gifted fortune-teller from a hum-                leave South Carolina until he’s
extraordinary skill, in this captivating novel                    ble background, Jenny can make      unmasked the colonial spy who killed his brother.
based on a real-life member of the royal court of                 even the most sophisticated skeptic Yet the more he sees of spirited Elise Cooper,
Henry VIII.                                                       believe her predictions simply by   the more he’s moved by the happiness she brings
                                                                  batting her smoky eyelashes. Until him…never suspecting the dangerous secret she
               FAITH                                she meets her match in Gareth Carhart, the Mar-   hides.
               Deneane Clark                        quess of Blakely, a sworn bachelor and scientist.
               PB $13.95                                                                                                   THE HIGHLANDER’S
               After meeting a charming rake                        RAVISHING IN RED
               at her sister’s wedding, Faith                       Madeline Hunter                                        FORBIDDEN BRIDE
               Ackerly shall see all her reserva-                     PB $15.50                                            Donna Fletcher
               tions tested - and all her dreams                      Audrianna Kelmsleigh is unat-                         PB $13.95
               of happiness and nobility come                         tached, independent-and armed.                        Featuring a sexy hero, a strong,
true.                                                                 Her adversary is Lord Sebastian                       sassy heroine, and the lush setting
                                                                      Sommerhays. What they have in                         of the Scottish Highlands, this
                HOW I MET MY                                          common is Audrianna’s father, who                    final novel in Fletcher’s Sinclare
                COUNTESS                                             died in a scandalous conspiracy-a     Brothers series tells Ronan’s story.
                Elizabeth Boyle                      deserved death in Sebastian’s eyes. Audrianna
                PB $13.95                            vows to clear her father’s name, never expecting to                    THE TRUTH ABOUT
                Boyle delivers the first in a three- fall in love with the man devoted to destroying it...                  LORD STONEVILLE
                book series entitled The Widows
                of Standon, which features char-                      SCOUNDREL’S KISS                                      Sabrina Jeffries
                                                                                                                            PB $15.50
                acters from her beloved Bachelor                      Carrie Lofty                                          The first novel in Jeffries’s new
                Chronicles.                                           PB $11.95                                             Hellions of Hallstead Hall series
                                                                      Turning his back on his old life as                   that features five siblings whose
                HOW TO SEDUCE A                                       a rogue, Gavriel de Marqueda has outrageous behavior scandalizes London society-
                SINNER                                                joined a monastic order in Spain     -until they are forced to marry.
                Adrienne Basso                                        and taken a vow of chastity. Before
                PB $13.95                                             he becomes a monk, he must pass                       TO TAME A
                Dorothea Ellingham is waiting        one final test: help a woman who has lost her way.
                for the man who can ignite a         But when he lays eyes on Ada of Keyworth, he is                        DANGEROUS LORD
                spark of consuming passion with tempted beyond measure by her sultry beauty and                             Nicole Jordan
                just a kiss. For when that hap-      dangerous curves. . .                                                  PB $15.50
pens, she’ll know she’s found the one. But after                                                                            Dangerously sexy nobleman and
three suitors miserably fail her test, she’s about                    SEDUCED BY A ROGUE                                    former spymaster Rayne Kenyon,
to lose all hope until she lays eyes on Viscount                      Amanda Scott                                          Earl of Haviland, has no interest
Carter Grayson. His devilish good looks and                           PB $13.95                                             in love. He merely desires an heir
charm send her pulse racing—and when he                               A fair-haired beauty at 19, Lady     to carry on his title and therefore must have a
kisses her, she finally finds what she’s been                         Mairi is heiress apparent to her fa- wife. Rayne makes a surprising choice of brides
craving. . .                                                          ther Lord Dunwythie’s rich barony. by settling on the plain spinster daughter of a
                                                                      He has carefully taught her how      fellow spy who once saved his life. But the
                LACY                                                  to manage their estates, but a feud   spirited and witty Madeline Ellis proves much
                Diana Palmer                         between his clan and the Maxwell clan is brewing more than Rayne bargained for.
                TPB $27.50                           as the two families edge toward a clan war - their
                Cole Whitehall had asked Lacy        dispute over money owed. Mairi’s father believes                       TO TEMPT A SAINT
                Jarrett to wait for him. But         he owes nothing, and of course Mairi sides with                        Kate Moore
                after the war, he returned to the    him.                                                                   PB $15.50
                rambling Whitehall cattle ranch                                                                             Despite being knighted for sav-
                a changed man, the promise of                         SEXY AS HELL                                          ing the Prince Regent’s life, Sir
                lasting love replaced by a cold,                      Susan Johnson                                         Alexander Jones will never truly
hard distance. Lacy yearned to reignite the once                                                                            be accepted by the nobility. But if
inseparable couple’s unquenched passion.                              PB $15.50
                                                                      When Baron Lenox’s assignation                        he’s to find his long lost brother,
                                                                      with his mistress goes awry, he                      Xander must win the first willing
                LESSONS FROM A                                        finds himself in bed with the wrong heiress he can find. Only by marrying can Cleo
                SCARLET LADY                                          lady. The potential scandal leaves Spencer access her funds. Making a bargain with
                Emma Wildes                                           him with one option: marry the       Xander is her chance to provide for her younger
                PB $13.95                            innocent mystery woman. But Isolde Perceval has brother. But when her uncle accuses them of
                The Duke of Rolthven’s new           no intention of marrying Lenox. In fact, she or-      fraud, they discover that love is the best part of
                wife, Brianna, is the perfect        chestrated the compromising situation herself-for their bargain.
                aristocratic bride. So what would reasons that are unpredictable, riotously romantic,
                society say if they had seen her     and sexy as hell.
with a copy of “Lady Rothburg’s Advice”--a
courtesan’s collection of lessons for the bou-
               BITTEN BY CUPID                                      HUNTING JULIAN                                      SUCCUBI LIKE IT HOT
               Lindsay Sands                                        Jacquelyn Frank                                     Jill Myles
                PB $15.50                                          PB $15.50                                            PB $15.50
                On Valentine’s Day, some women                     As an Advocate for his colony,                       Succubus Jackie Brighton must
                want roses. Others just want to                    Julian Sawyer travels to Earth                       have sex every 48 hours or die.
                make it through the day alive.                     to bring back the Chosen —                           She has two hot guys - the vampire
                 Bestselling author Sands, along                   women who possess energy                             Zane and the angel Noah - to
                 with Palmer and Rush, presents                    potent enough to help revitalize                     scratch her itch. But her itch soon
three tales of dangerous desire, where giving into his people. The stunning, silver-clad beauty          accelerates to 24 hours.
temptation could turn deadly.                      who strides into his club one night radiates a
                                                   sensual magnetism unlike any he’s encountered,                       THE PHOENIX CHARM
                BONE MAGIC                         and Julian realizes that Asia Callahan is not just                   Helen Scott Taylor
                                                   Chosen, she is his kindra: his one true mate.
               Yasmine Galenorn                                                                                          PB $13.95
               PB $15.50                                            INKED                                                Celtic magic and adventure com-
               Another equinox is here, and                                                                              bine in this deliciously decadent
               life’s getting more tumultuous for
                                                                    Karen Chance                                         continuation of the Magic Knot
               the D’Artigo sisters. Smoky, the                   PB $15.50                                              series. The charismatic bard of the
               dragon of Camille’s dreams, must                   From one of today’s most pro-                          Cornish piskies must rescue his
               choose between his family and                      vocative authors come four tales       infant nephew from the underworld without giv-
               her. Plus, the sisters can’t locate                of paranormal romance explor-          ing in to the sensual lure of a female impossible
the new demon general in town. And Camille’s                      ing body art that is more than it      to resist.
summoned to Otherworld, thinking she’ll reunite                   seems - in a world of magic and
with her long-lost soul mate Trillian. But once      mayhem that always leaves its mark.                                THE SCARLETTI CURSE
there, she must undergo a drastic ritual that will
                                                                    MY ZOMBIE                                           Christine Feehan
forever change her and those she loves.                                                                                 PB $15.50
                                                                    VALENTINE                                           Strange, twisted carvings and
               COME HELL OR HIGH                                    Katie MacAlister                                    hideous gargoyles adorned the
               WATER                                                PB $15.50                                           palazzo of the great Scarletti fam-
                                                                    Tired of vampires and were-                         ily. But a still more fearful secret
               Michele Bardsley                                                                                         lurked within its storm-tossed tur-
                                                                    wolves? This quartet of comedic
               PB $13.95                                            zombie romances by bestselling                      rets. For every bride who entered
               Phoebe’s right in the middle of a                     authors is sure drive readers       its forbidding walls was doomed to leave in a
               major paranormal drama, helping       mindless with hilarity. Includes tales by MacAl-    casket.
               Connor and his ragtag group of        ister, Marianne Mancusi, Angie Fox, and Lisa
               friends retrieve part of an ancient   Cach.                                                              THE TAKING
talisman in order to ward off Connor’s vicious
stepmother, an uber-demon named Lilith.                                                                                 Erin McCarthy
                                                                    NAKED DRAGON                                         PB $15.50
               CRIMSON AND STEAM                                    Annette Blair                                        Heiress Regan Henry keeps her
                                                                 PB $15.50                                               emotions in check - until she falls
               Liz Maverick                                      The Works like Magick Employ-                           under the spell of the beguiling
               PB $15.50                                         ment Agency has a reputation for                        Felix LeBlanc. He knows that the
               A new plot is developing in Crim-                 perfectly matching clients with                         rumors that her mansion is haunted
               son City - one meant to destroy all               magical temps. So when McK-             are true, and that he’s the only one who can save
               vampires and werewolves - and                     enna Greylock requests a handy-         her from the spirits residing there.
               only it can bring together those    man, the gorgeous Bastian Dragonelli arrives to
               ill-fated lovers from different     repair her B&B- and fire up her bedroom.
               species, Jill and Marius, in this
eighth book in Maverick’s bestselling series.                    NIGHTWALKER                               GENA SHOWALTER
                                                                    Heather Graham                                       DARKEST NIGHT #1
               ETERNAL HUNTER                                     PB $15.50
               Cynthia Eden                                       Jessy Sparhawk has seen first-                         Gena Showalter
                TPB $25.95                                        hand how gambling can ruin                             PB $15.50
                Assistant DA Erin Jerome has a                    people’s lives. But one night, des-                    All her life, Ashlyn Darrow has
                secret. Make that two. One: She’s                 perate for money, she places the                       been tormented by voices from
                not entirely human — she’s Other,                 bet that will change her life for-                     the past. To end the nightmare,
                desperately trying to keep her                    ever. Just as she’s collecting her                     she has come to Budapest seek-
                supernatural strength under wraps. winnings, a man stumbles through the crowd, a                         ing help from men rumored to
                Two: she’s got a killer stalking   knife protruding from his back, and crashes into       have supernatural abilities, not knowing she’ll
her — an Other rogue set on “gifting” her bloody her, pinning her to the craps table.                     be swept into the arms of Maddox, their most
corpses, not to mention nights lying awake in                                                             dangerous member - a man trapped in a hell of
terror. Small wonder she’s been having bad luck                   ORIGINAL SIN                            his own.
with men.                                                         Allison Brennan
                                                                  PB $15.50
                                                                                                                         DARKEST KISS #2
                FUGITIVE                                          Haunted by chilling memories of                        Gena Showalter
                Cheryl Brooks                                     demonic possession and murder,                         PB $15.50
                PB $13.95                                         Moira O’Donnell has spent seven                        Though she has lived for centu-
                When a Zetithian fugitive meets                   years hunting down her mother,                         ries, Anya, goddess of anarchy,
                a beautiful Earth woman, their                    Fiona, whose command of black                          has never known pleasure. Until
                passion may cost them both their magic has granted her unprecedented control of                          Lucien, the incarnation of death
                lives...                           the underworld. Now Moira’s global search has                         - a warrior eternally doomed to
                                                   led her to a small California town that’s about to     take souls to the hereafter. He draws her like no
                HEART OF DARKNESS become hell on earth.                                                   other. And Anya will risk anything to have him.
               Gena Showalter et al                                 SMOLDER                                              DARKEST PLEASURE
              PB $15.50                                             Melina Morel
              Three bestselling masters of                                                                               Gena Showalter
              paranormal romance deliver three                     PB $13.95                                            PB $15.50
              brand-new tales of seduction.                        Descended from werewolf                              Reyes is a man possessed. Bound
              Includes the scintillating new                       hunters, Catherine Marais has                        by the demon of pain, he is for-
              Lords of the Underworld story                        vanquished countless of their                        bidden to know pleasure. Yet he
The Darkest Angel by Showalter; Lady of the                        vile kind-including the one that                     craves a mortal woman, Danika
Nile by Krinard; and Love Me to Death by                            slaughtered her father. Her debt                    Ford, more than breath and will
Shayne.                                              of blood and honor was fulfilled-but her heart is    do anything to claim her - even defy the gods.
               WICKED                                              WOLF TALES IX                                          LOST ENCHANTRESS
               ENCHANTMENT                                         Kate Douglas                                           Patricia Coughlin
               Anya Bast                                       TPB $25.95                                         TPB $25.95
                PB $15.50                                      In the dead of a Montana night, all                Long ago Eve Lockhart discov-
                When the Summer Queen of the                   the Chanku packs have gathered,                    ered that the ancient magic that
                fae orders Aislinn Finvarra to act             not for a hunt, but for a vigil. As                was her birthright could cost her
                as a guide for a half-incubus who              Tia and Luc prepare for the ar-                    everything. So she vowed to create
                is known to possess dark magick                rival of their twins, Chanku from                  a normal life and was convinced
and sexual power, she must protect not only her across the country wait—and share their stories of she’d succeeded-until a long-lost family talisman
heart, but her very life.                          becoming...                                     resurfaces. A prize beyond price, the hourglass
                                                                                                   pendant ignites the fevered interest of mysterious
                                                                                                   forces who’ll risk anything to possess it-forces
                                                                                                   that include one very seductive man...

               DEAD GIVEAWAY                                       HOLD ON TIGHT                                          STORM WARNING
               Brenda Novak                                        Stephanie Tyler                                        Linda Hall
                PB $15.50                                        PB $15.50                                                 PB $11.50
                The Reverend Lee Barker went                     When a mission to rescue a kid-                           The rustic lakeside homestead is
                missing nineteen years ago...                    napped ambassador and his wife                            supposed to be a refuge for widow
                And the people of Stillwater,                    goes horribly awry, an FBI hostage                        Nori Edwards. However, the
                Mississippi, believe they know                   negotiator is killed and Navy SEAL                        moment the single mom arrives,
                 why. They’re convinced he was                   Chris Waldron finds himself at the                        strange and frightening things start
murdered--by his stepson, Clay Montgomery.       center of the ensuing investigation being led by                          happening. Former police officer
But only Clay - and his mother and sisters - can Chris’s onetime lover. The final novel in Tyler’s         Steve Baylor—the only resident who’ll step foot
say for sure. They were the only ones there that trilogy.                                                  on the “cursed” property—vows to protect Nori.
fateful night, the only ones who know what                                                                 And catch the shadowy someone dead set on ter-
really happened. And they’re not talking.                        RENEGADE                                  rorizing her. For the first time, she feels safe. But
                                                                                                           danger won’t stay hidden forever…and neither
               DEAD SILENCE                                        Catherine Mann                          will Nori’s stalker, who’s waiting for a chance to
                                                                   PB $15.50                               let a deadly storm roll in.
               Brenda Novak                                        Tech Sergeant Mason “Smooth”
               PB $15.50                                           Randolph lives to push boundar-
               There’s a body buried behind a                                                                             TOO HOT TO HOLD
                                                                   ies. But he never anticipated how
               Mississippi farmhouse.                              far outside the box he would land                      Stephanie Tyler
               Grace Montgomery knows who                           when an in- flight accident sends                      PB $15.50
               it is, and she knows why it hap-     him parachuting into Nevada’s notorious Area                           Nick Devane’s life is one big clas-
               pened. She was only thirteen         51- and into the handcuffs of sexy security cop Jill                   sified secret. Until Kaylee Smith
               the night it all went wrong. And     Walczak.                                                               busts his covert world wide open,
now, like then, she has no choice but to keep her                                                                          threatening to blow his cover.
mouth shut.                                                        SLEEP NO MORE                                           Digging around where she doesn’t
                                                                                                           belong could get them both killed…especially
               DOCTORED                                            Susan Crandall                          when the beautiful journalist uncovers top secret
               EVIDENCE                                          PB $13.95                                 information that could set off a global disaster if it
                                                                 A woman with a history of                 falls into the wrong hands. Nick can’t let that hap-
               Donna Leon                                        sleepwalking is involved in a fatal       pen, even if he has to battle deadly mercenaries
                TPB $25.95                                       accident. Although the evidence           and an irresistible attraction that is all consum-
                Beloved Commissario Guido                        exonerates her, she is plagued by         ing.…
                Brunetti once again finds himself                doubts - and soon by mysterious
                pursuing a puzzling case his      threats. A psychiatrist offers to help her explore the                  TWIN TARGETS
                fellow policemen would rather     dark recesses of her mind. Soon, secrets reveal a
leave closed. What appears to be a cut-and-dried danger that threatens them both.                                         Marta Perry
murder case pinpoints an elderly lady’s maid                                                                               PB $11.50
as her killer. However, Brunetti comes to a dif-                 SMOKE SCREEN                                              The Witness Protection Program
ferent conclusion and decides - unofficially - to                                                                          was supposed to keep Jade Sum-
take on the case himself.
                                                                 Stephanie Newton                                          mers’s sister safe. So why is U.S.
                                                                 PB $11.50                                                 Marshal Micah McGraw saying her
                DOWN RIVER                                       First, his fiancée was murdered.                           twin is dead? Jade doesn’t get the
                                                                 Next, a dear friend. Is an arsonist       chance to ask because their meeting is interrupted
                Karen Harper                                     targeting firehouse chaplain Jake         by Ruby’s killers. The mob is after Jade… but
                PB $15.50                                        Rollins through his loved ones? FBI       neither Micah nor Jade know why. Somehow, it’s
                On the verge of abandoning                       agent Chloe Davis is on the case—         connected to a decades-old crime. Finding the
                everything to be with the man     even though it brings her far too close to the hand-     truth could be disastrous, but lives depend on it.
                she should have married, Lisa     some pastor. Chloe has always worked undercover,         Several women are in danger…and Jade is the
                Vaughn is attacked and thrown     trusting only herself. How can she believe a man         first one in the killer’s sights.
                into the Wild River. Unable to    who says he knows her—and loves her—for who
lose Lisa again, Mitch Braxton embarks on a       she is? Only when the smoke begins to clear will
desperate search that takes him miles down                                                                                WORTH DYING FOR
                                                  Chloe learn to see past her doubts and fears…and
river--and into the line of fire.                 find the vengeful killer closer than anyone realizes.                   Beverly Barton
                                                                                                                     PB $15.50
               ENDLESS NIGHT                                       STOLEN SEDUCTION                                  Sometimes love is stronger than
               Dana Mentink                                        Elisabeth Naughton                                death…
                PB $11.50                                                                                            Security agent Dante Moran can’t
                                                                 PB $13.95                                           afford the luxury of love—in his
                On the run, Jackie Swann returns                 To clear her name of a double
                to the last place anyone would                                                                       line of work, emotions can get
                                                                 homicide, Hailey Roarke must beat                   you killed. Besides, he’s never
                look for her: Alaska’s Delucchi                  the real killer in an elaborate trea- recovered from the pain of losing his high school
                Lodge. The retreat is home to                   sure hunt and risk losing her heart sweetheart to a serial rapist and killer. As far as
                pilot Roman Carter, the man she                  to the hot Chicago detective who’s Dante is concerned, his heart died the day her
once loved. With no one to trust, Jackie finds   putting his career on the line to help her.
danger closing in on all sides, and the final                                                          body was discovered
showdown could leave her lost in an endless
night... or bring the truth to light.
                THE WILDEST HEART                                       CAPTIVE OF SIN                                           THE PERFECT COUPLE
                Rosemary Rogers                                         Anna Campbell                                            Brenda Novak
               PB $16.99                                                 TPB $27.99                                          PB $16.99
               Historical                                                Historical                                          Suspense
               Rowena Dangerfield is headstrong                          They each have their secrets ...                    One afternoon in May, Zoe Dun-
               and scandalously independent,                             When Sir Gideon Trevithick returns                  can’s thirteen-year-old daughter
               the granddaughter of the governor                         to Cornwall after a horrific impris-                goes missing from her own back-
               of an Indian province under the                           onment in India he stumbles upon a                  yard. The police think Samantha
British empire. After his death, she travels to          beaten and frightened girl. Gideon feels an affinity                ran away because she’s unhappy
New Mexico to lay claim to her inheritance.              for the waif′s suffering and offers help -- little   about her mother’s upcoming marriage - but Zoe
There she discovers an affinity with the wild and        does he realize the girl is Lady Charis Weston,      doesn’t believe it. In fact, she’s willing to do
untamed frontier and meets a handsome half-              England′s greatest heiress.                          anything to bring Sam home, even if it means los-
Apache renegade, Lucas Cord, with devastating                                                                 ing her job, her beautiful home, her fiancé. Even
consequences ...                                                         ROYAL’S BRIDE                        if it means divulging all her secrets to a private
                                                                         Kat Martin                           investigator.
                TO TEMPT THE WOLF
                                                                          TPB $32.99                                             DAYS OF GOLD
                Terry Spear                                               Historical
                 PB $14.99                                                Though he is a titled nobleman,                        Jude Deveraux
                 Paranormal                                               Royal Dewar is singularly lucky…                        HB $45.00
                 Hunter Greymore is a lupus                               forced to choose between his soul                       Historical
                 garou, a grey werewolf. Hoping to                        mate and his salvation...                               When the young heiress Edilean
                 keep a low profile at wildlife pho-     After years abroad, Royal has returned to Brans-                         Talbot turns up at her uncle’s
                 tographer Tessa Anderson’s cabin        ford Castle to find his father dying and the family                      castle in Scotland, she may easily
on the coast, he’s drawn into her life and into her      treasury nearly empty. Then the old duke wrests a                        win over the members of the local
bed. His animal instincts war with his human             final promise from his guilt-ridden son: that Royal      clans with her great beauty and charm, but Laird
half, but in the end, the only thing he can do           will marry heiress Jocelyn Caulfield and restore         Angus McTern is not so easily impressed. How-
about this adorable woman is to leave her forever        the estate to its former glory. However, it is not his   ever, when Edilean’s inheritance is stolen from
- unless she becomes one of them.                        fiancée who quickens Royal’s pulse, but rather her       her, Angus swallows his pride and sets off to re-
                                                         beautiful cousin Lily Moran.                             capture the pilfered gold. What he doesn’t realise
                SHADOWFAE                                                                                         is that one of the trunks on the wagon actually
                Erica Hayes                                             NIGHT’S EDGE                              contains Edilean, and he finds himself accused of
                                                                        Charlaine Harris et al                    kidnapping and theft. To avoid prosecution, the
                PB $22.99                                                                                         two of them board a ship to America and, during
                Paranormal                                               PB $22.99                                the course of the voyage, fall in love.
                Welcome to a secret world hidden                         Paranormal
                behind shadowy fairy glam-
                our, where thieving sprites rob
                                                                         Dancer Layla Rue Le May’s child-
                                                                         hood prepared her to handle just         P.C. CAST
                you blind, beautiful banshees                            about anything, including her aloof
mesmerise you with their song, big green trolls                         partner, Sean McClendon, a three-                         DIVINE BY MISTAKE
kick heads at King St nightclubs and sadistic            hundred-year-old redheaded vampire. Even so,                         PB $22.99
vampire Mafiosi rule the Carlton streets. Here           when she somehow acquires a stalker, Layla Rue                       Paranormal
life as a soul-sucking succubus rarely involves          is surprised to find that Sean is the only one she                   The only excitement Shannon
lacy lingerie, hot guys or great sex. Instead, Jade      can trust….                                                          Parker expects while on summer
must spend her nights seducing gangsters and                                                                                  vacation is a little shopping. But
murderers, or simpering as a trophy girl for hell’s                       EDGE OF DESIRE                                      when an antique vase calls to
minions. Her quest for freedom brings her face                                                                                her, she finds herself trans-
to face with Rajah, a 400-year-old incubus who’s                          Rhyannon Byrd                                        ported to Partholon, where she’s
been pitted against her.                                                  PB $16.99                           treated like a goddess. A very temperamental
                                                                          Paranormal                          goddess…
                FIRE AND ICE                                              Sheriff Riley Buchanan is a good    Somehow Shannon has stepped into another’s
                                                                          man…but a man possessed.            role as the Goddess Incarnate of Epona. And
                Laura Hamilton                                            Plagued by vicious and uncontrol- while there’s an upside—what woman doesn’t
                PB $21.95                                                 lable impulses, he lives in fear of like lots of pampering?—it also comes with a
                Paranormal                               surrendering to real love. Even after years apart,   ritual marriage to a centaur and threats against
                At work Nina is known as the Ice         he still craves one woman, Hope Summers, above her new people. Oh, and everyone disliking her
                Queen, as her frosty demeanour           all others, and will do anything to protect her from because they think she’s her double.
                makes her colleagues think she’s         harm—even tempt fate.
                equally cold in bed. But what they       Hope is a woman with her own secrets. For
don’t know is that she spends her free time acting       months she has eluded her abusive ex-husband, a                      DIVINE BY CHOICE
out sleazy scenarios with her boyfriend, Andrew,         ruthless creature who won’t rest until Hope and                      PB $22.99
in which she’s a prostitute and he’s a punter.           her kind are destroyed.                                              Paranormal
But when Andrew starts inviting his less-than-                                                                                Shannon Parker has finally
respectable friends to join in their games, things                        VAMPIRE SUNRISE                                     come to terms with life in the
begin to get strange and Nina finds herself being                                                                             mythical world of Partholon.
drawn deeper into London’s seedy underworld,                              Carole Nelson Douglas                               She loves her centaur husband,
where everything is for sale and nothing is what                          PB $14.99                                           her connection to the goddess
it seems.                                                                 Paranormal                                          Epona and the pampering that
                                                                          Paranormal Investigator Delilah     comes with both! She’s almost forgotten her old
                THE RED ROSE OF                                           Street is still making things hot   life on Earth—especially when she discovers
                                                                          for the hellish supernatural beings she’s pregnant….
                ANJOU                                                      running Las Vegas. Delilah has
                Jean Plaidy                              identified the skeletal lovers she and sexy ex-FBI                   DIVINE BY BLOOD
                 PB $24.95                               guy Ricardo Montoya found, but now the victims                       PB $22.99
                 Historical                              won’t stay dead.                                                     Paranormal
                 When Henry VI becomes king,             Delilah’s personal quest for her possible twin,                      Conceived in a lie and trapped in
                 it is soon clear that he would be       Lilith, leads to a deadly face-to-face showdown                      a tree throughout her gestation,
                 better suited to a quiet life than to   with her mirror image. Come hell or high water,                      Morrigan’s birth was truly magi-
ruling the country. Richard, Duke of York, is con-       and they’ve faced both, Ric, Delilah, and her                        cal. After that start, she spent the
vinced that he would make a better king and has          wolfhound-wolf dog, Quicksilver, will take on                        next eighteen years raised as a
more right to the crown, and he will stop at noth-       vampires, gods, werewolves, and insane celebrity                     normal girl in Oklahoma.
ing to claim it. But Margaret of Anjou, Henry’s          zombies as they fight to unearth Vegas’s deepest,    Upon discovering the truth of her heritage, her
new French wife, is a formidable woman who is            darkest paranormal secrets and save the few in-      rage and grief take on a power of their own,
just as determined to keep Henry on the throne.          nocents left in town.                                carrying her back to the world of Partholon.
                                                                                                              Yet, instead of being respected as the daughter
                                                                                                              of the Goddess Incarnate, Morrigan feels like a
                                                                                                              shunned outsider.
                                            SERIAL ROMANCES ORDER FORM
Please complete the order form,                                    Harlequin Romance
including details on reverse page, and                             # 4141 The Italian’s Forgotten Baby            $9.50
return to Robinson’s Bookshop                                      9780373176311           Morgan, Raye
                                                                   # 4142 The Daredevil Tycoon                    $9.50
                                                                   9780373176328           McMahon, Barbara
   Harlequin American Romance                                      # 4143 Just Married!                           $9.50
                                                                   9780373176335           Colter, Cara
   # 1289 Kayla’s Daddy                                 $10.50     # 4144 The Girl from Honeysuckle Farm          $9.50
   9780373752935      Bradford, Laura                              9780373176342           Steele, Jessica
   # 1290 The Twin                                      $10.50     # 4145 One Dance with the Cowboy               $9.50
   9780373752942      Hudson, Jan                                  9780373176359           Alward, Donna
   # 1291 Baby Makes Six                                $10.50     # 4146 Hired: Sassy Assistant                  $9.50
   9780373752959      Galloway, Shelley                            9780373176366           Harrington, Nina
   # 1292 Bachelor Cowboy                               $10.50
   9780373752966      Delaney, Roxann                              Harlequin Super Romance
   Harlequin Blaze                                                 # 1608 An Unlikely Setup                       $11.50
                                                                   9780373716081            Watson, Margaret
   # 513 Blazing Bedtime Stories, Volume III            $10.50     # 1609 Her Surprise Hero                       $11.50
   9780373795178        Carrington, Tori                           9780373716098            Gaines, Abby
   # 514 Moonstruck                                     $10.50     # 1610 Skylar’s Outlaw                         $11.50
   9780373795185        Kenner, Julie                              9780373716104            Warren, Linda
   # 515 Midnight Resolutions                           $10.50     # 1611 Perfect Partners?                       $11.50
   9780373795192        O’Reilly, Kathleen                         9780373716111            Carmichael, C. J.
   # 516 Sexy Ms. Takes                                 $10.50     # 1612 The Father for Her Son                  $11.50
   9780373795208        Leigh, Jo                                  9780373716128            Myers, Cindi
   # 517 Her Secret Fling                               $10.50     # 1613 Falling for the Teacher                 $11.50
   9780373795215        Mayberry, Sarah                            9780373716135            Kelleher, Tracy
   # 518 His Final Seduction                            $10.50
   9780373795222        Wilde, Lori                                Silhouette Desire
   Harlequin Historical                                            # 1987 From Playboy to Papa!                   $9.95
                                                                   9780373730001           Banks, Leanne
   # 975 The Rogue’s Disgraced Lady                     $11.95     # 1988 Bossman’s Baby Scandal                  $9.95
   9780373295753       Mortimer, Carole                            9780373730018           Mann, Catherine
   # 976 The Kansas Lawman’s Proposal                   $11.95     # 1989 Tempting the Texas Tycoon               $9.95
   9780373295760       Finch, Carol                                9780373730025           Orwig, Sara
   # 977 The Earl and the Governess                     $11.95     # 1990 Affair with the Rebel Heiress           $9.95
   9780373295777       Elliott, Sarah                              9780373730032           McKay, Emily
   # 978 Pregnant by the Warrior                        $11.95     # 1991 The Magnate’s Pregnancy Proposal        $9.95
   9780373295784       Lynn, Denise                                9780373730049           Hyatt, Sandra
                                                                   # 1992 Claiming His Bought Bride               $9.95
                                                                   9780373730056           Bailey, Rachel
   Harlequin Intrigue
   # 1179 The Socialite and the Bodyguard               $10.50     Silhouette Nocturne
   9780373694464        Marton, Dana
   # 1180 Classified Cowboy                             $10.50     # 79 Last of the Ravens                        $10.95
   9780373694471        Kane, Mallory                              9780373618262          Jones, Linda Winstead
   # 1181 The Shadow                                    $10.50     # 80 Sentinels: Wolf Hunt                      $10.95
   9780373694488        Thurlo, Aimee                              9780373618279          Durgin, Doranna
   # 1182 A Perfect Stranger                            $10.50
   9780373694495        Ryan, Jenna                                Silhouette Romantic Suspense
   # 1183 Case File                                     $10.50     # 1591 Criminal Deception                      $10.50
   9780373694501        Graves, Paula                              9780373276615          Pappano, Marilyn
   # 1184 The Sheriff of Silverhill                     $10.50     # 1592 The Agent’s Proposition                 $10.50
   9780373694518        Ericson, Carol                             9780373276622          Stone, Lyn
   Harlequin Presents                                              # 1593 The Private Bodyguard                   $10.50
                                                                   9780373276639          Cowan, Debra
   # 2883 Ruthless Boss, Royal Mistress                 $9.95      # 1594 A Doctor’s Watch                        $10.50
   9780373128839        Anderson, Natalie                          9780373276646          Taylor, Vickie
   # 2884 Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence             $9.95
   9780373128846        Graham, Lynne                              Silhouette Special Edition
   #2885 The Italian Billionaire’s Secretary Mistress   $9.95      # 2017 Prescription for Romance                $10.50
   9780373128853        Kendrick, Sharon                           9780373654994           Ferrarella, Marie
   # 2886 Powerful Italian, Penniless Housekeeper       $9.95      # 2018 Branded with His Baby                   $10.50
   9780373128860        Grey, India                                9780373655007           Bagwell, Stella
   # 2886 Prince of Montez, Pregnant Mistress           $9.95      # 2019 Love and the Single Dad                 $10.50
   9780373128884        Philips, Sabrina                           9780373655014           Crosby, Susan
   # 2887 Cavelli’s Lost Heir                           $9.95      # 2020 The Bachelor’s Northbridge Bride        $10.50
   9780373128877        Raye Harris, Lynn                          9780373655021           Pade, Victoria
   # 2889 Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress            $9.95      # 2021 The Engagement Project                  $10.50
   9780373128891        Hardy, Kate                                9780373655038           Harlen, Brenda
   # 2890 Bought: Damsel in Distress                    $9.95      # 2022 The Sheriff’s Secret Wife               $10.50
   9780373128907        King, Lucy
  Harlequin Presents Extra
   # 85 The Millionaire’s Rebellious Mistress           $9.95    Serial Romances are printed in
   9780373527496        George, Catherine
   # 86 Da Silva’s Mistress
   9780373527502        Hollis, Christina
                                                        $9.95           Limited Numbers
   # 87 Kyriakis’s Innocent Mistress                    $9.95
   9780373527519        Hamilton, Diana                          To avoid disappointment please complete and
   # 88 The Mediterranean’s Wife by Contract            $9.95        place your order as soon as possible.
   9780373527526        Ross, Kathryn
Contemporary                                                    Suspense
     A Black Tie Affair                9780446618595   $13.95        Dead Giveaway                                     9780778328865            $15.50
     Angel’s Peak                      9780778327615   $15.50        Dead Silence                                      9780778328858            $15.50
     Beauty Emerges                    9781605045429   $27.50        Doctored Evidence                                 9780143117087            $25.95
     Black Sheep and the Princess      9780758217264   $13.95        Down River                                        9780778327479            $15.50
     Genuine Lies                      9780553386424   $29.00        Endless Night                                     9780373443796            $11.50
     Getting Lucky                     9781402224362   $13.95        Hold on Tight                                     9780440244363            $15.50
     Guilty Pleasure                   9780312541866   $27.50        Renegade                                          9780425229231            $15.50
     Her Forever Cowboy                9780373875733   $11.50        Sleep No More                                     9780446556842            $13.95
     Hot Rocks                         9780515147995   $15.50        Smoke Screen                                      9780373443789            $11.50
     Lake Magic                        9780425232026   $15.50        Stolen Seduction                                  9780505527950            $13.95
     Lead Me on                        9780373774340   $15.50        Storm Warning                                     9780373443765            $11.50
     Notorious                         9780553593440   $15.50        Too Hot to Hold                                   9780440244356            $15.50
     One Day at a Time                 9780440243335   $15.50        Twin Targets                                      9780373443772            $11.50
     Remember Me                       9780345482761   $15.50        Worth Dying for                                   9780373774470            $15.50
     Rogue Stallion                    9780373362066   $10.50
     The Sassy One                     9781416535614   $10.50
     The Seductive One                 9781416535607   $10.50
     The Sparkling One                 9781416535621   $10.50   Local
                                                                     The Wildest Heart                                 9781402222740            $16.99
Historical and Regency                                               To Tempt the Wolf                                 9781402219047            $14.99
                                                                     Shadowfae                                         9780312578008            $22.99
    At the Duke’s Pleasure             9780061673429   $15.50        Fire and Ice                                      9780352345349            $21.95
    Between Two Queens                 9781416583271   $29.00        The Red Rose of Anjou                             9780099532972            $24.95
    Faith                              9780843963526   $13.95        Captive of Sin                                    9780732291020            $27.99
    How I Met My Countess              9780061783494   $13.95        Royals Bride                                      9781741168440            $32.99
    How to Seduce a Sinner             9781420104332   $13.95        Nights Edge                                       9781741168457            $22.99
    Lacy                               9780373775125   $27.50        Divine by Mistake                                 9781741168532            $22.99
    Lessons from a Scarlet Lady        9780451228796   $13.95        Divine by Choice                                  9781741168549            $22.99
    Lessons in French                  9781402237010   $15.50        Divine by Blood                                   9781741168556            $22.99
    Proof by Seduction                 9780373774395   $15.50        Edge of Desire                                    9781741168488            $16.99
    Ravishing in Red                   9780515147544   $15.50        The Perfect Couple                                9781741168495            $16.99
    Scoundrel’s Kiss                   9781420104769   $11.95        Days Of Gold                                      9781439107942            $45.00
    Seduced by a Rogue                 9780446541343   $13.95        Vampire Sunrise                                   9781439156773            $14.99
    Sexy as Hell                       9780425230206   $15.50
    Sinful Surrender                   9781420108699   $10.50
    The Duke’s Redemption              9780373828289   $11.50
    The Highlander’s Forbidden Bride   9780061712999   $13.95
    The Truth about Lord Stoneville    9781439167519   $15.50
    To Tame a Dangerous Lord           9780345510112   $15.50
    To Tempt a Saint                   9780425233061   $15.50

     Bitten by Cupid                   9780061894459   $15.50
     Bone Magic
     Come Hell or High Water
     Crimson & Steam
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