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					 AMASA                                                                                Summer 2008

                                                                            From the President, page 2
                                                                            AMAA Convention, page 3
                                                                            Membership Matters, page 4
            Celebrating 85 Years!                                           Around the State, page 7
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    Physician Families for a Healthier Alabama                              Fall Leadership Meeting, page 10

Wild time had by all at AMASA’s Annual Convention
by Kathy Murray, president
   No words can aptly describe the incredible
time AMASA members had at our 2008
Annual Convention in Montgomery! The
Montgomery-Autauga-Elmore Medical
Alliance did an incredible job hosting our
meeting. The business meeting took place in
the beautiful and very comfortable Colonial
Bank conference center. We were greeted by
our very gracious hosts and enjoyed an eye-
opening and educational meeting. Mary
Woodall also hosted a past presidents break-
fast at her home on Saturday morning.
   The biggest surprise came on Friday
evening when we arrived at the location of    Pictured during the installation ceremony for AMASA’s 2008-2009 president are: Eric
                                                   Murray, MD; Kathy Murray, AMASA president; Nita Maddox, AMAA immediate past
                continued on page 3                president; and Laura Reynolds and Bhavani Kakani, past AMASA presidents.

You’re invited: Leadership Development Conference I – Fall session
by Terri Turner, president-elect             Last fall’s session topics included           Some reimbursement is available to
   The American Medical Association       Public Speaking, Life Balance,                county presidents, presidents-elect, and
Alliance (AMAA) provides a great          Computer 101, Healthy Lifestyles for          other board and committee leaders. I
opportunity for all of us to                        Children and Revitalizing or        would like to take someone from every
learn about becoming          AMA Alliance Reorganizing your County                     county – student and resident physician
leaders in our communi-         Leadership Alliance.                                    spouses too. If you are a county presi-
ties. If you are already a     Development             The conference is in             dent, please talk this up and recom-
leader, come to share and
learn from others about
                                Conference Marriott in the heart of
                                                    Chicago at the Downtown             mend someone from your county to
                                                                                        attend. You will all benefit. You do not
what it takes to be effec-         Oct. 5-7         Michigan Avenue’s                   have to be currently serving as a coun-
tive, things that work best    Chicago, Ill. Magnificent Mile of shopping.              ty officer to take advantage of this
from your experience and                            When we are not in meetings,        opportunity. Maybe you are interested
learn ways to increase and serve your     we are only steps away from upscale           in learning about what is expected
membership. The challenges of being       shops, restaurants, museums, theatres,        from a leader before you jump in. I
involved and connected are exciting       sporting events, you name it – Chicago        will be leading this expedition and I
when you enjoy the experience. You        has it all. Remember, it’s all about bal-     look forward to hearing from you.
are invited to come, participate, grow    ance. This is an opportunity to work on          Please contact me with your interest
and take something back home that         the personal growth, physical environ-        or to make a recommendation for
you can apply to your everyday life.      ment, friends and even the fun and            someone to attend the fall session of
Your medical, church, school, and         recreation sectors in your wheel of life.     the leadership conference.
other communities will appreciate what Come along and join the experience.                 You can reach me at tbturner2002@
you can bring to them as well.            There is something for everyone.     or (334) 793-3151.
        AMASA Officers
                                                                  From the President
               President                     AMASA serves community, each other
       Kathryn “Kathy” Murray                by Kathy Murray, president                  support, need-
            (256) 881-0068                      Are you there? Are you reading           ed meals, or
                   this? I wonder how many of you actu- help sitting
                                             ally take the time to sit and really read with sick fami-
                                             these ‘sometimes’ lengthy messages?         ly members,
              Terri Turner
             (334) 793-3151                  Well, this time, I will try to keep it      they have               short and sweet! I sat for a while and      always been
                                             wondered what it is I could say to get      there. I have
         1st Vice President                  your attention… No, to get you to           been on the
            Stephanie Jowers                 want to be a member of this organiza-       receiving end
              (256) 735-0379                 tion!                                       as well as the Kathy Murray, president               What is an Alliance? Webster             giving end. So
                                             defines it as “an allying or close asso-    you see, while we serve our communi-
         2nd Vice President                  ciation, as of nations for a common
             Sandy Garvey                                                                ties by providing health education,
                                             objective.” To be allied is defined as      scholarships and valuable volunteer
              (256) 532-3175                 “closely related or united by kinship.”     hands, we also serve each other.
                                             I feel the second definition best              This is an exciting year because
    District One Vice President              describes what our Medical Alliance is AMASA is celebrating its 85th year of
             Traci Knowles                   – a group of individu-                                           service to the great
             (256) 244-3113                  als closely related or        ... our Medical                    state of Alabama.
                 united by kinship.                                               Why don’t we try to
    District Two Vice President
                                                I have been a           Alliance is – a group make it a memorable
                                             member of the med-
                                                                        of individuals closely challenge each and
                                                                                                              year? I would like to
           Pamela Cezayirli
                                             ical Alliance for 25
            (205) 871-2030
                                                                        related or united by go out and ask at least
                                             years and happy to                                               every one of you to
                                             report a member of
  District Three Vice President              AMASA for the last                                               one friend to join the
             Julie Freeman                   15 years, and I have                                             Alliance. We all have
             (334) 270-9533                  enjoyed every minute                                             friends that could
               of it. Sure, we have our annual proj-       join, but perhaps they don’t know
                                             ects and our meetings, but it is more       enough about what we do or who we
   District Four Vice President              than mere attendance at these various       are. Maybe they are just “too busy” to
                 vacant                      functions. It is a path that leads to last- join. How many of us are not busy?
                                             ing friendships, to developing an           Yet, we do manage to find the time.
                                             extended family of sorts. Most of the       Don’t be discouraged by a less than
             Marcia Miller
              (334) 269-1952                 time, many of us are separated from         positive response when you first invite
                   our own biological families with chil-      a friend. Encourage your friend to help
                                             dren, siblings and parents sometimes        make a difference in your community
              Treasurer                      hundreds of miles away. I know that         by joining the Alliance, and who
             Olivia Crockett                 when I have had an emergency or even knows, he or she may just find a friend
             (334) 794-5571                  a simple need for help, my family was for life!
                      not always available or accessible. It
                                                                                            P.S. If you DID read this message, e-mail
                                             was in those times, as it is now, that      me at and let me know why
                                             my Alliance family has pitched in and       the Alliance has been good for you – just a sen-
   The AMASA NEWS is a publication
                                             been there – whether it is for moral        tence or two will do!
of the Alliance to the Medical Association

                                                  Invite a friend to join AMASA!
    of the State of Alabama, published
  by the Association’s Communications
  Department, 19 South Jackson Street,
         Montgomery, AL 36102.

  AMASA News                                                       2                                                      Summer 2008
                                                    In the News
AMASA expresses appreciation to MASA for ongoing support
by Donna West, MD, immediate past president    plishments this past year was
   The Medical Association of the              printed in the handbook for the
State of Alabama held its annual ses-          House of Delegates for the coun-
sion May 22-25 at Sandestin, Florida. sellors and delegates to read at
AMASA was repre-                                              their convenience.
                              Alliance to the Medical
sented by Donna              Association of the State of
                                                              During the time for
West, MD, immedi-                      Alabama
                                                              her oral report at
ate past president.        wishes to express its heartfelt
                                                              the business ses-
Other members were          thanks and appreciation to
                                                              sion, Donna took
there with their              the Medical Association
                                                              the opportunity to
spouses to enjoy the          of the State of Alabama         present: What is the
beach and shops at             for its ongoing support        Alliance? Who is
Baytowne. Several                of our organization,         the Alliance? and
Alliance members              especially in the areas of      What are the bene-
from Jefferson                 education and service.         fits of membership?
County were seen          May our continued partnership       She encouraged the
selling their terrific    be a mighty force in advocating     physicians to con-
cookbook! Our            for and improving the health and sider membership
“brag” board was on           well-being of the citizens      for themselves, but
display at the exhibit        of the state of Alabama.        at a minimum to      James G. Chambers III, MD, MASA president 2007-
                                                                                   2008, accepts the plaque of appreciation from Donna
center to showcase                                            insist that their
                                                                                   West, MD, AMASA president 2007-2008.
the activities and projects of our coun- spouses be members.
ty Alliances across the state.                     To celebrate MASA’s continued          outgoing president of MASA, as a
   Donna’s written annual report on            support of AMASA, Donna presented a visual expression of AMASA’s thanks
the status of AMASA and its accom-             plaque to James G. Chambers III, MD,       to the medical association.

AMASA convention, cont.
our dinner/installation meeting. We were the guests of Dr. Pat and
Susan Ryan and were totally in awe of their compound! It was as
though we stepped into a natural history museum. The “lodge” was
full of animals from all over the world. We had no idea that Pat and
Susan were so adventuresome! It is not everyday that one is installed
beneath the head of a huge elephant! We enjoyed an absolutely deli-
cious low country boil, most of which was prepared by Susan and her
   Following the installation of the AMASA board, we were enter-
                                                 tained by a group of clog-
                                                 gers, one of which was
                                                 our own Charlotte
                                                 Hardison, director of com-
                                                 munications for MASA
                                                 and staff liaison to the
                                                 Alliance. We even learned
                                                 a few of the basic steps of
                                                 clogging under the patient    Nita Maddox (right), past president of the AMA Alliance,
                                                                               administers the oath of office to newly elected AMASA
                                                 tutelage of the dancers!
                                                                               board members Pam Cezayirli, District 2 vice president;
The Dixieland Cloggers provided entertainment
                                                 All in all, it was a great    Tracy Knowles, District 1 vice president; Sandy Garvey,
for the Alliance after a delicious meal prepared time and a shame that         2nd vice president; TerriTurner, president-elect; and
by the Ryans.                                    some of you missed it.        Marcia Miller, recording secretary.

Summer 2008                                                       3                                                   AMASA News
                                           AMAA Convention
2008 AMAA Convention addresses hot topics
by Kathy Murray, AMASA delegation chair       Members also have the
   The AMAA Convention was, as                chance to see and hear
usual, an interesting experience, to          about the success stories of
say the least. Our AMASA delegation other Alliances from coast
arrived in the ‘windy’ city of Chicago to coast. This in turn, allows
ready to learn about how our Alliance Alliance members to net-
works. The delegation included Kathy work and return to their
Murray, president; Donna West, MD,            own counties and states
immediate past president; Terri               with fresh ideas.
Turner, president-elect; Pam                      Hot topics for this con-
Cezayirli, District 2 vice president;         vention were the attempts to
Cynthia Moore, Madison County                 add additional membership
president; and Katie Wigton and Kyle categories to our existing                 AMASA delegates hard at work in session at the House of
Marsteller, Jefferson County Resident bylaws. One amendment                     Delegates are: Terri Turner, Donna West, MD, Katie
                                                                                Wigton, Kyle Marsteller and Cynthia Moore.
Physician                                                         was to
Spouses. Of                                                       add the category of        redefine who we are, who we have
course, Nita                                                      “Friends of                always been, and what has made us
Maddox also                                                       Medicine” and the          unique – a spousal organization.
attended in her                                                   other was to include          All in all, it was quite an educa-
role as AMAA                                                      the additional words tional experience that one wouldn’t
immediate past                                                    “domestic partner”         want to miss. If you have never been
president.                                                        to several of the          to the national convention, please con-
   We also                                                        other categories.          sider placing your name in nomina-
accepted an                                                       After much discus-         tion for a delegate position at our next
invitation,                                                       sion, both meas-           AMASA convention scheduled for
extended to our                                                   ures failed to pass. April of 2009. Of course, we would
                    Resident Physician Spouse members Katie
entire delega-      Wigton and Kyle Marsteller enjoy dinner with
                                                                  The general consen- be remiss if we didn’t mention one
tion, from Cary AMASA delegate Pam Cezayirli at the Gala          sus was that we            additional incentive for going to the
Kuhlmann and Awards event.                                        already have eight         convention, which is the fun we have
Pam Varner,                                                       categories of mem-         exploring and shopping on Michigan
MD, to be their guests for a lovely           bership at the national level and that         Avenue (AKA “The Miracle Mile”)
dinner with the MASA delegation at            to add either of these measures would and trying new places to eat!
the Metropolitan Club, high atop the
Sear’s Tower. The company was won-
derful, the food delicious and the view
of the city was spectacular! We were
very thankful for MASA’s generosity
and hospitality.
   This conference is always very
interesting because not only does one
have the opportunity to see the
mechanics of our ‘federated’ organiza-
tion, there is also the chance to meet
other Alliance members from through-
out the country. There are a number of
brainstorming sessions about Alliance
structure, fund-raising and all kinds of
projects (health, attracting and retain-       AMASA delegates out for a fun evening in Chicago are: Katie Wigton, Pam Cezayirli, Terri
ing membership, legislation, etc).             Turner, Nita Maddox, Donna West, MD, Kathy Murray, Cynthia Moore and Kyle Marsteller.

   AMASA News                                                     4                                                     Summer 2008
                                            Membership Matters
AMASA membership is invaluable                                                   Legislation Update
by Stephanie Jowers, 1st Vice President, membership
                                                                                 by Kavita Kumar, legislative committee
    Membership – that is the buzzword that you will be hearing over and
                                                                                    Save the Medicare Act of 2008 was
over this year. Numbers are declining nationally and statewide for
                                                                                 introduced into legislation in order to stop
Alliance membership. As vice president, my role will be to support the
                                                                                 the 10.6 percent Medicare payment cut
county Alliances as we work to stop the decline and increase member-
                                                                                 scheduled to go into effect in July. Senate
ship. It would be easy to get caught up in a negative wave of inevitability,
                                                                                 Bill 2785, presented by Senator Debbie
but I choose to stay positive. Let’s focus on why there is such value in
                                                                                 Stabenow (D) of Michigan, would replace
being a member of the Alliance.
                                                                                 cuts totaling more than 15 percent with
      • The Alliance is valuable for the friendships and fellowship we
                                                                                 positive Medicare physician payment
                                                                                 updates from July 1 of this year to Dec.
      • The Alliance is valuable for the role we play in our communities.
                                                                                 31, 2009. The 18 month timeframe would
      • The Alliance is valuable for the role we play legislatively, both
                                                                                 provide stability for seniors and physicians
        nationally and locally, that impacts our spouses, their profession and
                                                                                 who must make some critical practice
        their livelihood.
                                                                                 decisions because of the cuts. Also, during
    Individually, each of these is a valuable reason to join the Alliance, but
                                                                                 this time Congress and AMA would work
combined, membership is invaluable. I will be contacting each county
                                                                                 to develop a long term solution to the
Alliance to offer support in your membership efforts. Please mark your
                                                                                 existing payment system. Senate Bill 3101,
calendars to attend the Fall Leadership Meeting in Birmingham in
                                                                                 of The Patient and Providers Act of 2008,
August. There will be some great information shared and it will give us
                                                                                 would have provided for a Medicare fix
all a fabulous kick-off to a new year. Even though most of us take a break
                                                                                 but recently failed to pass. Physician fami-
during the summer months, there are several small things that can be
                                                                                 lies should remain active in the lobbying
done now so that when summer is over, we can hit the ground running.
                                                                                 process in order to find a quick and long
    If you see fellow spouses during the summer who may not be active
                                                                                 term solution to this very critical issue.
with the Alliance, put a bug in their ear about the great things coming up
                                                                                    The smoking ban legislation of
in the next year and encourage them to join when the membership drive
                                                                                 Alabama failed to pass in May 2008. The
starts up.
                                                                                 bill which passed in the Senate but not in
    Make sure that the president and membership chairs have an updated
                                                                                 the House, would have banned smoking in
list of members from last year. If not, contact me and I will work on get-
                                                                                 most restaurants, workplaces, and indoor
ting this information to you prior to the Fall Leadership Meeting.
                                                                                 public areas. Senator Vivian Davis Figures
    At our Annual Convention, Sandy Garvey of the Madison County
                                                                                 of Mobile who sponsored the bill, has been
Alliance shared a mailout she created, which included information on
                                                                                 a strong smoking ban advocate for over a
who the Alliance is, what it does and a membership form for them to
                                                                                 decade. The bill is fully supported by Gov.
complete and mail back in with their dues. This form can be modified to
                                                                                 Bob Riley, who previously smoked, and
meet the needs of any Alliance and would be an easy way to kick off a
                                                                                 would sign if passed in the Legislature.
membership drive. If anyone would like a copy of this, please e-mail me
                                                                                    The Nurse Practitioner (NP) legisla-
and I will forward it to you. Thanks to Sandy for sharing!
                                                                                 tion is in its early stages of development
    Start planning a Kick Off Get Together to get the new year started with
                                                                                 and has not yet been introduced.
a bang. Brunch, lunch, a picnic at the park, an ice cream social, a game of
                                                                                 According to the bill NPs would have
Bunko, a cookout at a member’s home – these are just a few ideas that
                                                                                 complete independent medical status and
are great ways to welcome new spouses to the community, welcome back
                                                                                 unlimited authority to prescribe medica-
old members and encourage non-members to get involved.
                                                                                 tions (including Schedules II to V).
    If anyone has any great membership tips, please let me know. My ears
                                                                                 Currently NPs must collaborate with
are always open and I would love to share your ideas with everyone. I
                                                                                 physicians in treating patients using guide-
look forward to working with everyone this year. I can be contacted at
                                                                                 lines set forth by both parties. Although
(256) 735-0379 or
                                                                                 MASA does not support the bill as it
    Have a great summer and see you in Birmingham!
                                                                                 stands, representatives from both sides
       Join us for AMASA’s Fall Leadership Meeting                               have been meeting to study and discuss the
                 Aug. 24-25 • Birmingham                                         issues.

Summer 2008                                                    5                                                  AMASA News
                                            Membership Matters
Attention County Presidents:
Health Project grant applications are due Aug. 1                                 AMASA bylaws changes
by Sandra Garvey, 2nd vice president, Health Projects committee                  by Nita Maddox, Bylaws chair
   If there are any committee members in your Alliance planning a                   As we begin our year I would like to ask
new health-related project, or wishing to maintain an ongoing health             that each of you review the bylaws that per-
project, AMASA has set aside grant money in its 2008-2009 budget                 tain to your area of service and alert the
for such a purpose.                                                              bylaws committee to any changes that you
   Examples of ways to use the grant money include purchasing sup-               think are relevant to how we operate as an
plies, paying for speaker honorariums, printing pamphlets/brochures,             organization. We have not made many
etc. Several weeks ago, I sent a letter to all county presidents regard-         changes in the past few years and feel that
ing this issue. Included with the letter was the grant application.              this year we need to address this.
Please make as many copies as you like and distribute them to inter-                I want to encourage all county Alliances to
ested committee members. Have them complete the application and                  also review your bylaws. If you have ques-
send it to me (deadline is Aug. 1). Additional copies of the grant               tions, are not operating your Alliance with
application may be obtained by e-mailing                    bylaws and need to produce bylaws, or need
   Note: Grants will be awarded at the Fall Leadership Meeting, Aug.             help in anyway please contact me at
24-25, in Birmingham; a county Alliance representative must be pres-   
ent in order to receive the grant. Additionally, grant recipients are            I will be happy to work with you and help
required to submit a report, in person, describing how the grant was             you produce bylaws that will be useful to
used, to the AMASA Annual Convention in Huntsville next April.                   your organization.
    Take advantage of this opportunity and apply for funds now.
You’ll be glad you did!

Gas prices got you down? AMA Foundation fund-raiser offers solution
by Judy Copeland and Diane Orso,                Downing Place, Birmingham, AL             asking all Alliances to create a basket
AMAF co-chairs                                  35223. Please make your checks to         for the silent auction for Fall
   We can heal your pain at the gas             AMASA. If your county Alliance is         Leadership Meeting with a travel
pump! That’s right and here is how.             hosting a meeting with your medical       theme. Some suggestions are a chil-
This year our prize will be $1,500              society before our Fall Leadership        dren’s travel basket and adult travel
worth of gas cards (BP and Shell).              Meeting (Aug. 24), please let us know     basket for when you reach your desti-
You can use the cards yourself or give          and we will send you tickets to sell at   nation after hearing for miles “are we
some as a gift (a trip home                              your event. This is a fund-      there yet?” Whatever travel theme you
for the holidays for                                       raiser that can appeal to      choose we know you will make it fun
children or even a                                            everyone – who wouldn’t     and travel-friendly.
few for stocking                                                 want the opportunity        Also, please remember to partici-
stuffers). The                                                      to win $1,500         pate in the Holiday Sharing Card. It’s
tickets are $25                                                        worth of gas       a great way to help the AMA
and will be                                                            cards for a $25    Foundation and also send greetings to
available at our                                                      investment! If      the family of medicine in your com-
Fall Leadership                                                      every member of      munity.
Meeting in                                                          AMASA purchased          Important note: Please sell tickets
Birmingham. If                                                     just one ticket, we    for the gas card giveaway by Dec. 3
your county                                                       have the potential of   and promptly send checks to Diane no
Alliance does not                                                supporting the AMA       later than Dec. 5. Thanks so much for
have an AMAF                                                    Foundation with up to     your help as we raise money for the
chairperson (we                                                 $30,000. This is excit-   AMA Foundation.
can’t imagine that) just                                       ing!
send in your ticket                                              Also, in keeping with      P.S. As in the Beatles song “we
stubs to Diane Orso, 2511                                    our gas theme, we are        need a little help from our friends.”

   AMASA News                                                      6                                                Summer 2008
                                           Around the State
Madison County celebrates 75 years; will host Annual Convention
by Cynthia Moore, county president
   We are excited as this coming year marks our
75th year as an Alliance in Madison County! Come
help us celebrate our Diamond Anniversary here in
Huntsville at the AMASA Annual Convention in
April. The event will take place in beautiful down-
town Huntsville at the Embassy Suites just in time
for Panoply, one of the largest fine arts festivals in
the southeastern United States! Music, activities for
children such as making crafts, face painting and a
variety of arts and crafts from regional artisans will
be available for purchase – all just a short walk
away from the Embassy Suites. So be sure to bring
the family for a fun weekend!                            MCMA receives a matching $7,000 grant from Huntsville Hospital’s
   As our AED project is nearing completion of its       Community Health Initiative. Pictured are Karen Kiss, Huntsville Hospital
                                                         Community Health initiative coordinator, David Spillers, Huntsville Hospital
goal (way to go, Kathy Murray!) we are considering
                                                         CEO, Kathy Murray, MCMA AED Project chair, Madison County Deputies
                 continued on page 8                     Holloway and Rice, and MCMA President Cynthia Moore.

Jefferson County Medical Society Alliance has busy spring
by Angie Denton, county president             techniques available for a more youthful              Doctors’ Day at Olexa’s
   The JCMSA enjoyed an eventful after        appearance. Many ladies gathered in the
Christmas season. Our February speaker        home of Celeste Waller to hear about new
was Donald Williamson, MD, Alabama            developments in plastic surgery, hair
State Health Officer, who covered a wide      replacement and skin fillers. The Rousso
range of topics amazingly well. We are        Clinic provided wonderful goody bags for
grateful to Dr. Williamson for his time       those in attendance. Celeste provided a
and to our host, Donna Huggins, for our       lovely assortment of snacks enjoyed by
venue.                                        all. We appreciate Nancy Rousso for
   Our March meeting focused on honor-        helping us arrange such an informative
ing doctors for Doctors’ Day with an          program and Celeste for hosting our group.          Paul and Emily Elliot
American Red Cross Blood Drive. Millie           Our last general meeting was May 6 at
Christopher chaired this event and arranged   the home of Susan Dasher. Darlene Real
for the Vestavia Civic Center to host the     Higginbotham outfitted our member mod-
blood drive. Twenty pints of blood were       els with clothing from Belk. Models
donated and several notes were mailed on      included Cyndy Uncapher, Pam
behalf of donors to the doctors being hon-    Cezayirli, Millie Christopher, Ginny
ored. Millie provided a great community       Catalano, and Heidi Core. Susan Dasher,
service opportunity for us and we will        Cindy Yeilding, Dolly Walker, and Nell
likely be repeated in the future.             Williams are arranged and provided our
                                                                                                  Jim and Dolly Walker
   Also in March, Donna Huggins               lunch. Officers’ installation also occurred
arranged our lovely Doctors’ Day              at this important annual meeting. The
Celebration Dinner at Olexa’s in              new slate of officers includes Angie
Mountain Brook Village. Sam Pointer           Denton, president; Donna Huggins, presi-
provided music and a magnificent time         dent-elect; Millie Christopher, 1st vice
was had by all who attended. We had 31        president; Cyndy Uncapher, 2nd vice
attendees at this yearly event that was a     president; Dianne Luketic, 3rd vice presi-
delightful evening                            dent; Ginny Catalano, treasurer; Cindy
   In April, Daniel Rousso, MD, gave a        Yeilding, treasurer-elect; and Emily
wonderful presentation on many current        Elliott, recording secretary.                       Pam Cezayirli and Cyndy Uncapher

Summer 2008                                                    7                                                    AMASA News
                                            Around the State
Alliance to the Medical Society of                                                     Madison County, cont.
Mobile County                                                                          a great new project in conjunction
                                                                                       with the Madison County Medical
Belong… Make a Difference… Grow!                                                       Society. This project, the Medical
by Janea Delmas, county president
                                                                                       Reserves Corp, would serve 14 North
   Members of the Alliance to the Medical Society of Mobile County ended               Alabama counties and will be avail-
the year with all sorts of exciting events. Our annual Spring Luncheon was             able as an additional medical resource
March 12 at Bivona’s in Midtown with nearly 40 members in attendance. We               in the event of an unforeseen disaster,
heard exciting news about Camp Rap-A-Hope and voted on bylaws changes.                 whether it is man-made or one of
   The 4th Annual Tour de Lower Alabama Doctor’s Ride was a huge success.              nature. We plan to help fund the proj-
In an effort to lead the way in promoting exercise as an integral part of a            ect by bringing back our highly suc-
healthy lifestyle, local physicians, their families and friends took part in a bike    cessful fashion show as our major
ride and a Doctor Dash. The Five Rivers Delta turned out to be an excellent            fund-raiser for 2008-2009. The event
location. There were 105 people that participated and along with area sponsor-         is open to the community and in years
ships, $18,000 was raised for Camp Rap-A-Hope and the Mobile Medical                   past, has enjoyed great support.
Endowment Trust. With Chris Conrad leading the way, the Alliance was pri-                 We will continue to support the
marily responsible for this event this year. Special thanks to Chris, Kim              Screen Out! campaign to combat
Daniels, Mona Lyons, Lindsay Blankenship and Mary Kathleen Shaw, along                 smoking in movies by proceeding with
with all of the volunteers, for their time and effort to help make this event a hit!   the collection of additional signatures
   On May 6 new officers were installed by Mary Ann Lafluer, past county               on petitions. We also hope to begin a
president. Elected board members include: Janea Delmas, president; Lindsay             new health project that will provide
Blankenship, president-elect; Rebecca Castillo and Pam Gacek, programming              financial support to a local halfway
vice presidents; Brandy Revels and Sue Eways, membership vice presidents;              house for adults with special needs.
Julie Flotte, Ashley Burch and Karen Alford, ways & means vice presidents;                I am looking forward to an exciting
Kristina Wood, communications vice president; Kim George, secretary; Jana              year as Madison County president.
Simpson, treasurer; and Natasha Kendall and Kim Daniels, directors.                    We have several new and interesting
   As we look ahead, Mobile County is excited about its upcoming events. We            projects to keep us busy, not to men-
will partner with the American Cancer Society for the Making Strides Breast            tion, we plan to have a record year in
Cancer Awareness Walk at Cooper Riverside Park on Oct. 25. Also, we are in             membership! We are looking forward
the planning stages of our annual Fall Luncheon and our annual fund-raiser.            to a fabulous year for Madison County.

 MAEMA offers variety of opportunities to keep members involved
  by Gina Izer, county president            provided us scrumptious appetizers         $19,000 to local health-related chari-
     The Montgomery-Autauga-                and delicious wines to sample.             ties this year as proceeds from
  Elmore County Medical Alliance has           In April, we hosted the Alliance        Physicians’ Pheast. In addition to
  had a busy spring. March came in          Annual Convention. (See related            making a difference with our com-
  like a lion with our Internet Safety      story on page 1.) We also installed        munity contributions this year, we
  Health Promotion. Seth Hayden from        our new officers in April. Kathy           have also been able to provide our
  Eternal Networks spoke about how          Murray, AMASA’s newly installed            members with several social oppor-
  to protect your family from internet      president, attended as our special         tunities including our monthly book
  predators. He was able to recom-          guest and conducted the installation.      club, weekly Bible study group,
  mend specific programs to block           The new officers are: Gina Izer,           monthly supper club and bi-monthly
  Internet surfing to questionable sites.   president; Suzanne Davidson, presi-        playgroup.
  Additionally, he provided valuable        dent-elect; Gage LeQuire, vice presi-         We are making plans for fall,
  recommendations for monitoring            dent; Connie Matthews, treasurer;          including an exciting kick-off pro-
  children’s Internet habits, specifical-   Amanda Adams, secretary; and Arla          gram in September, our Pink
  ly sites like MySpace. March went         Chandler, associate treasurer.             Luncheon in October, plus a joint
  out like a lamb with our Doctors’            We are happy to report that we          meeting with the Medical Society of
  Day celebration. Derk’s Filet & Vine      will be able to donate more than           Montgomery County in November.

   AMASA News                                                   8                                                Summer 2008
                                                 SMA Alliance
Share your projects;
                                                      You are invited to attend the 2008
win prize money
by Donna Gosney, SMAA Projects chair                       SMAA Annual Meeting
   It is always so inspiring to hear about the
wonderful projects carried out by the county               Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee
Alliances in Alabama. So many good things                           August 7-9, 2008
are happening and we would really like to
share this news with our members in                 We would love for you to join us for the Southern Medical
Alabama and on a national level. It is very       Association Alliance Annual Meeting in Nashville, August 7-9.
easy to do just that by documenting the proj-     Alabama has a long tradition of involvement in SMAA, and this is a
ects done in your community in a scrapbook,       wonderful meeting with many chances to visit with old friends and
video or display board. The projects are          make new ones. The Opryland Hotel is a great place to stay, and
brought to the AMASA Annual Convention            Nashville has something for everyone.
and entered into a competition sponsored by         Nancy Brant, Georgia, will be installed as the SMAA president
the Southern Medical Association Alliance         and the entertainment for the luncheon will be The NashTrash Girls
(SMAA). The top entries win prize money           comedy team.
and are taken to the national SMAA meeting                         For information visit
where they are considered for grand prizes
of $500.
   The categories eligible for judging are:
     • Doctors’ Day Projects
     • Medical Heritage Projects
     • Health Education Projects, which
       include: breast cancer awareness,
       osteoporosis, and heart disease in
   Please contact me at
or (256) 381-2288, or go to
and link to Alliance for more information. I
will be glad to help in any way because we
would love to hear more about the projects
being done in Alabama.

  Make plans to
 attend AMASA’s
    April 24-25
   in Huntsville
Summer 2008                                                9                                           AMASA News
                                    Fall Leadership Meeting
Introducing your Fall Leadership Meeting speakers
Sandi Frost                                   Nancy Johnston Brant                         Heather, Melodee, Amanda and
American Medical Association                  Southern Medical Association                 Marlowe; and two grandchildren:
Alliance President                            Alliance President                           Alec and Gracie.
                               Sandi Frost                                   Nancy
                            of Somerset,                                  Brant is the     Pam Varner, MD,
                            Ky., is the                                   past president   Medical Association of the State of
                            president of                                  of the Bartow    Alabama President
                            the American                                  County                                             Pam Varner,
                            Medical                                       Medical                                         MD, began
                            Association                                   Alliance and                                    her service to
                            Alliance                                      the Medical                                     MASA as vice
                            (AMAA) for                                    Association of                                  president in
                            2008-09. In                                   Georgia                                         1996 before
Sandi Frost, AMAA president
                            this capacity,    Nancy Brant, SMAA president
                                                                          Alliance,                                       being elected
                            she also serves                               where she cur-                                  to an at-large
on the executive committee. Sandy             rently serves as Dancy Fund chair.                                          position on the
previously served as president-elect,         She was also a member of the                                                board of cen-
treasurer, director, legislation chair        American Medical Association mem-                                           sors in 1997.
                                                                                           Pam Varner, MD, MASA president
and as the Alliance representative to         bership committee. She is presently a                                       In addition to
the American Medical Association’s            member of the Floyd Medical                  her service on MASA’s board, she has
council on legislation and as chair of        Alliance in Rome, Ga., and serves as         served on the Alabama Board of
the Legislative Education and                 an advisor to the board. Nancy served        Medical Examiners and State
Awareness Promotion (LEAP)                    as the Southern Medical Association          Department of Public Health.
Awards. Previously on the national            Alliance president-elect last year; and         In her 11 years on the board of cen-
level, Sandy served as a legislation          has served as vice president of health       sors, she has served on various sub-
committee member and as a reference           education and Doctors’ Day, finance          committees including the Third Party
committee member. Sandy currently             committee chair, co-editor of the            Task Force and subcommittee on
represents the AMA Alliance on the            Southern Connection, and medical             association affairs. Dr. Varner has
American Medical Association                  heritage and health councilor for            been a leading advocate for the
Foundation board of directors.                Georgia, as well as being a member of        importance of organized medicine
   Sandy has served the Kentucky              the nominating committee and as              among her peers in the academic
Medical Association Alliance in many          chair of the Doctors’ Day judging            arena. She was recognized in 2003 for
positions, including president. She           committee.                                   her efforts to recruit new members
remains active on both state and coun-           In addition to her medical commit-        and again in 2004 when she was
ty levels including serving on her            ments, Nancy is actively involved in         responsible for recruiting 93 new
state medical association’s PAC board         her community. She is the president of       members at UAB.
of directors and as her county legisla-       Temple Rodeph Sholom; past presi-               Dr. Varner is professor of medicine
tion chair.                                   dent of the Darlington School Parent         at the University of Alabama School
   Sandy is a physical therapist with a       Association and Fine Arts Booster            of Medicine and an anesthesiologist at
degree from the University of                 Club as well as a past member of the         UAB Hospital.
Kentucky and is currently employed            board of trustees.
at the Dermatology Center of Lake                She currently works as a substitute
Cumberland. Her husband,                      teacher at the Darlington schools. She
Christopher Frost, MD, is a dermatol-         works with breast cancer awareness;
ogist.                                        and tobacco cessation advocacy
                                              issues, and produced a video, Strike
                                              Out Spit Tobacco.
                                                 Her husband, Jeffrey, is an ophthal-
                                              mologist. They have four children:

   AMASA News                                                    10                                                      Summer 2008
                                          Fall Leadership Meeting
                                     Sunday, August 24 – Monday, August 25
        Accommodations                                                          AMA Foundation Fund-raiser
Birmingham Marriott                                                    Each county Alliance should provide a travel-themed basket
3590 Grandview Parkway                                                                 for auction at the meeting.
Birmingham, AL 35243
(205) 968-3775                                               Sunday, August 24
                                                             12:30 p.m. Registration
Deadline for room reservations is Aug. 14.                    1:00 p.m. AMAF Fund-raiser
The room rate for AMASA members is                            1:30 p.m MASA update by Pam Varner, MD, MASA president, and
$135 per night plus tax; rate includes                                     Mr. Cary Kuhlmann, MASA executive director; and a
Monday breakfast.                                                          legislative update by Mr. Mark Jackson.
                                                              3:30 p.m Award Health Project Grants
Directions from Birmingham airport:                           5:30 p.m. Depart for dinner
• Take I-20 East to I 459 South                               6:00 p.m. Dinner at Grey House Grill in Soho (Homewood)
  (Montgomery/Tuscaloosa).                                    8:00 p.m. Return to Hotel
• Remain on I-459 South to Exit 19
                                                             Monday, August 25
  (Mountain Brook/Childersburg).
• Stay to the left following the Childersburg
  and Highway 280 East signs.                                 6:45 a.m.       Morning walk (bring your tennis shoes and walking clothes)
• Take a right at the end of the exit onto                    7:45 a.m.       Continental Breakfast in conference meeting room
  Highway 280 East.                                           8:00 a.m.       Brief business meeting
• Go to the second traffic light and turn left                8:30 a.m.       SMAA update by Nancy Brant, SMAA president
  onto Grandview Parkway.                                     9:00 a.m.       Leadership workshop by Sandi Frost, AMAA president
                                                             11:30 a.m.       Boxed lunch following adjournment of meeting

                         AMASA 2008 Fall Leadership Meeting Registration:
 Name:                                                           Phone:                                     Cell:



 County:                                                         Title/Office:

 Number                                                                                Cost per          Please mail your registration form
 Attending                                                                             Person                     and checks to:
 ______ Registration fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $35                        Donna Huggins
 ______ Grey House Grille dinner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $35                            3908 Forest Glen Drive
 ______ Monday boxed lunch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 6                           Birmingham, AL 35213
                                                                                                                  (205) 870-5481
 Total enclosed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ________

 Make checks payable to JCMSA.

              Please let us know in writing if you have any special needs so we may accommodate them.

Summer 2008                                                                   11                                               AMASA News
AMASA                                                                              STANDARD
NEWS                                                                              PRE-SORTED
                                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
19 South Jackson Street                                                                PAID
Montgomery, AL 36104                                                            MONTGOMERY, AL
                                                                                 PERMIT NO. 417

                                      Make a Note of It
       DATES AND DEADLINES                                     Do we have your
                                                            current e-mail address?
 7-9    SMAA Convention, Nashville, Tenn.
 15     County treasurers send dues to AMASA treasurer
 24-25 AMASA Fall Leadership Meeting,
        Birmingham                                              Please send an e-mail to
                                                and let her know
 1     Nominating Committee slate of officers                 your correct e-mail address.
       selection process begins
 15    County treasurers send dues to AMASA treasurer
                                                         This is a tremendous help for us as we
 5-7   AMAA LDC 1, Chicago                                strive to keep updated information
 8     SAVE Day                                                  on all of our members.
 15    County treasurers send dues to AMASA treasurer

 1    Deadline for submitting Winter AMASA News
                                                         Note: Please send other address changes
      articles and photos to Sudha Alapati                      to

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