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					                                                              Emerald Coast Chapter
                                                   International Test and Evaluation Association
                                                               Post Office Box 1584
                                                       Eglin Air Force Base, Florida 32542
                                       MINUTES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING

                         1.        Call to Order. President Buff Tibbetts called the Executive Committee meeting, conducted on 21
President                          January 2003 in Building 350 Room 348A, Eglin AFB, FL to order at 3:35 PM.
    Buff Tibbetts
                         2.        Aircraft-Stores Compatibility Symposium XIII. 18-21 February 2003, Hilton Sandestin Beach
                                   Golf Resort & Spa.
President Elect
    Bob Arnold                          CD, to include briefings and links, will be sent out a couple of weeks after the symposium.
                                         This is an ITEA expense.
                                        ACTION ITEM (Jim Robinson): Jim will check with Dr Belk to see if he would be willing
Past President                           to speak if guest speaker did not show.
    Doug Nation                         One paper has dropped out. Jim Robinson is talking with another individual to fill the spot.
                                        Three golf tee times have been arranged.
                                        Next run-down meeting is scheduled for 1000 27 January 2003, Bob Arnold’s office.
Secretary                               VIPs will be called this week to reaffirm their attendance and ask for any personal
    Debbie Clinger                       requirements.
                                        Dr Belk to speak on JLCD topic.
                                        Maj Gen Hudson will not be able to attend, but another spoken has agreed to take his place.
Treasurer                               ACTION ITEM (Buff Tibbetts): Buff to notify Hilton of VIP seating arrangement change.
Buff Tibbetts                            Instead of table, request 7-10 chairs for front row.
                                        ACTION ITEM (Lt Col Hoernlein): Lt Col Hoernlein to check on displaying international
Board of Directors                      Display of heavy “petting zoo” requires too much logistics (personnel, trucks, money, etc) so
   Bran McAllister                       it will not be pursued. Smaller “stores” will be available for Munitions Organization course
   Craig Otto                            and will remain for symposium.
  Vic Prawdzik                          Enough volunteers have been recruited for packet stuffing and the registration table.
  Darryl Thornton
                                        Security plan is in place. Everyone needs to have his/her badge. Dogs will walk the premises
  Neil Christianson
                                         in the early AM hours and personnel will check the premises after the lunch period.
  Lt Col Mark Erickson
                                        Doug Nation has the personnel list for gift purchases. $40 per gift has been set aside.
                                        Seven or eight sponsors for breaks have been secured. Goal is ten.
National Chair                          Audio visual plan in place. Stop lights will be set up in the rear of the rooms that will signal
   Bob Arnold                            speakers of remaining time for presentation.
                                        110 registered attendees thus far. Anticipating 200-300 attendees.
                                        Pocket programs will be completed on 22 January 2003.
Education Chair
   Mike Buck                  Next Board of Directors meeting is Tuesday, 04 February 2003 at 1530 in Building 350, Room

Membership Chair              The meeting adjourned at 4:10 PM.
  Mike Evans
                              Debbie Clinger, ECC ITEA Secretary

Program Chair                 Our web site is:
   Betsy Thorn

                              ATTENDANCE on 21 January 2003:
Awards Chair
  Harry Strittmatter          1.       Buff Tibbetts                                      4.   Jim Robinson
                              2.       Debbie Clinger                                     5.   Lt Col Steve Hoernlein
                              3.       Vic Prawdzik                                       6.   Bran McAllister