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Crime Prevention


    S o u t h e r n S tat e S
Crime Prevention
        ConferenCe                                                                 w w w. Fl o r i d a Cr i m e Preve nt i o n . o rg

         Southern States Crime Prevention Conference
        Sandestin, fL • Sandestin Golf & Beach resort • october 20-24, 2008

                      CALL FOR SPEAKERS
Through education and networking, this                     This year, our conference is looking for
conference will bring law enforcement, and                 presentations that would be of interest to crime
community leaders together to learn from model             prevention practitioners in three distinct areas;
programs and to share the best practices that              Basic Crime Prevention, Youth Crime Prevention
address crime problems that face us all.                   and Elder Crime Prevention. Some of the topics we
                                                           are looking for include:
As a speaker at the Southern States Crime
Prevention Conference you become a part of                 •        Residential Security
the solution. This event will feature speakers             •        Comercial Security
who are objective, dynamic, and have boundless             •        Public Relations
enthusiasm for sharing their knowledge. Your               •        Gangs
expertise coupled with the reach of the FCPA will          •        Cyber-bullying
teach professionals from across the southern               •        Safe-Driving
United States how to come and work together to             •        Reverse Mortgage Scams
tackle growing crime concerns.                             •        Abuse of the Elderly
                                                           •        Marketing Crime Prevention
The Southern States Crime Prevention Conference            •        Construction Thefts
provides a forum for you to reach crime prevention
officers and staff, community police officers,             If you have a topic not listed here but you feel is
volunteers, and crime watch participants.                  important and should be shared with other crime
                                                           prevention professions, please consider submitting a
Your participation is also an excellent opportunity        proposal.
to highlight the fact that your agency supports law
enforcement and community crime prevention                 PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH OTHER
endeavors.                                                 POTENTIAL SPEAKERS YOU MAY KNOW

                  Florida Crime Prevention Association • P.O. Box 4176 • Winter Park, Florida 32793
                                                                SPEAKER BENEFITS
                                                      The Southern States Crime Prevention Conference
  Wanted:                                             will provide a forum for you to reach crime
  Speakers                                            prevention professionals from through out the
                                                      southern United States.
  October 20-24, 2008 • Sandestin, FL                 Your session will be promoted to more than 2,000
  Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort                       members of the community in pre-conference
  9300 Emerald Coast Parkway West                     mailings, in Conference attendee packets, and on
  Sandestin, FL 32550                                 the Florida Crime Prevention and National Crime
  (850) 267-8000                                      Prevention Council (NCPC) web sites.
                                                      Approved conference presenters will be offered
                                                      free conference registration, providing admission
  Some of the 2008 Conference Topics:
                                                      to all sessions and materials
  •      Residential Security
  •      Comercial Security
  •      Gangs                                          PROPOSAL REVIEW CRITERIA
  •      Cyber-bullying
  •      Reverse Mortgage Scams                       Considering the Conference topics, FCPA invites
  •      Abuse of the Elderly                         you to send an outline of a proposed presentation.
  •      Construction Thefts
                                                      Your submission will be reviewed for the
  Stand-alone session speakers will be asked to       following:
  deliver a 90-minute presentation.
                                                      1. Originality.
  Application Process                                 2. Timeliness and interest.
  To apply to become a speaker, please                3. Educational value.
  download a Presentation Proposal Form and
  return it to FCPA via:                              If selected, you will be contacted in June 2008. All
  • E-mail:                     sessions require a copy of the reference materials
  • Fax: 727-893-7773                                 (PowerPoint presentation and/or handouts, etc.)
                                                      used during the presentation be provided to
                                                      FCPA. Please do not submit a proposal if you are
                                                      not able to meet the requirement of providing
  If you are interested in submitting a
                                                      the reference materials. Our audience expects
  Presentation Proposal Form, please contact
                                                      presentation materials, and they deserve to
  Chip Wells to discuss the availability of speaker
                                                      hear from speakers who have put time and
                                                      effort into their session.
  Contact us                                          Note: The FCPA is a nonprofit organization and does
  If you have any questions about presenting or       NOT pay speaker fees, or reimburse for travel and
  the application process, please contact Chip        accommodation expenses.
  Wells at

Southern States Crime Prevention Conference                        October 20-24, 2008 • Sandestin, Florida

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