Chocolate Bar Graphs by jeb12601


									                                         Chocolate Bar Graphs
                   Go to:

                      Look at the bar graph and answer these questions:

                      a. Which are the favourite sweets?

                      b. Which is the least favourite sweet?

                      c. How many types of sweet on the graph are chocolate?

                   Chocolate Biscuit Survey
                   Go to
                       Select the second action.
                       Look at the 5 topics. Choose one for your survey.
                       Think of a way to ask people the question. Write out your question
                       Ask the people in your class the question. Tick their answers on the
                       Draw your results in the bar graph. Write your question and complete
                         the key.
Number of people


                             Types of ……………….

                         Smartie Spreadsheets.

   Take a tube of smarties and carefully empty the contents onto a sheet of paper

   Put the different colours into groups

   Count the amount of smarties in each of the colour groups and note your
    results in your jotter

   On the computer open a new excel spreadsheet

   Type the first colour name and press enter. Type the next colour name and
    enter. Carry on until you have put in all the colour names.

   In the second column enter the number in each colour group from your notes.
    For example if there were 3 brown smarties then put 3 in the square next the
    the word brown.

   Select the area in which you have entered the data including the names of the

   Click on the graph option and follow the instructions to make a bar chart. Give
    your bar graph the title `Smartie Colours’

   Select and print it out.

   Compare your bar graph with the person next to you.

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