VIRGINIA BASS FEDERATION
                                   REGION 1
                               MEETING MINUTES
                                JANUARY 13, 2009

The Director called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00pm.

Roll Call: The following clubs were represented at the meeting: Bass Snipers, Fairfax,
Hook’em, Lots-a-Luck, Mt. Vernon, No Excuse, NOVA Bass.
The following clubs were not represented: Bandit, Northern Va.

Director’s Comments: Kenny Brown informed us that the LAKE END Motel is the
host hotel for MR. BASS . That’s April 4 th & 5th at Smith Mountain Lake. There were
still plenty of rooms available. Contact them at (540) 721-3383.

For these state tournaments you will no longer be required to check your boat in on the
water. You can now check in by phone. Contact either Charlie Beale or Ann Dalton.
These tournaments include: MR. BASS, CHAPTER TEAMS and 20 MAN FALL

The Fredericksburg show is Feb. 20 th – 22 nd. Region I will be selling raffle tickets on
Sat. the 21st.

Assistant Director’s Report: No Report.

Youth Director’s Report: No Report.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike reported we have $3,028.28

Secretary’s Report: Don Smith requested that any updates to your club roster be sent
to him via email at . Any new rosters may be submitted at the
next Region 1 meeting.

As insurance papers come due, your club representative will get an email, requesting the
updated info. So, please watch your email.

New Business: There is one rule change proposal for 2009:

The motion was made by NOVA for this rule proposal.

Add the following under section VII INDIVIDUAL SCORING:

   D. Calculation of Individual Yearly Standings – Each angler’s accumulated points
      for the six tournaments will be totaled and the lowest single tournament point
      total will be subtracted to calculate the final standings. If an angler does not fish
      one event then the point total dropped will be zero.
It was seconded by FAIRFAX BASS.

New Business: No new business at this time.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:00pm.

Other News: None.

Next Meeting: February 13, 2009 – at Wegman’s 7:00 p.m.
Please have your club represented, as the rules change proposal
will be voted on.

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