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                                 Practical DSL Deployment Seminar

Fujitsu hosted a seminar at their Birmingham Headquarters on the subject of local loop unbundling and the
practicalities of deploying DSL access networks in the UK. This event was designed to appeal to Technical
and Managerial staff from operators moving into the unbundled copper access market who wish to appreciate
some of the issues associated with rolling out high bandwidth services over a copper access infrastructure.

The full day event was held on Tuesday 24th October 2000 in association with Edinburgh University and
covered the business issues which surround practical deployment of DSL technologies, in particular:
 How noise impacts DSL transmission and how this manifests itself in the services delivered
 What can be expected when deploying equipment in BT ‘hostels’ and when working in BT exchanges
 Where asset management systems are needed to secure operational equipment
 When and how mass line assessment can be achieved
Fujitsu solutions were briefly outlined and typical broadband services demonstrated.

The benefits for our customers were:
 Understanding the capabilities of the latest DSL access technologies (ADSL, SDSL, VDSL)
 An appreciation of the business challenges and how Fujitsu, the number 1 supplier of DSL solutions in the
   UK, has addressed these
 Understand the range of broadband solutions and the breadth of support services that Fujitsu, uniquely,
   can offer
 See a range of leading customer modems that can be packaged with new broadband services
 Understand how local loop unbundling in the UK can be exploited

If you would like to discuss DSL deployment in more detail please give me a call.

Respond to:     Colin Thompson - Marketing Communications Manager
                Fujitsu Telecom Europe Ltd

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