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                                                                                      richer colors. Even if for some people
                                                                                      the much advertised oleophobic screen
                                    Apple iPhone 3GS                                  is just bogus, for the majority of people
                                                                                      the fingerprint marks are less noticeable
                                    If there is a phone in the spotlight these        despite the glossy surface and are
iPhone 3Gs                          days it is the new iPhone 3GS, which              easily removed.
Product                             has stolen the show this weekend since
Launch                              its launch last Friday June 19th. Now 48          Users of the new Apple phone are
Report                              hours after its release, early adopters           simply blown away by the excellent
                                    have started to share their first-hand            quality of the video recording; some
C ON SU M ER S SAY:                 feedback on its quality and                       people even go as far as to say it is the
                                    performance. The new iPhone 3GS has               best they have seen in a mobile phone
Overall positive
                                    been subject to over 8500 hits in                 until now. Voice control works almost
reception. Issues with
                                    discussion forums alone in the last               flawlessly as well, spot on most of the
Wi-Fi module.                       couple of days. This is twice the volume          time. Google Maps and Digital Compass
                                    we normally observe on a monthly                  also work very well together.
                                    basis for this product category.
ABOUT INTEGRASCO                                                                      Quotes:
Integrasco provides the tools and    30000
                                                                                      The video recording works VERY well! The
services corporations, PR-           25000
                                                                                      quality is very nice, by far the best I've
agencies, and government             20000
                                                                                      personally seen on a mobile phone. It's also
                                     15000                            iphone
regulators need to stay on top of
                                                                      Nokia           a snap to edit and trim the video. Really fun
the buzz in Consumer Generated                                        Sony Ericsson   to use! So far for me, the video recording
                                      5000                            HTC
Media (CGM).
                                                                                      was worth the price of admission! (US).
   Get real-time delivery of
    information that matters
                                                                                      And all of those people said "It's not worth
   Filter through the noise
                                                                                      the upgrade," that there isn't enough of a
   Analyze media trends and
                                                                                      difference from the iPhone 3G.
                                    The release of this handset as well as
                                                                                      I'm glad it's significantly faster, that's 50%
   Make informed decisions
                                    the iPhone 3.0 software have led to a
                                                                                      of the reason I'm upgrading. The 35% for
                                    significant increase in the overall iPhone
                                                                                      Video, 10% for better camera quality, and
                                    and Apple buzz.
INTEGRASCO AS                                                                         5% for more SDRAM (lots of benefits). (US).
Arendalsveien 32                    Highlights                                        ---
N-4879 Grimstad                     In general terms users of this handset            1. The speed is amazing, definitely a HUGE

                                    can hardly find any faults in it. To begin        difference and makes the whole
                                    with, the iPhone 3GS is all about speed,          'smartphone'/'computer' experience perfect

                                    it’s blazing fast opening and closing             2. The oleophobic screen is a nice addition.
                                    applications and browsing the net. The            It still gets fingerprints, but easily wipeable
                                    overall system seems to be a lot faster           and not as visible.
                                    and smoother than the iPhone 3G                   3. Camera!!! the new 3mp is great,
www.facebook.com/pages/Integra      released a year ago.                              autofocus and macro are great!!
sco/94862836369                                                                       4. The video camera exceeds all of my

                                    Users also rave over the screen, which            expectations... like i said above, the quality

                                    is much brighter than that of the two             is GREAT for a phone and the mic pics up
Phone +47 91 68 40 82
                                    previous iPhones, with warmer and                 the perfect amount of noise and voices.
                                 5. The voice control is great too!!! Haven’t     I am moaning because, at last, it has the
                                 had a wrong answer yet!                          features I want but is too bl**dy expensive
                                 ---                                              and I can not justify the cost.
iPhone 3Gs
                                 No multitasking and the lack of a front          Glitches
Product                          camera for video calling are pointed out         Even at this early stage, it is possible to
Launch                           as two of the disadvantages people see           spot what could be the signs of the first
Report                           in this phone. Also, the lack of flash in        problems with the iPhone 3GS, based
                                 its 3MP camera is seen as a downside,            on what users have observed.
PAGE 2                           despite the fact it has auto focus, which
                                 is welcomed by the public.                       There quite a few complaints about
                                                                                  weak Wi-Fi signal. Also some users
”@WheezingGeek on                Quotes:                                          have noticed the Digital Compass does
Twitter: I took my               The 3mp camera with no flash and no front        not work well when in the car.
iPhone back to apple             camera for video recording are pretty
because I thought the            disappointing. But my biggest beef is no         Quotes:
wifi in it was busted, it's      memory card slot so apple can gouge you          Really, really terrific speed… The ONLY issue
so bad. They were nice           for the 32GB iphone and no mini-usb for          I'm having is my Wifi signal seems to have
and gave me a new                charging etc. means my next phone will be        weakened a lot. My wifi router is in the next
phone, but same.                 an android. Sorry Apple, not good enough.        room (literally 10 feet away, through one
                                 ---                                              wall) and I have 1 bar on the 3G S and 5 full
                                 I am a big apple 3g fan, however it is sad to    bars on the 3G. Anyone else seeing this?
                                 see how apple just seems to be falling           http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.ph
                                 behind in the tech race, a brilliant operating   p?p=7888587&postcount=236
                                 system yet you feel that it just not good        ---
                                 enough, 3mp camera, no hd come guys you
                                 are using 3 year old tech.                       Beware!
INTEGRASCO AS                    ---                                              WiFi reception on this phone seems to be
                                                                                  pretty bad compared to the 3G.
Arendalsveien 32
                                 In the UK, people complain over the              I have read complaints earlier in this thread,
N-4879 Grimstad
                                 price. The operator O2 has the                   and I can see it for myself as well. Within
                                 exclusivity on this handset at the               my home, one room away from the router, I
                                 moment and is offering the phone at a            only get 1 bar of signal (as opposed to 5).
info@integrasco.no               price that doesn’t seem to match up              ---
www.integrasco.com               with Apple’s intention of making this
www.twitter.com/integrasco       iPhone more affordable.                          @WheezingGeek on Twitter: I took my
                                                                                  iPhone back to apple because I thought the
                                 Quotes:                                          wifi in it was busted, it's so bad. They were
                                 Those prices are a bit of a surprise when        nice and gave me a new phone, but same.
                                 Apple said in the presentation that they
Phone +47 91 68 40 82            wanted to make the iPhone more affordable!
                                                                                  Apple has done it again. This time by
                                                                                  launching a phone that runs faster than
                                                                                  the speed of light, or in the consumer’s
                                                                                  own words “fast as a rocket”.
iPhone 3Gs
                                                                                  Even if the iPhone 3GS has detractors
                                                                                  who claim Apple seem to be playing
Launch                                                                            catch-up rather than innovating, for
Report                                                                            most people, especially those who have
                                    The graph above shows the number of
                                                                                  already got the phone, the
                                    Tweets 48 hours back from 12 noon
PAGE 3                                                                            improvements this new iPhone 3GS
                                    CET Sunday 21. June 2009 .
                                                                                  brings, above all the speed and
                                                                                  stunning video recording are enough to
                                    Some other users have also noticed a
                                                                                  justify its purchase. Most of the
                                    high-pitched sound right after sending
                                                                                  consumers believe that this new
                                    an SMS or during video recordings,
                                                                                  generation of the iPhone, with the 3.0
ABOUT INTEGRASCO                    which makes them wonder if the new
                                                                                  software and the improvements it offers
Integrasco provides the tools and   iPhone suffers from sound issues.
                                                                                  compared to the previous two, iPhone
services corporations, PR-          However this high frequency noise is
                                                                                  2G and 3G respectively, is now a solid
agencies, and government            hardly noticeable for most people. In
                                                                                  contender in the market.
regulators need to stay on top of   any case, if there is in fact a problem, it
the buzz in Consumer Generated      is expected to be fixed in a future
Media (CGM).                        software update.
   Get real-time delivery of
                                                                                  DO YOU LIKE THIS REPORT?
    information that matters        In the US, several people reported they
   Filter through the noise        are experiencing problems when trying         You may not make changes to it,
   Analyze media trends and        to activate the phone. They get a             but you are free to pass it on. You
    issues                          message saying it may take up to 48           may reuse the report as long as
   Make informed decisions         hours to activate. In most cases they’ve      you reference your source,
                                    had to contact AT&T to ask for help.          www.integrasco.com.
INTEGRASCO AS                       Both AT&T and Apple’s customer
                                                                                  An updated set of graphs and
                                    support have been friendly and helpful.
Arendalsveien 32                                                                  corresponding table data will be
N-4879 Grimstad                                                                   available on Facebook at midnight
                                    In Italy, some people have reported           CET 21. June 2009 and again 9 AM
                                    that, even if the voice control works         CET Monday 22. June 2009.
                                    really well recognizing names and songs
info@integrasco.no                  commands, it does not work as good            www.facebook.com/pages/Integrasco/9
www.integrasco.com                  with numbers. Apparently, the phone
www.twitter.com/integrasco          often fails to recognize a number. This       We also appreciate your feedback on
                                    is somewhat frustrating for some              this report on Facebook.
                                    people who hope to see this sorted out

Phone +47 91 68 40 82

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what they say                                                                                              Consumer Generated Media
about you and                                                                                              (CGM).
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Arendalsveien 32                       manage how they are perceived I social media and what            Events, trends and issues that may be influencing

N-4879 Grimstad                        they need to do to build their reputation.                        industry and brand buzz
                                                                                                           Feugait nulla facilisi. Lorem ipsum dolorsit
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