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					                                  Archetype Rippling
               Secondary Effects as Evidence of Inter-dimensional Travel
                    By Alexander Zikas, M.S. Chemical Engineering
                            Private Investigator/Researcher


This article attempts to provide evidence for rippling effects of inter-dimensional objects.
I introduce the theory as a new concept for comment and study. Since inter-dimensional
travel is not proven, the information in the article is provided as speculation to define and
categorize the potential phenomenon and offer ideas to future researchers. Inter-
dimensional denotes that a phenomenon is not necessarily solid in our dimensional
universe. I have a preference to use the term archetype in defining most objects that are
supposedly inter-dimensional (see Synchronistic Adventures,
http://SynchronisticAdventures.googlepages.com/home for a detailed study on
Archetypes). For the most part, archetypes are a form of intelligent energy or pattern that
cannot be fully comprehended by our physical minds. To compensate when experiencing
an archetype, the mind fills in the imperceptible gaps with what it believes should be
there. Hence, eyewitnesses can report seeing UFOs, entities, or other unusual phenomena
depending on their beliefs. The inspiration for ripple theory came about after my 12
years of research into unusual phenomena and the numerous photographs I have taken or
have seen from colleagues that show objects in duplicate or multiple images. This did
not make sense, and after considering the possibilities for this, it occurred to me that
rippling could cause such an effect, especially as some of the duplicate images were less

Everyone has seen ripples in the normal environment. We see them when we throw an
object on a water surface and round circular waves emanate from the impact area.
Ripples can also be seen in clouds as a sort of wave pattern, similar to waves on the open
sea. Mirages are also formed by ripples in the air caused by heat, which transfers to
distortions in the light coming from an area. Ripples originate from impacts from less
dense to denser media or dimensions. These ripples are capillary waves traveling along a
phase boundary of a fluid, whose dynamics are dominated by the effects of surface
tension. The universe itself can be thought of having a surface tension too. The age of
the universe is about 13.7 billion years, but due to the expansion of space we are now
observing objects that are now considerably farther away than a static 13.7 billion light
years distance. The edge of the observable universe is now located about 46.5 billion
light-years away. Hence, the universe’s expansion is a stretching of the fabric of space, a
stretching of the surface tension so to speak. In physics, normal waves are governed by a
variety of equations depending on their type. Likewise it may be possible to
mathematically define inter-dimensional capillary waves. The types of inter-dimensional
waves that I have categorized include: Artificial, Mental, and Natural, and come with
properties besides the visible and evident ones. Again, this is speculation on my part, but
without defining and categorizing a potential phenomenon, future research will not be
able to confirm or refute it as a theory.
Artificial Ripple Waves

Artificial waves are of two varieties, those created from hard or soft impacts. These
occur if something of artificial nature, such as a constructed object or ship impacts a
surface. Issue 79 of Alternate Perceptions (AP) on UGOs shows two examples of this. A
hard impact is like the breaking of a sound barrier sonic-boom-equivalent in the inter-
dimensional universe. It is an instantaneous hard impact and usually results in one wave
manifesting as a faint duplicate image of the object in a photograph. Consider my
photograph 1 of the June 22, 2002 BWI domed UFO. Another type of artificial wave is
the continuous vibrating soft impact, as in the Laughlin Nevada photograph (by Beverly
Blake on 3-04-2001, see Photograph 2) also introduced in Issue 79 of AP. Notice the
numerous images reverberating around the original craft with a being inside it on the
right side. The type of craft in a soft impact may not be the type associated with nuts and
bolts hard body ship, but rather a hardened transparent energy.

Mental Ripple Waves

Mental waves have four varieties. Just as humans send electromagnetic transmissions in
space for the search of extraterrestrial life hoping for a response, so too, in speculation,
can mental transmissions occur. Like electromagnetic waves, mental waves are subject
to bending in space and can have impact pressure. A simple example of this is perhaps a
mental (remote) communication, instantaneous hard breech. The effect last momentarily
and disappears as the mental transmission disappears.

In a mental (remote) communication, successive soft breach, the waves reverberate and
form via a continuous series of successive waves. These waves adopt the cyclical
properties of the object they impact, in our case that is Earth. Usually these ripples are
felt rather than seen or photographed. Thus, perhaps, these successive ripples can form
cycles in human mental consciousness. Depending on wavelength a manifested cycle can
be a short cycle of a date of a month (1 to 30, 31st of month) and is felt perhaps the most
“physically” by psychics. The longer cycle of days of the week repeats every 8 days,
being felt as more mental realm. The even longer cycle of 12 months within a year can
be thought of as "spiritual" (paranormal / psychic realm). Finally the longest cycle of
year and century can be thought of as the universal all inclusive, totality of influences.
According to my colleague Norma Smith at UHA
(http://universalharmonics.homestead.com/files/index.htm), in the Tarot model of the
universe, the 4 suits have same significance: Pentacles as earth and physical; Swords as
air and mental; Cups as water, consciousness, and emotional; and Wands as fire, spirit,
and spiritual. Another example of the various celestial consciousness portals/cycles, is
perhaps provided by author Soluntra King of www.evenstarcreations.com. The website
discusses the gateways that opened on 11 January 1992. According to Soluntra King,
there are several gates to full unity, where the energies of duality were unified for
humanity to move beyond duality into multidimensional unity and to activate our
inherent encoding for conscious ascension. As we move through the gates we move
beyond the third dimensional limitations and fear of destruction and chaos.
A third type of mental ripple wave is associated with a mental (remote) communication
(resonance), as found in wall imprints and oracles. In such cases the ripple goes into
resonance and its disappearance occurs over time with a damping effect. This is why
certain ancient oracles and sacred sites are no longer active, as the resonating effect
dampens and eventually stops. The famous handprint pf Alexander Campbell, of the
Molly Maguires, at the Old County Jail Cell (www.visitjimthorpe.com/new/history.htm)
is another example. My colleague Beverly Blake has many imprints of images embedded
in objects that become noticeable in photographs. Furthermore, I speculate that
resonance can set up an extended network. The ancient temples of Greece are good
examples. There is a special geometry between the locations of ancient Greek temple
sites, such as those at: Athens-Elefsina-Delphi; Thebes (in Greece, not Egypt)-Tanagra-
Amfiaraeo; Athens-Afaia-Sounio; Athens-Acrocorinth-Epidauros; and Sparta-Sounio-
Delphi, to name a few. Such resonance effects also create the so-called species morphic
fields that Rupert Sheldrake proposes (www.sheldrake.org/homepage.html).

The forth type of mental ripple is the most sophisticated and it gets shaped by its human
receptors. This is the mental (remote) communication - controlled patterning
(translating) ripple. I believe that Dr. Bruce Cornet and Dr. Rutledge captured these in
photographs (see Photograph 3), and I also believe that they can be responsible for crop
circles. I believe that in Dr. Cornet’s work, images have been shaped by mind
interference. Take a look at the photograph (www.sunstar-
solutions.com/AOP/Metaphor/metaphor.htm) that seems to be an image of a temple,
which I believe was captured this way on film to relate to synchronicities found in Dr.
Cornet’s work. The temple was colored green and positioned over a cornfield.
Symbolic communication is like radio telescope messages that we send from Earth. The
mental equivalent of this is one form that can be responsible for crop circles, a form of
reformulated energies. In a MUFON investigation at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia,
witnesses provided samples from crop circles that appeared. The crop nodes were bent
with expulsion cavities. The soil was still somewhat magnetized, and witnesses also had
been experiencing poltergeist activity (knocking and banging on home walls, along with
flashes of bright lights, like camera flashes, inside the house. There was also a burning
odor like ozone. Witnesses reported bruising on their bodies and some of the females’
menstrual cycle stopped. A female German Sheppard menstrual cycle also stopped. The
cycle interruptions started after the crop circle phenomena began. The dog howled for
approximately 45 minutes the night the circles formed. Witnesses reported seeing strange
things in the area for years. On July 20, 2000, one witness saw a large hairy creature
with dark greenish hair and red, glowing eyes. It was looking at him and all of a sudden
disappeared into thin air. MUFON researchers directly confirmed the inexplicable
knocking, the odors, and also witnessed the bright flashes of light. A creek bed area that
had a history of strange lights, including UFO sightings, had an unusually large amount
of quartz stones. Such activity may require a certain mindset to tap it, control it, and
comprehend it. If it is a form of mental communication, the experiencer gets a message
although what is experienced is not necessary accurate. Consider the following example.
Perception fills in the meaning of the following strings of garble English letter symbols
created by Jim Abram: fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too. The
phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mind. it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a
wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit a nd lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae.
Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mni d deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a
wlohe. Similarly that is how our mind works with Pythagorean symbolisms that use
numbers to communicate imagery (see AP Issue 126).

Natural Ripple Waves

A natural type of ripple is like a continuous stream. These can appear in energy corridors
like Hessdalen, the Brown Mountains, and the Molyobka Anomalous Zone. They can
also be erratic in time exposures, like lightning, following least resistance is they are
move (see Photograph 4 by Bill Bean). Natural ripples in general can have multi media
effects such as manifestation of sound static. While at the Boynton Vortex in Sedona,
Arizona in late May 2006, my colleague and I picked-up static sound (only at the vortex)
on a device that read electromagnetic wave transmissions.

An individual type of rippling is what I call individual out-of-body (OBE) travel vortex
(soft – least disruptive). These are vortices (intelligent energy) riding natural ripple
waves that can be captured in so-called ghost photographs of ribbon-like and orb
anomalies. These photographs are also not the variety easily faked by holding a coarse
camera strap in front of a lens, or small fragments of dust that have been illuminated by a
flash. In AP issue 126, I provided the July 2007 Frackville Ribbons photograph. The
ribbons must have been pulsating lights traveling very fast so as not to be blurred and to
leave a time exposed line of light.

Other Properties of Archetype Ripples

Ripples can also exhibit instability. My colleague Beverly Blake’s experience of light
circles in the sky is a good example. She had an unusual sighting in 1998. On the
Palisades Parkway South in New York State, at 1:00 AM, she noticed circles of light in
the sky, which she thought were beams sent up from searchlights on the ground, as in an
opening of a store. They were moving across the sky in all directions. Beverly drove
along with her eyes drifting back and forth to this show of lights, and then she got to her
exit exactly 6 minutes later. She got off at the exit ramp, and these circles were still in
the sky. As she was driving and slowing down to get off at the exit, these circles were
now doing something very odd. They had been to the right of her, over the tall trees
along the Parkway, and now they were directly in front of her, about 200 feet in the sky,
and the most amazing thing was that they were slamming into each other, then separating
to her amazement. When she looked at them, she said out loud to herself, “this is deja vu,
I've seen this before,” and didn't even realize she had said such a thing, for there was
nothing in her conscious memory of any such sighting before. She crossed the road into
a dead end street, and jumped out of the car, with camera in hand to capture this on film.
The circles were now right above her, so low, in fact, and they looked as though someone
had drawn them on paper, perfect gray circles, with black rim, and striking against the
white clouds. She just watched for few more seconds, and then to her total amazement,
they changed their shape into four long boxes, reminding her of a radiator, but each at a
different step, and then just disappeared.
Beverly’s experiences reminds me of the mysterious event recorded in 1566 in the skies
over Basel, Switzerland. Just after dawn on August 7, 1566, many large, black globes
were seen in the air, moving before the sun at great speed and turning against each other
as if fighting. Some of them became red and fiery and afterwards faded and went out.
August 7th is close to the peak of perhaps the largest meteor shower of the year, the
Perseids, which can be very spectacular. It is tempting to try to link the Basel phenomena
with the meteors, but it is unlikely that even the meteor shower would produce enough
rocks large enough to be seen as dark objects. However, given Beverly account of circles
in the sky, I speculate whether the phenomenon of 1566 may have been a type of energy
rippling effect, circular in nature as seen when stones are thrown on a pond. As these
energetic circular ripples interacted the created a red and fiery Moiré interference pattern.
My colleague Dr. Bruce Cornet pointed out that when two different media or patterns
interact (variations in physical constants such as gravity, geometric space, and magnetic
intensity, there will be an interference pattern created called a Moiré inference pattern.
Moiré patterns can appear as ripples, waves, and wisps of intensity variations.

Tubular clouds are long, strange looking clouds can grow to be 600 miles long and can
move at up to 35 miles per hour, causing problems for aircraft even on windless days.
Known as Morning Glory clouds, they appear every fall over Burketown, Queensland,
Australia. Similar tubular shaped clouds called roll clouds appear in various places
around the world. Nobody has yet figured out what causes the Morning Glory clouds,
but I believe the answer may lie in the energy levels found in these clouds. As ripple
waves enter into our dimensional space, the energy associated with them can either heat
or cool the atmosphere. In an earlier article I suggested this phenomenon was responsible
for circular clouds in the shape of the UFOs (see AP Issue 79). That is, the unseen UFO
was absorbing energy, cooled, and condensed the water in the atmosphere by forming
clouds around its inter-dimensional archetype; or was radiating energy and evaporating a
circular shape within the clouds. Likewise the tubular ripple like clouds can be a
manifestation of inter-dimensional ripples imprinting on the atmosphere, cooling it, and
condensing the water.

Dimitris Hatzopoulos in Greece has collected data on his webpage entitled “UFO
Technical Overview: What we think we know about UFOs”
(http://www.hyper.net/ufo/overview.html). While searching for patterns in UFO
illumination, he noticed reports of hovering discoid UFOs, where the eyewitnesses
reported green/blue illumination on the left-hand-side and red on the right-hand-side.
Keeping in mind the arrangement of visible light within the EM spectrum, Hatzopoulos
explored the idea of a possible gravitational red shift/blue shift of light, by a tangential
gravitational field around the rim of UFOs. This would explain why the illumination on
the left hand side of the saucer was green/blue, while on the right hand side was red.
Since the 1950s, several UFO researchers have speculated that UFOs might be using
gravity-like fields. The red shift and blue shift phenomenon of light is a well-known
effect in astronomical observations. More interestingly, I would like to elaborate further
on Hatzopoulos’ astute observation by saying that the same red shift/blue shift of light
applies to my Ripple Theory because the movement of an archetype from one inter-
dimensional space of a specific gravitational strength to another inter-dimensional space
of a different gravitational strength will create the same effect. Evidence for this is found
in another photograph taken my colleague Bill Bean (Photograph 5). This photograph is
not a reflection from the airplane window. Something was telling Bill Bean that an
object was there so he positioned his camera and snapped a photograph.

In conclusion, the existence of a rippling effect could offer an explanation to many
anomalies observed and experienced by witnesses and researchers.

Table of Ripple Wave Types

Type of Ripple Wave                            Examples
Artificial  Instantaneous hard impact          BWI Objects, Photograph 1

              Continuous vibrating soft        Laughlin Objects, Photograph 2

Mental        Mental (remote)                  Telepathy
              instantaneous hard breech

              Mental (remote)                  Cycles (of psychic awareness)
              communication, successive
              soft breach

              Mental (remote)                  Imprints
              communication (resonance)        Oracles (location based)

              Mental (remote)                  Sky Images and Glyphs
              communication - controlled       Dr. Rutledge’s Photograph 3
              patterning (translating)         Crop circles

Natural       Continuous stream                Earth Lights

              Erratic                          Ground anomalies, Photograph 4

              Individual out-of-body           Pulsating ghost ribbons
              (OBE) travel vortex (soft –      “Safety” cords connecting OBE
              least disruptive).               travelers to their physical bodies.
Table of Example Photographs

Photograph 1: BWI, MD UFO (taken by             Photograph 2: Laughlin, NV UFO
Alexander Zikas). Ripple effect under the       (courtesy of Beverly Blake)
top UFO.

Photograph 3: Plate 14 UFO, taken from          Photograph 4: Ground anomaly (courtesy
Project Identification (1981), By Harley        of Bill Bean)
Rutledge, Ph.D.

Photograph 5: Red shifted object (courtesy of
Bill Bean)