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									    HUB Towns
    The Vision
How Mallow “Hub” Town is
    positioning itself

      National Planning Conference 2008   1
          Presentation Overview
Policy Context for Hub Town Vision
– National Spatial Strategy
– Atlantic Gateways Initiative
– Cork Area Strategic Plan and Co. Development Plan

Development Issues and Challenges
– DOEHLG report of June 2007

Mallow Vision
–   Special Local Area Plan
–   Economic Development Vision
–   Governance Vision
–   Marketing Vision

Critical Success Factors

                    National Planning Conference 2008   2
       National Spatial Strategy
Key Concept-Supporting Gateways and Hub rural areas

A wider range of attractive locations for investment

Two broad categories
– Considerably < 10,000 population
– Close to 10,000 and up to 25,000 population
– Mallow falls into 2nd category

Strong County Towns/Large Towns linked to Gateways

Vital that provision of key services is linked to
development trends

Necessary that appropriate local strategies are in place.

                      National Planning Conference 2008     3
“Mallow occupies a strategic spatial position at the
meeting point of the Cork-Limerick and Tralee-
Waterford/Rosslare road and rail routes. Mallows
location outside the suburbs of Cork coupled to its
function as a Hub will strengthen Cork-Limerick
interaction and energise its own catchment within North
Cork, an area undergoing structural economic change
driven by falling farm based employment. It is a large
town with a good population base, a substantial capacity
for development in water services and land terms and
has developing public transport links to Cork.”

                  National Planning Conference 2008    4
           Council                    Ranking           Pop.          Ranking        Planning       Ranking

                         Area          out of          Census          out of         Apps.          out of

                       Hectares         14              2002            14            2005            14

North Cork           253,520                     2   73,511                      1        2,423                1

Carlow                89,790                    12   46,014                     10            950             11

Cavan                193,188                     5   56,546                     6         2,065                2

Laois                171,946                     8   58,774                     4         1,781               5

Longford             109,125                    11   31,068                     11            744             12

Leitrim              158,885                     9   25,799                     12        1,005               10

Monaghan             129,592                    10   52,593                     9         1,469               7

Offaly               198,981                     4   63,663                     2         1,462                8

Roscommon            264,804                    1    53,774                     8         1,824               4

Sligo                183,746                    6    58,200                     7         1,193               9

Tipperary North      204,630                    3    61,010                     3         1,562                6

Waterford            181,713                     7   56,952                     5         1,830               3

                                  National Planning Conference 2008                                           5
    Atlantic Gateways Initiative
Creation of a 2nd rapidly growing major metropolitan

Positioning the local economic offer of individual cities
within the strengths of the wider Atlantic Gateway region

Good degree of fit between current statutory plans and
investment strategies

Potential, in longer term, to expand and include wider

Needs to be linked to the potential and vital roles of
intervening rural and urban areas
                   National Planning Conference 2008     6
CASP & Co. Development Plan
–   A more sustainable form of development for the Cork Area
–   Improved access and accessibility
–   Promotes a strong sub-regional settlement policy
–   Based on integrated land use/public transport strategy
–   Remarkable growth potential of the region

County Development Plan
– Hierarchy of Economic Development Centres
– Major Employment Centres
       Strategic, Integrated, Specialist
– Mallow designated as an integrated centre.

                        National Planning Conference 2008      7

National Planning Conference 2008   8
Development Issues and Challenges
 Key Issues

 Drivers of growth
 –   Governance and Leadership
 –   Plans and Programmes
 –   Resources and National Support

 – Governance of Hubs Authorities
        Hub development Committee
        Hub development Officer
 – Hub Project Implementation Programmes
 – Role of the DOEHLG and of other departments and Agencies

 Response to date to these is of relevance.
                      National Planning Conference 2008       9
 Mallow Special Local Area Plan
Joint Plan by Cork Co. Co. and Mallow TC adopted in

Vision expressed through 5 Strategic Aims

Key Planning and Sustainable Development Goals for

A practical and measurable statement of the steps to be
achieved during lifetime of the plan

Highlight figures:
– Population to grow to 30,000 beyond 2020
– Economic Development Strategy for 10,000 jobs
– Significant expansion of the Town Centre

                     National Planning Conference 2008   10
    Mallow SLAP Strategic Aims
Enhanced quality of life
– High quality residential/working/recreation environments
– Sustainable land use and transportation patterns

Sustainable patterns of growth
– Reduced energy consumption/emissions
– Efficient provision of social and physical infrastructure

Sustainable town centre development

Sustainable and balanced economic investment

Responsible guardianship of the town and hinterland.

                      National Planning Conference 2008       11
 Sustainable Development Goals
New housing and employment
– within 20min walk of town centre of a planned neighbourhood
– within 5min walk of public transport
– New schools within 10min walking distance
– Linked to each other by energy efficient means of transport
– High quality, complimentary, living and working areas

Social and Physical Infrastructure
–   Completion of urban area journeys within 10 mins.
–   Protection of key sport/recreation facilities
–   Protection and enhancement of environment, archaeological and built
    heritage of the town and hinterland

Model to measure achievement of these sustainable
development goals over time needs to be developed.
                       National Planning Conference 2008                  12
Mallow SLAP

National Planning Conference 2008   13
         Employment Vision
Global trend in manufacturing and services
    1995 – 17% of total employment
    2005 – 11% of total employment
    Using a baseline of 100 in 1997
     – Total employment now at a base of 143
     – Manufacturing employment at a base of 97
     – Service employment at a base of 150

Potential growth areas
    Internationally traded services
    High value added manufacturing
               National Planning Conference 2008   14
Employment Challenge/Opportunity
 National Competitiveness Council survey
  – Clear cost advantage for Gateway cities as compared to Dublin
  – Mallow also displays similar characteristics

 IDA commitment to FDI for regions
  – In 2006, 60% of greenfield projects occurred outside of Dublin
  – 85% of R&D projects.

 Mallow must offer potential investors the opportunity:
  – Having the land based solutions
  – Having advance space available or, the opportunity to deliver such space with
    certainty and in short timeframe
  – Having a range of offerings
  – Having a working synergy that can deliver
  – Having the quality of life and community structures to attract
  – Having the necessary skills availability

 A challenge that needs private/public/community synergy

 A challenge that needs national decisions supporting prioritised action for

                           National Planning Conference 2008                        15
       The Governance Vision
Governance and Leadership are critical to driving
Hub growth
– Public Sector, Local Business and Local Community
  Leadership acting together
     Can find opportunities
     Innovative approaches
     Drive cost-effective funding and interventions
     Coherence of activity

A significant strength of Mallow
– Built around the SLAP
– Committed to by Co. Development Board
– A sustainable development partnership structure

                    National Planning Conference 2008   16
Mallow Development Partnership
Established in 2002 by Mallow Chamber
–   Mallow Chamber,
–   Cork County Council and Mallow Town Council
–   Gardai Siochana

Re-energised by Mallow SLAP and County Development
Board focus as one of its priority actions 2006-2008

Led by CCC
– Mallow HUB Forum established
– Enlarged Mallow Development Partnership structure
– Six, multi-agency focused Working Groups based on key
  development themes
– A two year agreed action plan with targets and assigned
                     National Planning Conference 2008      17
                                                                                                  Mallow Hub

                                                                                               Mallow Development

Infrastructure & Transport                                                            Health                           Heritage, Tourism &                                                                Enterprise and Employment
                                              Education                                                                                                            Recreation, & Youth
                                                                                                                          Environment                                                                            Development

                    Avondhu Rural Transport               Elected Representatives               Elected Representatives                  Avondhu Dev. Group                          Cork County Council                       Cork County Council

                                                                                                                                         Blackwater Resource                             Cork County Sports
                             Bus Eireann                  Mallow College of Further            Health Service Executive                                                                                                         Enterprise Ireland
                                                                                                                                             Development                                    Partnership

                                                                   Mallow                               Mallow
                      Cork County Council                                                                                             Blackwater Valley Tourism                    Elected Representatives                            I.D.A.
                                                            Partnership/Chamber                  Partnership/Chamber

                    Elected Representatives                      R.A.P.I.D.                       Medical Profession                     Cork County Council                                  Gardai                           Mallow Partnership/

                                                            Primary & Secondary                                                                                                             Mallow
                               Gardai                                                                 R.A.P.I.D.                       Elected Representatives                                                             North Cork Enterprise Board
                                                                School Reps                                                                                                          Partnership/Chamber

                        Iaranrod Eireann                                                            Mallow Hospital                          Failte Ireland S.W.                    Mallow Sports Council
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mallow Town Council

                             Mallow                                                                                                             Mallow
                                                                                                                                                                                             R.A.P.I.D.                      Avondhu Dev Group
                      Partnership/Chamber                                                                                                Partnership/Chamber

                      Mallow Town Council                                                                                             St. Annes Heritage Society                                                             Blackwater Resource
                                                                                                                                                                                     Youth Organisations

                                                                                                                                        Tidy Towns Committee                               Cork Co. VEC                        Mallow Chamber

                                                                                                                                        Thomas Davis Society

                                                                                      National Planning Conference 2008                                                                                                                        18
              Governance Successes
Shared commitment to maximising synergies and resources of all agencies for
Mallow Hub.

Shared and common understanding of each others environment and

Recognition by Private Sector that this is a Partnership to work with and one
which demonstrates Mallows attractiveness.

Tangible outcomes from local initiatives
 –   Strategic Transportation Plan
 –   Strategic Recreation and Amenity Strategy
 –   Town Enhancement Plan
 –   Heritage Assessment/Study
 –   Failte Ireland Tourism Product Development Projects
 –   Economic/Investment Marketing Strategy
 –   Urban Historic Sculpture Trail and Infrastructure
 –   Health Week and Strategy
 –   Educational infrastructural resource usage.

Won a National Chambers Ireland/DOEHLG Excellence in Local Government
Award 2007.

                              National Planning Conference 2008            19
       Marketing the Hub Vision
Mallow faces strong competition from within and outside Ireland for
investor interest.

Marketing messages often replicated.

“More of the same” unlikely to differentiate Mallow

Must stress the areas own distinctive characteristics/attributes

Needs to appeal to potential investors on basis of criteria which are
of relevance to them.

Must not become diffuse, rather identify and stress core
competencies and demonstrate proactive development

Must be informed by, but independent from the messages of key
State Agencies
                      National Planning Conference 2008            20
         Marketing the Vision
Steps being followed in developing a sustainable
marketing strategy for Mallow:
– Identifying the key employment growth areas both,
  indigenous and FDI
– Identifying the key conditions/requirements to attract
  investment in growth areas
– Identifying potential targets/sectors
– Establishing data on skills profile
– Encouraging landowners and developers
– Developing the material and strategy

                 National Planning Conference 2008     21
      The Stand –Out Advantages
Proximity to Cork a NSS Gateway
Good rail and road connectivity capable of further
improvement and utilisation
Strategic Position-”Crossroads of Munster”
Strong and expanding retail offering
Excellent amenities including a racetrack
Significant zoned lands and 3rd Generation office space
Ambitious Public and Pte Sector development plans
 – Greencore plc
 – Dairygold/Alchemy Properties
 – Castlelands Construction
 – Cork County Council
Strong community/partnership momentum behind
development plansNational Planning Conference 2008        22
In combination, these marketing strengths give the town
significant catchet from an investor perspective

Mallows strategic positioning
– CASP, Atlantic Gateways, North Cork
– Its potential is far greater than its current form

Positioning the configuration of the core
competencies/strengths is important to:
– Create critical mass and networking which offer the best
  prospects for growth
– Create and optimise collaborative marketing with developers
– Create the notion of a cluster of a range of 2 or 3 key enterprise

                      National Planning Conference 2008            23
           The Critical Success Factors
 –   CASP and Mallow SLAP give vision and a development framework
 –   Effective Governance structures in place
 –   Marketing strategy being developed
 –   Sites available with large companies
 –   Infrastructural development shortcomings
 – Regional Development Strategy of NSS gives direction
 – National development Plan gives cursory attention to Hub’s
 – Prioritisation of infrastructural investment requirement of Hub’s not
 – “Highest Priority” Local Capital Investment Areas identified as:
        Water and wastewater
        Road infrastructure
What is needed nationally to release the potential of Hubs
 –   Prioritisation of Infrastructural Investment requirements
 –   HUB innovation fund
 –   National HUB Network
 –   Statutory Agency formal networks at local level to deliver on Hub town
                         National Planning Conference 2008                 24

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