Why anonymous exit interviews

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					Why anonymous exit interviews?
       Collect crucial organizational knowledge before it walks out the door.

Most employees want to leave on good                >> Understanding what’s really going
terms. They don’t want to “burn                     on and using this knowledge to better
bridges”. Many are reluctant to be                  manage employee relations
honest about why they’re leaving.
                                                    >> Improving employee engagement,
As a result, management does not get                productivity, and loyalty which will serve
the critical information needed to identify         to reduce human capital costs
risk areas and to take proactive steps to
mitigate them.                                      >> Identifying wrongdoing taking
                                                    place within the organization enabling
Confidential exit interviewing brings               management to take steps to stop it
unknown issues to the surface and
assists organizations in creating the               >> Sending a signal to the organization
most productive culture. This in turn               that management is not only listening
creates enduring enterprises.                       but also acting on employee
Why Listen Up?
                                                    Listen Up’s summary reporting back to
Receiving the best exit interview                   our clients is in a friendly and
information is our goal at Listen Up.               immediately usable format. Over time,
This benefits an organization in a variety          the data adds up, and you will wonder
of ways. Companies gain insight critical            why you didn’t begin this practice
to improvement by:                                  sooner.

      If you provide exiting employees a safe way to speak up,
                              they will.

  Listen Up Confidential Exit Interviewing is brought to you by Syrus Global, a leader in ethics,
compliance, governance, and reputation management services. To learn more, contact us today
                         at 312.635.1500 or engage@syrusglobal.com.
How do we get the best information?
       Confidentiality is the watch-word guiding all Listen Up activities.

People making confidential submissions       issues through ongoing training
require and deserve the assurance that       programs that bolster their skills in
no identifying information will              listening, probing, documenting, and
compromise their anonymity. No caller        maintaining confidentiality. Before a new
ID. No names. All exit interview             Listener is ever permitted to handle calls
summary reports from us to the client        independently, they must shadow
aggregate at least four interview results.   experienced staff members for a
No single interview report is ever           minimum of two months.
                                             We understand your unique needs as
The recipe for “best information” adds a     a Listen Up client.
heaping amount of listening skills and       We make sure that our Listeners are
user-friendly information management         oriented to your specific situation
tools to the basic ingredient –              through the use of New Client
confidentiality. Listeners are experts at    introduction sessions, workshops, and
unearthing the valuable information          ongoing systems training programs. We
exiting employees are reticent to divulge    encourage our Listeners to nurture
to other company employees.                  effective and unscripted two-way
                                             dialogues. Each has desktop access to
>> Unparalleled Listening Skills             key Client information for easy
Listen Up’s masters-degreed Listeners
know how to listen, and they care            >> User-Friendly Information Delivery
deeply about seeking the truth.
                                             Reports summarize interview results.
Our professionals boast highly               Reports are provided quarterly, so long
developed listening expertise.               as the threshold of four reports is met
We know how to get the salient facts,        for confidentiality.
separate fact from emotion, and probe
for core issues. Listeners average over      Tabulated data is provided in statistical
seven years of experience, and our           and graphical format.
turnover rate has been less than 5%
during the past two years.                   Trending by demographic,
                                             organizational or subject matter lines
We’re also adept at handling                 may be provided, as well as verbatim
sensitive issues. We prepare our             quips to add context.
Listeners to handle sensitive Client