1 Wag The Dog Based on the book American hero by Larry Beinhart by decree


Wag The Dog
Based on the book: American hero by Larry Beinhart.
When the President is caught in a sex scandal less than 2 weeks before the
election, "Mr. Fix-it" decides they need a war to distract the public's attention
and he calls on Hollywood's top producer to create it.

Richard Wagner was loved yet hated, admired yet despised, a villain yet a
hero, a man whose fame and exploits were the gossip of Europe. Above all, he
was an incurable romantic who had a scandalous love affair with Liszt's
illegitimate daughter. He was also one of the greatest composers who has ever

Wait Until Dark
A killer searching for a heroin-stuffed doll terrifies a blind woman in her

Waiting For God. Cheering Tom Up
Welcome to the Bayview Retirement Home, that noble establishment indelibly
etched into the annals of comedy, famous for it's two favorite "inmates" Tom
and Diana.

Waiting For God: The Funeral
Welcome to the Bayview Retirement Home, that noble establishment indelibly
etched into the annals of comedy, famous for it's two favorite "inmates" Tom
and Diana.

Waiting For Guffman
Corky St. Clair has created an ambitious musical celebrating his town's 150th
anniversary, and dreams of making it big on Broadway.

Waking Ned Devine
When Ned Devine dies from shock after winning the lottery, two longtime
friends, Michael and Jackie, discover the body and agree Ned would want
them to benefit from his good luck. They embark upon an outrageous scheme
to claim the ticket, but first they have to get all the townsfolk to go along with
their plan.

A Walk To Remember
Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks.
Love brings together what peer pressure and lifestyles seek to keep apart.
Jamie is a straight-laced preacher's daughter and Landon is an unmotivated
delinquent. When events thrust him into her world, he begins an unexpected
journey he'll never forget.

Stranded in the Australian desert, an English girl and her small brother are
rescued by an Aborigine boy who has journeyed into the outback on his
“walkabout” -- a tribal initiation into manhood.

A Walk In The Clouds
After returning from World War II, a young G.I. finds he has little in common
with the wife he left behind. Disillusioned, he heads north to work as a
traveling salesman where he meets the daughter of a wealthy vineyard owner.
On her way home, she is terrified of what her father will do when he learns
she is unmarried and pregnant. The young man gallantly offers to help by
posing as her husband for one night, unaware that doing so will change both
of their lives forever.

Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave
A wave of sheep rustling sweeps the countryside, but Wallace and Gromit are
too busy with their new window washing service to notice even the lamb that's
consuming their home a mouthful at a time. It's going to take a daring
jailbreak, the help of a whole flock of sheep, and a wild and wooly chase before
Wallace and Gromit can unravel the mystery behind this incredible yarn.

Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

War And Peace
The personal stories, love affairs and philosophies of the major characters are
told against the backdrop of Napoleon's invasion of Russia at the turn of the
19th century.

War And Remembrance [Day 1-7]
Fictional but realistically graphic presentation of events of World War II from
December 15, 1941 through July 1943. 7 videocassettes

War And Remembrance [Day 8-12]
Fictional but realistically graphic presentation of events of World War II from
September 30, 1943 through August 7, 1945. 5 videocassettes

The War Of The Worlds
H.G. Wells' chilling story of the invasion of Earth by Martians. Mass
evacuation begins in panic as nation's unite in an effort to repel the aliens

The War Wagon
Based on the book "Badman" by Clair Huffaker.
Taw Jackson is a rancher who is dead set on capturing an ironclad
stagecoach belonging to cattle baron West Catlin, the man who stole his
fortune and good name years before.

Washington Square
Catherine is a lonely young woman in search of happiness...until she is swept
off her feet by the handsome Morris Townsend. Suspicious of the young man's
true intentions, however, her controlling father threatens to disown Catherine
if she follows her heart and marries against his wishes!

Watch On The Rhine
Bette Davis is the American wife of the German Resistance leader who comes
to America to raise money for his cause. This is the gripping story of a man
who has the courage to stand up to the Nazis, no matter what the cost.

Watership Down
Chronicles the adventures of a group of rabbits searching for a safe place to
establish a new warren where they can live in peace.

The Way We Live Now
Based on the novel by Anthony Trollope.
This satire of Victorian society shows the trials and tribulations of young love,
the pettiness of upper class life, the raw energy and excitement of the most
powerful city the world had ever seen, and the greed and corruption that lay
just below its glittering surface.

The Way We Were
Set during the 1940's, this is the story of the attraction of two totally opposite
people, the love that binds them together, and the differences that tear them

The Wedding Planner
A romantic comedy about love, marriage and other events you just can't plan
for. Mary (Jennifer Lopez) is a successful, work obsessed wedding planner in
San Francisco who finally finds a man of her own (Matthew McConaughey),
or so she thinks. He turns out to be the groom in the biggest wedding of her
career. Will she get the job or the guy?

The Wedding Singer
Robbie Hart is a master of ceremonies, left at the altar at his own wedding. He
becomes someone who can only destroy other people's weddings until he meets
a waitress named Julia. Julia, however, is about to have a wedding of her own
and may be lost forever.

Wee Willie Winkie
Based on the story by Rudyard Kipling.
A little girl taken by her mother to live on a British army outpost in India
wins over her feisty grandfather, his entire regiment, and his chief enemy, and
uses her considerable charms to prevent a full scale war.

Weekend At Bernie's
Two employees discover an embezzlement scam. The boss invites them to
spend the weekend, with the intention of killing them. When the boys arrive,
they find their boss dead, their lives in danger, and the prospects for a still-
terrific weekend.

Welcome To Sarajevo
Based on the book: Natasha's story / Michael Nicholson.
Living on the edge amid the constant threat of attack, an offbeat band of TV
journalists, lead by hotshot Jimmy Flynn, report from a devastated war-torn
country. The action intensifies when one of the journalists crosses the line and
risks his life in a bold attempt to smuggle an orphaned girl to safety.

We'll Meet Again
5 videocassettes.
Set in a quiet English market town in 1943, explores the shattering effect on
the local community caused by the arrival of a Bomber Group of the United
States Eighth Air Force posted nearby.

We're No Angels (1955)
Three convicts, Joseph, Albert and Jules, are plotting their escape from Devil's
Island. Fate intervenes when they hide out with kindly but inept Felix and his
family. Felix manages a store for his arrogant cousin Andre, who makes the
fatal mistake of stealing Albert's pet, a poisonous snake. After resolving Felix's
problems, the convicts return to prison, convinced that the world is much too

We're no angels (1989)
In order to escape detection, two cons pass themselves off as priests. They are
trying to get by a police blockade and into Canada, and stumble into a
monastery, where they are mistaken for new recruits to the order!

West Side Story
A modern version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, set in the Puerto Rican
section of New York City.

Westworld, a futuristic "theme park" where the gunhands and dance-hall girls
are all robots programmed to serve the guests' violent and lustful fantasies
until something does wrong with their circuitry.

Whale Rider
Based on the book by Witi Ihimaera.
The Whangara people believe their ancestor Paikea was saved from drowning
by riding home on the back of a whale. The tribal group has since granted
leadership positions to the first-born males, believing them to be descendants
of Paikea. But then a young mother dies in childbirth along with her newborn
male son. His twin sister survives and the little girl, Pai, is brought up by her
grandparents. Learning the skills of chiefdom from her uncle, Pai shows that
she possess a natural leadership ability.

What About Bob?
Bob Wiley, a troubled but lovable therapy patient, seeks help from noted
psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin. When the doctor leaves town to go on a quiet
family vacation, Bob, afraid of being alone, follows -- showing up unexpectedly
at the therapist’s lakeside retreat. Bob becomes the houseguest that just won’t

What A Girl Wants
Based on the play by William Douglas Home.
A spirited young American girl goes to London in search of her long-lost
father. When she finds him, she sets out to prove that love can conquer all, but
finds that her unique, impulsive style threatens the relationship she has
waited for all her life.

What Made America Laugh
3 videocassette.
v. 1. What made America laugh -- v. 2. Laugh? I thought I'd die -- v. 3.
Bloopers, blunders & best intentions.

What's Up, Doc?
Judy, who is bright but a little strange, and Howard, a befuddled Iowa
musicologist, meet in a San Francisco hotel. The only thing they have in
common is their red plaid travelling cases (his holds rocks; hers, lingerie).
Identical cases are owned by two of the hotel's other guests. Mrs. Van Hoskins
keeps hers stuffed with jewelry, and Mr. Smith's holds a batch of top secret
government documents. When the bags are mixed up, the result is chaos of the
highest and most hilarious order.

What Women Want
A cocky, chauvinistic ad agency exec magically acquires the ability to "hear"
what women are thinking. He puts this to especially good use with his new
superior, whose job he was in line to get. Then competition turns into romance.

Where The Heart Is
Based upon the novel by Billie Letts.
The story of a down-on-her-luck Southern teen who, after gaining 15 minutes
of fame for giving birth to "The Wal-Mart Baby," begins to put her life together
with the help of the kind, quirky strangers who become her surrogate family. --

While You Were Sleeping
A lonely young woman saves the life of a handsome stranger she has fallen in
love with from afar. His family mistakes her for his fiancee, and she goes
along because she likes his offbeat family so much. Matters take a hilarious
turn when she meets and falls in love with her make-believe lover's brother.

White Christmas
Two talented song-and-dance men team up after the war to become one of the
hottest acts in show business. They join forces with a sister act and trek to
Vermont for a white Christmas. The men discover that the inn is run by their
old army general who's now in financial trouble.

White Fang
Based on the novel by Jack London.
A young man tries to fulfill his father's wish to find gold in the treacherous
Yukon Valley of Alaska. Along the way he befriends a veteran gold miner and
a magnificent wolf-dog named White Fang.

White Nights
The KGB tries to keep in Russia a famous Soviet dancer who has previously
defected to the West.

White Oleander
Based on the novel by Janet Fitch.
Ingrid, a smart, free-spirited, and somewhat narcissistic artist kills her
deceitful lover in a crime of passion. Even while serving a prison sentence, she
exerts control over her adoring teenage daughter, Astrid, who's forced to spend
her teenage years in a series of foster homes before becoming her own person.
Explores the strange relationship of Ingrid and Astrid, and includes Astrid's
relationship with her foster mothers. At first merely an appendage of her
mother, Astrid develops as a result of her peripatetic adolescence.

White Squall
Thirteen high school students who have elected to spend the 1960-61 academic
year on board the American schoolship Albatross learn about sailing and
unity from their captain. When they encounter a white squall, a sudden,
violent, wind-and-lightning storm, it turns into a test of courage and their will
to survive

White Wolves: A Cry In The Wild II
A two week trek through the Cascade Mountains tries the survival instincts of
five adventuresome teenagers. At first, it’s all a good time. Shooting the
rapids, exploring caves and making new friends. But when an accident
occurs, Mother Nature raises the stakes and challenges the hikers to the
greatest test of their young lives.

White Wolves II: Legend Of The Wild
Given the chance to clear up their school records, a group of misfit teens
reluctantly venture into the wilderness to help a young naturalist save the
vanishing wolves.

Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?
"Drop in for drinks with George and Martha. Nothing fancy, just a
freewheeling, headlong slide into the corrosive hell of a marriage twisted by
years of hatred and humiliation."

Why didn't they ask Evans?
3 videocassettes.
Based on the novel by Agatha Christie.
During a round of golf on a cliff-top course in Wales, Bobby Jones discovers a
man lying gravely injured on the rocks below. His last words, "Why didn't
they ask Evans?," leads Bobby and his friend on a quest to find out what
happened to the man.

Wild America
It’s summer of 1968 and Marty, Mark and Marshall Stouffer, fascinated by
the nature that surrounds them, decide to hit the road with a 16mm camera to
capture America’s vanishing wildlife in its unspoiled natural habitat. They
learn to trust and depend on each other as they record their life-endangering
odyssey and collect images never before seen of majestic, powerful animals in
their natural surroundings.

The Wild Bunch
Based on a story by Walon Green and Roy N. Sickner.
The brutal story of violent men who lived during the Mexican revolution in the
year 1913. It portrays a band of magnificent losers in a dying lawless West.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
True story of an orphan who is about to become a star diving girl when an
accident threatens to destroy her dream.

Wild Strawberries
Follows an aged doctor's journey through a compelling landscape of dream
and memory as he travels to receive an honorary degree. Haunting flashbacks
and incidents along the way force him to confront his life and its failings.
Swedish with English subtitles.

The Wild Thornberry's Movie
Deep in the heart of Africa, the Thornberry's are filming their latest action-
packed wildlife show. They are ready for anything, except for the greedy
poachers lurking in the jungle. It's up to Eliza, who can talk to animals, to foil
their evil plans. To do this, it will take all her courage, strength and
exceptional gifts.

Willow Ufgood leaves his village to carry a special baby to safety. Aided by a
swashbuckling warrior, Willow’s quest is plagued by danger as the Powers of
Darkness scheme to destroy the child -- a child destined to bring everlasting
peace and freedom to the land.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Join Charlie Bucket, his grandfather, and four lucky contest winners on a tour
through the factory of the mysterious candy mogul Willy Wonka.

Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!
Rosalee Futch is a grocery clerk living in rural West Virginia. She dreams of
meeting her big-screen idol, Tad Hamilton. Her chance is the Win a Date with
Tad Hamilton contest that was cooked up by Tad's agent and manager to
clean up Tad's bad-boy image. When Tad meets Rosalee and gets a taste of
what he's been missing in the real world, he decides he wants more and moves
to West Virginia, turning Rosalee's dream come true into a nightmare for
Richard Levy (Tad's agent), Richard Levy (Tad's manager) and, most of all,
Pete (Rosalee's best friend and secret admirer).

An adventure story about a brash young sailor who breaks with tradition in
his quest to reclaim the America's Cup for the U.S.

The Wind And The Lion
On a hot Moroccan afternoon in 1904, a herd of horsemen thunder into
Tangier to kidnap an American widow and her children, sparking an
international incident. Based on actual events.

Winds Of War
7 videocassettes.
Part 1: Winds rise -- Part 2: Storm breaks -- Part 3: Cataclysm -- Part 4:
Defiance -- Part 5: Of love and war -- Part 6: Changing of the guard -- Part 7:
Into the maelstrom

Based on: Windwalker by Blaine Yorgason.
Lying on his deathbed, the aging Cheyenne Warrior, Windwalker, tells his
life's story to his small grandchildren. He recounts his years as a young brave,
marriage to beautiful Tashina, the blessing of having twin sons born to them,
and his anguish at having Tashina die and one of the babies stolen during a
raid by Crow warriors.

A battle-weary Marine is assigned to guard - and ultimately befriends - a
young Navajo soldier who has been trained to be a code talker. This code, the
Navajo code, and the men who knew the code, were to be guarded as they went
into action. It was the unspoken duty of the Marine to kill the Navajo soldier
before he could be taken prisoner of war by the Japanese. This is the one
wartime code that was never broken by the enemy.

The Wingless Bird
On the eve of World War I, Agnes Conway manages both the business and the
problems of her troubled family. She finds the strength to break class barriers
and help her sister Jessie marry a good boy from a family of dockside toughs.
Is she strong enough to break them again when Charles Farrier, a gentleman,
courts her over his parents’ opposition?

Wings Of Courage
In 1930 two legendary aviators recruit a third pilot for their new South
American airmail service. Promising excitement and adventure to young
Henri Guillaumet, the air-pioneers inadvertently lead him into the shadow of

Wings Of Desire = Himmel uber Berlin.
Romantic fantasy about an angel who wishes he were mortal, set in East
Berlin before the wall came down.
In German with English subtitles.

The Wings Of The Dove
A young society woman's love for a common journalist presents her with an
impossible decision: leave him or marry and face a life of poverty. Events take
an unexpected twist when she befriends a lonely young heiress whose own
tragic secret offers an irresistible but dangerous solution.

Wings Of Eagles
Based on the life and writings of Commander Frank W. "Spig" Wead.
The true story of Naval Commander Frank "Spig" Wead - from his first solo
flight that ends in the admiral's swimming pool to his assignment as
commander aboard an aircraft carrier in World War II.

The Winslow Boy (1950)
A barrister defends a naval cadet accused of stealing a postal money-order.

The Winslow Boy (1999)
Based on the play by Terence Rattigan.
A barrister defends a naval cadet accused of stealing a postal money-order.

Winslow Homer: an American original
Two misfit teenagers help American artist Winslow Homer refocus when he
returns disillusioned from the Civil War.

The Winter Guest
One cold winter day, an elderly woman arrives uninvited and unexpectedly at
the home of her daughter, Frances, who is still grieving over her young
husband's recent death. Together, they embark on an emotional journey
neither of them are ready for but both know must be taken.

The Winter Stallion
When her grandfather dies right before Christmas, sixteen-year-old Gwen is
left with only an estranged uncle and a stallion named Mabon.

Wish Me Luck: Series I
6 videocassettes.
The story of Liz Grainger, an English woman, who is being recruited by a
British intelligence agency during the height of World War II.

Wisteria Lodge
Holmes and Watson become involved in one of the most baffling cases in their
career when a foreign tyrant, a governess and an odd police inspector lead
them on a wild goose chase, starting with a murder.

Based on the 1999 Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Margaret Edson.
An English professor, who alienates her students, has always had control over
her life. That is until she is diagnosed with a devasting illness. She agrees to
undergo a series of procedures that are brutal, extensive and experimental.
She finds that the fine line between life and death can only be walked with

The Witches
A young boy and his Norwegian grandmother, who is an expert on witches,
together foil a witches' plot to destroy the world's children by turning them
into mice.

Harrison Ford stars as a detective trying to solve a murder of a narcotics
agent. He comes up against the nonviolent Amish woman and her son who are
also involved.

Witness For The Prosecution
From the story and stage play by Agatha Christie.
A gruff British lawyer returns from a long convalescence to take on a homicide
case--a man accused of murdering his wealthy woman friend in order to
secure his inheritance. The defendant's mysterious wife stuns the courtroom by
giving damaging testimony against her husband.

Wives And Daughters
4 videocassettes.
From the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell.
Sweet Molly Gibson was living life pleasantly when her widowed father
decides that, for the good of his daughter, he must remarry. In comes Claire
and Molly's life is turned upside down by the usually well meaning but off-
the-mark Claire, who insists on things being done the proper way. Added to
the stew is Claire's beautiful, educated daughter Cynthia, and the Hamleys, a
well-to-do family headed by a squire who is not happy about the romantic
interests of his sons.

Wodehouse Playhouse
3 videocassettes.
v.1.The truth about George - - Romance at Droitwich Spa - - Portrait of a
disciplinarian - - v. 2. Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court - - The rise of
Minna Nordstrom - - v.3. Rodney fails to qualify - - A voice from the past.
A collection of the short stories of P.G. Wodehouse, dramatized by David
Climie. Many of the stories, set in the 1920s and 1930s, were originally
published in the Saturday Evening Post.

The Wolf Man
A man who returns to the family estate to take over affairs there risks
becoming a victim of the centuries-old curse of the werewolf.

The Woman In White
5 videocassettes.
Story of what a woman’s patience can endure. An early example of detective
fiction written by a contemporary of Charles Dickens set in London in 1849.

The Women Of Brewster Place
Oprah Winfrey plays Mattie Michael, a middle-aged woman whose life has
been full of misfortunes. Now she is living in a tenement on a dead-end ghetto
street. She becomes an adopted mother and a leader to the other women.

A Woman Of Substance
3 videocassettes.
Adapted from the bestselling novel by Barbara Taylor Bradford.
This is the story of Emma Harte, a bright and ambitious servant girl who
overcomes her impoverished Yorkshire beginnings in her quest to become an
international retailing magnate and one of the richest women in the world.

Woman Of The Year
The down-to-earth sportswriter of the New York Chronicle marries the paper's
brilliant international columnist. Preceded by animated short film: Blitz wolf.

Wonder Boys
Based on the novel "Wonder boys" by Michael Chabon.
During a single weekend, college professor and writer Grady Tripp scrambles
to gather together a life that has suddenly reeled out of control. Along for the
ride are his gifted but troubled student, his eccentric editor, the married
chancellor of his university who is pregnant with his child, and his sultry
student boarder.

The world is not enough
Agent 007 is the world's only hope against Renard, a high-tech terrorist with a
most unusual and deadly characteristic: a brain-lodged bullet that renders
him impervious to pain.

The World Of Apu
Based on the novel Aparajita by Bibhutibhusan Banerjee.
Tells of Apu, a struggling writer who, visiting the wedding of a friend's sister,
finds himself the bridegroom when the husband-to-be is discovered to be
insane. Apu's wife soon dies in childbirth and the shattered Apu, refusing to
see his son, leaves to wander alone through the country. Several years later
Apu's friend hunts him down and convinces him to return to his son.
Bengali dialogue, English subtitles.

The World Of Henry Orient
The story of Henry Orient, a concert pianist whose life is turned upside-down
by two infatuated schoolgirls.

The Wrong Box
An adaptation of a tale by Robert Louis Stevenson.
A huge inheritance ignites a murderous family feud. The last living
beneficiaries, the two Finsbury Brothers, will stop at nothing to outlive each
other-- and win the fortune. Helping the irascible, poverty-stricken Masterman
Finsbury is his shy grandson Michael. Opposing them are his eccentric
younger brother, Joseph Finsbury, and a pair of greedy nephews, Morris and

Wuthering Heights (1939)
A tortured love affair ends between Heathcliff and Cathy when Cathy marries
the wealthy Edgar. Heathcliff's savage retaliation upon the woman he loves
explodes in a stunning climax.

Wuthering Heights (1992)
Story of two generations of the Earnshaw and Linton families, as their lives
and fortunes intertwine in a complex web dominated by the passionate
relationship between doomed lovers Heathcliff and Cathy.

Wuthering Heights (1998)
Based on the novel by Emily Bronte.

Wyrd Sisters
3 videocassettes.
A sci-fi fantasy tale of sorcery and spells, witches and warts, and a fool who's
smarter than he looks.





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