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									Meeting Minutes
July 1, 2009
District Office, Room 2

Attendance: Doug Reitz, Sarah Koligian, Aimee Beintker, Stephane McShane, Cathy
Barrow, Ron Osborn, Audrey Stock, Carla Neal

Approval of June meeting minutes, Osborn/McShane. 5/0

Treasurer’s report: No bank statement yet. Table until August.

Open reports:
       Dining for Dono – Stephane talked with Ramona from the Madera Tribune.
       Sarah said it was a nice article.

Planning sheet:
   • Doing an overview tonight of the planning sheet. Getting ideas on the table so
       that we can prioritize action steps for the next meeting in August.

Vision and Mission - Four years ago, the vision and mission were created.
       Ideas for moving forward:
       For Mission: We might want to discuss support to staff. New teacher grants were
       new so weren’t mentioned. Employee recognition is new also. We might want to
       define these as well.
       For Vision: Might want to add “and staff.” Change “viable entity” to “maintain
       support” or something along those lines.
       Will need to calendar time to rewrite our Vision and Mission statements.

Calendar: 2009/2010:
      Meetings are still first Wednesday of the month.
      Wine Trails
      Stars Dinner is March 20, 2010
      Flatlander’s Day will be the 20th anniversary. May 8th, 2010.
      New Teacher Grants will be presented August 12, 2009 in the morning. This year
      we have 3 new teachers. High school Chemistry, English, Social Science.
      Brick Sales: Possibly advertise it at the “Hawk Huddle.” Cathy will be there and
      could take some order forms, etc. that she could take and distribute. Possibly also
      do at Senior night. What about the booster clubs?

Newsletter – Doug expressed that he really liked the newsletter. It is well done,
published nicely, and represented the Foundation nicely. Want to continue to do that, and
Doug stated that we have some people interested in helping put it together. Targeting to
publish this twice a year. Key information included: Calendar, fundraisers, spotlight on
awards, new teacher grants, bricks (fundraisers in general), Mission, Vision, what we are
doing for the district. Also include recruitment statement, save the date info.

Website – Try and advertise in the newsletter that we’re looking for someone to take this
on. Three general categories: Recruitment, fundraising, and general information. We’dc
like to keep the calendar updated, etc. Perhaps provide a way for people to make a
donation online, purchase event tickets, bricks, etc. Doug to check with CUSD to see
who set up their Foundation website, its capabilities. Ron will check out other credit card
payment processing systems. Not something we need to jump into, but need to start
looking into Facebook, Linked In, MySpace, etc. All agreeing that correspondence via
email is great.

Email correspondence to founding members, etc. Someone needed to compile contact
email lists to set up easy email abilities.

Connect-ed can do email and phone call to distribute information.

Chamber of Commerce may have a listing of other local organizations. Also, we need to
compile a lit of the organizations within the district itself (boosters, PTC, etc.). Getting a
list of the organizations and a list of their events and dates will help us plan as well.

Big booster club meeting upcoming for the high school. Mike Mazzoni or Suzie Dunn
would know the date for that.

We are all competing for the same dollar. We don’t want to appear that we are trying to
take away from these other entities, but need to make sure we coordinate fundraisers so
maximize opportunities for all parties. Overlap will create less revenue for those entities.

We also will require strategic alliances with other foundations to try and learn from their
experiences. Most of these foundations have been in existence far longer than ours.

Also, we need to form strategic alliances with companies or corporate sponsors.

Events: Do a download of info: What have we done well, what can we do better, how do
we gather the information. Our events are key to the funding that follows.

Some funding sources to consider: Great Valley, EPA, EECU, insurance companies,
PG&E, AT&T, Comcast, developers, RJI, Chukchansi, etc. have many grant
opportunities and many of these entities have grant that must go through a non profit
organization to be able to accept it. Grants need to be tied into the four A’s.
Another good contact is Madera Economic Development Agency.

Regarding funding and donors – put tax benefits on the website and all correspondence.

Major donor list – need to compile a list for potential donors to pursue and create the
method of marketing to reach those donors.

Use those projects/people that we have supported as part of our mission on the website,
newsletter, etc.

Brick program - Give a list of the text of each brick already done to Audrey for the
history book. (Stephane to compile from previous orders).

We need to formulate a list of what we have disbursed.

Three items to begin work on our financial plan:
   • Projected Budget – needs to be developed since we really do not have one written
       down to date.
   • Projected Disbursement – how much do we want to give out per year.
   • Reserve – what do we want to keep in reserves.

As we assemble small committees to handle tasks, we will have more opportunity to
bring on people with particular talents to help in limited ways, without committing to a
full board position. John Wallace mentioned that we should create an “advisory board”
of notable people (congressmen, business people, county supervisor), then it will drive
people to want to be a part of it.

Audrey asked if other foundations have teachers as members or board members?

We should put together a list of possible members and advisory board members.
Opportunity of adding multiple parties from the same industry to facilitate competition.

Need to compile a new list of revised officer definitions and added officers.

Historical info – Audrey to still lead the charge of compiling our important events and

Storage – How long do we want to keep our financial documents? Need to
discuss/decide. Includes grant/star applications. Where do we want to store it? District
warehouse is getting full.
We can discuss this once some of the pieces above are established.

  • BUDGET – Ron (champion), Aimee (minor)
  • COMMUNICATIONS/PUBLIC RELATIONS – Stephane (champion), Aimee
  • FUNDRAISING – Cathy, Stephane (minor), Carla (minor, grant research)
  • RECRUITMENT – Ron (minor),

Candidates for future involvement: Tisha Person, Rene Swan, BJ Harlow, Tanya Rosa,
Karen Toomajian, Terry Fox, Jan Weldon, Carrie Bennett

Come back next meeting with a list of names of people who might want to be involved at
some level.

Aimee to minor in all, as she is the hub of information
Sarah to minor in all due to her position (Champion of needs…)

Secondary projects:
      Advisory Board

Can we be in the drawing to do the gate or snack bar for football? Cathy to check into


Email a list of what we talked about to all board members (Stephane)

Each champion to come back with some outline of what and how they want to start
tackling the projects in their category.

Add to the August agenda – Randy Bailey wants to report out on Sober Grad.

Next meeting August 3rd, 6PM.

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