The 29th Synod, a time to Run with the

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                                                A COMMUNICATION FROM THE CHAIRMAN OF PEC—EWI PROVINCE

“And Jabez was more honourable than his
brethren: and his mother called his name
                                                         The Information
Jabez, saying, Because I bare him with sor-
row. And Jabez called on the God of Israel                                                            MONTHLY PUBLICATION
saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me
indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that
thine hand might be with me, and that
                                                                                                                       June, 2009
thou wouldst keep me from evil, that it may
not grieve me! And God granted him that
which he requested.” I Chronicles 4 : 9 -10.”

                                                    The 29th Synod, a time to              as eagles; they shall run, and not
     VISION STATEMENT                                                                      be weary; and they shall walk,
                                                      Run with the Vision                                     40:30-
                                                                                           and not faint.(Is. 40:30-31).
                                                   As the Eastern West Indies Prov-        Waiting upon the Lord here
   A Church - Transformed,                         ince prepares for its 29th Synod, we    means that you wait in expecta-
  United, Victorious in Christ                     will be challenged on all fronts to     tion and anticipation. It means
                                                   make a difference in our communi-       that you have gotten a glimpse of
                                                   ties, as our people struggle with the   the vision of what God is about to
    MISSION STATEMENT                              financial and economic crisis that      do. The Vision is really the Road
                                                   have engulfed the world. The            Map to the destination, while the
                                                   Church is being challenged to be        Mission is the strategy to get to
By the grace of God, we seek to                    more proactive rather than being        the destination. The writer of
be faithful to our Lord Jesus                      reactive. We are challenged to be       Proverbs alerts us to the realities
Christ; without distinction, we                    more creative and even radical in       of life in an environment that is
use all that we possess to call                    the way we minister. We are chal-       filled with many choices; “ Where
all peoples to the truth of the                    lenged not to allow yesterday to        there is no vision, the people per-
Gospel through worship, evan-                      hijack our attention. Humorist and      ish:..”.(Proverbs 29:18). If nothing
gelism, discipleship and service                   entertainer Will Rogers once said,      else, Synodals must rise from
                                                   “don’t let yesterday take up too        Synod with a clear Vision as to
                                                   much of today”. As a Church we          the future of our Church in the
     MAILING ADDRESS:                              should learn from the past, allow it    EWI.       The Prophet Habakkuk
                                                   to cement the present and propel us     speaks of not only verbalizing the
                                                   into the future. Too many times, the    Vision but to put it to writing so it
 Moravian Church - EWI Province                    people of God rather than learning      will never be forgotten and that
Moravian Provincial Headquarters                   from the past, get stuck in it and      those who receive it can run with
                                                   therefore the Church stagnates. The     it:2And the LORD answered me,
     Cashew Hill, P.O. Box 504
                                                   past was good but it had different      and said, Write the vision, and
          St. John’s, Antigua                      challenges. While some challenges       make it plain upon tables, that he
                                                   remain the same, we live in differ-     may run that readeth it. 3For the
                                                   ent times and as a Church, we must      vision is yet for an appointed
       Tel: (268)560-0185                          be able to navigate these troublous     time, but at the end it shall speak,
        Fax(268)462-0643                           times being guided by God at all        and not lie: though it tarry, wait
                                                   times. These times are not for the      for it; because it will surely come,
                                                   faint hearted or for those who lack                                     2-
                                                                                           it will not tarry. (Habakkuk 2: 2-3).
        EMAIL ADDRESS                              faith and confidence in their God.
                                                   Isaiah declares, “Even the youths       As we go into Synod, it is important
                                                   shall faint and be weary, and the       to note that anytime you concentrate
                                                   young men shall utterly fall:           on the difficulty of the work at hand
                                                    31                                     instead of its results or rewards, you
          WEB ADDRESS                                But they that wait upon the           are likely to become discouraged.
                                                   LORD shall renew their strength;
                                                   they shall mount up with wings                           Continue on Page 2

                                                                                                       Information 2

Remember the poor                       fore, disrespected. The worldly sys-    would not disproportionately be
Published: Thursday, May 21, 2009       tem is designed to favour rich peo-     on the backs of those who can
            Devon Dick                  ple over the less fortunate and un-     least afford it. It means that we
                                        derprivileged. Dr Boothe claimed        will focus more on those who will
                                        that the Rastafarian movement pro-      fall below the poverty line and a
On Wednesday, May 13, the Rev-
                                        vided one of the best critiques of      safety net. We will visit persons
erend Dr Hyacinth Boothe, after 53
                                        the Babylonian system of the death      who are poor and invite them to
years of service in Christian minis-
                                        trap of poverty.                        our homes and functions.
try, brought the curtains down on
                                        Equal value                             Dr. Boothe did have a final hard
her vocation by delivering her final
sermon at the valedictory service
                                                                                saying for the congregation, that
                                        Indeed, the church needs, again, to     is, that they should become poor.
for the graduates of United Theo-       remember that persons who are
logical College of the West Indies                                              That seems too much. Pastors
                                        poor were made in the image of
at the University Chapel by chal-                                               have moved away from their
                                        God and that they are of equal
lenging the congregants to remem-                                               churches that are in impover-
                                        value and have intrinsic worth.
ber the poor.                                                                   ished areas and politicians do not
                                        They are to be shown respect. They
                                        ought to be the focus of the            live in their constituencies be-
Dr. Hyacinth Boothe was the first
                                        church's ministry - they who are        cause of the poverty and crime.
female within the Methodist church
to be ordained to the full-time         poverty stricken and who are de-
                                                                                So, like the rich, young ruler, we
Christian ministry. Dr. Boothe did      pendent on God. Jesus, borrowing
                                        the words of the prophet Isaiah,        find it difficult to sell all and
not have an easy Christian minis-                                               give to the poor and become
                                        said he came to proclaim good
try. She had to battle prejudice                                                poor. But at least, let us remem-
                                        news to the poor (Luke 4:16).
within the church. It could be said                                             ber the poor, even as we hail
                                        And Dr Boothe did proclaim good
of her that 'she lived simply so that                                           workers in the upcoming Labour
                                        news to the poor. Persons who are
others could simply live'.                                                      Day celebrations.
                                        homeless or hungry would have
Therefore, it was not surprising that   had their hearts gladden. Those         Devon Dick is pastor of the
her challenge to the packed chapel      who work nhard and long hours           Boulevard Baptist Church and
of denominational heads, faculty,       and will not get a 'Shearer' at the
graduates, their family members         end of the week would be happy.         Author of 'Rebellion to Riot: the
and well-wishers was to "remember       The security guards who risk their      Church in Nation Building'.
the poor.”                              Lives; those who engage in manual       Feedback may be sent to:
It is not often that one hears from     work and menial tasks but do not
the pulpit, a sermon on remember-       get a reasonable or livable wage
ing the poor. It is not a favourite-    would have been happy that there
topic for televangelists, whether
                                        Is a phrophetess who spoke on their        29th Provincial Synod
local or foreign. Therefore, it was
                                        behalf. If these graduates and
refreshing that outstanding gradu-
                                        me mbe r s o f t he au di enc e         The 29th Provincial Synod will
ates such as Judith Johnson, the
                                        took the message seriously, then        convene at the Bird Rock Hotel in
most-outstanding student; Stacey
                                        more help is on the way. A reversal     St. Kitts on July 10, 2009 and will
Lalor and Nevin Lewis, the vale-
                                        of the world order is a distinct pos-   conclude on July 18, 2009.
dictorians; Prince Taylor-Younge
from Sierra Leone; Fursan Zu'mot                                                The Synod Retreat will take place
from Jordan and the others of the       Tax burden                              on Friday July 10, 2009, from
Class of 2009 who made up the           The implication of implementing         7:00 p.m – 9: 30 p.m.
23 graduates heard such a mes-          the message is that the church's        The Election of the Officers of
sage.                                   mission and budgeting will be dif-      Synod and the appointment of
Persons who are poor are too often      ferent. It means that the nation's      Committees will take place on
perceived as lazy and are, there-       2009-2010 Budget would have to          Saturday July 11, 2009.
                                        be recast so that the tax burden
                                                                                                              Information 3

                                                      PEC News
In addition, a Government reception        dates you would like to attend.
will be held for Synodals on the eve-      The day delegate rate is £26 per      Congregations       Time       Ministers
ning of July 11, 2009.                     day and includes coffee, lunch, tea                                  Preach-
                                           and evening meal.                                                  ing/Liturgist
Hospitality Sunday will be held on
July 12, where Synodals will worship       All visitors are to be pre-booked     Salvation       10:00 a.m.   Pastor Nevin
                                                                                 Army                         Lewis*
in different Churches and be hosted        both for catering and security rea-
for lunch by an assigned family.           sons and will be required to sign     Cayon           8:30 a.m.    Rev. Adrian
The opening service for Synod will         in and out. It is not possible to     Church of                    Smith*
                                           know in advance when Synod will       God
be held on July 12 at the Zion Mora-
vian Church at 6:00 p.m.                   meet in plenary session and when      Cayon Angli-    8:00 a.m.    Rev. Dr. Der
                                           in committee. The middle week-        can Church
                                                                                                              ick Forres-
All Staff members are required to          end will have no sessions and                                      ter*
wear either PREACHING or ACA-              Synodals will not be on site for
DEMIC GOWN for the opening ser-            much of the time.                     St. Georges     8:00a.m.     Rt. Rev. Dr.
vice of Synod. Lay Delegates and                                                 Anglican                     Kingsley
                                                                                 Church                       Lewis*
Observers are required to wear
Black.                                             Consecration
                                                                                 St. Peters      9:00a.m.     Rev. Devon
The Synod Communion service will                                                 Anglican                     Mannix*
take place at the Estridge Moravian        Brothers Vankys Isaac and
Church. The NEW PRESBYTERS                 Winston Jones will be consecrated     Cayon Meth-     11:00a.m.    Rev. Errol
will serve the elements during the                                               odist                        Connor*
                                           as Presbyters by the Rt. Rev. Dr.
communion. All ordained Pastors are        Kingsley Lewis on Thursday July       Wesley Meth- 9:00 a.m.       Rev. Dr.
asked to bring their Surplice to synod     16, 2009 at the 29th Provincial       odist Church
                                                                                                              Cicely Athill-
for the Consecration Service.              Synod of the Eastern West Indies
                                           Province to be held in St. Kitts.                                  Horsford*
The Frigate Bay Beach Hotel which
is relatively close by will be used as a   The Service will take place at the    St. Johnson     10:00a.m.    Rev. Adrian
spill over location for the Synod, at      Bethesda Moravian Church in           Methodist                    Lewis*
                                           Cayon Village at 7:00 p.m.            Church
no extra charge. The goal is to put the
observers at the Frigate Bay. Day          Let us remember them in our           Calvary Bap-    10:00a.m.    Rev. Dr.
                                           prayers.                              tist Taberna-                Dion Chris-
passes are also being put in place to                                                                         topher*
cater to persons who are observers,
and will be accommodated at a pri-          Preaching Assignments for
                                                                                 Bethel Mora-    7:30 a.m.    Rev. Movelle
vate residence and want to spend                  Synod 2009                     vian Chruch                  Kellman*
time at synod. The daily cost will be
                                                                                                              Rev. Kirk
EC$ 150.00 per person.
            Unity Synod                    The following persons have been
                                                                                 Estridge        9:30 a.m.    Rev. Alicia
                                           assigned to preach and conduct                                     Ross*
Unity Synod will be held at High           worship on Sunday July 12,            Moravian
Leigh Christian Conference Centre,                                               Church                       Rev. Geor-
                                           2009, in St. Kitts. Let us be in a                                 gette
Hoddesdon, Herts from 27 July              period of Prayer and Fasting for                                   John**
(arrivals day) until 7 August.             our upcoming Synod as we meet         Bethesda        10:00a.m.    Rev. Lillette I.
It is now clear that there will be no      to seek God’s guidance for the        Moravian                     George*
accommodation available for observ-                                              Church
                                           way ahead for our Church. Let                                      Rev. Winelle
ers on site, but if anyone would like      us truly commit the entire period                                  Kirton-
to attend as a day delegate, you are       to God’s keeping.
asked to let Lindsey Newens at                                                                   Continue on Page 4
Church House know exactly which

                                                                                                                  Information 4


                                           negative way. Stay away from nega-         Even in the desert, God is still the
            Condolences                    tive people.                               Oasis that quenches our thirst. As
                                           John Maxwell in his book, “Talent is       God reveals the Vision, let us RUN
                                           not enough”, speaks of five types of       with it and practice to pass the Baton
The Funeral Service of Samuel              people you are likely to encounter:        on from generation to generation.
                                                                                      God is depending upon us.
Jarvis, the Father of the Rev. Dr.         Refreshers- they inspire your dreams
Cortroy Jarvis, took place on                                                         Continued from page 3
                                           and energize your talents.
Tuesday June 02, 2009 at 2.30 Pm                                                      Congrega-    Time            Ministers
                                           Refiners- they sharpen your ideas and      tions                        Preaching/
at the Spring Gardens Moravian             clarify your vision.                                                    Liturgist
Church. Burial was at the Cana
                                           Reflectors- they mirror your energy,
Moravian Church Cemetery in                                                           Keys Mora- 8:00 a.m.         Rev. An-
                                           neither adding nor subtracting from it.    vian Church                  drew Rob-
Swetes Village, Antigua.
                                           Reducers- they try to reduce your vi-                                   erts*
                                           sion and efforts to their comfort level.                                Pastor
The Funeral Service of Yvette                                                                                      Cherice Job-
                                           Rejecters- they deny your talent, hin-                                  Lewis**
Francis, the Sister of the Rev. Dr.
                                           der your efforts, and impede your vi-
Cortroy Jarvis, took place on Friday
                                           sion.                                      Zion Mora- 9:30 a.m.         Rev. Esther
05 June, 2009 at 2.00 p.m at the                                                      vian Church                  Moore-
Cana Moravian Church in Swetes             If we remain focused on results, we                                     Roberts*
Village, Antigua.                          will stay grounded. The praise of oth-
                                                                                                                   Rev. Nigel
                                           ers is less likely to go to our heads,
             **********                                                                                            Daniel**
                                           and the negative impact of people such
                                           as the Reducers and Rejecters will be      N.B. *Preacher      ** Liturgist
The Funeral service of Eustace
Jarvis, the brother of The Rev. Dr.        minimized. God is challenging us as
Cortroy Jarvis will be held on June        we enter into this 29th Provincial
18, 2009, at the St. Michael's Angli-      synod, not to allow anyone or any-
can Church on Woodgreen High               thing to steal our joy or to pluck the
                                           Vision from us. Jesus himself de-
Street, Woodgreen London, N 22.
                                           clares, “The thief cometh not, but for     Birthday Greetings for the month
The service begins at 12.00 pm
                                           to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I   of June is extended to:
London time. Following the ser-            am come that they might have life, and
vice, the burial will take place at        that they might have it more abun-         Bro. Nigel Daniel                    5
Wood Green Cemetery on Wolves              dantly” (John 10:10).                      Sis. Bernadine Chase                 7
Lane, London N22.
                                           In Proverbs 6, God says he dislikes        Bro. Calvin Isaac                  13
Please continue to remember the            seven things: 17A proud look, a lying
Jarvis family in your prayers.             tongue, and hands that shed innocent       Sis. Joycelyn Connor               17
               **********                  blood, 18An heart that deviseth wicked     Bro. Selvin McMillan               25
Continued from Page 1                      imaginations, feet that be swift in
                                                                                      Sis. Jasmin Crooks                 26
                                           running to mischief, 19A false witness
The 29th Synod, a time to Run with the
Vision                                     that speaketh lies, and he that soweth     Sis. Lexs Forrester                28
                                           discord among brethren.(Proverbs 6:        Sis. Roslyn Hamblin                29
If you dwell on the difficulties too       17-19).
long, you will start to develop self
pity instead of self discipline, and       Tellingly, the first of these seven
your attention will become scattered       things is PRIDE. When someone over-
instead of focused.                        values him/herself by undervaluing
                                           others, he/she inevitably reveals it
Another thing that can distract you        with his proud look. They are puffed         Anniversary Greetings for the
from results is interaction with diffi-    up in self conceit. They may devise          month of June is extended to:
cult, negative people. You will come       evil and discord. There is a saying        Bro. Reuben & Sis. Ivy Vessup 1
in contact with a lot of people who        that, in every desert of despair God
can impact your efforts as you work        has an oasis of comfort.                   Bro. Kirk & Sis. Nicole Barker 24
on achieving your dreams, some in a