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What Can a Charrette Do for My Community?

                                                A charrette will solidify a vision
                                                and give you the implementation
                                                documents that you need to make
                                                the vision a reality.
                                                Peter J. Musty and Jeff Schommer, CharretteCenter
                                                Minneapolis, MN
                                                September, 2001

A charrette will help produce ideas for your community and formulate those ideas into a coherent
vision. What really comes out of a charrette are the ideas and dreams of residents, filtered through
urban planning professionals who understand how to turn an idea into a streetscape. The design team
also can help formulate a timeline for projects so that development or redevelopment will progress
more efficiently. Because the design team is usually made up of people with a variety of professional
backgrounds, a charrette will produce a holistic vision for your community.

Charrette outcomes can take form in a number of different products, such as:

     •    Community master plans
     •    Community development guides
     •    Building typology matrix
     •    Roadway / Parking recommendations
     •    New zoning ordinances
     •    Project timelines
     •    Environmental sustainability plans

The major component of a charrette is the interaction that the design team has with the members of
the community. Without an introduction to the community and feedback from the residents, the design
team won't be able to offer high quality ideas that residents will approve. Public participation is
imperative to produce a usable charrette product.

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