AT THE AUCTION by tap16990


									~18~          January-February 2005                        the Soda Fizz

                  Recent browsing of eBay turned up some
               interesting items. First up is a Dr. Wells bottle topper
               in bright yellow with red wording and black
                      highlights. It ended after four bids for $26.10.
                            Another bottle topper that caught my eye
                       was Rummy coupled with a full bottle of
                       Rummy and correct crown cap. Surprisingly,
                      it began and ended with the opening bid of
                  $24.99. The seller relisted it for $14.99 and still
              had no winning bidder.
                  Another eye-catching item
               was a green and red Bubble-Up
              carton that ended after three
            bids for $13.16.
                  Then two No-
          bottles came up for bids.
           Both ended for their
            opening bid of $9.99.
             One was a 28-ounce RC
             twist-top bottle with a
             paper label. The other is a 16-
             ounce Pepsi-Cola, also twist-top and with a paper label.
                  Another couple of items that stood out were two
            Donald Duck cork-
            lined crown caps. One
            was for a Black Cherry
            Soda cap from the
             Carrington Bottling
             Works and ended
             after five bids for
             $76.00. The other
             was Orange Soda
             but ended after
            seven bids for
the Soda Fizz                    January-February 2005                             ~19~

                                       A 40-inch in diameter Frostie Root Beer bottle
                                    cap tin sign in excellent condition ended after 16
                                        bids for $450.00.
                                               Another metal sign, but not in as good a
                                           shape as the Frostie, was a 28-inch Hippo-Size
                                           Beverages in
                                            a n d
                                        that ended
                                     after 30 bids
                                for $305.00.
                 In the meantime, a 12-ounce
              Jink’s Beverage blue/white ACL
              from the Summerville, W.V. location,
               dated 1965, ended after 14 bids for
                $130.00. Unfortunately for the high bidder,
                 it did not meet the seller’s reserve.
                    A Sunrise Root Beer 8-ounce bottle in yellow/
                  red ACL ended its bids (10) for $76.86.
                     An auction lot of twelve
                  Yosemite Grapefruit
                   unused yellow/green
                   crown caps went to a
                   new ower after 12 bids
                   for $76.05.
                      Speaking of auction
                   lots, a grouping of six
                   Mountain Dew bottles, five
                 with names (Ted and Lewis, Clem and Lem, Nick
and Josie, Jack and Crew, Maw and
Paw) and one without, ended after six
bids for $56.04.
   Another product of Pepsi, two
unused variations of Evervess
crowncaps found a new home in someone’s collection after a dozen bids for $50.50.
                                   A Royal Crown Cola crate in excellent condition was
                                 also found on the auction block. It also went to a new
                                 home after nine bids for $43.00.
                                     Ten unused cork-lined
                                 Celery Soda crown caps in
                                 contrasting shades of green
                                 ended after 14 bids for $46.00.
   The search ended with another No-Deposit-No-Return
bottle. A 32-ounce swirl-design Pepsi-Cola clear embossed
bottle, date marked 1971, ended for $36.00.

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