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									                                                                                                     January 11, 2004
                                                                                                     January 18, 2004

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From the Senior Minister                                       The Auction Returns!
Dr. Laurel Hallman                                             Save the date —Saturday evening, March 6—for the
                                                               return of First Church’s favorite social event and
At the turning of the year, our impulse is to re-examine       fund-raiser.
our priorities, our habits, and our general state of being,
and to ‘turn over a new leaf’ in our ‘book of years.’ While    And, while you’re at it, save those duplicate Christmas
I think such an exercise is useful (especially if you take     gifts for donation to the auction. We’re also looking for
some notes in your journal for later reflection), I would      furniture, household items, crafts, personal services,
point you in a different direction as this new year opens.     dinners, weekends in vacation homes, and whatever
The words below were written by Swiss scholar Henri            our creative members and friends of First Church can
Amiel, who died more than a century ago. I give the piece      come up with.
to you with my best wishes for health, joy, love and pros-     Our next organizational meeting will be announced
perity in the coming year.                                     soon. If you’re interested in volunteering to help, if you
       Let mystery have its place in you; do not be            have items to donate, or if you’re curious about any as-
       always turning up your whole soil with the              pect of the auction, contact event co-chairs Charlie and
       plowshare of self-examination, but leave a              Kimberly Leonard at 972-699-1770, or charlie.leonard
       little fallow corner in your heart ready for any
       seed the winds may bring, and reserve a nook
       of shadow for the passing bird; keep a place in                      Sunday Morning Services
       your heart for the unexpected guests, an altar
       for the unknown God. Then if a bird sing                                     9:00 & 11:15
       among your branches, do not be too eager to
       take it. If you are conscious of something               January 11, 2004 - “In The Shadow of Cold
       new—thought or feeling, wakening in the                                               Mountain”
       depths of your being—do not be in a hurry to             Khleber Van Zandt
       let in light upon it, to look at it; let the spring-     On the plains of our North Texas area, we may have
       ing germ have the protection of being forgot-            trouble imagining living in the shadow of anything as
       ten, hedge it round with quiet, and do not               physically imposing as Cold Mountain . But the themes
       break in upon its darkness; let it take shape            of the novel (and the movie) - isolation, spiritual death,
       and grow. . . .                                          resurrection - do impose themselves and are well worth
                                                                exploring, even for us flatlanders.
                                                                Music: Pianist Jeff Lankov will provide the music at
                                                                       both services.
   YOUR COINS                                                            > Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday <
     FOR                                                        January 18, 2004 - “The Inescapable Network
“GUEST AT YOUR TABLE”                                                                    of Mutuality”
        BOXES                                                   Dr. Laurel Hallman
Again this year Millie Seltzer, of the Women's Day Alli-        This sermon title is from the words of Martin Luther
ance, and the Coming of Age (9th grade) Youth will serve        King, Jr., whose birthday we celebrate this weekend. I
as co-chairs for the Unitarian Universalist Service Com-        will speak of that which binds us to all people, and
mittee “Guest At Your Table” Campaign which begins              what we can do about it.
January 25. More information will be available in the next
                                                                Music: 9:00 - Don Krehbiel will provide the music;
issue of the DU.                                                      11:15 - The Sanctuary Choir will sing.
Reader’s Write
“The Family Bible”                                                             Suitcase Return
The family Bible almost never came down from the shelf.                        Thanks to everyone who donated suitcases for the
It sat there as a warning to me and to my sisters: if we                       trip to Hôpital Albert Schweitzer. If you would like
misbehaved, Mom would make us read three books from                            your bag returned, please notify Judy Hembree (214-
the Old Testament no matter what we were doing. Right                          821-2347) by January 31. Thank you very much!
in the middle of dinner, if Mom had had enough, she
would send us off to the living room with the Bible. She
would quiz us, too, to be sure we read it all. My eldest
sister was a master at getting us to choose the longest and                   News from the Strategic
hardest books. She would egg us on, saying, “You have                         Planning Committee
to read Isaiah; it is the shortest and best.” Of course                       The goals of the current Strategic Planning cycle are
Isaiah is one of the longest books and not easy reading                       made more clear, perhaps, by a review of the most recent
for a new reader. My eldest sister always chose Jonah,                        past endeavor. The last Strategic Planning initiative,
Micah, and Nahum, with four chapters or so each. We                           which began in 1996, was focused on developing goals
finally caught on! But what we caught on to was not just                      connected to the Capital Campaign. Following a year-
how to get around the punishment, or that such an expec-                      long development process, a strategic plan designed to
tation was bound to produce Bible -phobes, but rather                         provide direction to the church for the next five years was
that, when we got down to it, we learned something.                           adopted by the Board of Trustees in 1997.
Isaiah proclaiming, “Comfort, O comfort my people, says
your God. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and cry to her                         Many of these goals related to the renovation of the cam-
that she has served her term; that her penalty is paid, that                  pus and the addition of new programs and staff. Recog-
she has received the Lord’s hand….” Comfort was what                          nizing the growth of our congregation, First Church has
we needed as we read of God’s promise to hold us in our                       added a second worship-service, adopted the Carver
loneliness and despair. That is something I keep with me,                     model of governance to better serve a large church, and
even now, as a grown woman. We still read the Bible. As                       added a second called minister, Rev. Daniel Chesney
UUs, we know the stories may not be literally true, but                       Kanter. The staff was expanded and upgraded to include
we look for the truth in them. And God, so abstract and                       an Executive Director, a Director of Pastoral Care and
mysterious now, is still comfort. I see God in my chil-                       Adult Religious Education, and an Accounting Manager.
dren, my friends, my fellow church-members, and every-                        The church underwent a successful and much needed
where there is an act of goodness. That God is comfort                        “face lift.” In the summer of 2003, the Board and our
and guide enough for me. The family Bible now sits on                         Senior Minister, Dr. Laurel Hallman, evaluated our pro-
my shelf. In my home, the Bible is not used for punish-                       gress since 1998; they determined that most of the goals
ment, but rather for enjoyment and learning. AMEN!                            set forth in the strategic plan of 1997 had been met.
                            [No name submitted]                               Therefore, a new Strategic Planning Steering Committee
                                                                              has been assembled to initiate another five-year Strategic
 READERS WRITE submissions for the DU should be crea-                         Planning cycle. Dan Hotchkiss, a consultant with the Al-
 tive stories or essays of up to 150 words on subjects on which               ban Institute, is working with our committee. Dan is a
 you are the only authority. Topics are intentionally broad to
                                                                              UU minister and former UUA staff-member who brings
 make room for creative expression. Essays should be well
 written and thoughtful. We may or may not use what we re-                    to us a proven method of strategic planning for churches.
 ceive and we may edit. Pieces can be published with “name                    More will be forthcoming about the work of the commit-
 withheld” if so specified. Submissions should be sent to                     tee and how the entire congregation can become more                                                    involved in the planning process.
     Month                  Topic                Deadline                     [The Strategic Planning Committee members are Gayle
     February           “My Faith at Work”          1/15/04                   Watson, chair; Pat Davidson, Julie Gregory, Trish
                                                                              Houck, Bruce Mickey, Carolyn Terry, and Bill Tucker.]
 Childcare for special events and Adult R.E. classes is available by advance reservation only, provided that there are requests
 for care of at least three children. To reserve a space for your child(ren), phone Brenda Johnson, one week in advance of the
 event, at 214-528-3990 ext. 149. To ensure adequate care, caregivers will be hired according to demand - sorry, no walk-ins. If
 you make a reservation, you will be contacted only if space is not available.

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Page 2                           January 11, 2004 & January 18, 2004
                                                             COMMUNITY SERVICE
             SUNDAY CLASSES                                  White Rock Lake Clean-Up
Spiritual Conversations                                      Our clean-up day in December was a bit cold for com-
Sunday, January 11: No class. Social Action                  fort, but that did not stop Donald Hilgemann and Bill
                        Issues Forum                         Maxwell from showing their support for the lake. Thank
                                                             you both for a job well done!
Sunday, January 18: William Stafford’s “A Ritual
                        to Read to Each Other”               Our next Spruce-Up day is Saturday, January 10, and we
                                                             will need extra help now that the tall grasses have re-
This group meets at 10:15 a.m., in Raible Chapel, to         ceded and the shores are displaying large amount of pre-
read and reflect on poetry as a way to initiate conversa-    viously-hidden trash. As always, coffee, snacks and re-
tion about participants’ personal spiritual experience and   freshments are available beforehand at For-the-Love-of-
their shared journey. Copies of the reading are provided     the-Lake's office (at Buckner & Garland Road). Then
each week.                                                   drive on to our adopted shoreline near the parking lot at
Adult Sunday School Discussion Group                         West Lawther and Fisher. We'll start at 8:30 a.m. and
                                                             work for approximately two hours.
Sunday, January 11: UUs and Politics: How Open-
                          minded Are We?                     For additional information stop by the Community Ser-
                                                             vice table in Channing Hall on Sunday mornings, contact
Sunday, January 18: Inherent Worth and Dignity:
                                                             Christiane Baud (, or visit
                          Faith or Reason?
This discussion group meets at 10:15 a.m., in the
Library, to discuss a variety of spiritual and philosophi-
cal issues from a personal perspective. Handouts are pro-
vided each week to spark discussion.
Adult Forum
Sunday, January 11: Elijah                                          Movie-
                                                                JTW Movie-Nights
Sunday, January 18: Job
The Adult Forum meets at 10:10 a.m., in the Parsonage        Snow Falling on Cedars is the January 30 Journey To-
Living Room. In this year’s video-lecture series, Profes-    ward Wholeness movie. This 1999 film, directed by
sor Amy-Jill Levine, scripture scholar from Vanderbilt       Scott Hicks with screenplay by Ronald Bass, is based on
University Divinity School, offers us a fresh look at the    David Guterson’s novel of the same name. Hicks also
Hebrew Bible through the lens of some of its most            directed Shine. Snow Falling on Cedars is set in the
memorable personalities, whether human, angelic, or          1940s and 50s, off of the northwest coast of Washington
divine. Each week’s twenty-minute video presentation is      State. Ethan Hawke, as reporter/narrator Ishmael, tells of
followed by group reflection and discussion.                 a Japanese-American fisherman on trial for the murder at
Adult Fellowship Study Group                                 sea of a German-American fisherman. The story con-
                                                             fronts racial, class, and occupational (fishing versus agri-
Sundays, January 11 & 18: No Class                           cultural) frictions, as well as the WW II Japanese intern-
                                                             ment and its aftermath. The film’s depiction of court-
SOCIAL ACTION ISSUES FORUM                                   room scenes is outstanding.
                                                             On Friday, February 27, the JTW movie will also have
“Motherhood or Mother Nature: An Environmental               an Asian theme. A Thousand Pieces of Gold, starring
Perspective on Population Growth”                            Chris Cooper, delves into the history of Chinese immi-
Sunday, January 11, at 10:10 a.m., in Raible Chapel          grants working in mining camps in the western United
Gayle Loeffler, chair of the Dallas Sierra Club’s Popula-    Sates.
tion & Environment Committee, will present her experi-
                                                             JTW Movie Nights provide free monthly entertainment
ences as a participant in an educational study-tour in Ec-
                                                             and lively discussion of race/class issues. The films are
uador this past August. Attend the forum and learn the
                                                             screened in the Library, at 7:00 p.m. Thanks to movie -
connection between explosive population growth, envi-
                                                             guru Melody Nye, the films are first-rate.
ronmental degradation and extreme poverty, and how
United Nations and USAID family planning clinics make
a difference both nationally and internationally.

                                             January 11, 2004 & January 18, 2004                Page 3
CARING COMMUNITY                                                                  The First Unitarian Church of Dallas
                                                                                  Board of Trustees
Best wishes to Bryan Wolfe and Frances McDonell, who were
married here on December 27 by Dr. Hallman. Bryan is the son                      President: Kevin Bolton ~
                                                                                  Vice President: Bruce Mickey
of David and Margaret Wolfe .
                                                                                  Treasurer: James Snell ~
Our thoughts are with Norma Veridan, who continues her gal-                       Clerk: Mary Ann Kennedy ~
lant battle against cancer despite the decease's advance. Norma’s
                                                                                    Trustees :
address is posted on the bulletin board in the church office if you
                                                                                    Kathy Calhoun ~
would like to drop her a note.                                                      Phillip Collins ~
Our sympathies are with Taylor and Ralph Posch at the loss of                       Susan Hunter ~
                                                                                    Mary Lee Kilgore ~
their daughter, Liz Yarborough, who died unexpectedly, on De-                       Kimberly Leonard ~
cember 14, at her home in Grand Prairie; she was 46. Susan Madi-                    Clark Lund ~
son conducted a memorial service for Liz on January 3.                              Sandra McFeeley ~
                                                                                    Bill Tucker ~
The December 26 issue of The Dallas Morning News included an                     Staff
article on Pathways Church, the UU community currently being                     Accounting Manager: Tim Lozon (102
developed on northeast Tarrant County. A copy of the article is             
                                                                                 Childcare Coordinator: Brenda Johnson (149
posted in the hallway east of Channing Hall.                                     Church Administrator: Diane Moore (100
                                                                                 Director of Pastoral Care & Adult Religious Education:
  Parking Spaces on Normandy Avenue                                                   Susan Madison (116 ~
  If you are able -bodied, we ask you to help those who have                     Director of Religious Education for Children and Youth :
                                                                                      Karen Lewis (103 ~
  difficulty walking by leaving the parking spaces on the
                                                                                 Executive Director: Donna Zimmerman (110
  church side of Normandy for the use of people who especially              
  need them. Thank you for your consideration.                                   Maintenance Supervisor: Bruce Barnes (112
                                                                                 Ministers’ Assis tant: Susan Schmidt (105
Book-Discussion Group                                                       
                                                                                 Music Director: Donald Krehbiel (114
On January 18, we will meet at 6:30 p.m., in the Library, to                
discuss Malcolm Lowry's most highly acclaimed book, Under the                    Publisher: Roger Landgrebe (101
Volcano. The book, a symbolic, semiautobiographical novel set in            
a Mexican town, follows the decline of the alcoholic British consul.             Religious -Education Assistant: Eva Smith (115
Lowry (1909 – 1957) was a British novelist who was educated at              
                                                                                 Youth Director: Linda Hensley (142
Cambridge. His entire adult life was a long and unsuccessful battle         
against alcoholism. Though Lowry resided for a few years in Mex-                 Webmaster: Jill McKibben (972-481-1606
ico, Under the Volcano was written largely while he was living in a         
shanty at Dollarton, British Columbia, with his second wife. Much                     &
of his work was published posthumously.

           Mission        The First Unitarian Church of Dallas creates and nurtures a liberal religious community where all souls shall
         Statement        grow in harmony with the divine through worship, education, service, and fellowship.

                                  Page 4 January 11, 2004 & January 18, 2004

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