LYNCHBURG MSA


The 2,122-square mile Lynchburg Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is located in south central
Virginia in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The historic James River bisects the region with
the Roanoke (Staunton) River and expansive 23,400-acre Smith Mountain Lake situated to the south.

The region’s two major U.S. highways, Routes 29 and 460 have become corridors for most of the
industrial, commercial, and residential development.

The city of Lynchburg, located at the intersection of U.S. Routes 29 and 460 and at the heart of the
MSA, is a major highway and transportation hub, as well as a diversified manufacturing center.

Lynchburg is 110 miles west of Richmond, the state capital; 190 miles west of Norfolk; and 52 miles
east of Roanoke.


                                                 LYNCHBURG MSA

DEMOGRAPHICS                                            Unemployment Rate

Population                                                                 2000       2001      2002      2003

              1980    1990    2003    2010                     7.0%
   300000                                                      4.0%
   250000                                                      3.0%
   200000                                                      2.0%
   100000                                                               2.0%      4.3%       5.6%      5.2%
            194,178 206,226 230,500 242,400                              November 2004 = 3.6%

79% white        21% nonwhite
Median age:      38 years                               Employment by Sector (3rd Quarter 2003)*

                                                            361    Natural Resources and Mining                   0.4%
                                                          7,039    Construction                                   7.4%
Per Capita Personal Income (2002)
                                                         15,590    Trade                                         16.4%
                                                          2,596    Transportation and Utilities                   2.7%
$ 25,422                                                 18,910    Manufacturing                                 19.8%
                                                            971    Information                                    1.0%
                                                          4,192    Financial                                      4.4%
Civilian Labor Force                                     31,943    Services                                      33.5%
                                                         13,776    Government                                    14.4%
                                                              0    Other                                          0.0%
 110,538 (1993)               110,052 (2003)
                                                         95,380    Total Employees                                100%
48% male
52% female                                              *By Business Establishment.

Underemployed (1st Quarter 2004)                        Employment by Occupation (2000 Census)

10,659                                                   30,706
                                                                   Managerial, Professional & Related
                                                         28,720    Sales & Office                                26.6%
                                                            698    Farming, Fishing & Forestry                    0.7%
                                                         11,687    Construction, Extraction &                    10.8%
                                                         21,298    Production, Transportation & Material         19.7%

                                                        108,184    Total Employees                               100%


                                                                    LYNCHBURG MSA

Educational Attainment (2000 Census)                                          Genworth Financial, Inc.
                                                                              1,000 – 1,499 (Insurance)
Percentage of population 25 years and older who are
high school graduates.............................................75.9%       J. Crew Outfitters Inc.
                                                                              1,000 - 1,499 (Mail order clothing)
Percentage of population 25 years and older who
have earned a Bachelor’s Degree or higher ........18.7%                       Lynchburg College
                                                                              300 – 599 (Higher education)

Major Employers
                                                                              Additional Labor Resources
                                                                              HighSchool graduates
BWX Technologies, Inc.
                                                                              not continuing (2002-03) ....................................612
1,500 - 2,499 (Industrial machinery)
                                                                              Area community college
Buffalo Air Handling
                                                                              Graduates (2002-03) ............................................279
100 - 299 (Air handling equipment)
                                                                              Unemployed (2003)..........................................5,746
C.B. Fleet, Inc.
300 - 599 (Pharmaceuticals)

Founders Furniture
                                                                              Estimated Wages (September 2003)
600 - 999 (Furniture)                                                         Occupations                                         Mean Median

Framatome Technologies                                                        Inspector, Tester, Sorter, Sampler & Weigher hr./$12.43      $11.38
600 - 999 (Nuclear power products)                                            Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operator        $14.69      $14.37
                                                                              Machine Feeders & Offbearers                     $11.38      $11.71
                                                                              Electrical & Electronic Equipment Assembler      $10.18       $9.39
Lynchburg Foundry                                                             Packaging & Filling Machine Operator             $14.21      $14.89
                                                                              Cutting, Punching & Press Machine Operator       $12.48      $12.75
600 - 999 (Castings)                                                          Truck Driver, Heavy & Tractor-Trailer            $13.81      $12.49
                                                                              Welder, Cutter, Solderer & Brazer                $14.35      $14.09
Nekoosa Packaging Corp.                                                       Team Assembler                                   $13.12      $11.27
                                                                              First-Line Production Supervisor/Manager         $21.37      $19.83
300 - 599 (Paperboard)                                                        Industrial Truck and Tractor Operator            $13.81      $13.40
                                                                              Industrial Machinery Mechanic                    $18.91      $18.14
Progress Printing Co.                                                         Hand Packer                                        $9.13      $8.82
                                                                              Freight/Stock/Material Mover                     $10.43      $10.38
100 - 299 (Offset printing)                                                   Shipping, Receiving, and Traffic Clerk         wk./$546        $526
                                                                              Bookkeeping, Accounting & Auditing Clerk           $502        $492
Sam Moore Furniture Industries, Inc.                                          Secretary                                          $483       $469
                                                                              Production, Planning & Expediting Clerk            $681       $633
300 - 599 (Upholstered furniture)                                             Computer Support Specialist                        $708        $678
                                                                              Computer Operator                                  $587       $595
                                                                              Customer Service Representative                    $676        $649
                                                                              Executive Secretary & Administrative Assistant     $623        $606
Nonmanufacturing                                                              Data Entry Keyers                                  $447        $446
                                                                              Supervisor/Manager of Office & Administrative      $865       $827
Central Health
1,500 – 2,499 (Health services)

                                         VIRGINIA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP

                                                  LYNCHBURG MSA

TRANSPORTATION                                             Port
                                                           Front Royal (Inland Port)........................ 160 miles
Highways                                                   Richmond .................................................. 110 miles
 U.S. Rte. 29 (east-west)                                  Norfolk....................................................... 210 miles
 U.S. Rte. 60 (east-west)
 U.S. Rte. 460 (east-west)                                 Overnight Package Delivery
 U.S. Rte. 221 (east-west)                                 Emery Worldwide, Federal Express, U.P.S., and
 U.S. Rte. 501 (north-south)                               U.S. Mail Express serve this area.

Commercial Air Service
Lynchburg Regional Airport                                 UTILITIES
  Delta Connection/ Atlantic Southeast Airlines
  US Airways Express                                       Electric
                                                              American Electric Power
Roanoke Regional Airport                   42 miles           Central Virginia Electric Cooperative
  Atlantic Southeast Airlines                                 City of Bedford
  Comair                                                      City of Danville
  Northwest Airlink                                           Dominion Virginia Power
  United Express                                              Southside Electric Cooperative
  US Airways
                                                           Natural Gas
Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport         62 miles          Columbia Gas of Virginia
  US Airways Express
Greenbrier Valley Airport                   71 miles         Local Service
  Delta Air Lines                                             Sprint/Centel-Virginia
  US Airways                                                  Verizon South
Charlottesville-Albemarle County Airport    66 miles
  Comair/ Delta Connection                                 Water
  United Express                                             Amherst County Public Service Authority
  US Airways Express                                         Bedford County Service Authority
                                                             Campbell County Utilities & Service
General Aviation Service                                     Authority
Brookneal-Campbell County Airport                            City of Bedford
Falwell Airport                                              City of Lynchburg
New London Airport                                           Montvale Water Company
Smith Mountain Lake Airport                                  Town of Altavista
                                                             Town of Amherst
Freight Rail Service                                         Town of Appomattox
CSX Transportation                                           Town of Brookneal
Norfolk Southern Corporation


                                                               LYNCHBURG MSA

Waste Water Treatment                                               GOVERNMENT
  Amherst County Service Authority
  Bedford County Service Authority                                  The Lynchburg MSA includes Amherst,
  Campbell County Utilities &                        Service        Appomattox, Bedford, and Campbell counties
  Authority                                                         and the cities of Bedford and Lynchburg.
  City of Bedford
  City of Lynchburg
  Town of Altavista                                                 Each county has a board of supervisors and
  Town of Amherst                                                   county administrator. The cities have a city
  Town of Appomattox                                                council and city manager.
  Town of Brookneal
                                                                    Each locality has a comprehensive plan and
Solid Waste Disposal                                                subdivision and zoning ordinances.
   Amherst County Sanitary Landfill
   Appomattox County Sanitary Landfill                              There are five incorporated towns in the MSA.
   Bedford County Sanitary Landfill
   Campbell County Sanitary Landfill
   City of Bedford Sanitary Landfill                                TAXES
   City of Lynchburg
                                                                    Localities in Virginia collect a 1% sales tax. They
                                                                    do not tax other items taxed at the State level.
                                                                    Counties and cities in Virginia are separate
                                               2003 Assets          taxing entities. Therefore, a company pays taxes
Banks                                          (in millions)        to either a county or to a city.

Bank of America, N.A.                             $656,219.0        If a company is located in a town, it pays town
Wachovia Bank, N.A.                                331,621.0        and county taxes except for utility taxes which
BB&T Co. of Virginia                                12,235.0        are paid only to the town and the license tax
First National Exchange Bank~                          275.6        which is paid only to the town unless town law
Bedford Federal Savings Bank~                          257.4        permits the additional collection of a county tax.
First National Bank-Rocky Mount~                       241.2
The First National Bank of Altavista                   205.4        Manufacturers pay real estate, machinery and
Community First Bank                                   163.8        tools, truck and automobile, utility, and sales
The Farmers Bank of Appomattox~                        128.0
Bank of the James                                      119.1
Central National Bank~                                 110.3
The Bank of Charlotte County                           101.9        Nonmanufacturers pay real estate, tangible
First-Citizens Bank & Trust Co.                            *        personal property, truck and automobile, utility,
SunTrust Bank                                              *        and sales taxes. They also may pay either a
National Bank of Commerce                                  *        merchants' capital or a license tax.

~2002 assets.
*Headquartered outside Virginia. Assets not available.

                                     VIRGINIA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP

                                                                        LYNCHBURG MSA

EDUCATION                                                                        Vocational Training Facilities

                                                                                 Bedford Science & Technology Center
                                                         Fall 2003
                                                                                 Campbell County Vocational-Technical Center
                                 Number                 Enrollment

Elementary                          43                         15,972
                                                                                 Higher Education Facilities
Middle                              10                          6,882
Combined                             3                          2,333
                                                                                                                               Fall 2003
High School                          9                         10,146

                                                                                 Liberty University                                  9,050
Student Teacher Ratio (2002-03)                                                  Central Virginia Community College                  4,582
                                                                                 Lynchburg College                                   2,009
Elementary ..........................................................14:1        Randolph-Macon Woman's College                        737
Secondary ............................................................10:1       Sweet Briar College                                   709
                                                                                 Virginia University of Lynchburg                      263
Per pupil expenditure (FY 2003)..................$7,189                          National College of Business &                          *
                                                                                 Technology - Lynchburg Campus
Percentage of 1999-2000 ninth grade
                                                                                 *Not Available
membership graduating (2002-03).............. 78.1%

Percentage of high school graduates
continuing education (2002-03) ................... 65.8%                         CLIMATE

Private Schools                                                                  Average January temperature ..... 35°F ......... 2°C
                                                                                 Average July temperature ............ 76°F ....... 24°C
School                                                        Grades
                                                                                 Average annual precipitation ...................... 42.54"
Bethel Mennonite School                                          1-12            Average annual snowfall.............................. 11.86"
Holy Cross Regional School                                       K-12
James River Day School                                            K-8
Lynchburg Christian Academy                                      K-12            COMMUNITY FACILITIES
New Covenant School                                              K-12
Rivermont Schools                                                K-12            Two major hospitals are located in Lynchburg--
Seventh Day Adventist School                                      K-8            Virginia Baptist Hospital with 317 beds provides
Temple Christian School                                          K3-7            obstetric, medical-pediatric, neonatal, and
Timberlake Christian School                                      K-12            psychiatric services for the area. Lynchburg
Virginia Episcopal School                                        9-12            General Hospital with 270 beds operates the
                                                                                 area's emergency department and provides
                                                                                 cobalt therapy, and neurological intensive care.
                                                                                 The area's third hospital is located in Bedford
                                                                                 City.    Carilion Bedford Memorial Hospital
                                                                                 provides 178 patient beds. Additional major
                                                                                 medical care is available in nearby

                                           VIRGINIA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP

                                                 LYNCHBURG MSA

Charlottesville and Roanoke.      Numerous                oldest continuous theater group in the country.
medical clinics can be found throughout the               The Lynchburg Symphony offers a varied
MSA.                                                      concert season each year and regularly features
                                                          nationally known performers.            This is
The Lynchburg MSA is served by more than 230              supplemented by the 1,500-member Community
physicians and 70 dentists representing more              Concert Association, which each year brings
than 30 medical and surgical specialties.                 several renowned groups to the city. The Little
                                                          Town Players perform live theatre in Bedford at
Nursing and extended care are available to                the Elks National Home Theatre. This successful
citizens through several nursing homes                    community theatre group is now enjoying its
distributed throughout the area.                          second decade of producing popular drama for
                                                          residents of Central Virginia.       Sweet Briar
More than 400 places of worship are located in            College in Amherst County sponsors many
the area. Most Protestant denominations are               concerts, lectures, and dramatic productions that
represented along with the Roman Catholic                 are available to the general public.         The
faith. Jewish synagogues are located in the city          Lynchburg Museum System operates Point of
of Lynchburg.                                             Honor, a 19th century restored mansion with
                                                          period furniture, and the Old Courthouse,
Fourteen public libraries and branches are                containing a museum of the city's history. The
located in the various localities with a collection       Bedford City/County Museum provides two
of more than 280,000 volumes. Three local                 floors of exhibits from Bedford's heritage
colleges/universities and Central Virginia                including Indian artifacts, Revolutionary and
Community College have libraries that are                 Civil War memorabilia, examples of native
accessible to the public.                                 wildlife, and a library of historical and
                                                          genealogical information.          The nearby
Lynchburg has a wide variety of shopping                  Charlottesville and Roanoke metropolitan areas
opportunities. River Ridge Mall, a major five-            add to the cultural enrichment of area.
anchor regional shopping center, is the leading
retail center for the area. Downtown Lynchburg            History buffs will enjoy numerous attractions.
offers a shopping district that includes the              The     Appomattox       Courthouse      National
"Batteau Landing" at the farmers market and the           Historical Park commemorates the surrender of
Main Street Galleria. Nearby Roanoke and                  Lee's army of Northern Virginia to end the Civil
Charlottesville provide numerous shopping                 War. The village has been restored to recreate
opportunities including regional malls. Other             the 1865-surrender setting. Thomas Jefferson's
shopping opportunities are scattered throughout           18th century octagonal summer retreat, Poplar
the region.                                               Forest, is in Bedford County and is being
                                                          restored as a major historic attraction.

LIFE STYLE                                                The Lynchburg MSA’s location on the eastern
                                                          edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains allows
Lynchburg serves as the cultural center of MSA.           residents to take advantage of numerous
The Lynchburg Fine Arts Center brings                     recreational pursuits. The Blue Ridge Parkway,
outstanding programs and instruction to the               one of America's most scenic roads, offers
area. The center houses two art galleries, a              numerous overlooks, campgrounds, picnic areas
theater, two dance studios, and is home to the            and hiking trails. The George Washington
                                                          National Forest has numerous mountain


                                                LYNCHBURG MSA

streams with championship trout fishing along
with excellent hunting opportunities.          The
Appalachian Trail offers scenic and challenging
trails for hikers. Smith Mountain Lake, in
southern Bedford County, is a 23,400-acre lake
that provides a variety of water sports. There
are numerous additional state, regional, and
local parks and recreational facilities throughout
the area.

Seven private golf clubs and two public courses
are located in the area.

Professional baseball is available in Lynchburg.
The Lynchburg Red Sox, the Class A team of the
Boston Red Sox, participates in the Carolina
League. Local colleges participate in the full
spectrum of individual and team sports
including NCAA football, basketball, baseball,
and soccer.

Region 2000 hosts several traditional annual
festivals. Lynchburg hosts the fall Kaleidoscope
Festival containing a wide range of popular
activities including sporting events, music, art
exhibits, historical tours and industry tours.
Amherst County hosts the Apple Harvest
Festival and the Sorghum Festival, which draw
thousands of patrons each year.



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