Bobcat Talent Show - 2010 by tkr13554


									            Bobcat Talent Show - 2010
What: Algonkian Elementary Talent Show

When: Registration: Friday, March 19th
      In the school Activity Room (2:35-3PM)

        Rehearsal: Friday, April 30th (2:45- 3:45 PM)

        Talent Show: Friday, May 7th (7-9PM)

Theme: Twenty and Proud!

Who: Any student from Algonkian Elementary

- This is your chance to show your talent to your classmates and teachers!
  Lots to choose from except Lip syncing: (Singing, dancing, musical
  instruments, gymnastics, hula hoops, magic tricks, demonstration of
  Martial Arts, etc.)

- Please turn in a CD with ONLY music for your act at the by Friday, April
  16th. (No need to bring it to the registration)

- Every student is limited to 1 Act - 3 minutes long

- If you cannot come to the school to register on March 19th, please call
  Deepa Simlot at 703-421-7672 to make other arrangements. No entries
  will be accepted after April 16th.

- We need volunteers to help prepare for the show, and for the night of the
  show: Music, props, decoration, etc. Please send me an email at if you are interested, Or call 703-421-7672.
                       Talent Show Registration

Name: ___________________________________ Grade: ______

Teacher: ____________________

Parent Name: _______________________________

Home Phone: _______________________________

Email Address: ______________________________

Act: _____________________

Description of Act: _____________________________________________

How does the act relate to the theme:

Props: ________________________________________________________

Please check what you can help with:

   a.   Backstage on day of the show
   b.   Prepare Music days before the show
   c.   Decorate stage
   d.   Setup and Cleanup of stage and auditorium
   e.   Chaperone the participants during the show

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