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									International ExPressions                                                                                                May 8, 2009
                                                                                                                         Volume 1, Issue 5

Journalism Elective Spring 2009

What’s the Latest?
                                  Talent Show full of Student Stars
Talent Show full of Student       Mohammed Alduayj                            Last Friday, May 1, 2009, in               from    Tahiti,      showed     the
Stars                     1
                                                                              the student lounge at UCR                  people         two     types     of
                                  The talent show comes one
                                                                              Extension       Center.          There     Tahitian dances, and she
                                  time every year, and the
                                                                              were seven students who                    first surprised the people in
                                  students who have a talent
                                                                              showed their talents, and                  her fast moves, and then
                                  show their talents on stage
                                                                              some       of    them          had    a    she danced a slow dance
                                  in front of the people. That
                                                                              different talent from each                 and some people came up
                                  show is not like one that
                                                                              other. Toru Tanaka who is                  to the stage voluntarily         to
                                  comes in a TV and has a
                                                                              one hundred level came                     dance with her. According
                                  judgments and winner in
What Would You Like to                                                        from Japan, and he said                    to her, she has liked to
                                  the end, but it is just for fun
Study Next at UCR-IEP?        1                                               that before the show he                    dance since she was child,
                                  and       supporting          people
                                                                              was nervous, but he would                  and it is like a habit for her.
                                  who have a talent. Lloyd
                                                                              do it. He sang a Japanese                  Courtney Berry one of the
                                  Balme,      Mauro        Marquez,
What’s Interesting?                                                           song that made everyone                    people who prepared for
                                  and        Courtney                 Berry
                                                                              clap for him     and even if it            the show sang an English
                                  prepared         for    the     show,
                                                                              was       in    Japanese,            the   music, and she was the
Fantastic Amazing                 Balme was the                host to
                                                                              people seemed to like it.                  only American who was in
Wonderful… Shows          3       people who have a
                                                                              Taema Mahinui, who came                    the show. (Con’t page 2)
UCR Musical Spirit with           talent.
Spring                        4
                                  What Would You Like to Study Next at UCR-IEP?
X-Men Origins                 4
                                  Yeonzoo Lee                                 it, you can get information                Extension              Academic
New Asian Market              4
                                  The   Academic               Fair    has    from many of the teachers                  Director, said that anybody

Evanescence                   5   information              regarding          and       seniors        who     have      who is a UCR Extension

                                  studying         English.       Many        studied English in the United              student can take part in
Children of the World     5
                                  students would like to go                   States.                                    the    fair.    Some     students
A Good Place for                                                              UCR Extension has a lot of                 know that the fair is for 500,
                                  college      in        the      United
                                  States. Also, UCR students                  programs;                  however,        600    or      advanced        level
Quick Sweet               6
                                  have a goal, which is to be                 students do not know a lot                 students. Yet, she says, “Just
Why Skateboarding                                                             about the programs. Even if                join in the fair with your
                                  a master of English. That is
Is Popular in CA          7       why       they     come             here.   you do not know about                      lunch boxes. (con’t p.2)

                                  However, how much do                        them,      you      can         obtain
Check out more                                                                information concerning the
                                  you know about the United
online! Click on the                                                          improvement               of      your
                                  States’                       schools,
link that was sent with           educational facilities or the               English when you come to
the newsletter.                   education system? If you                    the Academic Fair. Tarana

                                  want to know more about                     Patel,     who      is    the     UCR
                                                                     and then she thanked people who helped.
                                                                     The show was great for most of the people
“While he was       Talent Show full of Student Stars                and for teachers too. The people who had
                                                                     talent received from UCR a certificate and
playing the                                                          a gift that was UCR dining service card.In
                    (Con’t from page 1)
                                                                     the end, Balme announced that there
ocarina, the                                                         would be a new class next quarter that is
                    Chanki Cho, a Korean guy, played the
                                                                     called Drama. Check out more online!
                    ocarina, and he was great. While he was
music stopped
                    playing the ocarina, the music stopped
                    but he continued playing. He said he
but he
                    learned how to play it by himself. There
                    was a Korean guy who played the piano
                    and was singing Korean rap. His name
                    was Jaewoo Kay Choi, and he seemed
playing. He said
                    to be excited in the show. Daven Kim
                    also came from Korea, and he was
he learned how
                    singing in Korea. One of the amazing
                    things was Irina who came from Russia,
to play it by
                    sang in Korea and explained it in English


                    What Would You Like to Study Next at UCR-IEP? (Con’t from page 1)

                    Never mind what class you are in. You can meet any teacher and any student. Above all,
                    you can get some advices for your next quarter or your goal.” She emphasizes, “Students
                    can get some opportunities like elective classes. Even if you are 100 or 200 level students,
                    you have a chance to find out about elective classes and what you can learn from
                    UCR guys! How is your English going for you? This quarter is already passed the 7 week. Do
                    you have plans for next quarter? If you are not sure what you will do or how can you
                    study, here is some good information for UCR Extension students. The Academic Fair will
                    be held in conference room D & E on the first floor of UCR Extension on Monday, May 11th,
                    12 to 1 p.m.

                   Check out more online!

                         English Language                 Academic, Professional and Postgraduate
                             Programs                                    Programs
                    IEP(Intensive English              UAPP(University Admission Preparation
                    Program)                           Program)
                    EIB(English for                    UCP(University Credit Program)
                    International Business)            TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other
                    IOF(Improving Oral                 Languages Certificate Program)
                    Fluency)                           AYCP(Academic-year Certificate Programs)
                    CAC(Conversation and               PGDHM(Postgraduate Diplomas in Hospitality)
                    American Culture)                  PGDM(Business Management)
                    SEP(Summer English                 GNRP(Global Nursing Review Program)
                    Programs)                          SSP(Summer Session Programs)

                 You may not imagine        cortege in Italian. This   make up and wear
  Fantastic      flying people and          show is about clown’s      beautiful    costumes
                 jumping pyramid of         death, so in this show,    and play music. These
  Amazing        people. In the world,
                 there are many funny
                                            there are many funny
                                            clowns. Also, you can
                                                                       shows are perfect
                 circuses.         Some     see     very    exciting      If you want to be a
  Wonderful      circuses
                                            acrobatics such as
                                            artist marionette that
                                                                       member of this circus,
                                                                       you can do it. They
                 funny clown shows,         some actors dance          are looking for new
Exciting Shows   but these shows are        like marionettes and       employees for their
                 very          common       paradise that some         company such as
                 nowadays. Therefore,       actors jump top of the     management, human
                 everyone can expect        pole to another pole.      resource, technically
     Hiromu      the shows contents         Another show is Zet.       works and so on. In
   Nagahama      which use animals          This show is held in       their site, you can
                 and clowns, but there      Japan. Zet is the          check the jobs. Also, if
                 is only one circus that    name        of     main    you want to be an
                 we can’t expect to         character. He travels      actor, you can do it,
                 show contents in the       in the sky and the         but you need take an
                 world. The shows are       earth,      and       he   audition. If you have
                 very exciting and          experiences       many     your unique ability
                 transcend       human      things through the         and are interested in
                 imagination.               traveling. You can see     the     acting,    you
                  “Cirque du Soleil” is     batons performance         should     take    the
                 the best circus in the     and       poles     and    audition. You may be
                 world. Cirque du Soleil    trampoline                 an actor in next
                 means sun of circus.       performance in the         generation.
                 This company has           show. There is a
                 1000 artists and 3000      Japanese actor who
                 employees; also, the       performs batons. Thus,     Check     out     more
                 people are from over       the show content is        online!
                 40 different countries,    very    exciting,    but
                 therefore, it is global    there are more good
                 company. Now, they         points of the shows.
                 play 19 shows in the       These shows have
                 world; 8 tour shows        also good music. The
                 and 11 regular shows.      music is played real in
                 These regular shows        the      theater,     so
                 are played in their        musicians are actors,
                 own theaters. They         and you can see
                 have 7 theaters in the     many           beautiful
                 world. One of the          costumes and make
                 popular     shows     is   up in the shows;
                 Corteo which means         therefore, musicians
    Kun Wook Ryu                                               UCR Musical Spirit with Spring

    There was a chance to listen to America’s top pop
                                                                      If you want to feel the spirit of the UCR, there will be
    music last Saturday.                                              other musical and cultural events waiting for you. Go
                                                                      and get your chance!
    On May 2, UCR Music Festival, Spring Splash 2009 took
    place at UCR Bell Tower which is on the campus of                 Check out more online!
    University of California, Riverside (UCR). From 11 a.m. to
    6 p,m., artists such as Wale, Ben Lee, and Common
    appeared on the stage.
    Miki Furuya, who is a student from Japan taking IOF
    course at the UCR Extension Center, said that she
    enjoyed the music and food.

    In addition, there were not only concerts and open-air
    stalls, but also graffitists. Spring Splash, the event that
    comes every spring for the UCR community, has taken
    a role as an outstanding assembly. It was an
    opportunity to express thoughts, ideas, and passion to
    the UCR youth.

                                                               X-Men Origins: Wolverine

                                             Jun Akamatsu                              a love story and a sad story. Therefore,
                                                                                       they expected a new story of X-Men.
                                             What kind of movie do you like?           Now, many people enjoy X-Men
                                             Some may answer an action movie or        Origins: Wolverine and it is No.1of the
                                             a science fiction movie, and others       American movies chart.
                                             may answer a love story or a sad
                                             story. Therefore, when you watch          By the way, those who may have
                                             movies, you have to decide the kind       never watched X-Men before may be
                                             of movie. However, if you are tired of    worried about whether or not you will
                                             making decisions, I recommend an          be able to understand the story of X-
                                             exciting    and    fantastic    movie     Men Origins: Wolverine. No problem!!
                                             including some kinds of movie.            X-Men Origin: Wolverine is a story
                                                      X-Men Origins: Wolverine         before the first story of X-Men, which
                                             was released in the United States on      was released in 2000. You can enjoy
                                             May 1. Now, X- Men series, X-men, X-      this movie, even if you haven’t
                                             men X2 and X-Men final decision, is       watched any X-Men series. Go to
                                             one of the most famous movies in the      University Movie Theater, and check
                                             world. X-Man story has some kinds of      out X-Men Origins: Wolverine!!
                                             movie: action scenes, science fiction,    Check out more online!

Chantarothorn                   New Asian Market on Magnolia
                                Japanese, and Thai food.          beef. They have much kind         Inland        Empire-Orange
Asian people or people                                            of fish, such as cat fish,        Country line from South
who love cooking Asia                                             Calcarifer or Latidae, and        platform. You will take from
food will be not morose          If you pass Galleria Tyler
                                Mall only 1-2 minute, you         Ophi cephalidae. However,         Riverside-Downtown metro-
because new Asia market                                           they have frozen food if          link station to Riverside-La
sets on Magnolia Avenue.        will see the Super 88
                                Seafood Market on your            you want to keep meat for         Sierra metro-link station for
Most IEP students are Asian.                                      long time.                        10 minutes. Then, you turn
They want to eat Asian          left side. They have big
                                                                  For people who don’t want         head to west follow Diana
food. The market is not so      parking lot. When you walk
                                                                  to cook food, you can buy         Ave, and turn right at La
far from UCR extension. It      in the market, you will hear
                                                                  some meals. Inside the            Sierra Ave, and turn left at
takes only 20 minutes by        relaxing music, so you will
                                                                  market has Pho restaurant.        Magnolia. The Super 88
car.                            enjoyable go shopping. The
                                                                  The cost of food is not so        Seafood Market will be on
Super 88 Seafood Market         building is so clean. It has
                                                                  expensive.      It’s    3-5       your left side. You will walk
addresses      on      11160,   got “A “. There are a lot
                                                                  dollars/meal. The market          amount 10 minutes. I hope
Magnolia Ave, Riverside,        Asian vegetable and fruit,
                                                                  opens from Monday to              you to enjoy cooking and
CA, 92505. There is much        such as Coriander and
                                                                  Sunday, 8 am- 8 pm.               eating your country food!
kind of Asian food, such as     Ipomoea. Especially, they
                                                                  If you want to take metro-
from     the     Philippines,   have fresh meats, such as
                                                                  link train, you can take          Check out more online!
Vietnam, Chinese, Korean,       pork, chicken, fish, and

Nezar Aljounald

There is no doubt that is         few bands who stepped                 Evanescence           was
one doesn't like the              up to the stardom in                  founded by singer Amy
music whatever it was             short time. It is an                  Lee who is an American
the kind of music like            American rock band                    singer and classically-
English music, Arabic,            started in 1995 by singer             trained pianist, and she
Asian or any other kind.          Amy Lee and guitarist                 is born on December 13,
Everyone has different            Ben Moody. Now it is                  1981 Riverside California.
taste for what he or she          consist of five members'              Lee met with guitarist
likes in music. Nowadays          one girl and four guys.               Moody in 1994 and they
there are a lot of singers        The band has a lot of                 started the band with
and bands around the              albums and one of the                 the name Evanescence
                                                                                                            “Evanescence was
world. Some of them are           best albums was Fallen                which             means
good and some others              which sold more than 15               "disappearance"         or        founded by singer Amy
are bad. There are some           million copies worldwide              "fading away" (from
singers who sing only             and helped the band                   word evanesce, which              Lee who is an American
one        time        and        win      two     Grammy               means "to disappear").
disappeared after that,           Awards. There were a lot              Lee loved the name                 singer and classically-
and there are who still           changes in the band, so               because it is mysterious
exist for decades. All of         these changes led the                 and dark, and places a            trained pianist, and she
this of cores is depend           band to stop with only                picture in the listeners
                                                                                                          is born on December 13,
on a nice voice, and a            temporary                             mind.
perfect choice to the             replacements sought in                                                      1981, Riverside,
music       and      lyrics.      order for the band to                 Source
Evanescence is one of             finish            touring.            http://en.wikipedia.org/                California.”

Children of the World celebrated at UCR
Taema Mahinui
A special event occurred at       Saturday, April 25, from 8am to       there, willing to share their
the       UCR        Extension:   6pm. These workshops were             culture with pride and
celebrating the children of       mainly about how to deal with         raising interest and curiosity.
the world through embracing       cultural differences, and on          Since the UCR Extension
different cultures. More than     how to make people accept             Center is a place that
400 persons were present          their   difference     and       go   welcomes         international
and enjoyed the event.            beyond physical appearance.           students, the topic of
As a matter of fact, children     Moreover, some students from          embracing        cultures    is
today are often left apart        the UCR Extension, such as            relevant      to     everyone.
from the world’s attention. As    Mauro A. Marquez which is             « How can I integrate in
the world is going through        working at the IEP’s activity         America ? How can I make
war, towards conflicts and is     branch, Takashi Okinawa, a            friends ? Should I affirm my
suffering             weather     TESOL      japanese        student    culture     or    follow   the
catastrophies, pollution and      working for the IRC, Sung Shin        American style ? To what
global    warming,      people    Park also a TESOL student from        extent shall I represent my
often forget about the future     Korea      working       at     the   country ? » These questions
generation. Children are our      homestay office, and Taema            are recurring in many
best resource for the future,     MAHINUI, a tahitian UCP               heads. So if children can
but also our main issue. We       student,               voluntarily    deal with their cultural
saw how children could            participated        in         that   differences,              UCR
badly     turn     when     not   conference, dressed with              Extension       students
educated or when left all         traditional     outfits.      They    should also be able to
alone because of diseases,        explained to the audience the         do it. One hope that
of careless parents, or also      meaning of their outfit, and
                                                                        UCR Extension students
because        their   cultural   taught them some words in
difference had never been         Japanese, Korean, Spanish
                                                                        participate to the next
accepted. The event thus          and Tahitian. People were             conference.
featured     workshops       on   really glad to have them
                            A Good Place for Quick Sweet
                           Yen Jung Chang                  there. Besides donuts, it       ranges from $0.5 to
“The price of the donuts                                   also serves some soft           $1.25 depending on
                                                           drinks, milk, which is my       what kind you choose.
here ranges from $0.5 to   What is the best match          favorite, and hot coffee.       Tiffany told me that any
                           with coffee when we                      Tiffany,       the     kinds of glazed donuts
  $1.25 depending on       have tea time every             female owner of the             are very popular to their
                           afternoon? It's donut.          shop, started running           customers,      especially
what kind you choose.”     Since sweet stuff is my         the business with her           the round one. Besides
                           thing, especially donuts,       husband, Tony, 20 years         regular     and    glazed
                           there are many shops            before in Woodcrest             ones, they also serve
                           such as Crispy Creme,           area, Riverside. The shop       cinnamon      rolls,
                           Dunkin' Donuts, and             opens at 03:40 a.m. from        chocolate or maple
                           some local stores that I        Monday             through      bars,    apple     filters,
                           have been to for the            Saturday, at 04:00 for          croissants, donut holes,
                           past one year. Among            Sunday, and usually             bear claws, and so on
                           these stores, there's one       they close it around            so forth. Need some
                           called        "Woodcrest        05:00 in the afternoon.         dessert, drinks, and a
                           Donuts" that I like to          When I came here every          place       to    relax?
                           introduce because you           time, I could always see        Woodcrest Donuts may
                           guys can get yummy              many people choosing            be an option to think
                           dessert   with    cheap         their     dessert      with     about.
                           price, various options,         satisfied smiles. The price
                           and the most important          of the donuts here
                           reason - good quality                                           Check out more online!

                                           Why Is Skateboarding Popular In California

                           Hyunchul Kim

                           In California, there are now skateboard parks and competitions all over the world. Wherever
                           you go in California, you can see some people who are skateboarding. Many people, who live
                           in California, use a skateboard when they go to school or meet friends. They enjoy it, and it is
                           one of street culture of California. If you want to ride a skateboard, you can do almost
                           anywhere in California.

                           Allan Jun, sixteen years old, is a skateboarder. He has lived in California for sixteen years. He
                           skates every day, and he was good at skateboarding. “You can skate anywhere in California.
                           That's the best thing about skateboarding, but it is dangerous to skateboard without enough
                           practice. I've had a few accidents,” he said. But he wouldn’t stop skating; he enjoyed it too
                           much. He hopes to be a professional skateboarder.

                           Skateboarding has a long history. The first skateboards were invented in the USA in the 1950s. At
                           that time, people made their own skateboards. By 1959, you could buy skateboards in shops.
                           The new skateboards were an easy and fun way to travel around the streets. In the 1960s,
                           skateboards changed a lot, and there were different kinds of skateboards. Some skateboards
                           were longer for racing down hills, and others are shorter for riding in the streets and doing
                           stunts. Then, skateboarding became popular with surfers in California. They built ramps to skate
                           on when the waves were too small for surfing. They also skated in empty swimming pools. The
                           curved walls of the swimming pools were perfect for doing stunts. And, many skateboarding
                           matches were held in California. Many people was wildly excited by the games, they started
                           to board it.

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