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Hello friends - DOC


									                         KEEP UPDATE FROM VIRGINA – MAY 2009
Hello friends!
       By the grace of God we have arrived safely in the USA and are now walking step by step through the
challenging transition/adjustment processes. We value your prayers and support more than you will ever know.
Thanks for continuing to stand with us!

The past two weeks:
   We said an emotional
    goodbye to our Filipino
    friends and co-laborers. So
    many memories! So many
    blessings!      So many
    relationships!   So much
   Friends and family met us
    in Roanoke, VA at the end
    of a 30 hour flight. It was
    a joyful and meaningful
    Thanks to a generous
    Christian family we’ve
    rested in a comfortable
    home on beautiful Smith
    Mountain Lake.
   The Lord has answered
    prayer and provided a very
    reliable vehicle. This 2006
    Chrysler      Town      and
    Country is an unexpected
         This week (Friday) marks a milestone in Valerie’s life as she
prepares to graduate from high school. We’re so grateful for how the
Lord is directing her life. She’s been accepted at God’s Bible School for
this fall.
         Our family is looking forward to being with many of you this
summer as we travel to each of the Bible Methodist camps. At that time
we’ll be able to fill you in on how the Lord seems to be directing our
steps for the coming year. What we’re sure of for now is that Tim will
still be supervising the work in the Philippines and keeping busy with
plans related to the work there. May God’s grace be upon you all!

Tim and Becky and family

If you would like to write a snail mail letter you may do so temporarily
at: 240 Northridge Rd, Hardy VA 24101. You may also call our cell
phones at: 540-986-6214 (16), or leave a message at James Keaton’s at:
540-721-3137.                                                               Photo by Courtney Collingsworth

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