Airdrie Community Wardens by decree


									                                                               Airdrie Community Wardens
                                                                 Service Profile Jun - Aug
  Service Activity                        Aims                           Frequency                         Achievements                                Supplementary information
Patrolling           Patrolling is the main activity in the warden’s   On a daily basis   With the introduction of 2 trainee community         Within the Town Centre and some of the areas
                     role. The aim of this is to:-                     between the        warden community wardens we now have a               surrounding it the community wardens are
                      Ease the fear of crime within the areas in      hours of 10.00-    team of 10 wardens, which gives us the               now linked to the CCTV service through the
                          which Community Wardens are working.         18.00              manpower and flexibility to patrol in more           Radio Link system.
                      To be a high profile presence within the                           areas.                                               This has allowed the wardens to build on their
                          community and be a visual deterrent to                                                                               already strong links with the Local Police and
                          crime.                                                          The following is a list of the areas that we cover   shopkeepers as well as providing an enhanced
                      To be the eyes and ears of the community                           and the frequency of our patrols.                    level of service within these areas.
                          looking for and reporting issues that need                       Town Centre - Daily                                Petersburn and Craigneuk, along with the
                          attention during our patrols                                     Whinhall - Daily                                   Town Centre are still the main areas of patrol,
                      To be a source of information, support                              Northburn - Monday/Thursday                        however all other areas are reviewed on a
                          and assistance to all areas of the                               Tharshbush - Monday/Thursday                       needs basis.
                          community                                                        Rawyards - Monday/Thursday                         We are currently in working a process of
                                                                                           Holehills - Monday/Thursday                        rotating wardens between the Estates and the
                                                                                           Burnfoot - Tuesday/Friday                          Town Centre in order to give all wardens the
                                                                                           Rochsoles - Tuesday/Friday                         skills that will enhance their role.
                                                                                           Plains - Wednesday
                                                                                           Greengairs - Monday
                                                                                           Glenmavis - Tuesday
                                                                                           Caldercruix - Thursday
                                                                                           Calderbank - Friday
                                                                                           Petersburn - Daily
                                                                                           Craigneuk - Daily
                                                                                           Clarkston - Tuesday/Friday
                                                                                           Drumgeloch - Tuesday/Friday
                                                                                           Moffat Mills - Tuesday/Friday
                                                                                           Gartlea - Thursday
Service Activity                         Aims                          Frequency                     Achievements                                 Supplementary information
Reporting issues    It is the responsibility of any community         On a daily                Issue                June July Aug        These figures are there to illustrate some of
                    warden, to report any issue that they deal with   basis as                 Graffiti                61     68    44    the diverse work reported by the wardens. A
                    or come across whilst carrying out their          required              Police/ASTF                26     21    47    full list of all reports is available in the
                    duties.                                                             Flytipping/dumping             22     24    40    Wardens service report.
                    This will include reporting issues such as,                           Environmental                15      5    15    Whilst it is the wardens role to report these
                    graffiti, dumping, anti social behaviour and                          housing repairs              13     14    28    issues we rely on other to react to the
                    many more. When on patrol the wardens will                            Roads/Lighting               29     23    30    information received.
                    not pass an issue without taking down the                             Private utilaties            16     18    38    On the vast majority of these issues most
                    details and passing on a report to the relevant                 Street Cleaning Request 21                36    41    agencies react quickly to any issues that are
                    department or agency. In this way the wardens                           Dog fouling                16     10    23    passed on to them. However there are some
                    are helping to highlight and resolve problems                  The top 3 areas for reported issues are Town           that do not take the appropriate action and this
                    within the communities that they are working.                                                                         has a detrimental impact on the areas that we
                                                                                   Centre, Craigneuk and Petersburn. This does not
                                                                                   mean that these are the worst areas, but these are     patrol. The worst offender being one of the
                                                                                   the primary areas patrolled by the wardens.            private telecommunications companies who
                                                                                   In all area graffiti, litter and flytipping make up    continue to ignore all requests to remove
                                                                                   the bulk of all the figures. These issues are          graffiti from their property.
                                                                                   constantly highlighted by the public as being the      The overall reports for these months were
                                                                                                                                          JUNE 694 JULY 556                AUG 640
                                                                                   main anti social issues within their community.
Caretaking Duties   The Community Wardens responsibilities for        On a daily              Issue                June July Aug          In many instances we receive assistance from
                    environmental improvement are met on a            basis as              Cleanup                  99       78     75   other agencies to carryout the larger tasks that
                    daily basis by carrying out some of the tasks     required             Litter pick               54       29     41   may have taken longer to resolve. These other
                    outlined in this section. While community                          Syringe removal               22       18     24   agencies include the Housing Dept. Man With
                    wardens report to issues on to other agencies                       Letter Delivery              50       46     12   the Van service that has helped remove large
                    they are also proactive in dealing with other                                                                         amounts of flytipping and household waste,
                                                                                       Garden Checks                 80       39     17
                    issues they come across. They do this by                                                                              the Estate Caretaking Service that has
                     Carrying out large and small-scale                                                                                  provided extra manpower when needed, and
                         cleanups,                                                                                                        Restorative Justice who we call on to help in
                                                                                   When looking at the above figures it is important
                     Carrying out litter picks where litter has                                                                          some of the largest cleanups.
                                                                                   to remember that not every cleanup is of a large
                         became excessive, and                                                                                            Some of the larger cleanups include,
                                                                                   scale, but they must all be carried out during our
                     Removing discarded syringes from areas                                                                               2 truckloads of dumped rubbish removed
                                                                                   daily duties. Also when Looking at the figures for
                         as we find them or as they are reported to                                                                            from car park at the rear of Bank St.
                                                                                   syringe removal this only indicates the number of
                         us.                                                                                                                   09/06/06,
                                                                                   instances when syringes where removed, the
                                                                                                                                           2 vanloads of rubbish from Howletnest
                                                                                   actual number of syringes is much higher.
                                                                                                                                               rd. 07/07/06,
                                                                                                                                           4 vanloads of rubbish from the side of the
                                                                                                                                               Salvation Army Hall Hallcraig St.
Service Activity                       Aims                           Frequency                         Achievements                                Supplementary information
Community          Community Wardens are encouraged to attend       As required by     Below is a list of the groups we have regular        Whilst working with these groups over this
Groups             as many community groups meetings as             particular         meetings with.                                       period we have been involved in many events
Engagement         possible. This is both to promote the warden’s   groups              Petersburn and Craigneuk Community                 in partnership with them. Below is a sample of
                   service and to give support to these groups.                            Forum                                            some of these;
                   Wardens can give support by                                          Craigneuk Regeneration group                        17/06/2006 Summer Festival in
                    Taking action on points raised at a groups                         Craigneuk Regeneration Community Safety                 Petersburn Park which was run in
                        meeting,                                                           Sub Group                                             conjunction with the PDT
                    Giving advise to groups,                                           Tenants and Residents of Uist Place                 24/06/2006 Longriggend fun day run by
                    Putting groups in touch with good                                  Uist Place Neighbourhood Watch                          their community council
                        sources of information,                                         Petersburn and Craigneuk Food Coop                  01/07/2006 Gartlea fun day run by the
                    Publicising the work that local groups are                         Petersburn Development Trust                            residents group
                        carrying out.                                                   Town Centre Forum                                   01/07/2006 Whinhall fun day run by
                    As well as this wardens also get directly                          Petersburn Partnership                                  Whinhall regeneration project
                        involved in community events and                                Rochsoles Community Project                         06/07/2006 Rochsoles fun day run by the
                        activities.                                                     Whinhall regeneration project                           community project.
                                                                                        Craigneuk and Old Petersburn Residents              21/08/2006 Open evening Health
                                                                                           Group                                                 Initiative in Craigneuk run by CRG
                                                                                                                                            As well as this warden have distributed
                                                                                       This is a list of the main groups that the wardens   newsletters for the groups in Whinhall and
                                                                                       are involved with, but is not does not show all      Rochsoles and the Town Centre. Helped
                                                                                       groups.                                              publicise events in Craigneuk and Petersburn
Local Schools      Community Wardens go into local schools in       We attend          Some of the schools we are regularly involved        As well as attending these schools to give
Engagement         the areas that they are working for a number     schools as         with are:-                                           talks, we also help out with events in the
                   of reasons.                                      required. We try    St. Domonics Primary                               school and have altered our patrol routes so
                    To promote the work they do within the         to fit into the     Petersburn Primary                                 that where possible we are patrolling outside
                        community                                   school              Dunrobin Primary                                   them at key times. We have also been made
                    To introduce the children to the               curriculum.         Albert Primary                                     aware of some bullying problems within
                        Community Wardens so that they know                             Victoria Primary                                   schools so that we can watch for problems.
                        who to turn to if they have a problem.                          Chapelside Primary                                 Other events we have been attending during
                    To teach the kids about the problems                               St. Margaret’s High                                this period are;
                        associated with littering and flytipping.                       Airdrie Academy                                     19/06/2006 helped out at Chapelside
                    To give children information on the                                                                                         Primary spots day
                        problems associated with graffiti.                                                                                   23/06/2006 helped out at Albert Primary
                    To tell the children to contact the wardens                                                                                 fun day closing day
                        or an adult if they find a syringe.                                                                                  21/06/06 attended Victoria Primary
                                                                                                                                                 summer service.
Service Activity                        Aims                             Frequency                         Achievements                               Supplementary information
Community          In working closely with the police we hope to       Monthly team           Police have suggested areas and times for          In July the police asked if we could patrol
Police             benefit the communities we work in by               meeting at              wardens to patrol.                                  within the Calderbank area, as there had
Engagement         providing the police with all the instances of      station / regular      Wardens continue to supply Police with              been an upsurge in complaints from this
                   antisocial behaviour we encounter during our        local meetings          stats on graffiti, sharps and street drinking       area. This was then added as an extra
                   daily patrols. This will include figures on         between officers        as well as information that people within           area, as we were expanding our service
                   Graffiti reported, Syringes removed,                and wardens.            the community may give us.                          into the villages.
                   Flytipping reports, Street drinking observed,                              Wardens and Police have worked together            In Aug the police were running a retail
                   etc. This will allow the police to accurately                               on truancy days and shopper awareness               security consultations ensured that this
                   map these crimes, which will then enable                                    days, amongst other initiatives.                    information was passed to the relevant
                   them to deploy their resources with                                        Community Wardens deliver literature and            businesses.
                   intelligence led information.                                               information to the public on behalf of the         Wardens are now in direct contact with
                   We also aim to work closely with the Police                                 police.                                             police within the town centre as they are
                   on initiatives aimed at building confidence                                Community wardens have joined police                both users of the town centre radio link.
                   within the community.                                                       when they have been delivering talks to
                                                                                               schoolchildren on graffiti, vandalism and
                                                                                               stranger danger.
                                                                                              Community wardens have given formal
                                                                                               statements that have led to charges being
                                                                                               brought against people.
Town Centre        Within Airdrie Town Centre we work with             Bi-monthly             Carrying out surveys of shoppers and               In July we contacted all businesses within
Initiatives        TCI as wardens are designated to work within        meetings in             businesses                                          the Town Centre to provide information
                   the town centre area. As we are working in          office, more           Updating the TCI database of Town Centre            on the Radio Link system
                   this area we are in constant contact with the all   often on site           businesses                                         31/07/2006 the community wardens
                   the local traders, who we interact with and         when necessary.        Delivering letters                                  started using the Radio link system, to
                   pass their concerns on to TCI. We also report                              Handing out leaflets                                further integrate them into the workings
                   any major faults to TCI as these have an                                   Provide stats on the state of repairs within        of the Town Centre.
                   impact on the smooth working of the town                                    the town centre                                    In August we highlighted training courses
                   centre.                                                                                                                         that were being arranged by TCI for shop
                    In working closely with TCI we hope to                                                                                         workers.
                   improve the experience of all users of the                                                                                     26/8/2006 TCI are investigating the
                   town centre, be they shoppers, workers,                                                                                         ownership of land on behalf of the
                   businesses, or visitors.                                                                                                        wardens, as the ground has become a
                                                                                                                                                   place where drug misuse is prevalent.
Service Activity                        Aims                            Frequency                        Achievements                               Supplementary information
Protective         The Protective Services team is a vital partner    Bi-monthly         Community Wardens have a close working             During this period
Services           of the community wardens.                          meetings with      relationship with the Protective Services, this     3 abandoned vehicles reported
Engagement         The reason for this is they have the power to      managers /         has included                                        6 stray dogs were reported
                   enforce legislation through fines and court        regular meetings    Reporting of abandoned vehicles                   3 dog fouling fines witnessed by
                   action.                                            on the ground.      Joint patrols with the dog wardens this              community wardens
                   This not the role of the community wardens                                 involves helping them pick up stray dogs,      19 investigations into flytipping
                   and we do not require these powers to                                      and acting as a professional witness in the    22 flyposting reports
                   effectively carryout our role, however when                                issuing of dog fouling                         2 public health issues currently being
                   the occasion arises that means enforcement                             Reporting companies and individuals for              investigated.
                   powers are required, we can call on this team                              flyposting                                    The environmental wardens have contacted
                   who can bring their powers to bear.                                    Reporting public health concerns                 the wardens for help in removing syringes on
                                                                                          Reporting flytipping when there is evidence      a number of occasions.
                                                                                              of who has committed it. environmental        As well as this the community wardens have
                                                                                                                                            been involved in getting the message out to
                                                                                                                                            people that it is a littering offence, to drop
                                                                                                                                            cigarette butts on the street by distributing butt
                                                                                                                                            boxes to the public as part of the stub it out

ASTF               It is a shared aim of the ASTF and the             Monthly            The ASTF and the community wardens are still       We have worked in conjunction with the
Engagement         community wardens create a culture and             meeting to         working on making their links stronger.            ASTF at a number of events providing
                   environment where tenants and residents feel       highlight main     Although this has been a slow process it is        information on antisocial behaviour these
                   able to approach the us, to report incidents and   issues / other     getting better , this is happening by              include
                   complaints of antisocial behaviour, in the         local meetings      The ASTF have appointed Gerry McCann              The Scottish Executives Antisocial
                   confidence that the matter will be handled         as required.            to be the main contact person between them         Behaviour Roadshow
                   professionally, sensitively, efficiently and                               and the wardens                                A public meeting with Cathy Jimeson
                   effectively.                                                           Local information sharing is taking place
                   To effectively achieve this shared aim we are                              and joint working is evolving.                As well as this the wardens have been
                   working to build a strong partnership with the                         Wardens attend the BNSSC meetings                informed of all the live anti social behaviour
                   ASTF so that all information is passed                                     where the ASTF and the police provide         orders that are enforce in the Airdrie area.
                   effectively and all complaints are diligently                              information that is useful when the wardens
                   dealt with.                                                                are on patrol.
Service Activity                       Aims                           Frequency                          Achievements                                Supplementary information
Planning           The planning department is extremely diverse     Regular             Regular liaison between planning and the             Some of the projects that we are currently
Engagement         and deals with issues from Roads and Lighting    meetings on         community wardens have led to a good                 involved in with planning are;
                   through to Economic Regeneration. We have        various issues as   exchange of information;                              The removal of a structure within
                   many varied contacts within this department,     required             Phase 3 of the Town Centre regeneration is             Craigneuk that has no planning
                   we needs these contacts to advise us of                                  currently under way and the community                permission and is dangerous
                   planned works within our area. We also use                               wardens are working with planning to              Helping locate a possible site for a shop
                   these contacts to get work that is falling                               inform shoppers and shopkeepers of what              mobility unit in Airdrie Town Centre
                   behind progressed.                                                       stage the work is currently at.                   Highlighting the 20’s plenty campaign
                                                                                         Community wardens have suggested areas                 around all primary schools in Airdrie
                                                                                            that require traffic claming measures.            Planning are providing some funded
                                                                                         All repairs for phase 2 of the Town Centre             retail training at present and we are
                                                                                            Regeneration are reported directly to                helping highlight this to retailers
                                                                                            Planning as they are still in control of this        throughout Airdrie
                                                                                         When working with community groups we
                                                                                            are highlighting the small communities
                                                                                            fund, as this is possible source of grants for
                                                                                         In Airdrie when there is a planned road
                                                                                            closure planning advise the wardens, so we
                                                                                            may inform others whom it may effect.

Community          CLAD have a remit to work alongside the          Regular meeting     Our meetings with CLAD have led to us being          Some recent project that we have involved us
Learning and       voluntary sector within North Lanarkshire. In    with Clad as        involved in some of the following activities;        working with CLAD are;
Development        doing this we meet them on a regular basis       well as meeting      Sign posting training that CLAD have been           Providing information within Craigneuk
Engagement         during our meetings with the local community     at the volunteer        providing                                            and Petersburn about free evening ECDL
                   groups. In working with CLAD we hope to          groups               Taking part in local Health Initiatives in             classes run by CLAD. (June)
                   help facilitate the work of the groups that we   meetings.               conjunction CLAD                                  Taking part in a health initiative in
                   are meeting with.                                                     Becoming involved in youth groups that                 Craigneuk 21st Aug
                                                                                            CLAD have run                                     Attending a summer club within Gartlea
                                                                                                                                                 community centre, throughout the
                                                                                                                                                 summer holiday period.
                                                                                                                                              In June the community wardens were
                                                                                                                                                 interviewed for a DVD CLAD are making
                                                                                                                                                 with the Petersburn youth initiative
Service Activity                        Aims                            Frequency                          Achievements                                Supplementary information
Estate             The estate management team and the                 Weekly meeting      Community wardens also carry out tasks at the        Over the current period we have been
Management         community wardens share a common goal.             with senior         request of the estate management team. These         involved in the following areas of work;
Engagement         This being to make North Lanarkshire a place       housing officer /   include:-                                             We delivered the majority of NOP’s for
                   where everyone will have access to a safe and      daily interaction    Garden Checks; informing the relevant                   the arrears team in July and August
                   pleasant environment. People will have             with housing             housing officer of any unkempt gardens we        We carried out all post inspections for the
                   access to services that will enable them to live   officers                 find whilst on patrol                                garden assistance scheme
                   independently within and participate in the                             Letter delivery; the community wardens              We reported 3 abandoned houses
                   communities in which they live. In working                                  have delivered letters to tenants on a verity    We continue to provide the caretaking
                   closely with the estate management team we                                  of topics from where to put there rubbish to         services in Luing, Islay, and Uist Place
                   hope to help bring this vision closer for all.                              how to report a repair                           We provided a driver for the man in van
                                                                                           Clearing of rubbish, litter, etc; on occasion           service for a 2 week period in July
                                                                                               when any of these issues become a problem        23rd Aug we attended the residents groups
                                                                                               we will clear it from the area and dump it.          chairpersons meeting
                                                                                           Checking voids; we are informed of the              We were involved in a major cleaup in
                                                                                               voids within Airdrie and check on them               the Petersburn area that involved
                                                                                               during our patrols.                                  removing 6 van loads of dumped rubbish
                                                                                           We pass on any relevant feedback from the               from the enclosed open spaces at the rear
                                                                                               community groups we meet with                        of houses in North Calder Drive
Community          We work closely with community services,           Regular             Community Wardens make use of the services           In the last few months we have had a lot of
Services           this is due to the high level of environmental     meetings on         provided by Community services such as,              ongoing contact with Community Services
Engagement         work that we report on a day to day basis. In      various issues as    Reporting dumped rubbish/flytipping that           that have led to,
                   building a good relationship with this key         required                 we cannot deal with ourselves                    June 2 areas of Graham St being cleared
                   service we hope to help improve the                                     Reporting areas that require graffiti                   of chewing gum
                   environmental and ascetic appeal of North                                   removal                                          June grounds maintenance cutting back
                   Lanarkshire as a whole and Airdrie in                                   Reporting areas that require chewing gum                trees in Wester Mavisbank Avenue to
                   particular.                                                                 removal                                              allow people to access the footpath more
                                                                                           We can call into the ground maintenance                 easily
                                                                                               offices and report issues directly to them.      July large area of Arrondale Road were
                                                                                           We make use of the civic amenity sites,                 cleared of sectarian graffiti
                                                                                               where we have been allowed to dump the           We have been to the civic amenity on 37
                                                                                               rubbish we collect during our cleanups.              separate occasions in the last 3 months
                                                                                           We make use of their Community Centres                  removing a large amount of flytipping
                                                                                               where we may take a break and use this               from Airdrie
                                                                                               time to interact with the community groups.           On 3rd August we worked with
                                                                                                                                                    community services to remove 2 loads of
                                                                                                                                                    rubbish from Howletnest Rd former
                                                                                                                                                    garage reserve site.
Service Activity                       Aims                            Frequency                       Achievements                           Supplementary information
  NHS Harm         The NHS Harm Reduction team work                  Monthly            Community Wardens work with NHS harm          We have worked on a number of projects with
Reduction Team     throughout Lanarkshire dealing with drug and      meeting            reduction team in the some of the following   the harm reduction team over last few months;
                   alcohol abusers. As part of their work they run                      areas.                                        some of these were;
                   the Lanarkshire needle exchange service. We                           We give them a report each month on the      In June and July the harm reduction team
                   realise that the best way forward, with regard                           location and number of syringes lifted         provided sharps awareness training to the
                   to the drug problem (especially the drug litter                          within Airdrie each month.                     community wardens
                   problem) is to tackle it through a multi agency                       We signpost the harm reduction service to    We have initiated the harm reduction
                   approach. In this area the harm reduction team                           drug users we meet whilst on patrol            team being invited to a number of
                   are our main partner.                                                                                                   community groups to give talks on the
                                                                                                                                           drug and alcohol misuse.
  Community        The role of the community warden is changing      Monthly            In the last period some or all wardens have   1warden Dean Speirs completed his NVQ in
Wardens Training   constantly as we strive to meet the diverse       reviews more if    undergone the following training.             Community Warden Occupations and became
   Program         needs of the communities where we work. To        it is a pressing    Sharps awareness, delivered by NHS harm     the first person in Scotland to achieve this
                   recognise this we continually review the          matter.                 reduction.                               award.
                   training needs of the community wardens, so                           A full induction training course for new
                   they are best placed to meet these needs.                                 community wardens was under taken by
                                                                                             Alex Stewart
                                                                                         Health and Safety course
                                                                                         Risk Assessment course
                                                                                         Further enquiry training was undertaken
                                                                                         3 warden undertaking an NVQ in
                                                                                             community warden occupations
                                                                                         Mediation training
                                                                                         Animal welfare, SSPCA training
                                                                                         Diversity training

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