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									Tajuk Artikel: Muhyiddin: Pollution can destroy waterways
Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 – Friday


MUAR: River basins in the country must be efficiently managed and cared for to curb pollution, which
can destroy water sources.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said seven rivers – among them Sungai Penang,
Sungai Juru, Sungai Skudai, Sungai Tebrau and Sungai Seget – were highly polluted.

River basins should be free from pollution of any form, he said, and urged all parties to be committed
to looking after the environment and waterways.

Barisan Nasional members of parliament would head committees in their areas to instil environmental
awareness among the people, he added.

For areas not represented by Barisan MPs, the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry would
appoint suitable leaders to head the committees.

Speaking to reporters after launching the Friends of the Environment programme here, he said the
ministry wanted to boost awareness among the people on protecting the environment, especially
rivers and river basins.

―It is important for everyone in the country to love nature and the environment if we want to
protect the planet we live on,‖ he said.

―The people should realise that there is only one planet for mankind and everyone should play their
role in protecting it.‖

Muhyiddin, who was accompanied by Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, said the ministry had
also formed a special environment club (Kelab Rakan Alam Sekitar).

The club, one each to be set up in all parliamentary constituencies, would organise activities to instil
love and care for nature and the ecological system.

Earlier, Muhyiddin presented cash prizes, awards and certificates to 11 schools which participated in
the ministry‘s Sustainable School (Sekolah Lestari) programme last year.

Winners SMK (P) Methodist Pulau Penang (in the secondary school category) and SK Bakri Batu 5
here (primary school) received RM10,000 cash and a certificate each.
Tajuk Artikel: DPM: Don’t provoke any action over Ambalat
Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

MUAR: Malaysia and Indonesia should avoid any provocative move over the disputed oil and gas-rich
Ambalat block, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said yesterday.

He said the two countries had been enjoying good relations and no one should try to disrupt them.
―We have to act wisely and I hope there will be no provocative action by any party in the two

―We don‘t want any controversy over the matter,‖ he told reporters after launching the Friends of the
Environment programme here.

He was commenting on media reports in Indonesia which claimed that an Indonesian navy ship
patrolling the waters off Ambalat had nearly opened fire at a Malaysian naval vessel.

On the Manek Urai by-election in Kelantan, Muhyiddin said an operations centre would be set up for
all Barisan Nasional component parties there.

All the component parties would work and operate under one roof and take the appropriate strategies
to woo the voters, he said.

A suitable candidate would be announced soon.

―The number of voters in the constituency is not very big but the area is vast and has many villages.
―We will need to study strategic approaches which suit the people in Manek Urai,‖ he added.

Tajuk Artikel: Nuke energy policy draft soon
Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

PUTRAJAYA: A policy on alternative energy focusing on long-term options for energy sources,
including the use of nuclear energy, is at the final draft stage.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said his ministry, together
with the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry were involved in the draft expected to be
completed within a month.

―The proposed policy will focus on the long-term options on energy sources, including nuclear energy.
―The paper is expected to be completed for the Cabinet‘s consideration within the next one month,‖
he said yesterday.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said from South Korea recently that Malaysia would be
looking at green technology and development of small nuclear reactors for industrial and daily use.
Najib had said a small-scale nuclear reactor, generating between 200,000kW and 300,000kW of
power, cost only one third of a coal-powered station.

He said such reactors were safe and could be set up near a municipality.

Dr Ongkili and Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui are expected
to visit South Korea soon to look at various green technologies available.
Tajuk Artikel: China will drive economic revival, says Najib
Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 – Friday


BEIJING: China will be at the forefront of the economic revival, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun
Razak said.

―We are likely to witness a shift towards greater integration of the economies of the major countries of
Asia with those of South-East Asia,‘‘ he told the Malaysia-China Business Forum at the China World
Hotel here yesterday.

He said the private sector from these countries could be expected to have extensive opportunities to
take advantage of this developing scenario.

―Given the diversity of resources of our two countries, and the different needs and opportunities that
exist in our respective economies, I believe a wide spectrum of investment opportunities is available.‖
Najib narrowed down three key areas of interest for the Chinese to invest in Malaysia — green
technology and energy, resource-based industries and infrastructure projects.

For instance, Najib said, projects like the second bridge in Penang, Menguam Dam, railway double-
tracking and the energy sector relating to the Bakun Dam development could attract Chinese

Najib said he came to China not to walk in the same footsteps as his father did 35 years ago, but to
continue advancing what Tun Razak Hussein had done.

―I hope to walk faster and further because this great country of yours has travelled faster and further
than any other nations in recent history.

―Malaysia has been a loyal friend and we now want to be a true partner in China‘s progress,‘‘ he said.
―Together working in harmony we could achieve much more than if we walk alone and separately. Let
us continue this together as loyal friends and good partners,‘‘ he said.

Najib said both countries shared common ground, adding that he ―dare say that this identity of vision
and purpose has given us the confidence that our two countries can continue to work together and
succeed together.‘‘

―Our current economic linkages attest to the close partnership that we have built over the past few

―Between 1974 and 2008, bilateral trade has grown at an annual rate of 16.8%.‘‘

For the past six years, he said, China had ranked as Malaysia‘s fourth largest trading partner.
―Malaysia was the 19th largest foreign investor in China and the second largest foreign investor from

Najib also witnessed the signing of 16 MOUs including one between Sunzen Biotech Berhad and
Regal Plus (Beijing) Investment Consultant Co. Ltd to supply animal feed additives made from
biotechnology to China; one between Jia Yu Home Entertainment Sdn Bhd and Nanning TV Station
to undertake the joint production of the 2010 Chinese New Year international broadcast to be aired in
Malaysia and China, a first ever cooperation which allows a foreign TV station to air its programme
live in any provincial TV station in China during prime time; and one between the Malay Chamber of
Commerce Malaysia and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade to jointly promote
trade between business communities of both countries.

At a press conference, International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed told
Malaysian reporters that the forum was the biggest with the participation of over 900 businessmen
from both countries since the last seminar organised in the Chinese capital in 2004.
―We hope China will step up investments in Malaysia,‘‘ he said.

Najib also attended a gala dinner which was held to commemorate the 35th anniversary of diplomatic
ties between Malaysia and China.

Tajuk Artikel: Committee set up to investigate mistake in students’ varsity
Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 – Friday


KOTA KINABALU: The fate of the 4,574 students who were wrongly informed about their admission to
Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) will be known soon.

―A committee has been set up to investigate the matter and we will release the report in a few days,‖
Deputy Higher Education Minister Dr Hou Kok Chung said prior to a meeting with Sabah private higher
learning institutions (IPTS) officials here yesterday.

USM had on May 29 mistakenly uploaded the names of 8,173 applicants who had met the minimum
criteria, stating that they were successful in their applications although the list should only contain the
names of 3,599 eligible students.

Meanwhile, Dr Hou said that strict enforcement on IPTS in the country was paying off as there has been
a sharp decline in the number of complaints.

―At a recent dialogue with foreign students at IPTS, they were more concerned about the crime rate.
There were no complaints about the quality of education at these institutions,‖ Dr Hou said.

He said the ministry‘s crackdown on errant institutions and its move to encourage private colleges and
universities to be more transparent have shown results.

―Enforcement has been our focus. We will act on any complaints,‖ he said, adding that students could
report to the ministry or himself directly via e-mail if they were unhappy over certain issues.

Dr Hou said he was pleased about the increase in the number of students registered with the 21 IPTS in
Sabah, including one university college in the state.

There were 7,482 students registered with Sabah IPTS in June 2008 and the figure had increased to
8,619 by year‘s end.

He said the number of foreign students at Sabah IPTS had increased from 145 to 158 during the same

―It‘s only an increase of 13 students but it is something noteworthy during this period of economic
uncertainty,‖ he added.
Tajuk Artikel: Results of H1N1 drugs on pigs to be known in six weeks
Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 – Friday


PUTRAJAYA: The Veterinary Services Department will carry out an influenza A (H1N1) vaccine test on
about 10,000 pigs in Perak starting next week, its director-general Datuk Dr Abd Aziz Jamaluddin said.
It would take six weeks for results to show whether the vaccine was effective in preventing pigs from
contracting the virus, he said.

―If it is proven effective, we will present a Cabinet paper and propose vaccination for all 1.7 million pigs
nationwide,‖ he told the press here yesterday.

The test would cost RM1mil. Vaccination for all pigs in the country as a precautionary measure would
cost another RM30mil a year and the money would be worth spending if it could protect the public‘s
health, he said.

Dr Abd Aziz said the department was examining all 776 pig farms in the country and almost 80% of
them have been cleared of the virus. ―It is sufficient to conclude that there is no influenza A (H1N1) at
our pig farms,‖ he said.

On another matter, he said the department paid out 78 sen per kilo in incentive for small-and-medium-
scale farmers who produced fewer than 20,000 chickens per cycle.

He added that commercial farmers are paid 26 sen per kilo, if they could only produce a maximum of
20,000 chickens per cycle.

On the recent chicken farm operators gathering at an empty field near the Yong Peng Selatan toll plaza
to burn 20,000 chicks, Dr Abd Aziz said the department‘s officers managed to calm them.

The farmers were protesting against the government‘s policy of not paying incentive to those who
produced more than 20,000 chickens per cycle.

He said the farmers were reminded that they could be charged in court under Section 44(1)(d) of the
Animal Act 1953 and their chicks and lorries confiscated.

The Act carries a maximum RM10,000 fine or six months‘ jail, or both, for animal cruelty, he said.
Those who smuggle animals into the country could also be fined up to RM50,000 or jailed for two years,
or both, under the same Act.
Tajuk Artikel: Tempers flare at demonstration
Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 – Friday


THE ―peaceful‖ demonstration headed by the Majlis Pemuafakatan Ummah (Pewaris) to protest against
the Selayang Municipal Council‘s (MPS) decision to demolish a silat court and an activity centre at
Pinggiran Batu Caves in Gombak was a tense affair as tempers flared.

About 400 people, including residents and youths from the Sukmaraga Silat Centre (Pusat Gelanggang
Seni Sukmaraga), gathered as early as 8.30am yesterday to stop the MPS‘s demolition exercise.

They formed a cordon to prevent the MPS safety and enforcement team from entering the area before
MPS safety and enforcement unit director Ahmad Faisal Badiuzaman and councillor Abdul Rahim
Ahmad Kasdi met with Pewaris director Dr Izham Nayan.

Izham said the activity centre, which was a cabin, and the silat court were built in January with the
consent of the residents association.

The court is surrounded by a zinc fence and lit by spotlights at night. There is also a temporary canopy
under which activities are held on rainy days.

Izham said the centre promoted and provided healthy recreational activities for youths in the area, as
there was no recreational field at Pinggiran Batu Caves.

―For many years, the area was an unkempt, vacant piece of land – it was a haunt for drug addicts and a
place where rubbish was dumped.

―Then the people put much effort into cleaning up the place and turning it into something useful, but now
the MPS says the land is due for development and wants to demolish it.

―The association hase also obtained police permission and registered its silat activity with Akademi Silat
Nusantara,‖ he said.

The silat group previously trained on a plot of land in Taman Wilayah, Selayang with the consent of the

Izham also questioned why the MPS was not looking into other illegal structures and buildings in areas
under its jurisdiction.

―There are many other illegal structures and buildings; why pick on these people‘s efforts for the
community? Why the double standards? They are just using the land temporarily; when it‘s due for
development, they‘ll give it up,‖ he said.

Meanwhile, after the meeting, Ahmad Faisal said a meeting would be set up between MPS president
Datuk Zainal Abidin Azim and the association‘s representatives to resolve the matter.
Tajuk Artikel: Demolition postponed again
Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

Story and photo by STUART MICHAEL

A LAST-MINUTE decision was made to halt the demolition of several shoplots deemed illegal at Batu
16, Rawang, when the situation almost turned ugly when enforcement officers from the Selayang
Municipal Council (MPS) tore down the wall of one of the shoplots yesterday.

The demolition exercise was called off after MPS president Datuk Zainal Abidin Azim issued the

                                                                   Down it comes: An excavator
                                                                   breaking the wall of one of the four

                                                                   The affected shoplot owners had
                                                                   earlier tried to stall the officers from
                                                                   carrying out the demolition work,
                                                                   saying they had lodged a police report
                                                                   and were taking legal action in the
                                                                   High Court to resolve the matter.

                                                                   During the incident, one of the
                                                                   shopowners, Mohamat Nor Rajeae,
                                                                   51, held a brick and threatened to hurl
                                                                   it at a worker who was operating the

Mohamat Nor said he had received a call from Zainal saying the demolition exercise had been called

MPS town planning assistant director Affendei Samingan said he and the enforcement team, comprising
46 personnel, were there to carry out the demolition of the illegal shoplots under Zainal‘s directive.

The team, which also included six employees each from Tenaga Nasional Berhad and Syarikat Bekalan
Air Selangor and 10 police officers, were at the site at 9am.

However, in the wake of the arguments between the shopowners and the MPS officers, the demolition
started only at 11am.

Several items in the shoplots, such as referigerators, air-conditioners and electrical items, were
removed by the MPS enforcement officers before the excavator moved in and started to break down the
side wall of one of the shoplots.

Mohamat Nor accused Affendei of not acting on Zainal‘s decision but rather, on the decision following
the State Economic Action Committee (MTES) meeting, at which Khalid had allegedly stated that he
wanted the shoplots at Lot PT 2520 to be demolished.

―I feel that the new state government‘s decision to take action without thinking about the rakyat‘s
feelings is brutal.

―I will challenge Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and will go all out to ensure that these
lots are not taken away from the people here.
―Yesterday, I made a police report at the Selayang police station. I will be filing a legal action in the High
Court today.

―I want the MPS to repair the damage and will take legal action against the council for demolishing the
building without showing me any proper documents,‖ he said.

Shoplot owner Tai Chee Siang, who had been doing business there for more than 20 years, was upset
over the MPS action.

―Mohamat Nor has a letter from the Gombak Land office in 1996 showing that the land was given to him
to develop for commercial use.

―Now, they want to take over the land after we have built structures and shoplots,‖ he said.
Meanwhile, Affendei said he was just following instructions given by Zainal.

―The council had given them three months to vacate their premises but they refused. The landowner
wanted compensation of RM10 million from the developer but the developer refused and offered
RM80,000 per shoplot.

―Last week, we came here to demolish the four shoplots but were unable to do it.
―Today, the shoplot owners once again managed to postpone the demolition,‖ he said.

Tajuk Artikel: ITT-BTS for south-bound buses only, says Nazri
Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 – Friday


THE new Bandar Tasik Selatan Integrated Transportation Terminal (ITT-BTS) will only be dedicated to
the southern route.

Initially, Minister in the Prime Minister‘s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz had said that
the new hub might be used for nationwide routes.

However, during a visit to the site yesterday, he agreed to maintain the hub only for the southern route
due to space constraint.

―The visit has allowed us to see for ourselves if the idea is feasible. Now I feel that what I had suggested
is not practical,‖ Nazri said.

He said the hub was created to eliminate the congestion at the Puduraya bus terminal which had been
serving the public for 30 years.

Also present during the site visit was Federal Territories Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal

―If the buses for other routes are based here as well, then they will have to go through the town to reach
the designated highways.

―This will result in the buses getting stuck in the congestion,‖ Nazri added.
For now, the eastern routes will be based in Gombak while Selayang is being considered as the base
for northern routes.

The ITT-BTS is being designed and built by Maju Holdings Sdn Bhd and is expected to be completed in
November 2010.

Currently, 35% of works have been completed, The main terminal, which will have six floors, is sited on
20.2ha of land.

According to Maju holdings executive director Tan Sri Abdul Sahid Mohammad, the estimated cost for
the project is RM570 million.

It is located beside the Bandar Tasik Selatan Ampang LRT line, ERL, and the KTM Komuter as well as
the Besraya and Middle Ring Road Two highways, making it easy for commuters.

Nong Chik said the new hub will be more comfortable for the people of KL as well as visitors as the ITT-
BTS was easily accessible and a link bridge to the train stations.

―The new bus terminal will have good facilities and it will change the perception of public transportation
system in the country,‖ Abdul Sahid said.

The arrival and departure terminals will be separated, making it more systematic, while the ticketing
counters will be at Level Two.

The arrival terminal will have escalators from the open-air bus holding bays as well as lifts for the
disabled community.

It will also have 100 bays with 104 arrivals for a 10-minute cycle. There will be a terminal management
operations system which will coordinate the bus arrival and departure systems.

―When a bus comes into the arrival bay, the close circuit cameras will pick up the number plates and the
information board will display the bay number for them to dock,‖ said Abdul Sahid.

The disabled community will have no worries as every mechanism has been planned to accommodate
their needs.

There will be special Braille lift buttons, low side lift buttons panel, and special hazard and directional
tiles for the blind.

There will also be special information boards detailing the time, departure and bay number for the
commuters‘ benefit.

―We also have upgraded food courts as well as food and beverage outlets for hungry passengers at
level 4,‖ Abdul Sahid added.

Nong Chik said he and Nazri would talk to Transport Ministry officials to oversee the maintenance of the

―The terminal has state-of-the-art facilities so we must ensure that it is maintained properly and does not
become a shabby place like Puduraya,‖ Nong Chik added.

When asked for an estimation of the cost of the maintenance, Abdul Sahid said that they had not
worked out the amount.
―The government will definitely allocate some money for the maintenance work as it will be expensive,‖
said Nazri.

When asked if the prices of goods and tickets would soar due to the fancy new terminal, Nazri gave an
assurance that the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (LPKP) would control the ticket prices.

As for the Puduraya station, it will be converted into an intercity bus terminal, which will help the current
traders in Puduraya.

―Those traders from Puduraya who would like to shift to ITT-BTS can do so but preference will be given
to the locals in the area,‖ said Nong Chik.

He added that since Puduraya would still be operational, business would continue as usual and would
not pose a problem to the traders.
The terminal is expected to reach maximum capacity by the year 2020.

Tajuk Artikel: Slithering creatures create tension
Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 – Friday


THE residents along Jalan Serdang Lama are having sleepless nights due to the presence of snakes
and other creepy crawlies in a vacant land nearby their area.

The 5ha land, which belonged to a developer had been left idle for more than five years.
According to former Serdang MP, Datuk Yap Pian Hon, the land was sold off to a developer by the
previous state government for a mixed development project.

Since being left idle, the plot has transformed into a ‗mini forest‘ with snakes hiding in its thick

Yap said the area was a former squatter settlement and the residents were relocated under the ―zero
squatter‖ policy to make way for new developments.

―The least the developer can do is clean up the area,‖ Yap said. He added that despite writing to the
Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) with accompanying pictures of the area and shots of the
residents‘ encounters with the snakes, there had not been any response from the council.

―We want the MPSJ to act immediately as the matter has been dragging on for too long. We hope action
is taken before something untoward happens,‘‘ Yap said adding that there was even a primary school
around the same area.

He said the residents and the school authorities had complained to him on numerous occasions about
the problem.

―It is the school holidays now. We want the children to attend classes in peace without having to keep
an eye for any dangerous reptiles in their midst,‖ Yap said.

Yap said since the number of complaints were just adding on, both the MPSJ and developer should not
treat the matter lightly.
Tajuk Artikel: No home to call their own
Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 – Friday


The residents of Bandar Kinrara Council Homes want the state government to allow them to purchase
the unit they are staying in.

The residents who are occupying the Block C of the homes in Bandar Kinrara 6 believe that the state
should allow them to purchase the units using the hire-purchase scheme.

―We have been paying monthly rental for the unit all this while and the government should change it to
hire purchase so that we can have a house to call our own.

―They cannot expect us to rent this place forever,‖ Osman Jailani, a resident said.

He said the residents moved in to the council homes in 2005 during the zero-squatter programme in the
state. They were relocated there from various squatter colonies.

He added those who could not get a bank loan to purchase the units offered by the state are staying in
Block C.

―Those who managed to get the bank loan have moved out,‘ he said.

―Our loan applications were not approved due to various reasons including being blacklisted,
unemployment or no fixed income,‖ he said.

Osman and other Block C residents came to express their disappointment at the SUK building at Shah
Alam on Monday.

―We have submitted memorandums to the state government via the exco members twice and had held
four meetings with them.

―We decided to come here because we have run out of options,‖ Osman said. He added that currently
they were paying RM250 per month for the unit. A total of 194 families are occupying 220 units at Block

Osman said that despite staying in a squatter area formerly, at least they had a place of their own. Now
they were stuck in doldrums.

Later, the group decided to disperse after an officer from the Mentri Besar‘s office came to meet them
and promised to bring the memorandum and their case to the Mentri Besar.
Tajuk Artikel: Clean up or customers go, traders told
Sumber / Tarikh: New Straits Times Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

ALOR STAR: Traders in wet markets were yesterday told to improve cleanliness at their premises or
risk losing customers to hypermarkets.

Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Tan Lian Hoe said the standard of
cleanliness at wet markets was unsatisfactory.

"Dirty floors, clogged drains, rubbish and poor lighting discourage customers from shopping at wet

"If these problems are not overcome, customers will look for alternatives such as the well-maintained
hypermarkets," Tan said after visiting Pasar Besar Alor Star here yesterday.

Tajuk Artikel: Pigs to be tested with 4 different vaccines
Sumber / Tarikh: New Straits Times Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

PUTRAJAYA: The government will test four different types of influenza A (H1N1) vaccines on some
10,000 pigs starting next week.

Veterinary Services Department director-general Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin said the process
would cost the government RM1.7 million.

"We would be testing the vaccines on pigs in a controlled environment to achieve the best results.

"The tests will be conducted in Perak as the state has a large number of pigs."

He said the vaccines were imported from the United States and Europe and that it would take up to six
weeks to determine their effectiveness.

"If the vaccines prove effective we would suggest to the cabinet to consider vaccinating all pigs in the
country which would cost the government close to RM30 million," Dr Aziz said.

Dr Aziz said the department had inspected 79 per cent of the 776 pig farms in the country which were
given the all clear.
Tajuk Artikel: Student, two Germans down with the flu
Sumber / Tarikh: New Straits Times Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

By : Farrah Naz Karim

PUTRAJAYA: A Malaysian student back from the United States for a holiday and two German tourists
tested positive for influenza A (H1N1) yesterday.

With the latest incidents, Malaysia has now registered five confirmed influenza A (H1N1) cases.

In yesterday's first case, the 23-year old student who arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport
on Monday, tested positive for the virus two days later and was immediately admitted to the Tuanku
Jaafar Hospital in Seremban.

He had taken a direct Malaysia Airlines flight MH091 carrying 278 other passengers and cabin crew
members which landed at the KLIA at 7.15am.

It was when he started developing fever and cough on Wednesday that his family took him to the

The tourists, aged 32 and 30, who were on a Southeast Asian tour, had travelled via Singapore Airlines
flight SQ45 from Germany and arrived in Singapore, their first stop, on Monday.

The two friends then took AirAsia flight AK702 to Malaysia and arrived in Sepang at 1.55pm on

They started developing fever on the same day and sought treatment at the Gleneagles Hospital at
1.40am, before they were immediately transferred to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

All three are currently reported to be stable and have started their anti-viral treatments.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said like the previous cases, the thermal scanners at the
airport did not detect any symptoms.

On the Germans who were found to have the symptoms and isolated less than 13 hours after they
arrived, Liow said they could have developed fever during those few hours.

The scanners, he explained were programmed to detect those with body temperatures exceeding 34
degrees Celsius.

Tajuk Artikel: Camps to spread 1Malaysia message
Sumber / Tarikh: New Straits Times Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

KUCHING:The government will use Biro Tatanegara (BTN) talks and seminars as platforms to spread
the 1Malaysia concept to civil servants.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Ahmad Maslan said BTN had 16 camps nationwide
and these would be used to strengthen the 1Malaysia spirit among civil servants.

"It is important that civil servants understand the concept first as they are the agents to spread this
concept to the masses," he said after visiting the state BTN office here yesterday.
1Malaysia is Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's brainchild and is aimed at bringing the country's
multiracial society together.

BTN, at present, holds three series of 1Malaysia-related talks but this will be widened to other camps
and government-owned training centres.

The programmes have been going on for two months but only civil servants have taken part in them.
The response from the private sector has been discouraging.

Ahmad also announced an RM23 million nation-building camp in Sampadi, Lundu, which will be
operational by year-end.

Tajuk Artikel: 'Work together to save environment'
Sumber / Tarikh: New Straits Times Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

  Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Natural Resources and Environment Minister
Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas (left) listen intently as Afi Tarmizi Azhar, 12, and his friend Mohd Nor Zikri
 Jamaluddin (right) from SK Bakri Batu 5 give an explanation about the project that won the Sekolah
 Lestari Anugerah Alam Sekitar 2007/2008 award at the Sultan Ibrahim Diamond Jubilee Hall in Muar
                           yesterday. — NST picture by Shahrul M. Zain

MUAR: Malaysians need to be united and work together to preserve the environment instead of placing
the responsibility solely on the government's shoulder.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, in making the call, said a change of attitude among
the people was crucial for environmental issues to be successfully resolved.

"We live in the same environment, breathe the same air and use the same natural resources. So we
need to work together to solve any problem on the environment," he said when launching the Rakan
Alam Sekitar programme and presenting the Sekolah Lestari -- Anugerah Alam Sekitar 2007/2008
awards at the Sultan Ibrahim Diamond Jubilee Hall here yesterday.

Also present were Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas and
Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

Muhyiddin felt the International Environment Day's theme of "Your Planet Needs You" should be
changed to "We Need This Planet".
"We must always bear in mind that we have nowhere else to go if this planet is destroyed."

He applauded the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry's initiative in introducing the Rakan
Alam Sekitar programme as it would improve environmental awareness among the people, especially
the younger generation.
Under the programme, all Barisan Nasional members of parliament will take the lead in efforts to
combat environmental pollution with the help of the community.

In constituencies where the MP is not from BN, the ministry will appoint a suitable person to take the

Muhyiddin said the programme could provide a more effective channel for the people to voice their
views so that prompt action could be taken by the relevant government agencies.

At the event, Muhyiddin, who is also the education minister, presented the Sekolah Lestari (sustainable
school) awards to SK Bakri Batu 5, Muar, which won in the primary school category, and to SMK (Girls)
Methodist, Penang, in the secondary school category.

Tajuk Artikel: DPM: Navy acts with caution, restraint
Sumber / Tarikh: New Straits Times Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

By : Rizalman Hammim

MUAR: The Royal Malaysian Navy has always exercised caution and restraint whenever its vessels
encountered those from the Indonesian navy at the disputed waters of Block ND6 and ND7s, in the
Sulawesi Sea, known as the Ambalat sea block in Indonesia.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said such an approach was necessary to prevent any
incident which may affect the good relationship between the governments of both countries.

"I am sure our security forces know that they have to be careful in handling this matter.

"We definitely do not want to create any problem with our Indonesian friends," he said after launching
the Rakan Alam Sekitar programme and presenting the Sekolah Lestari -- Anugerah Alam Sekitar
2007/2008 awards at the Sultan Ibrahim Diamond Jubilee Hall here yesterday.

He said this when commenting on a news report last week that an Indonesian navy vessel almost
opened fire on a RMN ship in the disputed waters.

The report quoted Indonesian navy spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Toni Syaiful, who claimed that the
RMN ship had trespassed more than 12 nautical miles inside Indonesian waters in the May 25 incident.

It was claimed the Indonesian navy vessel cancelled its order to open fire only when the RMN ship left
the area. Muhyiddin said he had yet to receive the latest information on the matter.

He said the Foreign Affairs Ministry was handling Malay-sia's claim on the Ambalat sea block, located in
the Celebes Sea near East Kalimantan. The area is believed to be rich in crude oil.

In Kuala Lumpur, Chief of Defence Forces Gen Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zainal yesterday dismissed
Indonesian media reports claiming that a Malaysian naval vessel had encroached on the disputed
waters of Ambalat.

Bernama quoted him as saying the Indonesian military should not make unfounded claims by issuing
statements to the media.

"Both our countries have an understanding. If there is any confusion on the issue, it is preferable to use
the existing committee and not the media," he said after launching the "One House-One Computer
programme at Wisma Pertahanan here.

He said issues concerning the waters of both countries should be discussed at the level of the technical
committee set up by both the countries. He said he would fly to Jakarta on Tuesday to discuss military-
related issues.

Tajuk Artikel: Three new H1N1 cases detected today
Sumber / Tarikh: The Sun Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

Husna Yusop

KUALA LUMPUR (June 4, 2009) :Three new Influenza A (H1N1) cases were confirmed in the country
today, bringing the total to five since the first case last month.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said one patient is a 23-year-old Malaysian student who
returned from the United States on Monday after a holiday. He has been warded at the Tuanku Jaafar
Hospital in Seremban.

"The other two are Germans who have been admitted to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital," he said.

Liow said the Germans, both men aged 30 and 32, arrived in KL from Singapore on AirAsia flight AK702
on Wednesday at 1.55pm.

At 6pm the men felt unwell and sought treatment at a private hospital which then referred them to KLH.
They were confirmed H1N1 positive at 3pm today.

"They are in stable condition and are receiving anti-viral treatment," he said.

Liow said the ministry is tracing all other passengers and crew who were on board AK702. He could not,
however, confirm the number of people on that flight. He said they would be placed under home
quarantine once they have been located.

Earlier, Bernama quoted Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican as saying the
Malaysian student developed a fever and cough on Wednesday .

The student was confirmed to have contracted A (H1N1) by the Institute of Medical Research at 4am
yesterday, and was in stable condition.

Ismail urged the 276 passengers and crew who were on board flight MH091 to contact the Health
Ministry for further advice and on the need for home quarantine.

He said the ministry managed to trace all 14 of the patient's closest contacts with the cooperation of his
family and all were now under home quarantine.

"They consist of 10 family members and friends who had called on him since he returned from the US
while four others are those he came into contact with when seeking medical help, which includes the
medical officer," he said.

Ismail said 24 suspected Influenza A H1N1 cases were reported nationwide on Wednesday involving
people arriving in the country from countries affected by the pandemic.
According to the World Health Organisation, the number of confirmed cases of the disease stands at
19,535 with 117 deaths across 67 countries.

Tajuk Artikel: DPM: Avoid provocation in Ambalat
Sumber / Tarikh: The Sun Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

MUAR (June 4, 2009) : Tan
Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has
called on all parties to
avoid doing anything
provocative in the disputed
waters off Ambalat near
Sabah which are believed
to be rich in oil and gas.

The deputy prime minister
said Malaysia had very
good relations with Jakarta
and did not want to cause
any problem that could
affect the relations.

"We want to avoid any form
of provocation that can cause unpleasantness. We must handle the matter with caution," he told
reporters after launching the Friend of the Environment and Smart School Environment award here

The overlapping claims over Ambalat by the two countries have again became a hot topic after the
Indonesian media reported alleged encroachment by Royal Malaysia Navy (RMN) ships in the area last

The Indonesian media claimed that an Indonesian navy ship patrolling the disputed waters last week
was moments away from firing at an RMN patrol vessel after the latter allegedly ignored demands to

The incident was described as the worst since the overlapping claims surfaced.

Muhyiddin said Malaysian security forces patrolling the Ambalat waters had performed their duties with
responsibility and in accordance with the regulations.

"Both parties must avoid any action that can raise controversy," he said.

On the bilateral negotiations over the overlapping claims, he said the matter was being handled by
Foreign Ministry officials. However, he did not have the latest information on the status of the

Earlier, in his speech, Muhyiddin said tackling environmental problems and pollution should not be the
sole responsibility of the government and that society should pitch in.

"We live in the same environment, breathe the same air, share the use of natural resources. If this earth
is destroyed, then it's the end of the Homo Sapiens species or the human race," he said, adding that the
overall air quality in the country now was good. – Bernama
Tajuk Artikel: All out war on loansharks
Sumber / Tarikh: The Sun Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

PUTRAJAYA (June 4, 2009) : The government will wage an all out war
against loansharks, many of whom are also known to be involved in drug
trafficking, prostitution, gangsterism and other illegal activities, Home
Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said.

"The menace has reached a perilous level of concern and the police will
take aggressive steps to cripple their activities," he said.

Police have identified and are monitoring the activities of a number of
loanshark syndicates in the Klang Valley, Selangor, Johor and Penang
who are known to turn violent against loan defaulters.

"This includes members of the Kristal 9-Gem Enterprise (K9) who are
believed to have chained three loan defaulters like animals in a cell-like shop in Serdang, last week.

"Police are looking for the remaining members of the gang," he said in a statement here today.

Hishammuddin said he had also directed his deputy Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop and secretary-
general Datuk Mahmood Adam to reactivate the committee that was formed to combat the loanshark
menace, comprising the Housing and Local Government Ministry, Information Ministry and Finance

"Police are also monitoring the activities of licenced moneylenders who are registered under the
Housing and Local Government Ministry. Such surveillance is important to ensure Licenced
Moneylenders did not venture into loanshark natured activities.

"If they are known to be involved in such activities, action will be taken against them with the help of the
Housing and Local Government Ministry, including suspending or canceling their licences.

"My ministry will also work with the Housing and Local Government Ministry to ensure licences issued
are not misused," he said. – Bernama

Tajuk Artikel: Report on USM technical error submitted to Cabinet
Sumber / Tarikh: The Sun Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

Bernard Cheah

GEORGE TOWN (June 04, 2009) : The Higher Education Ministry had yesterday submitted to the
Cabinet details of the technical error on Universiti Sains Malaysia‘s (USM) announcement of its
admissions list, following the incident last Sunday when hundreds showed up for registration only to be
turned away.

Its deputy minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah saidtoday a task force has also been set up to look into the

"The university and the ministry are also in the midst of discussions over the incident," he said after
visiting the National Apex Development Indicator (NADI) centre in USM this morning when he launched
the USM Mentor Programme, a support programme for undergraduates to obtain psycho-social
assistance through experienced and trained USM staff.

Several hundred applicants who saw their names in the list of accepted students on the university‘s
website, had turned up at USM on Sunday, only to discover that they were not among the 3,599 who
were offered places.

The university later apologised, saying it had accidentally displayed the names of 8,173 applicants who
met the minimum criteria for enrolment into the university's programmes last Friday. The error was
rectified within a day.

On another note, Saifuddin encouraged more collaboration between university administrators and
student representatives in the country.

He said it was important for both the university administration and student representatives to work
together in decision-making processes and in conducting activities.

"Their ideas and views are constructive and can be utilised by the administration in developing the
university," he said.

He said USM‘s Undergraduate Development Policy 2009, published in February, demonstrated the
Apex status university's recognition of its student bodies.

Tajuk Artikel: Fomca: Fare hikes will thwart efforts to promote public
Sumber / Tarikh: The Sun Online June 05, 2009 – Friday

by Husna Yusop

PUTRAJAYA (June 4, 2009) : The proposed increase in taxi and bus fares of between 30% and 50%
would thwart the government‘s agenda to promote the use of public transport.

―The government wants us to use public transport. But if the rates are high, it would not be attractive as
the cost of using public transport would be higher than using our own vehicles," said Federation of
Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca) chief executive Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahman.

―This is made worse when the system itself is not integrated. It would make people think twice before
using public transport,‖ he said when contacted by theSun.

On Tuesday, Minister in the Prime Minister‘s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz said the proposed
increase involving taxis, stage, express and schoolbuses, could take effect as early as next month.

 Mohd Yusof said the fare hikes would also be a big burden to consumers as most of the people using
public transport are from the lower and medium income group.

He urged the government to come up with ways to help taxi and bus operators so as to lighten their
burden as operation costs have also increased recently.

Citing for instance the case in Germany, he said its government subsidises up to 50% of its public
transport operational costs to maintain the fares at a reasonable level and the efficiency of the system.

―This is what is being practised in developed countries including Singapore. So, the government should
have a similar system because the 30% increase is quite high for consumers.
―At the same time, we want a win-win situation. We want efficient service for consumers and sustainable
business for the operators,‖ he said, adding that should their businesses be affected and companies
have to shut down, it is the consumers who would suffer.

Apart from subsidising their operational costs, Mohd Yusof said the government should also think of
ways to reduce the cost of spare parts like tyres and batteries.

―Perhaps the government can cut down on the import duty for these parts,‖ he said.

He added that Fomca had submitted its views to the government as it is also involved in the public
transport committee at the Economic Planning Unit level.

To Nazri‘s point that only those who could afford it use taxis, Mohd Yusof pointed out that many
consumers had no other choice but to take taxis to get to areas which are not serviced by buses.
Tajuk Artikel: Usah ambil mudah keakraban 2 negara
Sumber / Tarikh: Berita Harian Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

Najib gesa Malaysia-China elak salah faham

DATUK Seri Najib Razak mengingatkan, Malaysia dan China tidak harus mengambil mudah keakraban
hubungan dua hala mereka sekarang sehingga mengabaikan usaha untuk merapatkan lagi hubungan
yang dijalin sejak 35 tahun lalu itu.

Sehubungan itu, Perdana Menteri menegaskan, pemimpin dan rakyat kedua-dua negara perlu sentiasa
memelihara dan menyuburkan lagi hubungan itu supaya tidak berlaku sesuatu yang boleh menimbulkan
salah faham.

―Kerana itu, saya berharap kita perlu terus mengunjungi satu sama lain untuk saling mengenali dengan
lebih dekat. Saling mempercayai, komunikasi terbuka dan kekerapan lawatan dapat menjamin
hubungan dua hala yang sihat,‖ katanya berucap di jamuan sempena memperingati 35 tahun hubungan
diplomatik Malaysia-China, malam tadi.

Malaysia menjadi negara Asean pertama menjalin hubungan dua hala dengan China apabila Perdana
Menteri kedua, Allahyarham Tun Razak Hussein melakukan lawatan ke sini pada 28 Mei 1974 dan
menandatangani perjanjian diplomatik dengan rakan sejawatannya, mendiang Zhou Enlai.

Najib, yang dalam rangka lawatan rasmi empat hari ke China dan pertama ke negara luar Asean sejak
menjadi Perdana Menteri 3 April lalu, yakin hubungan dua hala kedua-dua negara akan terus
meningkat pada dekad-dekad akan datang.

―Kita boleh belajar antara satu dengan lain. Belajar tidak mempunyai kesudahan dan melalui lebih
banyak pertukaran lawatan, kita boleh mengenali satu sama lain dengan lebih dekat.

―Saya percaya persahabatan China dan Malaysia akan terus kukuh apabila persahabatan antara rakyat
kita semakin erat. Sementara kita rapat antara satu sama lain, adalah penting kita tidak mengambil
mudah hubungan itu,‖ tegasnya.

Selain diiringi isteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor dan ibunya, Tun Rahah Noah, rombongan Perdana
Menteri merangkumi 35 delegasi rasmi termasuk enam anggota Kabinet dan 170 ahli perniagaan.

Kelmarin, Najib mengadakan mesyuarat dua hala dengan rakan sejawatnya, Wen Jiabao sebelum
mereka menyaksikan upacara menandatangani empat dokumen untuk meningkatkan kerjasama

Semalam, Perdana Menteri mengunjungi Presiden Hu Jintao dan Naib Perdana Menteri bagi Majlis
Negeri, Hui Liangyu di Great Hall of The People.

Najib berkata, hubungan dua hala Malaysia dan China sentiasa baik kerana kedua-dua negara saling
menghormati dan mempercayai satu sama lain. Pada peringkat antarabangsa, kedua-dua negara
berkongsi pendirian dalam banyak isu global yang penting.

―Saya percaya hubungan dua hala kita memberi manfaat kepada kedua-dua negara. Kerjasama
perniagaan, perdagangan dan ekonomi semakin kukuh. ―Pertukaran pendidikan terus memberi faedah
bersama apabila beribu pelajar China menuntut di Malaysia ketika ini, manakala pelajar China di Beijing
Foreign Studies University belajar Bahasa Melayu. Aliran kemasukan pelancong membabitkan kedua-
dua negara.
Tajuk Artikel: Elak provokasi perairan Ambalat
Sumber / Tarikh: Berita Harian Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

Oleh Mohd Roji Abdullah

MUAR: Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin meminta semua pihak mengelak daripada melakukan sebarang
tindakan berbentuk provokasi di sekitar perairan bertindih Ambalat berhampiran Sabah yang dipercayai
kaya dengan sumber minyak dan gas.

Timbalan Perdana Menteri berkata, negara mempunyai hubungan dua hala yang amat baik dengan
Jakarta dan tidak mahu timbul sebarang masalah yang boleh menjejaskan hubungan itu.

―Kita mahu mengelakkan sebarang bentuk provokasi yang boleh mencetuskan perkara yang tidak elok.
Kita perlu menanganinya secara berhemah. Kita tidak mahu timbul perkara yang mungkin boleh
menjejaskan hubungan Malaysia-Indonesia,‖ katanya selepas melancarkan Rakan Alam Sekitar dan
Penganugerahan Sekolah Lestari - Anugerah Alam Sekitar, di sini semalam.

Isu tuntutan bertindih perairan Ambalat kembali hangat apabila media Indonesia melaporkan apa yang
didakwa sebagai insiden pencerobohan kapal Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM) di perairan itu.

Kejadian dikatakan berlaku 25 Mei lalu di kawasan Ambalat, Laut Sulawesi berhampiran Kalimantan
Timur yang kini dituntut oleh Malaysia dan Indonesia.

Dalam laporan itu Tentera Laut Indonesia mendakwa TLDM dan Pasukan Gerakan Marin Malaysia
sering menceroboh perairan Indonesia.

Muhyiddin berkata, isu itu membabitkan agensi keselamatan kedua-dua negara dan ia harus
diselesaikan oleh mereka yang terbabit.

"Saya fikir pihak berkuasa keselamatan Malaysia pun tahu tanggungjawab mereka dan saya pasti
mereka juga melakukan rondaan di kawasan itu mengikut peraturan kawalan biasa," katanya.

Berhubung perkembangan proses rundingan terhadap pulau Ambalat, Muhyiddin berkata beliau belum
menerima maklumat lanjut dari Kementerian Luar.

Mengenai alam sekitar, Muhyiddin berkata, pelbagai program untuk memastikan alam sekitar terus
terpelihara tidak akan berkesan selagi kurang kesedaran orang ramai untuk bersama-sama memikul
tanggungjawab itu.

Katanya, masyarakat hingga ke peringkat akar umbi harus sedar sikap mengabaikan tanggungjawab
memelihara alam sekitar hanya merugikan diri sendiri apabila berlaku kemusnahan.

Justeru, katanya, inisiatif Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar, mewujudkan program Rakan
Alam Sekitar di semua kawasan Parlimen adalah pendekatan terbaik meningkatkan kesedaran
penjagaan alam sekitar pada peringkat akar umbi.

Semua wakil rakyat Barisan Nasional (BN) akan mengetuai program berkenaan di kawasan masing-
masing, manakala kawasan yang diwakili pembangkang, pemimpin BN tempatan akan memikul
tanggungjawab itu.
Tajuk Artikel: Penjawat awam terbabit rasuah ditamat perkhidmatan
Sumber / Tarikh: Berita Harian Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

KUALA LUMPUR: Seramai 1.2 juta penjawat awam di negara ini diberi amaran tidak terbabit dengan
amalan rasuah kerana jika terbukti bersalah tindakan ditamatkan perkhidmatan akan dilakukan bagi
menjaga nama baik sektor itu.

Ketua Setiausaha Negara, Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, berkata pihaknya juga mahu mana-mana pihak
yang mempunyai maklumat mengenai perlakuan rasuah membabitkan penjawat awam segera
melaporkannya kepada pihak berkuasa untuk siasatan lanjut.

―Kalau tak ada orang beri, tak ada orang yang menerima (rasuah)... kedua, kalau tak lapor susah juga,
kalau dari segi sayalah, kalau orang lapor, (maka) saya (akan) tahu (mengenai perlakuan rasuah), tapi
jangan menganiaya orang.

―Kalau kita tahu memang sahih dia itu (terbabit) rasuah, maka kita perlu ambil tindakan setimpal dengan
kesalahan dilakukannya.

―Selain tindakan mahkamah, mereka juga tertakluk kepada peraturan semasa, kalau diperuntukkan
mereka dibuang kerja, maka mereka akan dibuang kerja,‖ katanya selepas Majlis Perasmian Penutup
Program Jalinan Ilmu 2009 antara Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Taman Melawati Dua dan SK Cherok
Paloh, Kuantan, Pahang di sini, semalam.

Akhbar semalam melaporkan, kaji selidik mengenai rasuah di negara ini mendapati parti politik dan
kakitangan awam dikenal pasti sebagai kumpulan paling teruk dicemari gejala itu.

Hasil kajian Barometer Rasuah Global (GCB) yang diumumkan Transparency International (TI) itu
menunjukkan parti politik menduduki tangga teratas statistik rasuah dengan 42 peratus disusuli
kakitangan awam (37 peratus), sektor swasta dan perniagaan (12 peratus), badan kehakiman (lima
peratus), wakil rakyat (empat peratus) serta satu peratus pihak media.

Sementara itu, Presiden Kongres Kesatuan Pekerja-Pekerja Sektor Awam (Cuepacs), Omar Osman
ketika dihubungi bagi mengulas hasil kaji selidik GCB itu menganggap hasil kajian berkenaan sebagai
tidak adil dan kurang tepat kerana selepas penambahbaikan sektor awam dilakukan ia secara tidak
langsung menunjukkan perlakuan rasuah semakin berkurangan.

Tajuk Artikel: 'Tiada sekolah tertinggal pembangunan'
Sumber / Tarikh: Berita Harian Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

KOTA KINABALU: Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin bertekad akan memastikan
tiada sekolah di negara ini yang tertinggal dari segi pembangunan dan kemudahan dalam tempoh dua
hingga tiga tahun akan datang.

Beliau yang juga Menteri Pelajaran berkata, tumpuan diberikan kepada kawasan yang memerlukan
pembangunan terutama di luar bandar Sabah dan Sarawak.

"Tumpuan akan diberikan kepada sekolah di pedalaman yang memerlukan pembangunan dan

"Saya sudah hantar dua Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran, Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong dan Datuk Dr Mohd Puad
Zarkashi untuk melawat kawasan pedalaman terutama di Sabah dan Sarawak untuk melihat sendiri
pelbagai isu untuk diselesaikan segera seperti sekolah usang, infrastruktur dan kekurangan tenaga
pengajar," katanya pada majlis makan malam bersama pemimpin Barisan Nasional (BN) Sabah dan
anggota perkhidmatan awam negeri di Maggelan Sutera, malam tadi.

Tajuk Artikel: PM:Jadikan hubungan China-Malaysia 35 tahun seterusnya
lebih menarik
Sumber / Tarikh: Bernama Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

Daripada Yong Soo Heong

BEIJING, 5 Jun (Bernama) -- Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkata sementara
hubungan 35 tahun lalu telah menyaksikan perkembangan menarik antara Malaysia dan China,
pemimpin dan rakyat ketika ini perlu menjadikan hubungan 35 tahun seterusnya menjadi lebih menarik.

Berucap pada majlis makan malam bagi meraikan ulang tahun ke-35 permulaan hubungan diplomatik
antara kedua-dua negara, Najib berkata ia lebih penting untuk memandang ke hadapan dan merangka
hala tuju masa depan setersunya bagi manfaat kepada rakyat.

Majlis makan malam itu dianjurkan oleh kedutaan Malaysia di Beijing, Persatuan Persahabatan
Malaysia-China, Majlis Perniagaan Malaysia-China dan Persatuan Rakyat China Untuk Persahabatan
Dengan Negara Asing.

Di majis itu di mana kebanyakan yang hadir memakai batik, Najib berkata beliau percaya hubungan dua
hala antara kedua-dua negara akan kekal kukuh sebagaimana yang digambarkan dari layanan mesra
yang beliau terima sejak tiga hari lalu.

Katanya hubungan Malaysia-China adalah berdasarkan kepada rasa hormat menghormati dan percaya
mempercayai yang kukuh.

Hubungan ini telah "memberi kita asas yang kukuh untuk dibina," katanya.

China, kata beliau merupakan cerita kejayaan yang hebat dan Malaysia juga pada skala yang lebih
sederhana, turut merupakan cerita kejayaan.

Perdana Menteri berkata beliau yakin bahawa China berdasarkan warisannya yang kaya dan memiliki
teknologi moden, akan berubah menjadi kuasa besar ekonomi dan politik dunia.

Najib juga berkata rakyat Malaysia mempunyai pelbagai latar belakang etnik dan kepercayaan agama
tetapi "kami bekerja dan hidup bersama dalam masyarakat yang harmoni dan aman."

Beliau juga berkata rakyat Malaysia dari keturunan Cina, yang memiliki keturunan nenek moyang yang
sama dengan rakyat China, tetap kekal setia kepada Malaysia dan menyumbang besar kepada
pertumbuhan dan pembangunan Malaysia.

Memberi contoh tentang kesetiaan keturunan Cina Malaysia, beliau berkata setiap kali Malaysia
bermain menentang China dalam perlawanan badminton, masyarakat Cina Malaysia tetap menyokong
pasukan Malaysia.

Namun pasukan Malaysia sering tewas kepada pasukan China, katanya berjenaka.

Najib juga berkata ramai masyarakat Islam Malaysia teruja dengan masyarakat minoriti Islam China dan
sering mengunjungi mereka untuk mengenali dengan lebih dekat.
Terdahulu Naib Perdana Menteri China, Li Keqiang yang turut berucap di majlis itu berkata kedua-dua
negara perlu bekerjasama demi masa depan yang lebih baik.

Katanya banyak yang boleh China dan Malaysia bekerjasama seperti menerusi rancangan China untuk
membina masyrakatnya menjadi lebih kuat dan makmur menjelang 2020 dan Wawasan 2020 Malaysia
untuk mencapai status negara maju.

Li berkata banyak kerjasama yang boleh dilakukan oleh kedua-dua negara di bawah Pelan Tindakan
Bersama untuk Kerjasama Strategik.

Pada hadirin dihiburkan dengan tarian kebudayaan dari Malaysia dan pertunjukan akrobatik dan silap
mata China.

Tajuk Artikel: Kerajaan kaji semula pembayaran insentif penternak ayam
Sumber / Tarikh: Bernama Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

PUTRAJAYA, 4 Jun (Bernama) -- Kerajaan akan mengkaji semula pembayaran insentif yang diberi
kepada penternak ayam dalam bentuk wang tunai bagi memastikan pelaksanaannya lebih berkesan.

Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar Datuk Dr Abd Aziz Jamaluddin berkata melalui kajian
semula itu, kerajaan berharap wang negara dapat dijimatkan di samping mewujudkan situasi yang
menguntungkan semua pihak.

"Insentif yang diberi kepada penternak dilihat lebih bersifat bonus dan kita tidak mahu ia menjadi duit
poket semata-mata kepada penternak.

"Kerajaan sudah menghapuskan harga siling ayam dan penternak tidak sepatutnya berhadapan
dengan masalah untuk memajukan ladang mereka," katanya kepada pemberita di sini, Khamis.

Beliau berkata di bawah Dasar Jaminan Bekalan Makanan, penternak ayam pedaging berskala kecil
dan sederhana yang memelihara kurang daripada 20,000 ekor sepusingan diberi insentif sebanyak
RM0.78 sen sekilogram, manakala penternak komersial yang memelihara lebih 20,000 ekor sepusingan
pula mendapat RM0.26 bagi sekilogram daging ayam.

Sejak Ogos 2008 hingga 2 Jun lepas, kerajaan telah membayar sebanyak RM114.46 juta kepada
penternak melalui pelaksanaan insentif berkenaan.

Mengenai ugutan penternak ayam pedaging komersial di Johor yang akan membakar 40,000 ekor anak
ayam akibat tidak berpuashati dengan kerajaan kerana enggan memberi bayaran insentif kepada
mereka yang menternak lebih daripada 20,000 ekor sepusingan, Dr Abd Aziz berkata kerajaan tidak
akan melayan ugutan seumpama itu.

Sebaliknya penternak boleh dikenakan tindakan mengikut Seksyen 44 (1)(d) Akta Binatang 1953 (Akta
647) yang membawa hukuman enam bulan penjara dan denda maksimum RM10,000 jika sabit
kesalahan, katanya.

Sementara itu, Jabatan Veterinar akan menyuntik vaksin ke atas kira-kira 10,000 ekor babi di Perak
bagi menangani wabak H1N1 yang membabitkan peruntukan sebanyak RM1 juta.

"Suntikan berkenaan juga membolehkan pengesahan dibuat sama ada vaksin yang diimport dari
Amerika Syarikat itu sesuai digunakan ke atas babi tempatan atau tidak. Hasil ujian akan diperoleh
dalam tempoh enam minggu," katanya.

Tajuk Artikel: Pasar awam seluruh negara kotor : Tan
Sumber / Tarikh: Bernama Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

ALOR SETAR, 4 Jun (Bernama) -- Kebanyakan pasar awam di seluruh negara didapati kotor serta tidak
terjaga menyebabkan pengguna kurang selesa, kata Timbalan Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan
Hal Ehwal Pengguna Datuk Tan Lian Hoe.

Katanya ini boleh menyebabkan pengguna beralih ke pasar raya besar yang lebih bersih serta selesa
untuk mendapatkan barangan keperluan harian mereka.

"Saya lihat lantai pasar lecah dan basah dengan air yang bertakung. Sampah-sarap serta sisa sayur-
sayuran juga dibuang begitu sahaja dalam longkang," katanya kepada pemberita selepas meninjau
keadaan di Pasar Besar Alor Setar di sini, Khamis.

Tan berkata sekiranya tanggungjawab menjaga kebersihan pasar awam terletak pada pihak berkuasa
sahaja keadaan tidak akan berubah dan akan menjadi lebih buruk pada masa akan datang.

"Peniaga perlu berubah serta peka terhadap keadaan kebersihan kawasan perniagaan mereka untuk
memastikan pelanggan berasa selesa di situ...sekarang banyak pasar raya moden yang dibina dan
menjadi pesaing utama kepada peniaga di pasar awam," katanya.

Tajuk Artikel: 124 penjawat awam terjebak
Sumber / Tarikh: Harian Metro Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

Oleh Mohd Amin Jalil

SEREMBAN: Seramai 124 kakitangan kerajaan di seluruh negara dikenakan tindakan apabila didapati
positif menggunakan dadah selepas mereka menjalani ujian air kencing bagi tempoh empat bulan
pertama tahun ini.

Daripada jumlah itu, Negeri Sembilan merekodkan bilangan tertinggi iaitu seramai 18 orang diikuti
Selangor, Perak, Johor dan Terengganu dengan masing-masing 17, 16, 15 dan 12 orang manakala
negeri lain di bawah 10.

Ketua Pengarah Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan (AADK), Datuk Abdul Bakir Zin, berkata selain
kakitangan kerajaan, ujian itu turut dijalankan terhadap pekerja swasta yang merekodkan seramai 34
positif dadah manakala 232 pula membabitkan pelajar institusi pengajian tinggi awam dan swasta
(IPTA/IPTS) serta sekolah.

Beliau berkata, Kedah merekodkan jumlah tertinggi pelajar yang terbabit gejala tidak sihat itu iaitu 106
berbanding Terenganu (42), Kelantan (20), Melaka (16) dan Selangor (15) manakala negeri lain di
bawah 10.

―Bagi ujian yang dijalankan di kawasan sempadan iaitu di Bukit Kayu Hitam, Padang Besar, Rantau
Panjang dan Pengkalan Kubor didapati 119 positif dadah.
―Semua mereka dihantar ke hospital untuk disahkan sebelum ditahan di pusat serenti bagi tujuan
pemulihan,‖ katanya kepada pemberita selepas menyam aikan taklimat dan lawatan kerja di pejabat
baru AADK Negeri Sembilan di Bangunan MAA di sini, semalam.

Hadir sama Pengarah Penguatkuasaan dan Keselamatan AADK, Dr Sabri Zainuddin Zainul dan
Pengarah AADK negeri, Abdul Rahman Hamid.

Abdul Bakir berkata, AADK sedang menggerakkan usaha bersepadu membabitkan pelbagai agensi di
bawah Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) seperti polis, Jabatan Pertahanan Awam (JPAM) dan Ikatan
Relawan Rakyat (Rela) selain pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) bagi menangani masalah penularan
najis dadah.

Menurutnya, antara usaha itu termasuklah program Jom Masuk Kampung dan Jom Cegah terutama di
kawasan tanah rancangan Felda yang mencatatkan rekod tertinggi aktiviti penyalahgunaan dadah
selain mendedahkan mereka mengenai bahaya najis itu.

Katanya, program Rakan Anti Dadah (Rada) yang dilancarkan baru-baru ini dengan tumpuan diberikan
kepada golongan muda akan digerakkan di seluruh negara bagi memastikan ia benar-benar berkesan
dalam menyedarkan golongan itu terhadap bahaya najis dadah.

―Daripada segi penyertaan dalam Rada, setakat ini ia mendapat sambutan amat memberangsangkan
dan kami sudah mensasarkan menarik 93,000 orang menjelang akhir tahun ini,‖ katanya.

Tajuk Artikel: Tangani masalah cara berhemah
Sumber / Tarikh: Harian Metro Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

Oleh Mohd Roji Abdullah

MUAR: Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, mahu agensi penguat kuasa
keselamatan maritim termasuk Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM) menangani sebarang isu
‗pertembungan‘ dengan rakan mereka dari negara jiran di sekitar Ambalat, yang masih dalam proses
rundingan tuntutan bertindih, supaya ditangani dengan cara berhemah.

Beliau berkata, pihak keselamatan Malaysia yang bertugas di sekitar perairan pulau berkenaan, harus
mengelakkan apa saja bentuk provokasi yang boleh memberi kesan tidak baik dalam hubungan dua

―Kami harus menangani perkara itu dengan teliti dan kami tidak mahu membuat sebarang kenyataan
balas kerana ia membabitkan wilayah bertindih selain.

―Dalam hal ini, saya menyerahkan kepada pihak keselamatan untuk menguruskannya dengan cara
berhemah dan kita harus mengelak sebarang bentuk provokasi di wilayah itu,‖ katanya selepas
melancarkan Rakan Alam Sekitar dan Penganugerahan Sekolah Lestari - Anugerah Alam Sekitar di
Dewan Jubli Intan, semalam.

Beliau mengulas laporan sebuah akhbar minggu lalu mengenai kenyataan Tentera Laut Indonesia yang
mendakwa hampir menembak sebuah kapal TLDM yang didakwa menceroboh perairan itu.
Kejadian itu dikatakan berlaku pada 25 Mei lalu di kawasan Ambalat, Laut Sulawesi berhampiran
Kalimantan Timur, yang dituntut kedua-dua negara.

Dalam laporan itu juga, Tentera Laut Indonesia mendakwa TLDM dan Pasukan Gerakan Marin sering
menceroboh perairan Indonesia.
Tajuk Artikel: Pembentangan Draf Rancangan MPSJ
Sumber / Tarikh: Harian Metro Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

SUBANG JAYA: Orang ramai dijemput hadir pada Hari Pembentangan Draf Rancangan Majlis
Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) pada 15 dan 22 Jun depan.

Pada hari pembentangan itu, orang ramai khususnya penduduk sekitar berpeluang memberikan
pendapat mereka mengenai draf yang berkaitan dengan kemudahan awam serta pembangunan

Yang Dipertuanya, Datuk Adnan Md Ikhsan, berkata hari pembentangan draf itu diadakan bagi
memenuhi syarat sebelum ia dikemukakan kepada jabatan berkenaan.

―Sebelum ia diserahkan, kami memberi peluang kepada orang ramai memberi pandangan mahupun
membantah draf perancangan MPSJ dan ia juga bagi memenuhi kehendak di bawah Seksyen 14(1),
Akta 172, Akta Perancangan Bandar dan Desa 1976.

 ―Draf perancangan yang berkaitan dengan kemudahan awam, pembangunan semasa, lalu lintas dan
infrastruktur itu hanya akan boleh diserahkan kepada Jabatan Kemajuan Bandar dan Kampung Negeri
Selangor sekiranya mendapat persetujuan daripada penduduk mahupun orang ramai,‖ katanya.
Difahamkan, setakat ini pihak MPSJ sudah menerima 2,136 borang pendapat serta bantahan daripada
orang ramai mengenai draf berkenaan.

―Berikutan itu, kami membahagikan dua sesi untuk orang ramai khususnya mereka yang memberi
maklum balas terbabit untuk membahaskan perkara berkenaan di hadapan panel yang dilantik.

―Pada 15 Jun, isu pembentangan lebih berkaitan kepada pembangunan semasa, lalu lintas baru untuk
transit LRT dan kemudahan awam,‖ katanya.

Tajuk Artikel: ‘Adu sudah, tindakan belum’
Sumber / Tarikh: Harian Metro Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

Oleh Mohd Harzrul Aminuddin

SUBANG JAYA: Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya menggesa pihak Suruhanjaya Komunikasi
Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM) segera mengambil tindakan menyekat talian telefon iklan haram
termasuklah yang mengiklan ubat penguat tenaga batin.

Difahamkan, setakat ini MPSJ memberikan maklumat terperinci kepada SKMM, termasuk butiran
seperti nombor telefon, alamat dan lokasi iklan terbabit.

Yang Dipertua MPSJ, Datuk Adnan Md Ikhsan, berkata pihaknya memberikan kerjasama sewajarnya
sebagai usaha membanteras isu iklan haram terbabit.

―Setakat ini kami menghantar 312 maklumat berkaitan kepada SKMM, termasuklah menyertakan
gambar dan lokasi iklan haram di kawasan Subang Jaya.

 ―Maklumat itu diberikan untuk memudahkan SKMM bertindak,‖ katanya. Justeru, kata Adnan, MPSJ
berharap SKMM bertindak segera bagi membanteras gejala itu. Beliau berkata, MPSJ hanya berkuasa
menurun serta memusnahkan iklan haram itu.
―Namun tindakan untuk menyekat talian telefon lebih sesuai jika dibandingkan dengan hanya
menurunkannya saja,‖ katanya.

Iklan haram mengenai pakej ubat kuat lelaki di sekitar MPSJ pernah menjadi laporan utama Harian
Metro apabila siasatan wartawan akhbar ini mendapati iklan berkenaan bukan setakat menawarkan
ubat, malah menyediakan pakej dua dalam satu, iaitu khidmat pelacur.

Sementara itu, Adnan turut mengumumkan akan mengehadkan permohonan tapak bagi seorang
peniaga atau penjaja berlesen.

―Dasar tidak mengehadkan permohonan tapak perniagaan menyebabkan ramai peniaga merungut
kerana tidak diberikan hak sama rata.

―Berkuat kuasa serta merta, MPSJ akan mengehadkan dua tapak perniagaan bagi seorang peniaga,‖

Adnan berkata, langkah itu terpaksa diambil bagi memberi ruang kepada semua peniaga serta
menghapuskan sistem monopoli oleh seorang peniaga yang dilaporkan berlaku sebelum ini.

Tajuk Artikel: Penjaja mengeluh sering disaman MBPJ
Sumber / Tarikh: Harian Metro Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

PETALING JAYA: Peniaga dan penjaja di Kampung Sungai Ara di sini mengeluh apabila sering
disaman pihak berkuasa Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) kerana berniaga tanpa lesen sejak 15
tahun lalu.

Difahamkan, perkara itu berpunca kerana tiada tapak berniaga yang sesuai serta pihak MBPJ enggan
memberikan lesen sementara walaupun sudah memohon.

Malah, kebanyakan peniaga terpaksa ingkar walaupun sering disaman demi mencari rezeki.

Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Penduduk kampung itu, Ramli Daud, berkata perkara itu sudah diajukan
beberapa kali kepada pihak terbabit namun sehingga kini tiada jalan penyelesaiannya.

 ―Masalah itu sudah berlarutan sejak lebih 15 tahun lalu untuk diselesaikan malah peniaga seakan
sudah hilang sabar.

―Mana tidaknya, sudah tiga kali jawatan ketua kampung bertukar pimpinan masalah ini masih lagi
buntu,‖ katanya.

Katanya, baru-baru ini pihaknya menghadiri sesi dialog bersama MBPJ dan jawapan ahli majlis tetap
sama dan pihak terbabit berjanji untuk mencari jalan penyelesaian secepat mungkin.

―Kami hanya mahu pihak MBPJ menyediakan tempat sementara untuk penjaja dan peniaga ataupun
pihak berkenaan datang sendiri mengadakan sesi berdialog khas bersama.

―Ini bertujuan untuk mereka mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai masalah yang kami hadapi di sini,‖

Sementara itu, Ahli Majlis kawasan berkenaan, Syed Abdul Malik Syed Abdul Hamid Al Jafree, berkata
pihak MBPJ masih lagi bertimbang rasa terhadap peniaga di kawasan terbabit.
Tajuk Artikel: Beras import hasilkan ST 15
Sumber / Tarikh: Sinar Harian Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

PASIR PANJANG – Kementerian Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani bercadang untuk menggunakan
beras import bagi menghasilkan beras Super Tempatan (ST) 15 pada masa akan datang.

Menterinya, Datuk Noh Omar berkata, langkah itu bagi membolehkan Padiberas Nasional Berhad
(Bernas) yang menghasilkan beras ST 15 dapat bersaing harga padi dengan pengilang swasta yang

Berbanding pengilang swasta yang lain, menurut beliau, penetapan harga belian padi bagi Bernas
adalah tidak melebihi RM1,200 per tan dan hanya diwajibkan untuk mengeluarkan beras ST 15 sahaja.

―Kerana itu pengilang swasta boleh memberi harga belian padi lebih tinggi berbanding RM1,200
sehingga ada mencecah RM1,400 setan, kerana mereka bebas untuk mengeluarkan beras selain ST15
seperti ST10 dan ST5, menyebabkan ramai petani yang menjual kepada pihak swasta.

―Keadaan itu juga antara sebab berlakunya harga padi yang tidak menentu antara satu kawasan
dengan kawasan lain,‖ katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika mengulas bantahan petani di Sekinchan yang mengalami kemerosotan
harga belian padi secara mendadak daripada RM1,400 pada musim lalu kepada RM1,300 musim ini.

Sebelum itu beliau merasmikan Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan kali ke 27, Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan
(PPK) Pasir Panjang di sini.

Hadir sama, Pengerusi Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang (LPP), Tan Sri Abu Zahar Datuk Nika Ujang,
Ketua Pengarah LPP, Mariam Mas Yaakub, Pengarah LPP Negeri, Nadzli Che Long dan Pengerusi Ahli
Lembaga Pengarah PPK Pasir Panjang, Mardi Sukir.

Dr Noh berkata, difahamkan, situasi itu berlaku berikutan kelebihan bekalan padi yang terdapat di kilang

―Jadi terpaksalah pengilang swasta membeli padi daripada petani dengan harga lebih rendah daripada
RM1,400,‖ katanya.

Tajuk Artikel: Syabas naik taraf perkhidmatan
Sumber / Tarikh: Sinar Harian Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

SHAH ALAM – Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd. (Syabas) sedang berusaha untuk terus
memastikan pengguna mendapat bekalan air yang berterusan, bersih dan juga mencukupi.

Oleh itu melibatkan kerja pengalihan paip, pemasangan injap serta pemasangan ‗Water Balance Meter‘
(WBM) di sekitar kawasan Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor giat dilakukan.

Pengurus Besar, Bahagian Komunikasi Korporat Syabas, Abdul Halem Mat Som, berkata kerja
pemasangan WBM adalah bertujuan melancarkan pengawalan aliran dan tekanan air di dalam paip.

Menurutnya, kerja tersebut mampu mengawal aliran bekalan air semasa berlaku sebarang kecemasan
serta dapat mempertingkatkan mutu bekalan air yang sedia ada ke tahap yang lebih efisyen dan sekali
gus meminimumkan kehilangan air.
―Kerja ini akan dilaksanakan pada masa penggunaan rendah seperti pada waktu malam dan awal pagi
dalam tempoh gangguan yang pendek bagi mengelak pengguna menghadapi masalah bekalan.

―Sepanjang pelaksanaan kerja itu, akan berlaku sedikit gangguan bekalan air sementara di beberapa
kawasan sekitar Klang dan Kuala Langat sepanjang bulan ini,― katanya.

Setelah program naik taraf tersebut selesai, pengguna akan menikmati kualiti air yang lebih baik
berbanding dahulu.

Pihak Syabas mengharapkan kerjasama semua pengguna terlibat agar bersabar kerana sepanjang
pelaksanaan kerja tersebut, akan berlaku sedikit gangguan bekalan air di beberapa kawasan yang
terbabit Antara kawasan yang terbabit adalah Wilayah Klang.

Tajuk Artikel: Elak tindakan provokasi
Sumber / Tarikh: Sinar Harian Online 05 Jun 2009 – Jumaat

MUAR - Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin meminta semua pihak mengelak daripada melakukan sebarang
tindakan yang berbentuk provokasi di sekitar perairan bertindih Ambalat berhampiran Sabah yang
dipercayai kaya dengan sumber minyak dan gas.

Timbalan Perdana Menteri itu berkata, negara mempunyai hubungan dua hala yang amat baik dengan
Jakarta dan tidak mahu timbul sebarang masalah yang boleh menjejaskannya.

―Kita mahu mengelakkan di dalam apa bentuk sekalipun provokasi yang boleh mencetuskan perkara-
perkara yang tidak elok. Kita perlu menangani perkara itu dengan berhemah.

―Kita tidak mahu timbul perkara-perkara yang mungkin boleh menjejaskan hubungan di antara Malaysia
dan Indonesia,‖ katanya kepada pemberita selepas melancarkan Rakan Alam Sekitar dan
Penganugerahan Sekolah Lestari-Anugerah Alam Sekitar, semalam.

Isu tuntutan bertindih perairan Ambalat itu kembali hangat apabila media Indonesia minggu lepas
melaporkan tentang apa yang didakwa sebagai insiden pencerobohan kapal Tentera Laut Diraja
Malaysia (TLDM) di kawasan perairan itu.

Media Indonesia mendakwa kapal tentera lautnya yang sedang mengadakan rondaan di perairan
bertindih itu minggu lepas hampir melepaskan tembakan terhadap sebuah kapal peronda TLDM kerana
tidak mengendahkan arahannya supaya beredar dari perairan terbabit.

Kejadian minggu lepas itu disifatkan sebagai insiden paling buruk pernah berlaku sejak isu tuntutan
bertindih tersebut timbul.

Muhyiddin berkata, pasukan keselamatan negara yang melakukan rondaan di perairan Ambalat itu
telah melakukan tugas mereka secara bertanggungjawab dan mengikuti peraturan.

―Kedua-dua pihak perlu mengelak daripada sebarang tindakan yang boleh menimbulkan kontroversi,‖
katanya yang juga Ahli Parlimen Pagoh.

Mengenai rundingan dua hala antara kedua-dua negara tentang tuntutan bertindih perairan Ambalat,
Timbalan Perdana Menteri berkata perkara itu dikendalikan oleh pegawai Kementerian Luar.

Bagaimanapun beliau tidak mempunyai maklumat terkini tentang status rundingan dua hala itu.
Sementara itu, Panglima Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Jen Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zainal semalam menafikan
dakwaan laporan media Indonesia yang mendakwa kapal perang Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM)
menceroboh kawasan perairan itu.

Beliau berkata, tentera Indonesia tidak perlu membuat dakwaan yang tidak berasas itu dengan
mengeluarkan kenyataan kepada media.

―Kita ada persefahaman antara dua negara, jadi kalau ada kekeliruan berhubung isu ini lebih baik
gunakan jawatankuasa yang ada dan bukan melalui media,‖ katanya.

Abdul Aziz berkata, isu-isu berhubung perairan kedua-dua negara perlu dibincangkan melalui
Jawatankuasa Teknikal yang telah ditubuhkan oleh kedua-dua negara.

Katanya, beliau akan ke Jakarta Selasa depan bagi membincangkan isu-isu berkaitan ketenteraan
kedua-dua negara. – BERNAMA.

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