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I.tehnička škola TESLA

First technical school TESLA
Klaićeva 7 HR-10000 Zagreb
We are technical vocational school with two departments - mechanical and electrical engineering, with
more than 1000 students (age 14-19) and with 99 teachers.
Tatjana Antić
                      Type of project
multilateral partnership project - electric field

                     Planned project
handicrafts - electronics + metalwork

                  Description of partner

We are new on that field, we can't be coordinator, but we like to cooperate and to work, together with our
students. Our students are 14-19, and we are big school with more than 1000 students and with 99
teachers. We can join LdV school multilateral partnerships according call for proposal for Croatia for 2010,
but for now we can`t be the coordinating school.
We have some experience in European projects: we were in project, as silent partner
financed from Croatian Ministry for Education. This is Comenius project, to be continued in Year 2011/12,
as mechanical engineering with electronic assignment.
If you like to contact us or if you know someone who is searching for new partner for the Leonardo
multilateral partnership on the electronic field- please send me a note.
See you soon - somewhere in Europe!
Best regards from Tatjana Antić, German teacher

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