The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Quiz Act III by jed81338


									                             The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Quiz Act III

       1. Caesar’s dying words shows that he was shocked to see whom with the assassins? (5
       a. Casca                                          b. Antony
       c. Cinna                                          d. Brutus

       2. When Antony first sees Caesar’s body he mourns for Caesar and then pledges his
       loyalty to the conspirators. Why does he do this? (10 points)

       3. Brutus allows Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral under certain conditions. Which of
       the following is not a reason for allowing Antony to speak? (5 points)
       a. Brutus will speak first
       b. Antony has been told what he can and cannot say
       c. Brutus fears Antony
       d. Brutus thinks Antony’s speech will please the Roman people

       4. What is the true purpose of Antony delivering the funeral speech? (5 points)
       a. to cause unrest over Caesar’s assassination       b. to praise the conspirators
       c. to read Caesar’s will                             d. to praise the conspirators

       5. When Antony begins to give his funeral speech he mentions two words repeatedly that
          helps to discredit Brutus. What are they? (5 points)
       a. Roman and freedom                                  b. benevolent and kind
       c. ambitious and honorable                            d. tyrannical and good

       6.What is the main difference between Brutus’s and Antony’s funeral speech? (10

7. In Scene 2, Antony turns a shocked, confused crowd of mourners into an angry mob of rioters who
want to avenge Caesar’s death. Write a paragraph describing at least three specific ways by which
Antony achieves this effect. Be sure to give details to support your opinions

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