Advertiser Network, Antioch, IL

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					                            Advertiser Network, Antioch, IL
MFCP# 723
236 Route 173, Antioch, IL 60002
Tel: 847-395-7500 Fax: 847-395-2814 Email:
Publication Information                            Mechanical Data
Audited Circulation: 176,689 (combined editions)   ROP Deadline: Friday 5 PM
Number of Editions: Sixteen (16)                   Column Width: 9.75 picas
Format & Average Page Count: Tabloid / 40          Mechanical Data: Six (6) columns x 16”
Circulation Cycle: Weekly                          Full page: 10.5” x 16”                             Volume, contract, and color rates
Circulation Day/Time: Wednesday / All Day                                                             available from publisher.
Ownership: Lakes Area Advertiser, Inc.             Publication Information
Publication Type: Shopper                          Publisher: Carol Anderson
Insert Zoning Available: Yes                       Advertising: Mark Mehaffey
                                                   MFCP Contact: Mark Mehaffey

Distribution by Zip Code:
Lakes Area Advertiser home delivers 37 zip codes with 16 zoned editions in Lake County, IL. A zip code list is available upon request.