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            November 14-15, 2007
         Monza International Speedway
                                                           Pulvermedia’s Location Based Services Report
                                                                                                                    September 2007 | VOL. 8

                                     The Pulvermedia Location Based Services (LBS) Report focuses on news and events covering
                                     the Telematics and LBS communities. It spans diverse topics such as vehicle information
                                     systems, location applications, navigation, tracking, emergency services and nomad VoIP
                                     devices. The Report draws much of its information from public domain sources such as
                                     corporate press releases and government communications.

                                     Issue 8 of the new Pulvermedia Location Services Report covers the following topics:
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               September 17, 2007 - InSync Software (www.insyncinfo.com) announced the availability of InSync Edgeware 3.2.
               Edgeware is an application platform that leverages RFID and sensor technologies including GPS, barcode and
               environmental sensors. It features an updated library of utilities and pre-defined workflows used to automate
               shipping and receiving, asset tracking and other common processes. InSync’s RFID and Sensor-enabled Solution
               Sets include Item-Level Track and Trace, Asset Management, and Food Traceability.

               - Enfora (www.enfora.com) announced that it had joined the eSafety Forum and intends to actively participate in the
               development and implementation of a pan-European standards-based emergency call (eCall) system. The European
               Commission’s eCall initiative encourages member states, Public Safety Access Points (PSAPs), automobile
               manufactures, mobile network operators, service providers and automotive suppliers to collaborate in the
               development of an in-vehicle automatic crash notification system. Enfora intends to bring to this effort its experience
               as a developer of intelligent wireless systems used for location-based services, asset management and remote
               monitoring and control.

               September 18, 2007 - Avnet Technology Solutions (www.ats.avnet.com) announced a North American distribution
               agreement with LinksPoint (www.linkspoint.com). Under the agreement, Avnet’s Mobility Solutions will provide
               LinksPoint’s GPS technology to independent software vendor (ISV), original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and
               value-added reseller (VAR) partners as a complementary enhancement for existing mobility systems, or fully
               integrated into a complete solution including wireless handheld products from Intermec and Motorola. LinksPoint’s
               GPS solutions are designed to support vehicle tracking, navigation and field data collection. LinksPoint’s technology
               can be included as a “snap-on” GPS receiver, a serial GPS receiver/data logger, a Bluetooth GPS receiver/data
               logger or as a support for an internal GPS component. LinksPoint’s software application options include RouteTrak
               for vehicle location and history and Field Force Navigator for turn-by-turn driving directions and maps.

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   November 14-15, 2007
Monza International Speedway
                                           Pulvermedia’s Location Based Services Report
                                                                                                       September 2007 | VOL. 7

      - Dial Directions (www.dialdirections.com) announced that it had expanded its free, voice-activated ‘directions’
      phone service to six metro areas, including Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Sacramento, San Diego and Washington, D.C.
      The service was already available in the San Francisco Bay area, and the greater metro areas of New York and Los
      Angeles. To receive service, users dial “DIR-ECT-IONS” (347-328-4667), announce their starting location and
      destination (address/intersection, store or event), and the service sends driving directions by text message. The Dial
      Directions’ service platform is built on technologies that cover voice interface, speech recognition and navigation.

      - Pointer Telocation (www.pointer.com) a provider of services to insurance companies and car owners, including
      road-side assistance, towing and stolen vehicle retrieval services in Israel, Argentina and Mexico, announced that it
      had finalized the purchase of the assets and activities of Cellocator and its affiliates. Cellocator (www.cellocator.com)
      provides OEM products for the vehicle security and fleet management.

      - GE Equipment Services (www.ge.com) announced the introduction of VeriWise(TM) RAIL and VeriWise(TM)
      INTERMODAL, remote asset management solutions that provide customers with access into the status of their fleet and
      the cargo. VeriWise uses remote monitoring devices, an array of sensors, algorithms and satellite and cellular-based
      communications networks to gather and provide information about a fleet’s location and the environmental conditions
      inside each railcar or inter-modal unit. Customers manage their fleet operations through a secure Web interface.

      - Microsoft (www.microsoft.com) announced that Sprint (www.sprint.com) and Microsoft are providing Sprint
      customers with integrated GPS location-aware mobile search service in the U.S. with entire Internet search on Sprint
      phones. Voice search with visual results by Live Search for mobile using Tellme technologies will also be available on
      select Sprint phones as a separate download. The new services enable people to find Web, local, and phone content
      using traditional input methods or voice.

      - Frost & Sullivan (www.frost.com) announced a new report titled, “Strategic Analysis of the European Market for
      Telematics based Insurance Systems.” The report finds that the European market for telematics based car insurance
      systems is poised for explosive growth from 2007 to 2015, mainly due to the continuous entry of new participants,
      the positive impact of the emergency call (eCall) legislation (expected to be implemented in 2010) and the overall
      growth in the GPS market. Norwich Union’s pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) insurance model is the first commercially
      available product in Europe.

      September 19, 2007 - BarZ Adventures (www.barzadventures.com) and u-blox America (www.u-blox.com) announced
      their cooperation in bringing GPS-based tour guides to a number of U.S. National Parks and Zoos. BarZ introduced
      the GPS and Zoo Ranger, a handheld device with an interactive tour guide for U.S. National Parks and Zoos. The
      device delivers multimedia content based on the user’s current location. The device supports multiple languages,
      and provides multimedia content including; audio, video, animation and text. The Ranger, which employs u-blox’s
      SuperSense(R) Indoor GPS technology, supports guided or self-directed tours and includes features such as
      location-based information.

      - Qualcomm (www.qualcomm.com) and PEIKER acustic GMBH & Co. KG (PEIKER) announced that they had entered
      into a CDMA2000(R) and WCDMA telematics module license agreement. Under the terms of the agreement,
      Qualcomm has granted PEIKER a worldwide license to develop, manufacture and sell CDMA2000 and WCDMA
      telematics modules. Royalties paid by PEIKER are at Qualcomm’s standard worldwide rates.

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   November 14-15, 2007
Monza International Speedway
                                           Pulvermedia’s Location Based Services Report
                                                                                                       September 2007 | VOL. 7

      - Activity Management (AMI) (www.activitymanagementinc.com) announced Insight, a system for activity
      management solution. Insight utilizes GPS-based hardware and software for tracking and reporting the weekly
      business. Insight is integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications that identify clients by
      name and location. Insight uses the built-in GPS capabilities of BlackBerry(R) phones, to monitor the location of the
      handset. Utilizing software running on the phone, location information is sent back to the AMI Data Center for
      processing and storage.

      - Mexens Technology (www.navizon.com) announced the availability of Navizon, its Virtual GPS system, for the
      iPhone. Navizon is a positioning system that triangulates signals from Wifi access points and Cellular towers. It is
      based on a collaborative database where users can contribute wireless beacons’ locations.

      - Networkcar (www.networkcar.com) announced the availability of the Networkfleet(R) 3500 product line. The 3500-
      product line, which features a Siemens TC63 wireless module, is compatible with all light, medium and heavy
      vehicles. The in-vehicle unit wirelessly transmits GPS location and engine diagnostics from the vehicle.

      September 20, 2007 - AT&T (www.att.net) announced the availability of a portfolio of radio frequency identification
      (RFID) tracking solutions for health care providers. These include devices, infrastructure and systems needed for
      tracking applications -- from tags and software to networks and data storage. The solutions enable Wi-Fi positioning
      to track equipment, devices and patients. The system uses Wi-Fi-based RFID tags to send signals at regular
      intervals to update the location of assets. The location information is available through Web browsers on a health
      care facility’s wireless network. In addition, the system provides alerts on location-based events, such as a patient
      leaving his or her room or a shortage of equipment. These events can be communicated immediately to staff or to
      existing hospital applications. [According AeroScout (www.aeroscout.com), AT&T’s health care RFID solution is
      based on AeroScout’s Technology.]

      - CalAmp (www.calamp.com) announced that it had filed complaints in the United States Federal Court against
      Procon, Skywatch GPS LLC, and iMETRIK Solutions for infringement of United States Patent Nos. 6,025,774 and
      6,249,217 B1. The patents relate to a vehicle location system whose purpose is to enable automobile dealers and
      finance companies to locate and repossess vehicles serving as collateral on loans that go into default. CalAmp
      acquired these patents through the acquisition of the Aircept Vehicle Tracking business from AirIQ in March 2007.
      CalAmp’s Aircept Vehicle Tracking business provides both equipment and monitoring services for vehicle financing

      - Vericom Technologies (www.vericomtech.com) announced that it had acquired all the assets of Portable Internet, a
      GPS Mobile Workforce Management and Field Service Automation (FSA) Company. The Portable Internet acquisition
      would enhance Vericom’s strategy to deliver and deploy a comprehensive, integrated platform representing the next
      generation of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions. Vericom’s solution leverages a wide variety of
      handheld devices and operates across all GPRS, CDMA and iDEN wireless networks.

      - Wavecom announced that Sunlink (www.sunlink-msolutions.com) has integrated the Wavecom Q2686 Wireless
      CPU(R) with C-GPS companion software protocol stack and GPS chips into KENJI KJ-8800 tracking terminal.
      The C-GPS chipset receives location data, performs the preliminary data processing and forwards it to the
      Wavecom Wireless CPU(R) for transmission via cellular networks.

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   November 14-15, 2007
Monza International Speedway
                                           Pulvermedia’s Location Based Services Report
                                                                                                       September 2007 | VOL. 7

      September 23, 2007 - Sekurus International (www.sekurusinternational.com) announced the launch of its SekurPay
      car rental solutions for the auto-rental market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The GPS enabled SekurPay(TM)
      Locators are being deployed on the previously announced vehicle tracking service provided by vehicle rental and
      leasing companies within the UAE market. The SekurPay GPS units are installed into vehicles for the term of a rental
      or lease period. It alerts the vehicle operator when payments are due and it will allow the disabling of the vehicle if
      the rental/leasing payments are not made on time.

      September 24, 2007 - NovaTracker (www.novatracker.com) announced the GuardTrax(TM), a new suite of
      technologies that enables monitoring, tracking, and managing field level security personnel in real-time over the
      Internet. The GuardTrax SFL(TM) combines GPS with GSM wireless communication to provide location and activity
      data to a server platform. Among GuardTrax features are alert generation when guards travel into or beyond
      specifically designated geographic boundaries or “geo-fence.” The GuardTrax unit weighs six ounces and measures
      approximately 2”x 6”.

      - RadioShack (www.radioshack.com) and Mio Technology USA (www.mio-tech.com) announced the availability of the
      new Mio DigiWalker(TM) C320 portable GPS navigation device, exclusively offered at nearly 4,500 RadioShack stores
      in the US and online. The C320, which offers voice-guided directions, employs a p 4.3-inch anti-glare display and is
      preloaded with U.S. maps (including Alaska and Hawaii).

      September 25, 2007 - Aeris (www.aeris.net) and GPSPursuit (www.gpspursuit.com) announced that the two
      companies are providing tracking and monitoring solutions for enterprises, packages, people, vehicles and other
      assets. In this system Aeris’s network enables GPSPursuit’s GPS tracking units to provide tracking and monitoring
      services to commercial fleets. The GPS tracking units, which are rechargeable, and portable, are also used as
      personal tracking devices for Alzheimer’s patients, children and valuables.

      - Cypress Semiconductor (www.cypress.com) announced that iPUBLISH GmbH is employing Cypress’s PSoC(R)
      CapSense(TM) touch screen controller solution in the new MERIAN scout NAVIGATOR Personal Travel Assistant.
      The new product combines the navigation functionality of the GPS unit with a multimedia travel guide in a handheld
      device. Users touch the 3.7-inch, VGA-resolution screen to get maps and information, including 35 hours of audio
      guides and photos, on over 30,000 locations such as museums, hotels, restaurants and other places of interest.

      - Qwest Communications International (www.qwest.com) announced that it had signed an agreement with Airbiquity
      (www.airbiquity.com). According to the agreement, Airbiquity would be using Qwest’s CyberCenters, Qwest’s
      communications infrastructure, to commercially launch Airbiquity’s VIAaq(TM) solution, a turnkey managed telematics
      and telemetry data service offering. VIAaq provides data connectivity between telematics service providers and a
      vehicle or portable navigation device (PND). It delivers data using Airbiquity’s data over voice technology, as well as
      existing Short Message Service (SMS) and packet data transport mediums. Qwest opened its CyberCenter in the
      Seattle area in February 2007 to provide hosting services to businesses.

      - Wherify Wireless (www.wherify.com) announced that it had signed a definitive purchase order for approximately 8,200
      Wherifone devices with Mercodata Industria of Brazil. Mercodata will be acting as a distributor for several other firms
      that will be using the Wherifone devices to support the tracking of package delivery personnel in several Brazilian cities.
      The Wherifone is a GSM-based GPS locator phone that can locate individuals via built-in GPS technology. An Internet
      application is provided to display the location of the phone on a street map or street-level aerial map.

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   November 14-15, 2007
Monza International Speedway
                                           Pulvermedia’s Location Based Services Report
                                                                                                       September 2007 | VOL. 7

      - Broadcom (www.broadcom.com) announced its first single-chip GPS solution, the Broadcom BCM4750.
      The chipset, which employs the Global Locate architecture, is produced in a 90-nanometer CMOS process.
      [Broadcom acquired Global Locate in July 2007]. The receiver tracks GPS signals at -162 dBm and consumes less
      than 15 mW while navigating with one-second map updates. The BCM4750 includes software for cellular integration
      and meets international standards -- such as 3GPP and SUPL. The software includes message-handling protocols
      for user and assisted GPS standards. In addition, the software has been optimized for personal navigation
      performance and includes algorithms to mitigate multipath errors.

      September 26, 2007 - NAVTEQ (www.navteq.com) announced an agreement with Teletrac (www.teletrac.net), a
      supplier of fleet management, navigation and vehicle diagnostic solutions, to provide NAVTEQ map data and
      NAVTEQ Traffic for Teletrac’s Fleet Director Turn-By-Turn (TBT) navigation system. In addition, Teletrac will be a
      contributing supplier of GPS data for NAVTEQ use as a map data and traffic services supplier.

      September 27, 2007 - Tele Atlas (www.teleatlas.com) announced the launch of Tele Atlas Touring Series, a digital map
      product featuring content and scenic route information from the “Get Outta Town” series from MAD MAPS
      (www.madmaps.com). Tele Atlas Touring Series currently are available for 30 U.S. cities, including Boston, Dallas/Ft.
      Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, DC. Each series will feature five to
      seven routes for scenic road trips on a variety of excursions with turn-by-turn directions and a range of POIs such as
      local roadhouses, roadside attractions and recreational areas.

      - Tele Atlas (www.teleatlas.com) announced that it would provide Mio Technology (www.mio-tech.com) with digital
      maps and navigation content for its new devices, the Mio DigiWalker(TM) C720t, Mio DigiWalker(TM) C230 and Mio
      DigiWalker(TM) C320. The new Mio devices feature Tele Atlas digital maps for the United States and Canada and
      content for millions of points of interest (POIs), which cover a range of shopping, dining, sightseeing and
      entertainment information. The devices offer turn-by-turn routing and Tele Atlas Voice Maps.

      - Raven Industries (www.ravengps.com) announced the December 2007 availability of the GPS FiberLink fiber optic
      antenna link, a solution for GPS monitoring and timing applications. The new GPS FiberLink features include the
      transmission of all the GPS frequencies over fiber from a few feet up to more than 2500 feet and coverage of a
      frequency range of 700MHz to 1800 MHz, which includes future GPS signal frequencies.

      September 28, 2007 - Reportlinker.com (www.reportlinker.com) announced the availability of new market research
      report related to the worldwide automotive parts industry. The report, which researches the worldwide markets for
      Commercial Vehicle Telematics, provides separate analysis for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin
      America and Rest of World. Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2000 through 2010.
      The report profiles 105 companies including AirIQ, ATX Group, ETAS Group, MinorPlanet Systems, OnStar
      Corporation, Punch Telematix, QUALCOMM, OmniTRACS, WebTech Wireless, and Wireless Matrix Corporation.

      - PANDUIT (www.panduit.com) and RedSky Technologies (www.redskyE911.com) announced a joint initiative
      to provide state-of-the-art location tracking of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones by integrating the
      PANVIEW(TM) System with RedSky’s E911 Manager software. The PANVIEW(TM) System provides visual mapping
      and location identification of VoIP phones by gathering information on asset movements and changes to the cross-
      connected patch field. The PANVIEW(TM) System records this information to a central database. RedSky’s E911
      Manager draws MAC address information from this database and sends phone location updates to VoIP call server
      platforms from Cisco, Nortel, and Avaya.

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   November 14-15, 2007
Monza International Speedway
                                          Pulvermedia’s Location Based Services Report
                                                                                                      September 2007 | VOL. 7

      - The Tracking Corporation (www.microtrakgps.com) announced a partnership between The Tracking Corporation
      and Niagara Falls School District that will allow the district’s school buses to be equipped with GPS technology
      within the next few months to track the movement of the buses and eventually students. The Tracking Corporation
      also announced that Zepco Sales & Service selected it to provide GPS tracking devices for Yellow School Buses at
      a nationwide level. Zepco Sales & Service provides vehicle data information systems and mobile digital video
      recording systems to bus fleets of public school districts.

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