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40 2000 1700 1800 1900 Jazz The Romantic Period Modern Music by decree


									        e omantic music began in Europe during the early 1800s and continued until the beginning of the 1900s. It was preceded by
     the Classical period, and followed by the 20th Century. Literature and art also experienced such a Romantic Period, and, like
     musicians, writers and artists also believed that certain things in the world could only be understood through emotion and feeling,
     and they strove to increase emotional expression in their work.
         Music from the Romantic Period does not necessarily evoke images of a soft or dreamy atmosphere. Instead the term
     “Romantic” applies to the characteristics of a composer’s particular style. For instance, Romantic composers began using harmony
     in ways previous composers had never done before; they started to create more dissonance (tension) in their music, expanded their
     palate of harmonies and arranged commonly used chords, or groups of notes in new ways. They also focused on making the melody
     more interesting, and some composers even began telling stories through their music. In addition, composers were inspired by the
     poetry of their time and they often set these poems to music for piano and voice. Soon, many people could enjoy singing and playing
     these songs in their own homes. As the musical trends progressed, so did technology, and instruments (specifically, the woodwinds)
     were improving and becoming easier to play with a broader range. This enabled composers to push musicians to new limits and be
     more original or creative in their own compositions.

     Directions: Add in the names and dates of each featured composer in order on the timeline below:

                                         3.) _______________

              1.) _______________            _______________                                     6.) ________________
                  _______________                                                                    ________________
                                                  4.) ________________
                            2.________________        ________________      5.) ________________
              Beethoven       ________________                                  ________________
            is composing
                                     The Romantic Period                                                       Jazz       Modern Music
     1700                   1800                                                                        1900                        2000
                                                   1839      Charles
                                  1812                      Dickens is                  1889              1914   1939          1981
         Ben Franklin           American           First                           The Eiffel Tower                            First
                                                  bicycle    writing                                      WWI    WWII
                                Revolution                                         is built in France                        personal
                 1789                                              1861                                                      computer
                French                                       President Lincoln
                                                      1841        and the                                               1969
               Revolution                                                        1870-80
                                                   Saxophone    Civil War                                             First man
                                  1811                                             Color
                                                    invented                                                           on the
                             Latin American                                    photographs,
                                 War of      1828                             the telephone,
                              Independence  First US                        the phonograph,
                               from Spain   railroad                         and the electric
                                                                            light bulb are all
     Use the information from the “Composer Focus” pages to match each composer with the correct identity below!

                   Villa-Lobos                            Rimsky-Korsakov                                Saint-Saëns
                                         Rossini                                       Bernstein

     1.) ________________ Both a talented composer and             4.) ________________ He held a position in the navy, and
                             conductor, he wrote a famous                                    composed his Symphony No. 1 while
                             Broadway musical and conducted                                  sailing around the world. Some of the
                             many great orchestras worldwide.                                sights he saw during his journeys were
                             His “Young People’s Concerts”                                   even used in his later compositions. He
                             also helped him to share music                                  enjoyed using folk melodies in his music;

                             with children.                                                  often borrowing from both his own
                                                                                             country and from others as well.

     2.) ________________ Growing up, he was immersed in           5.) ________________ This composer truly believed that music
                             the traditional music of his own                                could represent real emotions like love,
                             people. He collected folk songs                                 sadness or fear. He was very interested in
                             and later added the rhythm and                                  books, and is famous for telling his own
                             spirit of these unique sounds into                              stories through his compositions.
                             his own compositions.

     3.) ________________ In both his performances and             6.) ________________ As he is most known for his operas, this
                             compositional style, this man was                               composer could write both a comedy or a
                             truly elegant. His very strong                                  tragedy with equal talent and flare. The
                             opinions about music often made                                 overture to one of his operas, William Tell,
                             him seem a bit of a grouch. One of                              is often used on TV and remains
                             his most famous pieces is called                                well-known to this day.
                             Carnival of the Animals.

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