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                                                                                                      Spring ’07
                                                                                                      Vol. 6, No. 2

Mission of Peace update!
    Two CCYMers, Maddie Horrell (Clay: Trinity) and Nicole            live as disciples of Jesus Christ in their country. It is a mis-
Earl (Lansing) returned in January from their Mission of Peace        sion which has brought us closer to God’s hope for community
trip to Nicaragua, and they had a fantastic time. They are now        where all are sisters and brothers.
taking time sharing with congregations and other groups about             Each year the youth who represent the Annual Conferences
their experiences.                                                    of the United Methodist Church in the Northeastern Jurisdic-
    We’ve just selected two more youth to attend the Mission          tion must raise the money which supports their MOP. In the
of Peace this December/January to Cuba – Stephanie Peters             spirit of Shalom, the Jurisdictional and Conference Councils
(Lansing) and Stephanie Deckard (Fayetteville). They will de-         on Youth Ministries humbly ask each church, UMW unit, UMM
part in December 2007 for a two and a half week trip to Cuba          unit, UMYF, and individuals for prayerful consideration of a
with other youth and adult youth workers from around the              monetary gift to the Conference MOP participants.
North Eastern Jurisdiction.                                               Each youth who journeys on the Mission of Peace is ex-
    The December 2008 trip will be to Zimbabwe, Africa. Ap-           pected to share their experience at least five times upon their
plications will be out in fall 2007 for this trip – more details in   return. Each MOPer is looking forward to telling their story
the next edition of the FYG Leaf.                                     of Shalom. They may be contacted individually or through the
    What is Mission of Peace? (from the NEJ website: http://          Conference Youth Coordinator.
www.mmiclients.com/~nejumc/mop.html)                                      Those who have journeyed on the Mission of Peace give
    The Mission of Peace is a yearly journey of discovery and         thanks to God and to all who have made it possible for us to
Shalom to nations in our global community sponsored by the            make this journey. We pray daily for Shalom, for understand-
Northeast Jurisdictional Council on Youth Ministries of the           ing between people, and that there may be the chance that
United Methodist Church. Each year, every Annual Conference           others can journey on a Mission of Peace.
of the United Methodist Church in the Northeastern Jurisdic-              The Mission of Peace was brought into existence by the
tion may select up to three youth to share in this experience.        Northeastern Jurisdictional Council on Youth Ministries (NEJ-
On each MOP, participants worship in churches, meet youth             CYM) Legislative Session at Albright College, July 28 to 31,
in churches and civic organizations and share with people who         1984. Each year since, the NEJCYM Legislative Session has
have a similar longing for Peace and understanding. These             affirmed the priority of the Mission of Peace in order that
times have been the high points of each MOP experience.               new understandings of community and shalom might continue
    The MOP is a life changing experience! It is a journey which      to develop. The MOP has traveled to the USSR (86-88, 90),
leads each participant to discover God’s Spirit at work in the        The People’s Republic of China (89, 97, 01, 06), Eastern Europe
world. It is an experience of God’s extended family. It is a          (91,92), Zimbabwe (93, 96, 99), Guyana (94), India (95, 00,
journey of discovering God’s Shalom. It is primarily a people to      05), Nicaragua (98, 03,07), Brazil (02, 04), and Cuba (08).
people experience in which we learn from our hosts how they

Youth serving youth
                        by Kurt Karandy                               It’s simple; during our meetings every other month, the YSF
   Hello, my name is Kurt Karandy and I’m this year’s YSF             committee slaves away and comes up with brilliant ideas to do
chair. For those of you who are new to this whole CCYM phe-           wacky things just to raise a little cash. Throughout the years
nomenon, YSF stands for Youth Service Fund. We’re actually            we have had penny wars, hugs, crazy auctions, table cleanups,
a very cool committee. What we do is get creative and try to          and even told bedtime stories at retreats for a dollar. There
raise money to send to the Youth Service Fund. This money is          are plenty of other events that we host throughout a CCYM
used for youth in your community and throughout our entire            retreat, and we have a lot of great ideas for this next year.
nation so that teens who want to make a difference can be                 Also, if you’re a first-timer to a CCYM event, you get a $10
funded in going on mission trips and doing amazing things for         discount just for coming your first time. This is all because
Christ! It’s a very spiffy thing to know that in supporting the       YSF has paid your $10 to come to an event! So if you plan
YSF committee, you are helping thousands of people do great           to come to the next event, make sure you bring some extra
things.                                                               spending cash to help out the YSF group!
   So you might wonder how all of this money gets raised.
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Adult Leader news!
                                                                            2) YOUTH2007 – Every four years, the youth of the UMC gath-
                                                                       er for a HUGE event. Youth2007 is July 11 to 15 in Greensboro, NC.
                                                                       We are making arrangements for a group to travel together from
                            by Beth Quick                              NCNY. Check out the Youth2007 website at www.youth2007.org for
    1) We’re now accepting applications for new CCYMers. You can       all the details. You can 1) Make your registration plans on your own,
find the application on our website: www.ncnyumc.org/ccym or on        travel on your own. 2) Register your group on your own, but travel
page 4. Applications are accepted anytime, but applications received   together with other conference youth. 3) Contact me directly to
by Aug. 1 will help new CCYMers be able to experience a full year of   complete registration, and travel with the conference youth.
what CCYM is and what CCYM does.                                            Whatever you choose, I ask you to please let me know if you
    CCYM (Conference Council on Youth Ministries) is our confer-       have youth attending. This is a great youth opportunity, please con-
ence youth body consisting of 7-12 graders around the conference.      sider sending youth!
(We’ve just opened up membership to seventh and eighth graders              3) We are always in need of additional adult advisors who want
– if you have younger youth, get them involved in CCYM now!) We        to help us at our meetings and events. If you are interested, please
meet three times a year, plus at special events. If you want more      e-mail me: beth@bethquick.com or give me a call: 315-363-1921.
information, let me know. Please, encourage your youth to apply.            4) We now have an e-mail database for many of our youth work-
Our youth are also available to come to your church and talk about     ers. If you are not receiving these emails, and want to be added,
the CCYM program. If you’d like us to visit, please contact me for     again, please call or email me.
information.                                                                Peace and Blessings.

What is a YSF??
                                                                           To accomplish this awesome goal of youth serving other youth,
                                                                       YSF holds several fundraisers. YSF’s fundraisers are much more
                                                                       creative and a lot more fun than selling cookie dough for your
     What is a YSF? After checking your dictionary, you’ll soon        school’s chess club! (Even though the cookie dough fundraiser is a
discover a YSF is not a noun, verb or even an adjective. YSF is not    favorite of your great Aunt Betty, there are more exciting things
even a word!                                                           for youth!) At our retreat YSF holds an auction, offers table set-
     YSF is an acronym, standing for Youth Service Fund. This is an    ting and clearing services, rents couches and so much more!
organization in the United Methodist Church which helps youth to           Just because YSF is a fundraising organization does not mean it
serve other youth. Youth work together to raise funds to support       goes door to door selling products. YSF raises funds in the most un-
various youth ministries on local, conference and global church lev-   traditional ways; we’ve held pudding eating contests and even raised
els.                                                                   funds to have some of our leaders shave their beards!
     In our conference, YSF sponsors delegates to travel on the            As crazy as the YSF events are, they all help support youth in
annual Mission of Peace, a mission trip to a different country each    ministry. Whether you are paying to have your table set for break-
year. It also helps to give a discount to first-time youth attendees   fast, participating in an all-you-can-eat contest or bidding on an
to our annual winter retreat at Casowasco. YSF also helps fund ju-     auction item, your dollars are helping youth show Christ’s love to
risdictional and global ministries.                                    others!

Join us!
                                                                       cause it is definitely something you won’t want to miss. Every year
                                                                       the CCYMers have meetings to plan awesome events where junior
                                                                       and senior high kids gather to worship God. Think of it as a big God
                   By: Erica Porter, CCYM Chair                        party.
                                                                          In February, we hold a winter retreat at Casowasco Camp, Con-
   Calling all Youth! NCNY CCYM invites you to join them. What
                                                                       ference and Retreat Center. We worship God, laugh, sing, dance,
exactly is NCNY CCYM? It stands for North Central New York Con-
                                                                       and make new friends. If you’re looking to have an awesome week-
ference Council on Youth Ministries. I, Erica Porter, am the current
                                                                       end with friends, CCYM is the place to be. CCYM is run by the youth
chair of CCYM. We’re a group of teenagers who get together to do
                                                                       for the youth. Visit our website www.ncnyumc.org/ccym/ to learn
some pretty amazing things.
                                                                       more about us and get application forms for our events. Join today!
   Have you ever been to a CCYM retreat? If not, listen up be-

A Devotion
                                                                       friends”. I went home and once again I was on an emotional high
                                                                       from the retreat and the experience and I found once again it was
                                                                       hard to get my non-church friends to understand why I was glowing
                         by Cayla Griffin                              with happiness. I just had to remind myself to keep the fire lit by
                                                                       not forcing them to understand but to just share my experience and
    Hello everyone! Once again this is Cayla Griffin from Lansing
                                                                       let them know that what God does is truly amazing and once their
with a devotion. Actually this is kind of a reflection of the winter
                                                                       fire is sparked it will continue to burn forever. I hope that anyone
retreat “Light the Fire.” First, everyone who came, thank you for
                                                                       who is reading this remembers to keep God’s fire burning bright and
coming and enjoying yourself. Your attendance helped make the
                                                                       keep the love of God alive in your soul. Amen and God’s Peace.
retreat a success. I would like to reflect on what the retreat meant

                                                                       Youth 2007!
to me. This retreat showed me how big God’s fire is and how bright
it burns in the youth around me. At this retreat I had so many first
timers come up to me and say, “when is the next CCYM event, be-
                                                                           Register now! THOUSANDS of United Methodist Youth
cause this is awesome!” That is what being a CCYMer is all about,
sharing God with others. The important thing though is to keep the     will attend “SPLAT” – Youth 2007. The event will be July 11-15
fire lit after we leave the retreat and are apart from our “CCYM       in Greensboro, NC. Check out www.youth2007.org to register!
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    In November, six young people and three
pastors from our conference traveled to
Jacksonville, Fla., to attend Exploration
2006. Exploration is an event for young peo-
ple considering ordained ministry to explore
how/why/where/when God is calling them.
Here are some reflections from our group:
C.J. Griffin, CCYMer, high school senior
    My experience at exploration 2006 was        Pictured, from left, front: Heather Williams, Ashley Woodcock, Elisha Davies and
awesome. A lot of my questions I had were        Beth Quick; back row: Aaron Bouwens, Dave Porter, CJ Griffin, Greg Austin and Wes
answered. I learned about how long the           Sanders.
process of becoming ordained takes. I also
had the opportunity to meet some amazing         ing time with pastors in your conference         Navy Chaplain Corps. Meeting other young
people. For instance one of the people I met     brings a real-life feel to ministry and gives    adults who are also in the process of dis-
was Rev. Telley Gadson who was the first         a much truer look at the life of a United        cerning their own calls from God provided
speaker of the weekend. She really amazed        Methodist elder.                                 a community of newfound brothers and
me with her sermon. I was also stunned                                                            sisters in faith, who all sang, prayed, wor-
                                                 Wesley Sanders, high school senior,
by how many young adults were there that                                                          shiped, laughed, cried, and praised God to-
                                                 Book of Discipline-lover
wanted to either explore the ordained                                                             gether. Exploration 2006 has been my first
                                                     Exploration 2006 has allowed me to bet-
ministry or knew they were going into it.                                                         step towards a career and a life of service
                                                 ter discern my call into the ordained minis-
Finally I was so grateful to find new friends,                                                    to God and country in the U S. Navy and the
                                                 try. Meeting youth and young adults from all
answers, and answering the call of He who                                                         United Methodist Church.
                                                 around the connection has given me a clear-
calls me by my name.                             er picture of the diversity of the denomina-     Ashley Woodcock, CCYM alum,
Greg Austin, Casowasco staffer, PK,              tion and has helped me to see that there         sophomore at Roberts Wesleyan College
high school senior                               are many other youth excited about Christ            Knowing that I was called to ordained
    Exploration 2006 was a great experi-         and about making disciples in the United         ministry was nothing new for me. I have
ence for me. Though I had no epiphanies or       Methodist Church. Exploration has further        known for awhile. When the chance to at-
great revelations, and my views are probably     solidified my sense that God is calling me to    tend Exploration, came up, my first thought
the same as when I entered the weekend,          ministry in the form of an ordained elder.       was to think of all the excuses not to go.
I took a lot out of the trip. I am now con-      I have felt the call of God on my heart and      Well when God wants you some place you
vinced that at this point in my life God is      I feel that God will bless me on this long       will get there, the money came, in and some
not calling me to ministry in the form of an     journey toward ordination. I got a chance to     how the two weeks before I had a ton of
ordained elder. If I were to go for ordina-      explore various options for service in min-      time to make-up most of my work, and most
tion it would be in the form of a deacon of      istry, to explore various United Methodist       of my professors were happy that I was
music, but I am not sure about even that. I      seminaries, and to better understand what        going. I wish I could say that I know ex-
am not completely sure where He is calling       ministry is and what the ministry of the         actly why I was suppose to go, but I can’t.
me, but I know He has a plan and I trust it      elder means. Exploration was an excellent        I do know that God has a plan for me, I am
will be revealed at the correct time. How-       experience and God has richly blessed me         called to go into ordained ministry in the
ever, if later in my life I do feel a call to    through these experiences.                       United Methodist Church. I also know that
ordination, Exploration is not what would                                                         I am the only one who can commit to that
                                                 David Porter, CCYM alum,
make the transition easier for me. While it                                                       call, I am the one who has to keep my heart
                                                 sophomore at RIT
was fun and very informational, it was not                                                        open to God’s plan for my life. I am scared,
                                                     Exploration 2006 provided me with an
the best information for ordination I wit-                                                        nervous, confused. I am happy, excited and
                                                 opportunity to further discern my call to
nessed this weekend. Spending 44 hours in                                                         over-joyed. If nothing else came out of this
                                                 God’s work. Before the weekend I had
a van with three first year elders (Aaron                                                         weekend, I learned that I have to trust God
                                                 already felt a call towards ministry, specifi-
Bouwens, Heather Williams and Beth Quick)                                                         and by doing that one thing, my life, will be
                                                 cally towards service in the Navy Chaplain
and hearing their stories is what would                                                           great.
                                                 Corps. Currently I am an NROTC Midship-
make me consider ordination. Seeing these        man at the Rochester Institute of Technol-       Beth Quick, CCYM alum, conference
three interact and discuss their own experi-     ogy, and will be graduating and receiving        youth coordinator, Exploration attendee
ences, both good and bad, brings a light to      my commission as an Ensign in the United         in ’96 and ‘98
ministry. It is obvious that these three love    States Navy in June 2008. Attending this             I had a great time on our trip to Jack-
their jobs, despite the drawbacks, and if I      event presented me with an opportunity           sonville. I had the opportunity twice to go
were to feel a call to ordination, it would be   to speak with Army, Navy, and Air Force          to Exploration (‘96 and ‘98) in high-school
the witness of these three that would make       chaplains ordained in the United Methodist       and college, and I remember being the only
me feel at ease about the call. I would rec-     Church. My conversations with the chaplains      one from my annual conference, or at least
ommend Exploration to anyone who feels a         provided me with invaluable information on
call to ministry, but I still feel that spend-   what will be required of me in service to the                            Continued on page 4
  FYG LEAF                                                                                                                            Page four

Exploration, from page 3
the only one I was aware of at the time           ers and workshops. I attended two work-                       ministry, too. We talked to each other a lot
(I’ve since found out that Rev. Becky Laird       shops - Women in Ministry and Discerning                      about the language, the music, the preach-
was also at Exploration ’96!) So, I wanted to     and Discovering God’s Call. I went to the                     ing, the structure of the schedule, the
give a more organized experience to young         second because my friends were all going to                   seminary displays, etc., though I suspect
people from NCNY this time around. One            that one, and it turned out to be surprising-                 that we had a lot more to say about this
of the frustrating parts of the process for       ly thought-provoking. I had high praise for                   than the young people with us did. Bishop
me in pursuing ordination was feeling dis-        Bishop Woodie White, who preached at the                      Carcano was supposed to preach the closing
connected from the conference. I knew I           commitment service, Bishop Roy Sano, host                     worship at this event, but was not able to
wanted to be a pastor, and communicated           bishop, and then Rev. Minerva Carcano. I                      attend, so I was disappointed there. All in
that to adults early on and consistently in       liked the music team. I liked all of it, really.              all, though, I know the youth we took had a
my journey, and many of these adults were             Now, as an adult leader, I couldn’t turn                  great time and each took at least something
extremely supportive and attentive, like          off my critical lens. Our leadership from                     helpful away.
Bruce Webster, my pastor at the time. But         NCNY was interesting - three of us or-                             I was just glad to be in Jacksonville
it wasn’t until I was back inside the confer-     dained together this June – Heather Wil-                      instead of Central New York in late Novem-
ence serving a church as a probationer that       liams, Aaron Bouwens and me. We’re theo-                      ber. Our hotel was gorgeous, and right on
I felt really connected again. I’ve heard         logically diverse, to say the least. We’re all                the river/boardwalk. And it was great to at-
many young people express a sense of call,        under 40. We tend to disagree with each                       tend this event from a different place in my
and I always wonder - is anyone following up      other on most things, but have a surpris-                     life. I definitely plan to make this event a
with them? Is anyone keeping in touch with        ingly similar understanding about where the                   regular part of our work with young people.
them? Helping them figure out what to do          church is and where the church needs to                            (Elisha Davies also attended – she is a
next? So, I’m trying to answer my own cri-        be, which makes us interesting partners in                    sophomore at Lycoming College.)
tique at least in part, and make sure I help
that connection process take place.                                         NCNY Conference Council on Youth Ministry Application
    Attending as an adult certainly made me
reflect on my two experiences as a par-             Name (as you want to be called)
ticipant. When I went in ‘96 (Dallas/Fort
Worth) I was recovering from surgery,               Address
and was popping Tylenol with Codeine ev-
ery four hours for the pain! I must admit           City, State, Zip
that I slept through most of the event. I
                                                    Telephone (        )              E-mail
remember focusing all of my energy/atten-
tion on staying awake, only to realize I had
                                                    Grade (entering this fall)        Church                                        District
been nodding off mid-sermon. I also remem-
ber being pretty sure at that time that I           What am I getting myself into?
was going into youth ministry, would never          The CCYM is ministry for youth by youth. We meet from Friday night through Saturday afternoon four times a
ever attend seminary, and certainly would           year at churches across the conference, and we put together three events: the Winter Retreat, 4Word, and the
never become a pastor. I went to Explora-           DC Seminar. Nothing happens right unless we do it well! We develop youth to be leaders in the United Methodist
tion because my own pastor encouraged it,           Church who represent youth on conference boards – so to serve on CCYM, you must be a member of the United
and helped fund the trip. But I did enjoy           Methodist Church. You will be expected to do your best to attend our meetings and our events. You must be en-
my time, half-awake and all. It was the             tering grades 7-12, and you must be willing to find a ride to our meeting places (sometimes a 1- to 4-hour drive).
                                                    We want you to offer your best ideas about how to minister to other youth, and give your best energy to make it
first time I ever traveled solo, which is still
something I enjoy. And it was fun to be in
                                                    Please answer “Yes” to the following:
the presence of so many other young people          Before applying, I asked for God’s guidance in prayer.                          r YES          r NO
considering ministry.                               In my local church, I am active in our ministry to youth.                       r YES          r NO
    In 1998, I had a much different experi-         I have enclosed a recommendation from my church’s pastor or youth leader. r YES                r NO
ence. I attended with a handful of friends          Before applying, I got my parents’ consent.                                     r YES          r NO
from Ohio Wesleyan. The event was in Los            On a separate piece of paper, please answer these questions:
Angeles, and we flew over the Grand Can-            1. Why do you want to be a member of the Conference Council on Youth Ministry?
yon on the way out. It may sound silly, but         2. What does being a “servant of God” mean to you?
I couldn’t believe how big it was, even from        3. Have you shared your faith with others?
                                                    4. What do you do to keep spiritually alive?
way up in the plane. I mean, I guess it is the
Grand Canyon and all, but it was so big and
                                                    I will do my best to attend every meeting and every event, and will give my best energy. I will keep my spirit alive
beautiful.                                          by worshiping every week and praying every day. I will step down from CCYM if I miss more than two meetings
    I managed to dig up my participant book         this year (unless I notify the coordinator with a reasonable excuse).
to look through again. The structure of the
event, the schedule is mostly unchanged.            Signature
But I was apparently less critical as a young       RETURN YOUR RECOMMENDATION AND THIS APPLICATION TO:
person than as an adult! I made comments in         The Rev. Beth Quick, 551 Sayles St., Oneida, NY 13421, beth@bethquick.com, 315-363-1921
my book about all the preachers and speak-

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