Making BRAC a Mission Success Air Force Real Property Agency by decree


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         Making BRAC a Mission Success:
         Air Force Real Property Agency

         Booz Allen Hamilton helped the Air Force Real                      Strategic Guidance and Flexible Support
         Property Agency (AFRPA) maintain mission continuity
                                                                            AFRPA called upon Booz Allen to provide both the
         and transform its organization to meet expanding
                                                                            tactical skills to ensure mission continuity and the
         mission requirements during the relocation of the
                                                                            high-level, strategic guidance to help agency leaders
         agency’s headquarters to San Antonio under the 2005
                                                                            realize their vision of how the restructured organization
         Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC).
                                                                            would operate.

         Spurring Transformational Change                                   For the strategic initiative, Booz Allen reached across
                                                                            the firm for expertise in organizational strategy, financial
         AFRPA, an agency within the office of the Assistant
                                                                            management, information technology, and program
         Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment,
                                                                            management to help AFRPA leaders craft a long-term
         and Logistics, is responsible for acquiring, managing,
                                                                            plan for carrying out their responsibilities. The plan
         and disposing of the service’s real property worldwide.
                                                                            identified the expected workload and potential operating
         When the 2005 BRAC designated San Antonio as
                                                                            models to perform agency functions. It also identified
         the new AFRPA headquarters, only 10 percent of the
                                                                            the precise skill sets that would be needed by the new
         more than 50 employees at the existing Arlington, VA,              headquarters, and included a business plan for
         headquarters could make the move. In addition, the                 obtaining those skills. Our consultants also helped
         BRAC relocation came at a time when AFRPA                          AFRPA develop a transition plan describing the
         was taking on new mission responsibilities to help                 division of responsibilities between the old and new
         Air Force military bases and installations maximize                headquarters until the agency completed its move
         their real property assets through enhanced                        to San Antonio.
         use-leasing and other activities. AFRPA needed help
         reorganizing its staff and processes to address its                To supplement day-to-day resource needs, Booz Allen
         new mission requirements while also filling the gaps               drew from the firm’s wide-ranging resources in both
         in needed skills and services during the transition to             Arlington and San Antonio, where the firm was
         its San Antonio headquarters.                                      already supporting AFRPA. Our expertise in delivering

          Ready for what’s next.
integrated services from multiple locations enabled        With the move to San Antonio now completed,
the old and new headquarters to collaborate and share      Booz Allen remains a strategic partner with AFRPA,
responsibilities during the transition. Booz Allen also    helping the agency strengthen mission capabilities
assisted AFRPA with knowledge capture and transfer,        and performance. We continue to support AFRPA’s
identifying new skill sets required for new mission        BRAC and Enhanced Use Lease programs. We also
areas and those required to support the headquarters       assist new and expanded business lines within
function, creating onboarding continuity plans, training   AFRPA, including privately developed 801 Housing
new employees, and sharing AFRPA internal process          and the Real Estate and Real Property Management
and operating model information.                           Divisions. Together, AFRPA and Booz Allen are
                                                           partnering to sustain the agency’s growth
Every BRAC move is challenging. But as a long-time
                                                           and expanded mission responsibilities.
provider of management and technology services to
AFRPA, Booz Allen understood the agency’s mission
and needs. This allowed us to be proactive in
                                                           Ready to Help You
anticipating and addressing problems, and provide          Our work for AFRPA is just one example of how
fill-in services wherever needed during the transition.    Booz Allen’s strategy and technology consultants
Booz Allen, which also transferred its people and          can help military bases and installations achieve
services to the new headquarters, served as both           mission continuity and other objectives during a
advisor and partner in the transition, collaborating       BRAC transition. We have assisted more than a
with AFRPA leaders to implement their strategy for         dozen Defense customers with this complex task by
strengthening the agency while maintaining                 helping them address the many interconnected issues
mission continuity.                                        and synchronize the myriad of steps involved in a
                                                           successful BRAC move. To learn more about the
Helping the Air Force Be                                   know-how behind this project’s success, and how
Ready for What’s Next                                      it can help your team be ready for what’s next,
AFRPA successfully performed all of its operational and
mission functions during a seamless transition into its
                                                           About Booz Allen
San Antonio headquarters, despite losing 90 percent
of its workforce. During this period, AFRPA also           Booz Allen Hamilton has been at the forefront of
transformed its organization and processes to carry        strategy and technology consulting for 95 years.
out new mission responsibilities aimed at helping Air      Providing a broad range of services in strategy,
Force agencies and installations generate revenue and      operations, organization and change, information
other tangible benefits through enhanced use leasing       technology, systems engineering, and program
and other activities that maximize real-property assets.   management, Booz Allen is committed to delivering
                                                           results that endure.

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